27 February 2022

Прошання Мрия!

We bid Aloha ‘oe to the gentle giant. Sadly, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Russian invasion forces have destroyed the lone Antonov An-225 Mriya, UR-82060 (c/n 19530503763, l/n 01-01) as they launched a second attack on Gostomel Airport, where the Antonov Design Bureau is based. According to Sam Chui's website, various outlets in the Ukraine, including Antonov, confirm the destruction of the world's largest aircraft.

There have three times that the An-225 visited HNL. In 2005, the Mriya stopped to pick up historic rail cars to take to the midwest, and returned the cars a few week later. In 2009, following the earthquake and tsunami in American Sāmoa, the An-225 transported FEMA electrical generators to PPG, with a stop at HNL. And in 2018, it stopped here on its way to GUM, to deliver FEMA relief supplies after a typhoon hit Guam. 

We stand with the people of the Ukraine as they fight to keep their sovereignty and freedoms. We are keeping the Ukrainians in our thoughts and prayers. 🇺🇦
We stand against the aggression by Putin, and his forces.

23 February 2022


Elan Express is ferrying N563WA (c/n 30563, l/n 786) from VCV to SIN, via HNL. This 767-3BGER, flying as ELX563, is heading to SIN for freighter conversion for Northern Aviation Services.

30563's History:
Apr 2000: Delivered to Sobelair as OO-SLR.
Dec 2001: Acquired by Deutsche Structured Finance, and leased back.
Jly 2004: Leased to Hainan Airlines as B-2561.
Jun 2007: Leased to Ethiopian Airlines as ET-AMF.
Sep 2010: Sold to Automatic LLC, and lease transferred.
Feb 2014: Aircraft was hijacked as ETH702, and almost crashed due to lack of fuel.
Oct 2020: Withdrawn from service, returned to lessor as N563WA, and ferried to GYR for storage.
Jun 2021: Sold to Fortress Transportation, and ferried to VCV for storage.
Aug 2021: Sold to Northwest Aviation Leasing (Northern Aviation Services)

Singapore Airlines' 9V-MBL

Singapore Airlines is taking delivery of its second 737-8 in eleven days with 9V-MBL (c/n 44256, l/n 7736). It's still wearing the SilkAir livery, and flying from PAE as SIA8890, and will make an overnight stop at HNL.

22 February 2022

Baitk Air’s VP-CJU

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying Batik Air’s VP-CJU (msn 7392) from CGK to MLB as OMD551. This A320-214 is making stops at GUM, HNL, and PHX. Tonight’s stop at HNL is only a brief fuel stop. It’s being returned to Aviation Capital Group, to be leased to Avianca.

7392’s History:
Dec 2016: Delivered to Batik Air as PK-LUL, under lease from ACG.
Jan 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.

Croman Corporation's N615CK Crashes on Kaua‘i

Croman Corporation's Sikorsky S-61N, N615CK (msn 61814), crashed near BKH as it returned from a contract flight for the US Navy. Sadly, all four aboard perished.

Updated coverage from KHON2 News.

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to the families of all those affected.

19 February 2022

India Navy's N674DS

The Indian Navy is taking delivery of their next P-8I, N674DS (c/n 64893, l/n 8834) today. It's flying as BOE234 from BFI to India, with stops at HNL and GUM, and will be registered as IN331 after its arrival and induction.

Batik Air's VP-CJQ

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying Batik Air's VP-CJQ (msn 6991) from CGK to MLB, via GUM, HNL, and PHX, as OMD547. This A320-214 is being returned to the Aviation Capital Group.

6991's History:
Mar 2016: Delivered to Batik Air as PK-LAV, leased from ACG.
Mar 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.

40 Years Of The 757

On this day, 40 years ago, Boeing's first 757-200 made its maiden flight out of RNT.  Since then 1,050 757s (both -200s and -300s) have been built. Currently, Asia Pacific Airlines, Air Transport International, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines operate 757 to/from Hawai‘i.

Here are some of the 757s that operated to/from HNL ...

18 February 2022

Eastern Airlines' N705KW

Eastern Airlines is using N705KW (c/n 24342, l/n 363, f/n 705) for ETOPS certification. The original flight by this 767-336ER, EAL9801 [JFK-HNL], was diverted to OAK on 16 February. It's making the ETOPS flight this evening from OAK as EAL9802.

24342's History:
Apr 1991: Delivered to British Airways as G-BNWJ "City of Athens".
Jly 2000: Acquired by Qantas Airways as VH-ZXD.
Jly 2013: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PVG.
Jun 2014: Acquired by Jet Midwest as N793JM.
Mar 2015: Acquired by KMW Leasing, and ferried to MCI for storage.
Jly 2017: Leased to Dynamic Airways.
Mar 2018: Renamed to Eastern Airlines, and acquired N793JM.
Jun 2018: Re-registered as N705KW.

21 Feb 2022 UPDATE
It will return to the mainland as EAL9900 to MIA.

17 February 2022

Korean Air's HL8068

Korean Air Business Jet's Gulfstream G650ER, HL8068 (msn 6199), is making a stop at HNL from DAL as KAL9052. This G650ER is one of three aircraft, also a Global Express XRS, and a Boeing BBJ, in the business jet fleet that offers private charter services.

Silk Way West Airlines' VQ-BBH

Silk Way West Airlines' VQ-BBH (c/n 62708, l/n 1530) is making a brief fuel stop from ORD as AZG4033. This 747-83QF is continuing onto BNE.

12 February 2022

Singapore Airlines' 9V-MBK

Singapore Airlines is taking delivery of 9V-MBK (c/n 44255, l/n 7688) today. This SilkAir liveried 737-8 is making its delivery from PAE as SIA8890, and will make an overnight stop at HNL, before continuing on to GUM, then SIN.

9V-MBK made its first flight in Aug 2019, but due to the MAX series groundings, it was placed in storage at MWH. It was ferried to BFI last December, then PAE at the beginning of this month.

10 February 2022

Garuda Indonesia's N452AC

Garuda Indonesia is returning one of their 737-86Ns to lessor Aircastle. N452AC (c/n 36808, l/n 3505) is ferrying from KUL to CWF, via GUM,  HNL, and IAH.

37887's History:
Dec 2010: Delivered to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GFL, under lease from GECAS.
Mar 2011: Sold to CDB Aviation, and lease transferred.
Dec 2018: Sold to Aircastle, and lease transferred.
Aug 2021:  Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.
Dec 2021: Ferried to KUL for storage.

08 February 2022


N379BR (c/n 29379, l/n 919), a 757-2G5 owned by Black Rock, is ferrying from GYR to XMN for freighter conversion. The ferry flight is being operated by Elan Express as ELX379, and is making a stop at HNL, then GUM. This 757 will be bound for CargoJet Airways after conversion.

29379's History:
Apr 2000: Delivered to Balair as HB-IHR.
Oct 2001: Airline renamed as Belair, HB-IHR sold to ILFC and leased back, and named "Solemar".
Nov 2007: Sub-leased to Air-Berlin, but operated by Belair.
Nov 2009: Withdrawn from services, and stored at MUC.
May 2010: Leased to Thomson Airways as G-OOBN.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
Oct 2017: Airline re-branded as TUI Airways.
Jun 2021: Sold to Black Rock, and lease transferred.
Sep 2021: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to GYR a month later.
Dec 2021: Registered as N379BR.

Alaska Airlines' N932AK Makes Hawai‘i Visit

On 05 January, Alaska Airlines unveiled its Orca-themed "West Coast Wonders" 737-9, N932AK (c/n 44089, l/n 8163, f/n 932), with its first revenue flight from SEA to ANC. On 22 January, N932AK made its first appearance at HNL from SEA as ASA896. This morning, we captured the orca-liveried 737-9 as it departed for SEA as ASA942.

07 February 2022

Batik Air’s VP-CKJ

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying a former Batik Air A320-214, VP-CKJ (msn 8354), from CGK to MLB, via KUL, GUM, HNL, and PHX. It’s flying as OMD552, and being returned to the Aviation Capital Group.

8354’s History:
Jly 2018: Delivered to Batik Air as PK-LZI, under lease from the Aviation Capital Group.
Jan 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.