30 June 2024

Breeze Airways Hints At Hawai‘i

In a Simple Flying article, Breeze Airways was approved for international supplemental operations, which would allow them to fly international charter flights, along with unscheduled domestic flights. The carrier applied for "flag carrier" certification, and is awaiting approval from the FAA. Flag carrier status will allow Breeze to fly scheduled service outside the country. No timetable has been given as to if or when the proposed expansion to the Caribbean, Hawai‘i, and Europe would begin.

With its 3,600nm range, Breeze's A220-300 fleet would be used for the west coast to Hawai‘i flights. Currently, the airline has 24 A220-300s in service, and another 66 on order with Airbus Canada.

28 June 2024

USS Carl Vinson Ship Visit

The RIMPAC media team hosted a ship visit today. The main attraction was the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), was the first ship we visited. The aircraft carrier had one of its hangar bays, and the flight deck open for photos and video b-roll. F-35Cs, FA-18Es and Fs, EA-18Gs, and MH-60s were visible during our tour.

We also visited two Republic of Korea Navy ships, the ROKS Chungmugong Yisunsin (DDH-975) and the ROKS Yulgok Yi-i (DDG-992). Both ships have helicopter hangars on the aft section, but were not present.

View our highlight video on YouTube.


Boeing is ferrying Shenzhen Airlines' N243BE (c/n 61703, l/n 8198) from BFI to HSN, via JRF and GUM, as BOE951. This 737-8 will make an overnight stop at JRF tonight. It will be painted, have its cabin completed, and receive its Chinese registration at Boeing China's Completion Center at HSN.

27 June 2024

Virgin Australia's VH-8IG

Virgin Australia is taking delivery of VH-8IG "Whitehaven Beach" (c/n 66648, l/n 8905). This 737-8, leased from DAE Capital, originally ferried from PAE to MLB for cabin modifications on 20 June as VOZ9946. It's delivering from MLB to BNE, via ONT and KOA, as VOZ9947.

QantasLink To Acquire 14 Second-Hand Q400s

QantasLink will be acquiring 14 second-hand Dash8-Q400s to replace their Dash8-Q200s and Q300s. In a CH-Aviation.com article, The Q200s and Q300s are operated by Eastern Australia Airlines and Southern Australian Airlines. 

It's  not known where the Q400s will be sourced from, but here are quite a bit of them in storage in CA and AZ. These Q400s may make their delivery flights through HNL.


The 2024 edition of the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) international maritime exercise begins today. This year's exercise features record 29 nations participating. RIMPAC 2024 will feature air assets from the Hawai‘i Air National Guard, the US Air Force US Navy's USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), US Marine Corps, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the German Air Force, and others, totalling over 150 aircraft.

26 June 2024


Automatic LLC is ferrying N490AY (c/n 23490, l/n 1390), a 737-376F, from MEL to BXM, via BNE, MAJ, HNL, and PHX. It's making an overnight stop at HNL tonight.

23490's History:
Jun 1987: Delivered to Australian Airlines as VH-TAY "Valiant".
Oct 1993: Integrated into the Qantas following the merger.
Nov 2003: Transferred to JetConnect as ZK-JNA.
Jun 2006: Returned to Qantas as VH-XMR, and converted to a freighter.
Feb 2007: Transferred to Australian Air Express.
May 2013: Acquired by Express Freighters, and operated by QantasFreight.
Jly 2020: Australian Post titles added.
Jun 2024: Sold to Automatic LLC.

24 June 2024

Ukraine Air Alliance's UR-CAJ

Ukraine Air Alliance's An-12BK, UR-CAJ (msn 8346106), is making a stop at HNL, from SBD, as UKL5071. The flight originated from LCK [Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, OH], and is headed for Asia. It will overnight at HNL, and depart for TRW tomorrow morning.

20 June 2024

Pacific Air Charters Applies For Commuter Service

Pacific Air Charters applied for authority to also fly as a scheduled commuter carrier within Hawai‘i. The airline submitted an application with the US DOT on 07 June, to be flown by the Tecnam P2012s they have. Pacific Air Charters also has an Essential Air Service bid for service to/from LNY. 

Thought the three P2012s here are registered to Pago Wings, they have yet to make their way to PPG. Pacific Air Charters also has two registrations on hold with the FAA, N1220P and N1221P.


Cargo Aircraft Management is ferrying N29387 (c/n 29387, l/n 840) from GYR to CAN, via PHX, HNL and GUM, for freighter conversion, and sale to SF Airlines. This 767-3Q8ER is still wearing the Condor livery.

29387's History:
Jun 2001: Delivered to Air Europa as EC-HSV, under lease from ILFC.
Nov 2008: Subleased to Garuda Indonesia for two months.
Apr 2012: Withdrawn from service.
May 2012: Leased to Transaero as EI-RUY.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Sep 2015: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SNN for four months, then HHN for another two months.
Feb 2016: Leased to Condor as D-ABUO, though inducted in five months later.
Jly 2022: Withdrawn from service, stored at HHN and DUS, then ferried to GYR two months later.
Oct 2022: Re-regisetered as N29387 by AerCap.
Apr 2023: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management.
Dec 2023: Leased to SF Airlines.

14 June 2024

Malaysia Airlines' 9M-MVC

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MVC (c/n 66360, l/n 8843) today. This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM, as MAS5041.

QantasLink's VH-8NR

Network Aviation is taking delivery of VH-8NR "Cape Leeuwin" (msn 2485). This QantasLink-liveried A319-132 is making its delivery flight from BQN to PER, via PHX, HNL, APW, and BNE. It's being flown by Southern Cross International as SXI2443. VH-8NR departed BQN for PHX yesterday, with an overnight stop, and will make an overnight stop at HNL. The remainder of the delivery flight will be flown as SXI2441.

2485's History:
Jun 2005: Delivered to Spirit Airlines as N505NK (f/n 505), under lease from ILFC.
Nov 2007: Painted in the 2007 livery, and the name removed.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Sep 2015: Painted in the 2014 livery.
May 2018: Purchased by Spirit Airlines.
Jan 2020: Given fleet number 1505.
Feb 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at P08 [Coolidge Muni Airport, Coolidge, AZ].
Apr 2023: Acquired by Gryphon Aviation Leasing.
Aug 2023: Ferried to MCN for prep to QantasLink, and back to P08 a month later.
Mar 2024: Ferried to BQN [Rafael Hernandez Airport, Aguadilla, PR].

13 June 2024

Cargojet Airways' C-GAJG

Cargojet Airways 767-323ERF, C-GAJG (c/n 25446, l/n 453, f/n 642), is making a brief fuel stop at HNL from LAX this evening as CJT3205. It's flying from XCR [Vatry Chalons Airport, Paris, France] to NOU, via YHZ, LAX, HNL, and NAN.

12 June 2024

Kamaka Air Cleared To Resume Operations

The FAA has allowed Kamaka Air to resume operations this evening, following a week-long suspension of service. Kamaka's cargo operation will return to normal service by Friday.

10 June 2024

Runway 4R Re-opens

With the construction work on Runway 4R/22L completed, the runway will re-open today. Later this afternoon, Runway 4L/22R will close for continuous repairs similar to the work done to 4R, lasting to 02 September (weather permitting). Runway 8L will remain shortened to 8,600 feet, with Taxiway E as the last exit point; and Runway 26R will remain closed for arrivals.

The above illustration shows Runway 4L/22R closed, along with the corresponding taxiways. Because most arriving heavy traffic is required to roll to the end of Runway 4R, they are not able to turn left to taxi to the main terminal. Only flights going to the south ramp are landing on 4R, or those able to turn left at Taxiway E. Most commercial and military flights will have to land on Runway 8L, with Taxiway E as the last exit point. Runway 8R is available for full-length arrivals on request. Aircraft can cross both Runway 4s at Taxiway D or E when going between the north to south sides.

No mention was made if there should be a reversal in the traffic pattern.  Both Runway 26R and 22R would be closed for arrivals, but 26R will be open from Taxiway E for departures. 22L can be used for departures, though traffic from Terminals 1 and 2 will cross the 22s at Taxiway D or E, then down Taxiway C.

Further information in this HDOT press release.

05 June 2024

FAA Suspends Kamaka Air's Operations

The FAA has suspended the operating certificate for Kamaka Air, Wednesday, as the airline undergoes a change in leadership. While Kamaka awaits its leadership change, they have contracted with TransAir Hawaii to cover for their services.

News coverage by KHON2 News.

04 June 2024

9Air's B-208H

9Air is taking delivery of B-208H (c/n 61377, l/n 7323) today. This 737-8, wearing the dark blue-themed livery, is making its delivery flight from BFI to CAN, via HNL, GUM and TSN, as JYH208. This is 9Air's second of four that were built before the grounding and pandemic, that were in storage.

On a related note, 9Air has rebranded with a new logo, word mark, and livery. Their website shows the new look. The only 737 to be painted in the new livery is B-1552. It's not known if their third 737-8 (unregistered, c/n 61385, l/n 7929), in storage at MWH; or their fourth 737-8, (B-206L, c/n 61374, l/n 7263), currently at VCV, will be repainted before their deliveries.

03 June 2024

LIH's Runway 3/21 Extension Project

HDOT announced that LIH's Runway 3/21 will be extended an additional 855 feet on the approach end of Runway 3, to bring it to a length of 7,355 feet. Taxiway A will be extended to the new end of Runway 3 as well. Runway 3/21 will close, with work will be done nightly from 23:00 to 08:00. This is part of the project to work to rehabilitate LIH's runways and taxiways.

Further information in this HDOT press release.

02 June 2024


N480CH (c/n 29024, l/n 131), a 737-72T BBJ owned by Crescent Heights, is making a stop at HNL from MFM [Macau International Airport, Taipa Island, Macau].

29024's History:
Nov 1998: Delivered to the Tracinda Corporation as N50TC.
Apr 2016: Acquired by Crescent Heights.
Jun 2017: Re-registered as N480CH.