31 March 2022

Singapore Airlines' 9V-MBN

Singapore Airlines is taking delivery of their first full-liveried new-build 737-8, 9V-MBN (c/n 44258, l/n 7840), today. It's making its delivery flight from PAE as SIA8890, and will overnight at HNL, before continuing onto GUM.

29 March 2022


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is sending N43RF "Miss Piggy" (msn 5633) to HNL. This WP-3D Orion will be doing test flights out HNL for an unknown period of time.

26 March 2022

Airwork's N225NZ

Airwork is ferrying N225NZ (c/n 25297, l/n 432) from AKL to GYR, via BNE, NAN, and HNL, for repainting into its livery. This 757-223F is flying as AWK2, and had been in storage since last December.

25297's History:
Mar 1992: Delivered to American Airlines as N663AM (f/n 5CL).
Oct 2014: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to ROW for storage.
May 2017: Acquired by the Texas Aviation Group.
Oct 2018: Ferried to GYR for freighter conversion.
Jly 2020: Purchased by Olympus Airways as SX-APX.
Dec 2021: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to AKL for storage.

24 March 2022

ConAir's C-GVFT

ConAir's Avro RJ85, C-GVFT 166 (msn E2253), is returning to its base at YXX, after it's Australian summer season is over. It's ferrying from DBO to YXX, via CNS, GUM, MAJ, HNL, OAK, and YVR.

23 March 2022

Japan Airlines' JA007D

Japan Airlines is ferrying JA007D (c/n 27639, l/n 134) from HND to VCV, via HNL. This 777-289, flying as JAL8132, being retired after 24 years of service.

JA007D's History:
Apr 1998: Delivered to Japan Air Service in the Akira Kurosawa livery.
Apr 2004: Integrated as Japan Airlines Domestic.
May 2006: Painted in the Tamagotchi special livery.
Oct 2006: Integrated to the Japan Airlines fleet.
Aug 2012: Painted in the current livery.

21 March 2022

Civil Air Patrol's N98763 Crashes On Kaua‘i

Civil Air Patrol's Cessna 172P Skyhawk, N98763 (msn 172-76344), with two aboard, crashed in the mountains northwest of Kekaha, as it was performing a monthly tsunami warning practice flight. The Skyhawk, flying as CAP5163, departed LIH for a circle-island flight, but went down in the mountains above Kokeʻe, both aboard perished.

The HNL RareBirds team expresses our condolences to the families of the two aboard, as well as the CAP community.

20 March 2022

Hillwood Airways' N737AT

Hillwood Airways' Boeing 737-7HJC BBJ, N737AT (c/n 36756, l/n 2405), is making as top at HNL. It's flight origin and destination were not available.

ConAir's C-GVFK

ConAir is ferrying C-GVFK (msn E2268) from CNS to YXX, via GUM, MAJ, and HNL, as it returns to Canada from the Australian summer firefighting assignment. This Avro RJ85 is now wearing the tail number 391.

19 March 2022


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying LATAM's N564LA (c/n 40593, l/n 1038) from BOG to QPG, via HNL. This 767-316ER, flying as OMD124, is headed for freighter conversion, and is making a stop at HNL.

40593's History:
Oct 2012: Delivered to LAN Airlines as CC-BDI.
Aug 2013: Acquired by TAM Lines Aéreas as PT-MSV.
May 2016: Transferred to LATAM fleet when LAN and TAM merged.
Mar 2022: Re-registered as N564LA to the LATAM Airlines Group.

21 Mar 2022 UPDATE
N564LA departed early this morning for QPG.

16 March 2022

Super Air Jet's PK-SJW

Super Air Jet is taking delivery of PK-SJW (msn 5158) today, and is flying from TUS to CGK, via HNL and GUM. This A320-232, flying as SJV1, is being leased from DAE Capital.

5158's History:
May 2012: Delivered to Air Via as LZ-MDR, under lease from AWAS.
Nov 2015: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SNN, a month later.
Mar 2016: Leased to IndiGo Airlines as VT-IDT.
Aug 2017: Sold to DAE Capital, and lease transferred.
Feb 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.
Nov 2020: Re-registered as LZ-MDR, and ferried to TUS for storage.

LATAM Airlines' CC-CXE

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying LATAM Airlines' CC-CXE (c/n 35696, l/n 968), from SIN to MIA, via HNL, as OMD123. This 767-316ERF was ferried to QPG by Nomadic in October 2021.

CC-CXE's History:
Jun 2008: Delivered to LAN Airlines.
Jun 2011: Leased to LAN Ecuador as HC-CKY.
Feb 2012: Returned, and re-registered as CC-CXE.
May 2016: Integrated into the LATAM Airlines Chile fleet after the merger.
Oct 2021: Ferried to QPG for freighter conversion.

15 March 2022

QantasLink's N961UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of N961UW (msn 19000183) today. This QantasLink-liveried ERJ-190AR is making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and MAJ, as UTY9810. 

N961UW was diverted to LMM, while en route from SJO to SDM on 01 March, for an unknown maintenance issue. It's also remaining at HNL due to a technical issue.

It will receive its Australian registration after its arrival.

19000183's History:
Jun 2008: Delivered to US Airways as N961UW.
Oct 2009: Acquired by Republic Airlines to operate for Midwest Airlines.
Dec 2009: Re-registered as N168HQ.
Dec 2012: Re-acquired by US Airways as N961UW.
Dec 2013: Transferred to the American Airlines fleet following the AA/US merger.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, stored at PIT, then ferried to ROW a month later.
Aug 2020: Sold to Jetran.
Jly 2021: Ferried to SJO for prep to Alliance Airlines.

29 Mar 2022 UPDATE
N961UW departed for MAJ this morning.

14 March 2022

Shanghai Airlines' N245BE

Boeing is ferrying a Shanghai Airlines 737-8, N245BE (c/n 61663, l/n 8164) from BFI to HSN, as BOE631, and is making stops at JRF and GUM.

23 Mar 2022 UPDATE
N245BE remains in GUM due to a technical issue.

10 March 2022

Garuda Indonesia's N453AC

Garuda Indonesia is returning one of their 737-86Ns to lessor Aircastle. N453AC (c/n 37883, l/n 3463) is ferrying from KUL to CWF, via GUM,  HNL, and IAH.

37887's History:
Nov 2010: Delivered to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GFK, under lease from GECAS.
Mar 2013: Sold to CDB Aviation, and lease transferred.
Dec 2018: Sold to Aircastle, and lease transferred.
Oct 2020: Painted in the "Ako Pakai Masker" special livery.
Aug 2021:  Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.
Nov 2021: Ferried to KUL for storage.

08 March 2022

ANA Holdings Gives Air Japan Its Own Identity

All Nippon Airways' parent company, ANA Holdings, has given their Air Japan subsidiary its own corporate identity. The Air Japan brand has existed for over 15 years, as ANA's domestic and international travel/leisure subsidiary. In the past, flights have used the NQ/AJX flight codes, but had full ANA-liveried aircraft with small Air Japan titles added to the fuselage (see above photo). Up until the China Corona Virus pandemic forced air travel to decrease, Air Japan flights to HNL were operated with ANA's 787-9s.

The new Air Japan will focus on medium-haul routes, with full service. It's not known if HNL will be part of the Air Japan route structure. However, since the re-instatement of the HND-HNL service last year, the flight is listed as an All Nippon Airways, ANA186/185.

Further information is detailed in this ANA Holdings press release. The AeroNews Global Facebook page has a post with various views of the new Air Japan livery. 

05 March 2022

Lion Air's N381AG

The second of the Lion Air 737-8GPs being returned to the Aviation Capital Group, is N381AG (c/n 39861, l/n 5564). It's being ferried by Nomadic Aviation, and is flying as OMD553.

39861's History:
Aug 2015: Delivered to Thai Lion Air as HS-LUI, under lease from ACG.
Mar 2020: Transferred to Lion Air as PK-LQV.
Aug 2021: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to ASP for storage.

Lion Air's N386AG

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying a pair of Lion Air 737-8GPs from ASP to MEL, via BNE, HIR, HNL, and PHX, as they are being returned to the Aviation Capital Group (ACG). The first of the pair is N386AG (c/n 39868, l/n 5608), flying as OMD554.

39868's History:
Oct 2015: Delivered to Thai Lion Air as HS-LUK, under lease from ACG.
Mar 2020: Transferred to Lion Air as PK-LQW.
Aug 2021: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to ASP for storage.