29 May 2011

China Southern's B-5587

China Southern Airlines has its second 737-800 delivery within two weeks of each other with B-5587 (c/n 38966, l/n 3650). The 737-81B is leaving BFI as CSN587, with its first stop at HNL today.

Sorry, no HNL photo though team member Drewski2112 got a photo of B-5587 at BFI during its test phase.

27 May 2011


Southern Cross Aviation is ferrying a DHC-6-310 Twin Otter from PLS (Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands) to NAN (via FXE, BGE, LCH, BWD, DMN, HII, CMR, HNL, CXI, and APW) as SXA834. N38535 (msn 414), currently registered to Deborah Aharon Trustee of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. The Twin Otter arrived here in the evening of the 24th from CMR, and left this morning for CXI. According to team member Bargeld01, it's being delivered to Pacific Sun (an AIr Pacific subsidiary), and will receive a Fijian registration of DQ-PSD.

26 May 2011

China Southern's B-2252

Another former China Southern Airlines MD-90-30, B-2252 (c/n 53525, l/n 2150), is making its way to the US mainland to join the Delta Air Lines fleet. It's crossing the Pacific as CSN6999, and it arrived at HNL last night from MFM (via SPN and MAJ). B-2252 will continue onto MZJ (via OAK). It will be registered as N955DN when its accepted into the DAL fleet.

B-2252 is seen above on HNL's South Ramp, basking in the morning sunlight.

This MD-90 was originally delivered to China Northern Airlines (CJ/CBF) in September 1996. When CBF was merged into CSN in November 2004, so was this MD-90.

25 May 2011

China Eastern To HNL

China Eastern Airlines (MU/CES) is seeking government approval to provide Tuesday and Friday service between PVG (Pudong-Shanghai International Airport, Shanghai, China) and HNL using an Airbus A340 with 300 seats. The variant was not defined, though their A340-300s are listed as having 287 seats, and their A340-600s have 320 seats. Service is scheduled to begin on August 9th.

Article link from China Economic. Hawaii News Now's Howard Dicus also reported this announcement on this morning's "Sunrise" morning news.

In the above photo taken in 2004, it shows this China Eastern A340-642, B-6051 (msn 488), on final approach to LAX's Runway 24R.

When China Eastern flew their PVG-HNL charter flights earlier this year, they used their A340-313Xs.

Shenzhen's B-5607

Shenzhen Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-87L in the past five days. B-5607 (c/n 39144, l/n 3643) is flying as CSZ907 from BFI today. It's seen in the top photo, on the AirService Hawaii ramp, after arriving from BFI. In the above photo, B-5607 is seen on Taxiway C, taxiing to Runway 8R for its departure to MAJ, the next morning.

It appears that Shenzhen Airlines has modified their livery again, reverting it to the original version of their 2007 livery. In 2009, the red portion was moved further forward to where the titles were partially obstructed within the stripes and red area.

24 May 2011

Hainan's B-5580

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5580 (c/n 39224, l/n 3647), their second 737-84P within the past four weeks. It's flying from BFI to HAK, via HNL, and GUM as B5580. It's seen above, climbing out from Runway 8R, destined for GUM.

22 May 2011

Air Transat's C-GTSD

Air Transat's (TS/TSC) C-GTSD is seen here on the ramp after arriving from Manila (RPLL/MNL) as TSC6 last night. Searches of this A330-342's registration only shows up as it belonging to an A310-304 (msn 547) that Air Transat stored late last year. This aircraft will continue on to Montreal-Trudeau (CYUL/YUL) tonight.

***Update 05.25.11***
Skyliners reports that this A330-300 is an A330-343X, and its msn is 407. The previous registration was TC-SGJ. This A333 was originally delivered to Dragonair as B-HYH, under lease from ILFC in June 2001. The leasing company then leased 407 to Saga Airlines (2J/SGX) of Turkey in August 2009 until December 2010. During its stint at SGX, it was sub-leased to Turkish Airlines and MIAT - Mongolian Airlines.

21 May 2011

USN Aviation Centennial

The United States Navy's Aviation Command celebrates its centennial anniversary this year. HNL RareBirds congratulates the US Navy and US Marines on completing their first century of aerial defense of our country! We also salute all of those naval aviators who have flown and maintained the aircraft to protect our country and our freedoms. On this Armed Forces Day, we thank the men and women of the US Navy and US Marines aviation corps for your service!

Pictured above is BuNo. 164197 (c/n 960/C192), an F/A-18C from the Navy's VFA-94 "Mighty Shrikes" (NAS Lemoore, CA), rolling out on Runway 4R after a training sortie in early 2010. The "Mighty Shrikes" based out of HIK during their training deployment.

20 May 2011

Shenzhen's B-5606

A special-liveried Shenzhen Airlines 737-87L, B-5606 (c/n 39143, l/n 3624) is making its delivery flight from BFI to SZX, by way of HNL, MAJ, and SPN, as CSZ905. Its livery commemorates the XXVI Universiade 2011 games being hosted in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in August. Similar to the Air China 2008 Summer Olympics logojet, the Shenzhen 737 features the caricatures playing the sports featured at the games, but both sides feature the same events.

The Universiade Games is held by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) in both summer and winter sports.

18 May 2011

Omega Tanker's N707AR

One of the two Omega 707-300 Tankers crashed today at NTD (NAS Point Mugu, Port Hueneme, CA). N707AR (c/n 20029 l/n 790), their 707-321B, crashed on its take-off roll this afternoon. Thankfully, all three crew members escaped the classic Boeing before flames enveloped the airframe.

It was initially reported that N707MQ in various media circles was the 707-300B involved, but the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) stated in their preliminary report that it was N707AR.

20029/790 was originally delivered to Pan American Airways (PA/PAA) in March 1969 as N892PA, named "Clipper Star King". In March 1983, it was leased to Global International Airlines, and re-posessed six months later. In May 1984, it was acquired by Falcon Aircraft Conversions, and re-registered as N729Q, where it was leased to Skystar International (June 86 - June 87), National Express (June 87 - June 88), and PLUNA (June 88 - June 95). JARO, a Hungarian airline, acquired it in June 95, and registered it as EL-AKS. Finally, it was sold to Omega Tanker in June 96, and registered as N707AR, and modified as a drogue-type aerial refueler, that was commonly seen accompanying US Navy and US Marine fighter aircraft.

On a personal note, I was privileged to take a tour of N707AR, back in November 2004, when it was parked on Hard Stand A (South Ramp). The above photo was taken before we boarded the 707. Except for the drogue release port and the hush-kitted JT3Ds, it looked like a 707 from back-in-the-day. The interior had been re-fitted with the '70s-'80s style overhead bins, and most of the coach seats were removed, though a several first class seats were still there. It was definitely a "chicken-skin" moment to set foot on a 707 again after 32 years after my first flight as a nine-year-old, too bad we weren't able to go up with it while it was here ...

Article by NYC Aviation.

17 May 2011

Omni Air International's 777-222ER

Omni Air International's first of two 777-222ER's is seen above resting on the North Ramp hardstands after arriving from Hartsfield-Jackson International (KATL/ATL), Atlanta as OAE778. N918AX (c/n 26935, l/n 88) previously flew for United Airlines as N789UA and Air India as VT-AIL before being leased by Omni.

***Update 05.19.11***
The flight continued on to ICN on the 18th.

China Southern's B-5586

It's been a while since we've seen a China Southern Airlines 737 delivery going to PVG. B-5586 (c/n 36878, l/n 3631), a 737-86J, is the latest to join the CSN fleet. This particular 737-800 airframe was originally ordered by AirBerlin (AB/BER), but was not taken up, and acquired by China Southern. It's making its delivery flight as CSN517, and is seen above taxiing on the AirService Hawaii ramp.

B-5586 was to have been registered as D-ABKR had it gone to AirBerlin. The airframe was purchased by ICBC Leasing, then leased to China Southern.

16 May 2011

China Airlines' B-18210

B-18210 (c/n 33734, l/n 1353), the China Airlines' Boeing Dreamliner-liveried 747-409 was in town today as CAL18/17 (NRT).

14 May 2011

ANA's Japan Recovery Livery

ANA's "Together as one, Japan" livery made an appearance as NH1051/1052 to and from Narita (NRT). JA611A (c/n 32980, l/n 194) was the first aircraft to receive the special livery. Other aircraft wearing this slogan are JA55AN (c/n 33892, l/n 2889), a 737-881, and JA786A (c/n 37948, l/n 866), a 777-381ER. Note that the 737's logo is in Japanese. These decals are in support of the relief efforts after the March 11th Tōhoku region earthquake and tsunami.

Qantas' VH-VZM

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of VH-VZM "Bathurst" (c/n 34192, l/n 3644), a 737-838, that is making its delivery trek as QFA6024, and will overnight at HNL tonight. VH-VZM is seen above under the early morning sky of the 15th.

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau Aloha Air Cargo!

Today, Aloha Air Cargo (KH/AAH) celebrates its third anniversary! The cargo division from the now-defunct Aloha Airlines was resurrected by Saltchuk Resources (who also owns Young Brothers Barges here), with the help of US Senator Daniel K. Inouye. In October 2008, the airline unveiled the current livery (seen above). Three 737-200Cs make up the AAH fleet, and will be joined by two Saab SF340BFs this summer.

N841AL (c/n 23123, l/n 1042) "Spirit Of Aloha", a 737-2X6C/Adv, taxies on Taxiway RT to depart for OGG as AAH20.

13 May 2011

Shandong's B-5491

Shandong Airlines has taken delivery of B-5491 (c/n 36584, l/n 3626), a 737-85N, and has begun its island-hopping delivery from BFI to TNA as CDG5491. It's seen above taxiing onto the AirService Hawaii after landing on Runway 4R.

11 May 2011

Xiamen's B-5603

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5603 (c/n 38020, l/n 3638), a GECAS-leased 737-86N. It's making its delivery flight from BFI to XMN today as CXA5603, with its first stop at HNL. B-5603 is seen above taxiing onto the Air Service Hawaii ramp after landing on Runway 8L.

09 May 2011

N591HA Back At HNL

N591HA, which Hawaiian returned to its lessor and repainted into Air Canada colors, is back at HNL. It passed through HNL last month on its way to XMN for maintenance. It is parked on the new hard stands on the Ewa end of the airport and still has N591HA as its registration. It arrived today from XMN as HAL9983.

***Update 05.21.11***
N591HA was registered as C-GHPE for Air Canada, and ferried to YUL (Pierre Trudeau International Airport, Montréal, Quebec, Canada) as ACA7055 on the 19th.


N88WR (c/n 29441, l/n 111), a BBJ (737-79U) registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, made a stop at HNL from LAS, last evening. It's being leased by Wynn Resorts (Las Vegas, NV).

29441 was delivered to Boeing as N1779B in September 1998. Seven months later, it was re-registered as N1011N. In August 2000, it was acquired by Aircraft Holdings LLC (USA). Still registered as N1011N, it was acquired by Melissa Nour Jihane LLC (Algeria) in July 2002. It actually wore Khalifa Airways (K6/KZW) titles, and the jet was named "Melissa Nour Jihane".  Seaflight Aviation (Greece) picked up 29441, and re-registered as VP-BPF in May 2004. Wells Fargo then acquired the BBJ in June 2004, and re-registered it as N88WZ. When it was leased to Wynn Resorts in October 2004, the registration was changed to N88WR.

08 May 2011

"COMCO" 757

Not the clearest of shots, taken in the wind and rain and fading light on Saturday night, but better than nothing! It appears to be routed HNL to GUM at the present time now, Sunday. N226G arrived from PHX.


A former Air Canada A320-211 that was leased from ILFC, N957PG (msn 302), is scheduled to stop over at HNL from TUS. Today's flight originated from TLC (Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateis International Airport, Toluca, Mexico), then stopped at TUS. N957PG is bound for HIR (Honaira International Airport, Honaira, Solomon Islands) for Solomon Airlines (IE/SOL) via NAN and MEL. It will be first painted at MEL.

C-FMEQ was originally delivered to Canadian Airlines International (CP/CDN) in March 1992. It joined the Air Canada fleet when CDN and ACA merged in 2000. In November 2001, C-FMEQ was transferred to Air Canada's Tango subsidiary. After Tango was dissolved in 2004, it was re-integrated into the ACA fleet. In October 2007, Pegasus Aviation acquired C-FMEQ, and registered it as N957PG. In December 2009, it was placed in storage at GYR. It was ferried to SJO (Juan Santamaria International Airport, San Juan, Costa Rica) in December 2010 for heavy maintenance.

N957PG sits on a wet Monday morning at the hardstand fronting Bradley Aviation. Mahalo to team member Lono68 for the photo. Mahalo to MRC Aviation for the information regarding its destination.

***09.21.11 Update***
N957PG has been registered as H4-BUS, and painted in full Solomon Airlines colors.

03 May 2011

"Japan: Endless DIscovery" 777-200s

Both All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines had their "Japan: Endless Discovery" titled 777-200s at HNL today. Both "Triples" departed within 15 minutes of the other.

All Nippon Airways had 777-281ER, JA707A (c/n 27037, l/n 247) operating their ANA1052 flight from NRT. The airline substituted 777s in place of their 767-381ERs for the Golden Week holiday. JA707A is seen above returning to NRT as ANA1051.

Japan Airlines had 777-246ER, JA702J (c/n 32890, l/n 417) operating a Golden Week charter out of NGO as  JAL8044 today. JA702J is seen above taking off from Runway 8R as JAL8043, returning to NGO.

Lion Air's PK-LHR

Lion Air's PK-LHR (c/n 37281, l/n 3627), is their latest 737-9GPER to be delivered from BFI. It's making its delivery flight as LNI1.

PK-LHR is seen above taxiing to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp for its 90-minute fuel stop, after arriving from BFI.

02 May 2011

Southwest / AirTran Acquisition Complete

The acquisition of AirTran (FL/TRS) by Southwest Airlines (WN/SWA) was completed today at Dallas' Love Field. AirTran will begin integration into Southwest, and should have a single operating certificate by early 2012.

(Top) Southwest's 737-7H4, N747SA (c/n 29799, l/n 306), was photographed at LAS, taxiing to Runway 7L from Terminal B.

(Above) AirTran's 737-76N N287AT (c/n 32671, l/n 1925), was photographed at LAX, on final to Runway 24R.

Southwest's message published on their website.

01 May 2011

China Airlines' B-18601

Our May edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" shows one of the early models of the 737-800. Line number 113 was built for China Airlines, and is registered as B-18601 (c/n 28402, l/n 113). It was delivered to China Airlines in October 1998, and seen above on the Anderson Aviation ramp during its overnight stop at HNL. This was the first of 14 737-809s China Airlines acquired.

B-18601 was transferred to their Mandarin Airlines subsidiary in November 2000 for a five month stint. It continues to fly for China Airlines.

This one of the first delivery flight photos I took.