30 July 2010

Air China's B-5519

Air China is taking delivery of B-5519 (c/n 36802), a 737-86N leased from GECAS, and is flying from BFI as CCA52.

Mahalo to team member Je89_W for the photo!

China Eastern's B-5530

China Eastern's third 737 delivery this month is B-5530 (c/n 29655), a 737-89P. It's making its way from BFI to PVG as CES299.

Sorry, no HNL photo. Though Drewski2112 got a photo of B-5530 at BFI.

28 July 2010


A Boeing 737-7BC (BBJ), VP-BJJ (c/n 30330), registered to Avenir Bermuda (BBJ) Ltd., made a stop at HNL from IAD via LAS.

30330 was originally ordered by NetJets Aviation, registered as N130QS, and painted in their colors. It November 2002, it went to Ditco Air and registered VP-BJB. In June 2007, it became HB-JGV for G5 Executive, and received its present livery. Jack Prewitt & Associates acquired this BBJ in January 2008 as N888NB, however a month later Avenir acquired the BBJ.

***07.31.10 Update***
VP-BJJ left for KIX tonight.

Korean Airlines' HL8222

An unpainted Korean Airlines 737-7B5 BBJ, HL8222 (c/n 37660), arrived at HNL today from LAX as KAL18P. Still wearing the protective green layer over the bare aluminum skin made the flight, which is probably headed to South Korea. HL8222 had a previous registration N719V.

***07.31.10 Update***
KAL18P left for GMP (Gimpo International Airport, Seoul, South Korea [RKSS]) today.

***05.03.11 Update***
HL8222 has been painted in Korean Air's corporate jet colors.

Garuda's PK-GFC

Garuda's fourth 737-800 delivery this month is PK-GFC (c/n 39390), a 737-86N leased from GECAS. It's delivering as GIA8011 from BFI today, after a 5-hour delay before leaving BFI.

PK-GFC is seen above on the AirService Hawai‘i ramp awaiting its next flight to MAJ.

Shandong's B-5536

A Shandong Airlines 737-8AL, B-5536 (c/n 37424), is on its delivery flight from BFI as CDG5536. This 73H is leased from Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise (SALE), and is seen on Air Service Hawai‘i ramp.

CDG5536 will make its next stop at MAJ.

PNI Stopovers

Just found out from RobK (on Airliners.net) why Boeing 737NG delivery flights were stopping at PNI. According to the MAJ NOTAM, it seems that the fuel supply is limited to scheduled flights.

From RobK's post:
UNTIL 29 JUL 23:59 2010. CREATED: 24 JUL 06:49 2010

A0070/09 - QFUAU AVGAS 100/130 OCTANE. WIE UNTIL UFN. CREATED: 17 JUN 22:31 2009"

***07.29.10 Update***
Delivery flight re-fuleing stopovers have resumed at MAJ with both CDG5536 and GIA8011 scheduled to arrive today from HNL.

27 July 2010

Hainan's B-5520

Hainan Airlines' newest 737-84P, B-5520 (c/n 35765), is making its delivery flight from BFI as B5520. It's seen above shortly after arriving on HNL's south ramp to overnight here.

***07.28.10 Update***
B5520 continued onto PNI then GUM.

26 July 2010

Lion Air's PK-LGZ

Lion Air is taking delivery of its fourth 737-9GPER this month. PK-LGZ (c/n 37271) is making its trans-Pacific trek as LNI1, and made its brief tech stop at HNL earlier today. It will continue onto PNI and BIK before reaching CGK.

23 July 2010


The Royal Australian Air Force's AEW&C 737-7ES "Wedgetail" N358BJ (c/n 33542) is in town for the RIMPAC 2010 exercises. It's flying as BOE45. It will also be re-registered as A30-002.

It's seen above departing Runway 8R earlier today.

***07.31.10 Update***
N358BJ is scheduled to return to BFI today as BOE89.

China Eastern's Daily Double

China Eastern Airlines had two 737NG delivery flights arrive at HNL today from BFI! First to arrive was B-5527 [top] (c/n 36771), a 737-89P, that is delivering as CES123. About 30 minutes later, it was followed by China Easterns' newest 737-79P [above], B-5270 (c/n 36770), which is making its delivery flight today as CES299. The -79P was actually scheduled for delivery yesterday.

Both B-5270 (left) and B-5527 are seen above in neighboring hardstands, shortly after 5270's arrival.

According to the FlightAware, both flights made stops at PNI (Pohnpei International, Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia), then GUM, before reaching PVG.

22 July 2010

Hainan's B-5463

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5463 (c/n 35755), their newest 737-84P. Instead of stopping at HNL, it made its stop at LIH, and is flying as B5463.

Malaysia's 9M-MLF

It appears that Malaysia Air System's first 737-8FZ, 9M-MLF (c/n 29657) made its delivery flight, but its flight was not listed. Thanks to team member Lono_68, he spotted the 73H taxiing town C to depart HNL. According to sources, the flight was listed as MAS5403, but not shown on flightaware.com.

Mahalo to team member Lono_68 for snapping the above shot!

Air China's B-5518

Air China has taken delivery of B-5518 (c/n 36754), a 737-89L, and is making its way to PEK as CCA51. Yesterday, the delivery flight left PAE, instead of the normal BFI, for HNL to complete its first leg.

Matt Cawby did get a shot of B-5518 at PAE.

According to Airliners Gallery News, B-5518 is the 800th Boeing jet delivered to China.

16 July 2010

C-17 Air Drop Demo

HNL RareBirds was privileged to be aboard one of two C-17A Globemaster IIIs of the 535th Airlift Squadron this morning, in an air drop demonstration. The flight took us from HIK to the Pohakuloa Range on the Big Island, where each C-17 dropped two pallets to ground forces below in support of the RIMPAC 2010 exercise.

Members of Hawai‘i's social media community were invited by Pacific Air Forces to be aboard the Boeing-built cargo jets.

05-5151 and 05-5152 "The Spirit of 'Go For Broke'" were the two C-17As used in today's flight under the call-sign "Lava 30 Flight". The 535th AS is the active-duty associate squadron to the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 204th AS. I was assigned to 05-5152, flying as "Lava31", and assigned to seat R9.

The two cargo pallets that would be air dropped over Pohakuloa. The loadmasters on the cargo ramp door are checking the rigging of the chute system that will extract the pallets from the C-17.

I was selected to sit in the jumpseat behind our flight crew of Captains Partridge and Hamilton in "Lava31" during the departure from HNL's Runway 8R. As advertised, we were wheels up in a few thousand feet of runway. Our departure was under a light shower, and the sun rising over the Ko‘olau mountains and clouds.

We flew in formation with "Lava32" ahead of us, with Maui's Haleakalā off 32's left wing.

As we approached the drop zone, CMSGT Orrie opened the rear cargo doors, and we were able to see the Kona coast as we made our way toward the Pohakuloa training range. Once over our drop zone, the first chute was deployed to create the force to pull the pallets out. Above is one of our two pallets sliding down the cargo deck's rails and rollers as a drag chute pulls it out of "Lava31". The training range is located about 5,000 feet above sea level, and we made our drops about 500 feet above ground.

We made a few circuits over Pohakuloa watching "Lava32" make its drop, before we both landed at KOA (above) for a 15 minute break, before returning to HIK. We also had our lunches that we purchased from the Air Force.

During the flight back to HIK, we were also treated to an intercept by four F-16s. Since I was seated toward the center of the C-17, this was the only F-16 I saw.

After the intercept, we made our way back to HIK, landing on HNL's Runway 8L. Our taxi back to HIK was a bit slow, as we got caught in the mid-morning departure rush at HNL.

It was an amazing experience! It's not everyday where civilians get to ride on a C-17. It was not the norm, since we were seated sideways, and there are no windows. The professionalism of the air crews demonstrated why our air force is top notch. Boeing has definitely built one great and tough aircraft as well.

HNL RareBirds extends a huge mahalo to Pacific Air Forces, the 15th Wing, and the 535thAS for your service to our country and the opportunity to be on the flight!

Garuda's PK-GFD

Garuda Indonesia's PK-GFD (c/n 40807) is their second 737-800 delivered this week. The 737-8U3 made its flight as GIA8011.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

15 July 2010

Garuda's PK-GFA

Apparently, Garuda Indonesia's PK-GFA (c/n 36549), a 737-86N, made its delivery flight through HNL. It arrived yesterday, and departed for MAJ earlier this morning as GIA8011.

I did not see this flight on flightaware.com yesterday, only this morning ...

Mahalo to team member Je89_W for the photo!

14 July 2010

Xiamen's B-5528

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5528 (c/n 37578), a 737-85C, and is flying from BFI as CXA5528. It will make its tech stop at HNL later this morning.

13 July 2010

RoKAF's N413NS

The Republic of Korea Air Force's 737-7ES "Peace Eye" Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) N413NS (c/n 35328, l/n 3189) made a test flight from BFI as BOE223 today. N413NS made the flight still wearing the protective green layer over its aluminum skin.

It will receive the "Wedgetail" antenna, similar to the Royal Australian Air Force's and Turkish Air Force's 737-7ESs. The RoKAF has four "Peace Eyes" on order, with all built, and none delivered.

Along with 35328, the other construction numbers are: 34700/2822 (N735JS), 35327/3071 (N314FS), and 35329/3319 (N963SS).

***07.14.10 Update***
BOE223 continues onto GUM on its way to South Korea. The "Peace Eye" will later return to BFI for final modifications and installations.

Lion Air's PK-LGY

Lion Air's newest 737-9GPER, PK-LGY (c/n 37270), made its two-hour fuel stop at HNL today as its making its delivery flight as LNI1.

PK-LGY is seen above taxiing out for its next leg to MAJ.

09 July 2010

Garuda's PK-GMO

Garuda Indonesia's PK-GMO (c/n 30147), a 737-8U3, is transitting through HNL as GIA8011, on its delivery flight from BFI.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

Comlux Malta's 9H-AFK

The Comlux Malta A319-115X(CJ), 9H-AFK (msn 2592) is in town. The CJ is the Airbus Corporate Jet version of the A319. The 9H- country code is for the island nation of Malta.

Aloha Raptors!

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 199th FS received their first two (of 20) Lockheed/Martin F-22As, with a Hawaiian blessing today at HIK.

03-4045 (c/n 4045, left) and 03-4046 (c/n 4046) face each other behind the stage. 4045 wears the HANG 199th tail band, while 4046 wears the "Gamecocks" tailband for the associate unit, the 19th FS.

HNL RareBirds extends a warm mahalo to the Hawai‘i Air National Guard and the 15th Wing for the opportunity to attend the blesing, and for serving our country,

07 July 2010

RAAF A30-001

A30-001, the Royal Australian Air Force 737-7ES AEW&C "Wedgetail" is making a stop at HNL today as BOE89. Currently, it's registered as N358BJ.

It was scheduled for delivery on 06.25.2010, but the flight returned to BFI.

Sorry, no HNL photo ... though Drewski2112 got shots of it at BFI.

06 July 2010

Philippine Airlines 747-469M

Philippines Air substituted a 747-469M for its standard A340-300 on its MNL-HNL-MNL route. RP-C7475 (c/n 27663, l/n 1068) is seen here after push-back from gate 29. The prefix "M" stands for mixed. Note the rear main deck cargo door.

Hoʻomaikaʻi ʻana Hawaiian Air!

Congratulations to Hawaiian Air! HA wins the HND-HNL slot!

Today, the US Department of Transportation finalized the four slots at HND (Haneda, Tokyo, Japan), with Hawaiian Air receiving one one of those coveted slots. Delta was awarded HND-LAX and HND-DTW, and American was awarded HND-JFK.

***07.07.10 Update***
Hawaiian Air plans to begin service on October 31st using a 767-300ER, with A330-200s added later as more are delivered.

05 July 2010


Another China Eastern MD-90-30 has made its tech stop at HNL. Not sure which one of the two remaining it is.

02 July 2010

United Subs 747-422 On UAL74

United Airlines substituted one of their 747-422s, N194UA (c/n 26892), on UAL74 (HNL-SFO). The flight HNL-SFO segment of the flight is normally operated with a 777-222. UAL74 does occasionally continue onto IAD using A320 series aircraft.

As recently as this past February, N194UA was photographed in storage at VCV.

01 July 2010

Qantas' VH-QPI

JetStar substituted Qantas' VH-QPI "Cairns" (msn 705), an A330-303, on their JQ3 SYD-HNL flight this morning, as one of the JetStar A330s was unserviceable. They turned to their parent company to charter a QF A330, and changed the flight number to QFA6403.

Mahalo to S Alvarez for the photo!

Lion Air Daily Double

Two Lion Air 737-GPPER deliveries lead off July. PK-LGV (c/n 37268) and PK-LGW (c/n 37269) were the two -900ERs to make their two-hour fuel stop. LGV flew as LNI1, and LGW flew as PKLGW. Both 739s parked on the Castle & Cooke ramp.

Mahalo to team member Lono_68 for the photo!