29 April 2016

Shandong's B-7565

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-7565 (c/n 42154, l/n 5878) this morning. The 737-85N is making its delivery flight from BFI as CDG7565, and will overnight at HNL.

28 April 2016

China Eastern's B-2398

China Eastern Airlines is ferrying B-2398 (msn 1108) from TNA to TUS (via SPN, MAJ, and HNL) as CES9005. It's being returned to GECAS.

B-2398 was delivered to China Eastern, under lease from GECAS in November 1999, and was withdrawn from use this past March.

23 April 2016

Solar Impulse Si2 (HB-SIB) Departs Kalaeloa

Photo by Jean Revilard | solarimpulse.com

After nine months inside Hangar 111 at Kalaeloa Airport-John Rodgers Field (JRF), the Solar Impulse Si2 (HB-SIB) with pilot Bertrand Piccard departed Thursday morning, April 21st, for Moffett Federal Airfield (NUQ) in Mountain View, California.

Solar Impulse is on its around the world flight flown with zero fuel to share the message of clean technologies. In July 2015, Solar Impulse, flown by André Borschberg arrived in Hawai‘i from Nagoya, Japan after crossing the Pacific in almost 5 days flight time. However, due overheating of the aircraft’s batteries that power Si2’s 4 engines during the flight, it was necessary to replace the damaged batteries and wait for favorable conditions across the Pacific.

Piccard who is the founder and initiator of the Solar Impulse project along with Borschberg - the project’s CEO, plan to continue across the United States to New York, cross the Atlantic, then Europe and continue on to Abu Dhabi, the starting point on Si2’s around the world journey. We wish the entire Solar Impulse team great success!

Pilot for the Hawai‘i - California crossing Bertrand Piccard with André Borschberg. 

Solar Impulse Si2 HB-SIB inside Kalaeloa's Hangar 111.

HB-SIB being pulled out to Runway 4R at Kalaeloa Airport (JRF).

HB-SIB along with André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard receive a traditional Hawaiian blessing.

The Solar Impulse Si2 HB-SIB into the Hawaiian skies on her way to California.

Aloha Solar Impulse! Bonne Chance Bertrand Piccard!
Photo by Jean Revilard | solarimpulse.com


VH-QQL (msn 388), a former Maroomba Airlines Dash8-102A, is making a ferry flight from PER to YYC (via CNS, MAJ, and HNL).

388 was originally delivered to Allegheny Commuter Airlines [ALO] (operated for US Airways Express) in October 1994 as N825EX (f/n EST), under lease from FSBU. It was acquired by Piedmont Airlines [EN/PDT], after the airline merged with Allegheny in July 2004, and purchased the lease. In August 2010, it sold to Skytrains Airlines [NP/SKP] (Australia) as VH-QQL. In August 2014, it was sold to Maroomba Airlines [KN] (Australia), and kept the same registration.

21 April 2016

Allegiant's N328NV

Allegiant Airlines is taking delivery of N328NV (msn 2821), an A319-111. It's making the flight from HKG to IND, via GUM, HNL, and SCK [Stockton, CA].

2821 was originally delivered to Cebu Pacific Air [5J/CEB] (Philippines) in July 2006 as RP-C3196. It flew with the airline until February 2016, when it was ferried to CAN for storage. Allegiant acquired it in March 2016, was ferried to HKG for its livery and cabin configuration.

Hawaiian Applies For Second HND Flight

Hawaiian Airlines has applied for a second daily HND flight, that would rotate between HNL (four days per week) and KOA (three days per week). HND has opened up two additional slots for US-based flights.

Further details in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

20 April 2016

Thai Lion's HS-LUQ

Thai Lion Air is taking delivery of HS-LUQ (c/n 40060, l/n 5869) this afternoon. The 737-8GP is making its delivery flight from BFI as TLM1, and will make a rare overnight stop at HNL.

China United's B-7562

China United Airlines is taking delivery of B-7562 (c/n 61682, l/n 5868) this afternoon. The 737-89P, allocated from China Eastern Airlines, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CUA562, and will overnight at HNL. B-7562 is the 9,000th 737 (combined Classic and Next Generation) built and delivered, and wears commemorative decals behind the cockpit windows.

Hawaiian Pilots To Vote To Strike

Airways News is reporting that the pilots of Hawaiian Airlines will take a strike vote authorization as negotiations between the ALPA and airline management. If all negotiations fail, the pilots would have to seek federal permission to strike. Both the airline and the pilots union are working with a federal mediator to iron out a new contract.


N460KA (c/n 27460, l/n 3021), a 737-33AF owned by Kahala Aviation Leasing, is ferrying from TPA to SZB, with stops at SAT, SAN, HNL, MAJ, GUM, and MNL. It's headed to join the Neptune Air [N7/NEP] fleet, as the airline resumes its 737 freighter operations.

27460 was originally purchased by AWAS, and leased to Air Malta [KM/AMC] in April 1998 as 9H-ADI. In May 2008, AWAS leased it to Air New Zealand as ZK-NGR, and was returned in March 2015, where it was sold to Kahala Aviation Leasing as N460KA. During its ferry flight from CHC to TPA, it made a stop at JRF in May 2015. The freighter conversion was done at TPA, in January 2016.

19 April 2016

Shandong's B-7566

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-7566 (c/n 61425, l/n 5864) today. The 737-85N is making its delivery flight from BFI as CDG7566, and will overnight at HNL.

17 April 2016

Dubai Air Wing's A6-HEH

A6-HEH (c/n 32835, l/n 1602), a 737-8AJ BBJ2 from Dubai Air Wing / Royal Flight [DUB] (United Arab Emirates), has made a stop at HNL.

Hebei's B-7227

Hebei Airlines is taking delivery of B-7227 (c/n 42967, l/n 5831) this morning. The 737-8LW is making its delivery flight from BFI as HBH7227, and will overnight at HNL.

15 April 2016

OGG To Add New Rental Car Structure

The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation announced that a new Consolidated Rent-A-Car (Conrac) structure will be built at the Kahului Airport. It will feature a solar-powered rail system to take passengers to and from the terminal to the new facility; and it will house 12 companies with 4,500 cars.

Further details in this HIDoT press release.

Solar Impulse 2 Departure Window Opens

The departure window for the "zero-fuel" Solar Impulse 2 opens today. The solar-powered aircraft has gone through numerous test flights with the new battery cells and cooling systems. Crews are looking four potential west coast landing sites (Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco-Bay Area; Los Angeles-SoCal Area; and Vancouver, BC).

Further information in this Solar Impulse 2 press release.

04.20.16 Update
Solar Impulse 2 plans to depart on April 21st at 0500HST (1500UTC).

Hainan's B-7173

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-7173 (c/n 43413, l/n 5853) today. The 737-86N, leased from GECAS, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CHH7173, and will overnight at HNL.

Happy 90th Birthday American Airlines!

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau! Today, American Airlines celebrates its 90th year of operations! The airline got its beginnings as Robertson Aircraft Corporation, and has evolved into the world's largest airline.

American's initial entry into the Hawai‘i market began with Trans World Airlines (TWA) in the 1960s, and American entered the Hawai‘i market in 1970. American also merged with US Airways in February 2013.

Currently, American serves HNL, OGG, KOA, and LIH from the US mainland.

Further information in this American Airlines press release.

14 April 2016

Island Air To Return To KOA

Island Air announced today that they will re-instate service between HNL and KOA, beginning June 14th, with five daily round-trip flights.

Further information in this Island Air press release.

Donghai's B-7630

Donghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-7630 (c/n 61272, l/n 5856) this morning. The 737-83Z is making its delivery flight from BFI as EPA290, and will overnight at HNL.

13 April 2016

China Eastern's B-7591

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of B-7591 (c/n 41487, l/n 5859) this afternoon. The 737-89P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES9001, and will overnight at HNL.

08 April 2016

HANG F-22s Return From Deployment

The contingent of Hawaiʻi Air National Guard F-22s, pilots, and support crews returned today from their six-month deployment in the Middle East in the combat against Daesh (or ISIS).

Further information in this 15th Air Base Wing article.

We thank you for your service and protecting our freedoms!

06 April 2016

Hawaiian To Add A 2nd Flight Simulator

Hawaiian Airlines announced today, that they will add a second full flight simulator at its Honolulu training facility. This second simulator will be for their A321s that they will begin receiving in the latter half of 2017. The present simulator (pictured above) is for their A330 flight crews.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

Happy 90th Birthday United Airlines!

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau! United Airlines celebrates its 90th birthday today. The airline, which began flying mail out of Boise, ID as Varney Air Lines, has evolved into a global airline. United's first flight to HNL was on 01 May 1947, from SFO, flown by a DC-6 "Mainliner". The airline's then-president William A. "Pat" Patterson was born in Waipahu, thus one of United's Boeing 377 Stratocruisers was named "Mainliner Waipahu".

Currently United serves HNL, OGG, KOA, LIH, and ITO; and has flights from the Continental US, Japan, and the Pacific.

Further information on United's history, in their press release.

05 April 2016

Shanghai's B-7397

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-7397 (c/n 42153, l/n 5846) today. The 737-89P, allocated from China Eastern Airlines' order book, is makings delivery flight from BFI as CSH9761, and will overnight at HNL.

04 April 2016

Alaska To Buyout Virgin America

Alaska Airlines announced today that they are buying out Virgin America for an aggregate price of $4 billion, and creating the west coast's premier carrier. The buyout will expand Alaska's presence in California, as Virgin America's two hubs are at SFO and LAX. Of course, this buyout will require government approval that is expected by January 2017.

Alaska will decide the future of Virgin America's 60 A319s and A320s (as well as the latter's orders with Airbus), as it could either keep the VRD fleet, or sell it off and order more 737s.

Further information in this Alaska Airlines press release, and this Virgin America press release.

03 April 2016

Mokulele Awarded SoCal EAS Contract

CH-Aviation.com reports that Mokulele Airlines has been awarded the Essential Air Service (EAS) contract that connects IPL [Imperial County Airport, El Centro, CA] and LAX. The two-year contract begins on May 1st, that runs to April 30, 2018, and the airline will assign two of their Cessna C208B Grand Caravans for this contract.

01 April 2016

Xiamen Air's B-2866

Our April edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to September 2004, with this Xiamen Airlines 757-25C, pictured above climbing out from a Runway 8R departure. B-2866 (c/n 34009, l/n 1048) was making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA2866, and continued onto MAJ, SPN, and XMN.

B-2866 continues to fly for Xiamen Air, and was painted in the current livery in late 2012.