27 February 2006

AQ Retires N805AL

Aloha Airlines has recently retired N805AL, a 737-2M6C/A (c/n 21809). As of 02.25.06, it was sitting on the Elliott Street ramp without titles nor tail logo. 805 was relegated to cargo runs for the past year before being retired. It will be retired to a desert boneyard.

02 February 2006

Skymark's JA737K

A Skymark Airlines (Japan) 737-86N, JA737K (c/n 34249) arrived under rain clouds from LAS on its delivery flight. This 738 landed on Rwy 26L, and had to taxi the lo-o-ong way, down T/W RB, B, D, and C to get to the south ramp. I was surprised it did not taxi down RA to RT, then C.

Shanghai's B-2809

A Shanghai Airlines 757-25D, B-2809 (c/n 24472) was being ferried to BFI for freighter conversion. It's seen here making the last leg of the trip, taxiing out to Rwy 8R.

The B-2809 photo was taken taken @ 09:00 and the JA737K photo @ 14:30. Pretty amazing how the weather can change in a few hours.