28 February 2008

Evergreen's 947

This rare bird stopped over last night around 1030. Im not sure of its origin or any details of its mission. She taxied over to Hickam to park. Photo above taken by Ben Wang at Sacramento California.

27 February 2008

RAF C-130J

A RAF C130J was also parked on the North Ramp today. Not sure where it came from, but the reg on the aircraft is ZH882.

JAL's 10th 737-800

The 10th 737-800 for JAL has passed through HNL. JA309J arrived last night from BFI and left this afternoon for MAJ. This aircraft wears JAL Express titles.

Shenzhen's B-5357

Shenzhen Airlines took delivery of B-5357 (c/n 35081), a 737-8AL(W), that arrived on the 26th and departed on today as CSZ5357.

Sorry, no HNL photo ... I wanted to get one, but I was feeling too under the weather to get down to HNL, though Rick Schlamp got a cool taxi shot at BFI.

15 February 2008

JAL Cargo 747-200 Freighter!

As mentioned yesterday, a special rare bird arrived in HNL today, Feb 15. A JAL Cargo 747-200F, JA8171, came in to drop off the equipment for The Police's concerts this weekend. It arrived at 06:40 and was only here for 2 hours. Probably the best thing was seeing a 747F in HNL that actually has a nose door and has the nose door open.

14 February 2008

Latest JAL 737-800

JAL's next 737-800, JA310J stopped off at HNL yesterday, Feb. 13. JA310J left today, Feb 14, for MAJ. Sorry, no pic of it in HNL. Didn't have time to get out there.

Just a teaser, a rare bird will be coming to HNL early in the morning tomorrow, Feb 15.

13 February 2008

B-2 Bomber - Spirit of Kitty Hawk

On Tuesday, Feb 12th, a very rare bird stopped off at Hickam, the B-2 Bomber, Spirit of Kitty Hawk. This isn't the first time the B-2 has been in the skies above Hawaii, but it is the first time a B-2 has actually landed. The Air Force has used Pohakuloa on the Big Island to drop dummy bombs in training exercises. The Honolulu Advertiser has pictures and video of the B-2 at Hickam.


09 February 2008

Qantas's VH-VZA

Qantas is taking delivery of VH-VZA "Port Augusta" (c/n 34195), a 737-838(W). It's one the first 737s to wear the modified Qantas livery. It's seen here shortly after arriving from BFI as QFA6020, and will continue across the Pacific tomorrow.

N841AL "Ke‘opuolani"

Here's a photo of N841AL, or "Ke‘opuolani", Aloha's 737-2X6C that was acquired from Alaska Airlines. We reported N841AL's introduction to the Aloha fleet in June 2007, complete with links to photos during its days with Alaska and MarkAir.

07 February 2008

N698DM Down

A helicopter registered to K&S Helicopters of Kailua-Kona, HI, N698DM (msn 0348E), an McDonnell-Douglas MD500E (Model 369E), suffered a hard landing outside Hilo, on the island of Hawai‘i today. Here's the Star*Bulletin article link.

This helicopter was once registered to Paradise Helicopters, and used to be based at the Turtle Bay Resort which used to transport select guests to (& from) HNL.

This photo of N698DM was taken in 2005, while it was based on O‘ahu for Paradise Helicopters. It also did contract work for a couple of state agencies.

02 February 2008

Hawai‘i Air National Guard Eagle Ditches

A two-seat McDonnell-Douglas F-15D "Eagle" from the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 199th FS ditched in the Pacific Ocean 60 miles south of O‘ahu, while on a training mission. Thankfully, the pilot managed to eject safely, and was rescued by a US Coast Guard helicopter. Read more via The Star*Bulletin article link.

An older F-15B two-seat model, 74-0140, is seen above rolling out on Runway 4R after completing a training mission.