30 July 2023

Raya Airways' N982CM

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N982CM (msn 1972) from TPA to SZB, via PHX, JRF, MAJ, and GUM, for Raya Airways. This A321-211F, owned by Cargo Aircraft Management, is flying as OMD270, and is making an overnight stop at JRF. It's due to be registered as 9M-BZB. 

Because this A321 was not taken up by ASL Airlines Ireland, a DHL partner, it may be the reason for the base livery for DHL. Raya's other A321, 9M-BZA has this same livery. Raya's Boeing fleet has the red and blue livery.

1972's History:
May 2003: Delivered to MyTravel Airways as G-SMTJ, under lease from Boullion Aviation.
May 2005: Sold to Aviation Capital Group, and the lease transferred.
Nov 2007: Leased to Thomas Cook Airlines, subleased to Thomas Cook Scandinavia.
Apr 2009: Re-registered as OY-VKT.
Apr 2015: Returned to Thomas Cook Airlines as G-TCDV.
Apr 2018: Painted in the "I ♥︎ Cook's Club" special livery.
Oct 2019: Returned to ACG, and stored at NQY.
Feb 2020: Registered as VP-CCH.
Jun 2021: Ferried to TPA for freighter conversion.
Jly 2021: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management as N982CM.
May 2023: Was to be leased to ASL Airlines Ireland, but was not taken.

27 July 2023


Elan Express is ferrying N566NC (c/n 30566, l/n 817) from XSP to SLN, via GUM and HNL, as ELX566. This 767-3BGER is part of Northern Air Cargo's addition to their fleet. It will be re-painted at SLN. N566NC stopped through HNL this past February for freighter conversion.

Amazon Prime Air's N4621K 1st Test Flight

Hawaiian Airlines is operating it's first test/training flight of its Amazon Prime Air-liveried A330-343F, N4621K today. It's making its flight to/from HNL as HAL1700, and scheduled to last about an hour.

26 July 2023

Pratt & Whitney Issues GTF Inspections

Pratt & Whitney announced that their PW1100 series Geared Turbofan (GTF) engines will require inspections as micro-cracks have been discovered in this engine series. It affects over 1,200 power plants globally. These inspections are also required in the PW1200 series, that powers the A220 series and the Embraer E2 series.

Locally, both Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Air Lines A321-271Ns will be affected as airframes will need to be grounded and engines inspected. Hawaiian said that they will have their A321Ns inspected on the mainland, and will do them in increments, and adjust flight schedules as need be. Of their 18 A321Ns, Hawaiian already has two parked on their maintenance ramp awaiting replacement PW1100s. Delta has not mentioned their plans for their 37 A321Ns, though with their large fleet, other aircraft could substituted for their grounded A321Ns. Delta recently converted a majority of their west coast flights to Hawai‘i to the A321N. American Airlines, which also flies their A321Ns to Hawai‘i, is unaffected as they have CFM LEAPs powering their A321-253Ns.

Further information in this Airways Magazine article, this CH-Aviation.com article, and this KHON2 News report.

25 July 2023

Republic of Korea Air Force's 19-002

The Republic of Korea's Airbus KC-330 Cygnus, 19-002 (msn 1848), made a stop at HIK, and returned to SSN [Seoul Air Base] today, and is flying as ARGO403.

According the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Instagram post, there was a repatriation ceremony between the US and the Republic of Korea today.


VP-CYW (msn 4228), an A319-115ACJ owned by Bliss Surplus Ltd, and operated by Business Aviation Asia [China], is making a stop at HNL from SAN.

4228's History:
Apr 2010: Delivered to Aviation Link Company [Saudi Arabia] as VQ-BSF.
Jun 2013: Re-registered as VP-CIA.
Jly 2015: Sold to CEFC China.
Sep 2019: Sold to Bliss Surplus Ltd, and operated by Business Aviation Asia as VP-CYW.

24 July 2023

Kamaka Air Charters

Kamaka Air launched their executive inter-island charter service, Kamaka Air Charters, today. N828DC (msn 208B2074), a Grand Caravan EX, will make the charter flights.

Pago Wings' N1202P

Pago Wings' first Tecnam P2012 Traveller arrived from SMX as it will make its way to PPG. N1202P (msn 056US) is making its delivery flight from LIAU (Capua, Italy) to PPG, via LIKO, ABZ, RKV, YYR, BTV, MDW, ABQ, VGT, SMX, and HNL. This P2012 departed LIAU on 13 July 2023, and made it VGT five days later, then spent time there for testing and ferrying prep. It arrived from SMX this evening, though the original flight routing was for OGG.

19 July 2023

Mobility Guardian 2023

Aircraft, mostly transports, from foreign air forces are stopping through HNL as part of Mobility Guardian 2023, a multi-national air exercise being held at Andersen AFB, Guam.

Le Armée de l’Air has A330-200 MRTTs: F-UJCH (msn 1808, f/n 042) and F-UJCM (msn 1998, f/n 047); and A400M F-RBAR (msn 110, f/n 110).

The Luftwaffe has A400Ms: 54+02 (msn 029) and 54+05 (msn 040).

The Royal Thai Air Force has a C-130J, 60112 (msn 5281).

The Royal Air Force has a C-17A: ZZ172 (c/n 50079, l/n F-78).

The Royal Canadian Air Force has CC-150 Polaris: 15001 (msn 446) and 15003 (msn 425), and C-130J 130605 (msn 5637).

18 July 2023


Cargo Aircraft Management, CAM, is ferrying N288CM (c/n 29386, l/n 981) from XSP to ILN, via GUM and HNL. This 767-33Q8ERF will be leased to My Freighter of Uzbekistan, and will overnight at HNL.

29386's History:
Apr 2001: Delivered to Air Seychelles as S7-ASY "Aldabra", under lease from ILFC.
May 2012: Leased to Kenya Airways as 5Y-KYV.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Jun 2015: Leased to Air Canada Rouge as C-FJZK (f/n 675).
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SNN.
Mar 2022: Ferried to MZJ for storage.
Oct 2022: Acquired by CAM, and registered as N288CM.
Nov 2022: Ferried to QPG for freighter conversion. 

Singapore Airlines' 9V-DHC

Singapore Airlines' third 777-F, 9V-DHC (c/n 67143, l/n 1744), is making its first appearance at HNL today as SIA7407 from LAX, and will continue onto SIN. This DHL hybrid-liveried freighter was recently delivered to Singapore Airlines eleven days ago, and will join the rotation of the airlines other two 777-Fs.

16 July 2023

Aloha Air Cargo's N360WA

Northern Air Cargo had their N360WA (c/n 23553, l/n 1406) painted in the Aloha Air Cargo livery. This 737-301F was ferried to LIM, via ONT, MIA, and KIN, as AAH9360 this past March for heavy maintenance. It made its return flight to HNL from LIM, via KIN, MIA, and OAK, as AAH9360 this morning. It should enter service within a few days.

14 July 2023


Raytheon’s heavily-modified 727-223, N289MT (c/n 22467, l/n 1765), is making a stop at HIK as it transits from DNA to LAX, via AWK and HIK. Known as Voodoo One, it is the avionics and radar testbed aircraft for Raytheon.

22467's History:
Jly 1981: Delivered to American Airlines as N710AA (f/n 710), under lease from the Connecticut National Bank, then WFBN (date unknown)
Jan 2001: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TUL.
Mar 2002: Acquired by the Raytheon Corporation, and converted to a testbed aircraft.


N9PF (c/n 37583, l/n 2869), a 737-7HZ BBJ, owned by PF Global Aviation, is making a stop at HNL.


Royal Jet's 737-77W BBJ, A6-RJV (c/n 62467, l/n 5564), is making a stop at HNL this morning.

13 July 2023

Royal New Zealand Air Force’s NZ4804

The Royal New Zealand Air Force’s No 5 Squadron is taking delivery of NZ4804 (c/n 67020, l/n 9601) today. This P-8A, their fourth, is making its delivery flight from BFI to OHA, via HNL and NAN, as POSIDN1.

12 July 2023


Nauru Airlines is taking delivery of LZ-MRX (c/n 33003, l/n 1121), owned by Merx Aviation. This 737-86NF is making its delivery flight from DHN to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and NAN. It will be registered as VH-8TG.

33003’s History:
Apr 2002: Delivered to Excel Airways as G-XLAG, under lease from GECAS.
Oct 2003: Subleased to Ryanair for six months.
Nov 2005: Subleased to Xtra Airways for seven months.
Nov 2006: Airline rebrands as XL Airways.
Dec 2006: Subleased to Xtra Airways for five months.
Dec 2007: Subleased to Sunwing Airlines as C-FEAG for six months.
May 2009: Leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GEJ.
Aug 2016: Acquired by Merx Aviation, and leased to Sriwijaya Air as PK-CMU “Berarti”.
Oct 2021: Returned to Merx as LZ-MRX, and stored at SNN.
Jan 2022: Ferried to DHN for freighter conversion.


Boeing Capital Corp is having N919RA (c/n 30174, l/n 1175) from MZJ to PVG, via PHX, HNL, and GUM, for freighter conversion. This 737-809 stopped through HNL this past December on its way to storage.

06 July 2023


Daimler Chrysler's DC Aviation's A319-115CJ, D-ACBN (msn 3243), is making a stop at HNL from STR, via RST, as DCS201.

3243's History:
May 2008: Delivered to DC Aviation as VP-CBN.
Mar 2010: Re-registered as D-ACBN.

15 July 2023 UPDATE
D-ABCN left late tonight, shortly before midnight to return to RST as DCS201.

04 July 2023

Kingdom of Morocco’s CN-RGA

The Kingdom of Morocco’s 747-428, CN-RGA (c/n 25629, l/n 956) is making a stop at HNL. The top photo has CN-RGA on final for Runway 8L, and the above photo has the 747 taxiing to Runway 8R to return to Morocco.

02 July 2023

Amazon Prime Air's N4621K

Amazon Prime Air is taking delivery of N4621K "Momentum" (msn 1902). This A330-343F will be operated by Hawaiian Airlines, and be based at CVG. It arrived from ICN last night, following freighter conversion at PVG. It will undergo prep work and test flights before Hawaiian puts them into service. This is the first of ten A330-343Fs to be leased from Altavair.

1902's History:
Oct 2018: Ordered by Hong Kong Airlines as B-LHI, but was not taken up.
Apr 2022: Re-registered as F-WXAA by Airbus.
Nov 2022: Ferried to PVG for freighter conversion.
Jun 2023: Acquired by Altavair AirFinance for lease to Hawaiian Airlines.