28 September 2010

LIon Air's PK-LHJ

Lion Air's PK-LHJ (c/n 37272), a 737-9GPER, is on delivery to CGK from BFI as LNI1. It's seen above completing its HNL stopover, on its way to MAJ.

Google's N673BF

It's been reported around the web that Google has leased N673BF (c/n 23402), a 767-238ER, from the Wilmington Trust Company (Dover, DE).  It was here last year as well.

27 September 2010

Southwest To Acquire AirTran

Southwest Airlines announced that they are acquiring AirTran.  Only for the second time, will there be another Boeing aircraft type other than a 737, AirTran's 717-200s.  In the late 70s, Braniff loaned N406BN to Southwest, and wore WN's colors.

Southwest is also looking into converting a portion of their existing orders of 737-7H4s into the -8H4 version, and having them ETOPS-capable.  There is speculation that Southwest may be ready to make a move for over-ocean flights.  There also have been speculation in the past of Southwest entering the Hawai‘i market in some form. When ATA was around, Southwest did buy a portion of ATA stock, and code-shared on ATA's flights, which included flights to Hawai‘i.

The Southwest / AirTran merger website.

Trivia: another Southwest connection to Hawai‘i, Aloha Airlines once leased a 737-2H4 from Southwest in the late 70s.

26 September 2010

Kāne‘ohe Bay Air Show 2010

Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i hosted the Kāne‘ohe Bay Air Show 2010 this past weekend.  The air show drew over 100,000 people, and was combined with the base's annual Bay Fest carnival, concerts, and fireworks show.
The US Navy's Blue Angels Aerial Demonstration Squadron headlined the air show with their high altitude show.

This North American T-6A Texan performed as one of the opening acts in the morning.

05-5151, a C-17A from the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 204th AS demonstrated its short-field capabilities, as well as its manueverability.
An F-22A Raptor from the 1st FW, Langley AFB, VA, stole the show with its demonstration of the fighter's vectored thrust capabilities.

The Blue Angels

More photos on the Blue Wave Pix facebook page.

23 September 2010

Malaysia's 9M-MLG

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MLG (c/n 31779), a 737-8FZ, and is making its flight from BFI as MAS5403.  It's seen above taxiing to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp to overnight.

Xiamen's B-5552

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-800 in two days, and its third this month.  B-5552 (c/n 37425), a 737-84P, was originally ordered by Hainan Airlines, but was taken up by Xiamen.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

22 September 2010

Xiamen's B-5529

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5529 (c/n 37150), a 737-85C, and is flying as CXA5529.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

USN's 165835

A US Navy C-40A Clipper, 165835 (c/n 33826), transited through HIK today. The 737-7AF is assigned to VR-57, based at NAS North Island, CA. It's seen above departing Runway 8L, devoid of any markings, except for part of its Bureau Number.

USAF's 61-018

A B-52H from the 23rd Bomber Squadron "Bomber Barons" had to abort take off on Runway 8R today.  It's seen above on Taxiway RA, leaning on it's starboard outrigger wheel.  61-018 (c/n 464445), flying as "Icer31", had to taxi back to HIK along RA then RB.  This was one of two B-52Hs in the flight.  "Icer32" turned around on a taxiway, and returned to HIK.  Departing traffic was re-routed to Runway 8L while "Icer31" taxied on RB to HIK.

The 23rd BS, based at Minot AFB, Minot, ND, is part of the 5th Bomber Wing.

21 September 2010

Garuda's PK-GMQ

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of PK-GMQ (c/n 30149), a 737-8U3.  It's their third 737-800 delivery this month, and is flying out of BFI as GIA8011.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

Shandong's B-5542

Shandong Airlines' B-5542 (c/n 40883), a 737-85N, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CDG5542.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

20 September 2010

Alaska Launches HNL-PDX

Alaska Airlines launches service between PDX and HNL today!  ASA876 is the PDX-bound flight, and ASA877 is the return leg using their 737-890s

19 September 2010

US Airways Star Alliance

US Airways' Star Alliance N935UW (c/n 27201, l/n 605) is seen here being fueled up for its flight to Phoenix as AWE808. This 757-2B7 was delivered to USAir in 1994.

18 September 2010

JAL's JA701J

It has been awhile since a JAL 777-246ER has visited HNL. JA701J arrived from FUK as JO8818 and departed to HND as JO8059.

Xiamen's B-5533

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5533 (c/n 37152), their second 737-85C this week.  It's flying as CXA5533 from BFI to XMN, with a stop at HNL.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

17 September 2010

Garuda's PK-GFG

PK-GFG (c/n 37819) is Garuda Indonesia's second 737-800 delivery this month.  The 737-8BK, leased from CIT, is making its delivery flight as GIA8011, and due to stop at HNL today.

16 September 2010

Virgin Blue's VH-VUW

Virgin Blue took delivery of VH-VUW (c/n 39449), a 737-8KG leased from Dubai Aerospace Leasing.  It delivered through LIH as VBH9082.

Mahalo to team member Drewski2112, who got a shot of VH-VUW at BFI.

15 September 2010

Xiamen's B-5532

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5532 (c/n 37151), a 737-85C.  It's making its trek from BFI to XMN as CXA5532, and will make a stop at HNL today.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

13 September 2010

Volga-Dnepr Airlines "20 Years"

Volga-Dnepr Airlines An-124-100 RA-82042 (c/n 977305055093) is seen here wearing special markings to commemorate 20 years of service.

It was passing through HNL as VDA4290, on a fuel stop from NGF to NYL to transport USMC CH-53Ds for deployment in Afghanistan.

Southern Air 747-341F

Southern Air's all white 747-341F (c/n 23394 LN:627) is seen here taxing to Hickam. N789SA has been flying in and out of HNL for the last couple of weeks.

It was originally delivered to VARIG as PP-VNH in the original livery in December 1985, and was repainted in the second generation livery.

Like most 747-300s, this one was converted to a -300M(SF) in 2000, and registered as N354MC with Polar Air Cargo and Atlas Air from August 2000 to March 2004. Prior to joining the Southern Air fleet, it was previously N354FA and N354FC with Focus Air from January 2005 to October 2006.

11 September 2010

Hainan's B-5540

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5540 (c/n 35761), their newest 737-84P, and is flying from BFI as B5540.  It's their second delivery in two weeks.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

10 September 2010

Delta To Shift From NRT to NGO

Beginning December 22nd, Delta Air Lines is switching its flight DAL612/611 from NRT to NGO, and down-sizing the aircraft from a 747-400 to a 767-300ER.  The NRT flight is will be re-numbered as DAL608/607, and will use a 767-300ER.

The Delta news release regarding the NGO-HNL flights.

09 September 2010

China Airlines "Dreamliner"

Today, China Airlines used their "Dreamliner"-liveried 747-409 (B-18210, c/n 33734) for the charter flight from Taipei as CI 2001/2002.

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau Island Air!

Island Air celebrated their 30th anniversary today with an orchid lei given to each passenger departing HNL, and were given special music CD single recorded by Island Air employees.  There also was live Hawaiian music and hula in the holding area for a few hours.

In a special blessing ceremony at the Island Air hangar yesterday, each of the four Dash8-100s were give a Hawaiian name and blessed to mark the anniversary.

N805WP: Holomua
N806WP: Niau
N809WP: Hokū-pa‘a
N829EX: Kūmakani

A big mahalo to Island Air for allowing us to attend the events!

Hawaiian Codeshares With Delta

Hawaiian Airlines announced today that they will begin a codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines for inter-island flights beginning on September 15, 2010.

08 September 2010

Garuda's PK-GFH

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of PK-GFH (c/n 36850), a 737-8U3.  It's delivering from BFI to CGK as GIA8011, with stops at HNL, MAJ, and BIK.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

05 September 2010

JAL To Delay 747-400 Retirement

Japan Airlines is delaying the retirement of their 747-446 fleet until the end of February 2011.  All of the Japan-HNL flights were to be switched 767-346ERs from November 1st.  However, JAZ76/75 from NRT is being kept as a 747-446 until next March, when it will switch to the 767-346ER.

The JAL news release of the revised winter changes.

It will be interesting to see if JAL subs 777-246ERs during peak traffic times like the Honolulu Marathon, New Year's holiday season, and Golden Week, on top of the additional charter flights.

01 September 2010

Aloha ‘Oe Eagles

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 199th Fighter Squadron bid a fond aloha ‘oe the last three McDonnell-Douglas F-15C Eagles today.  Flying as "Zesty97", the three fighters (seen above taxiing on Taxiway M) departed for the US mainland accompanied by a HI ANG KC-135R from the 203rd ARS, "Adobe47".

78-0509 (top), 78-0522, and 78-0528 departed the "Reef Runway" for the last time under partly cloudy Hawaiian skies.  Ground crew, other HI ANG pilots, the media, and social media lined up along Taxiway RG as the fighters took off one by one with afterburners lit.  57-1508 (above) followed a few minutes after to replenish the three Eagles 5.5 hour flight across the Pacific.

While the HI ANG pilots are undergoing F-22A training, the 120th FW of the Montana ANG is assuming the air defense role for Hawai‘i, until there are enough F-22As in the 199th's hands.

A couple of dozen 199th FS's pilots and ground crew came out to witness the departure, and bid farewell to the three Eagles.  They're watching 78-0528 begin it's "Hang Ten" climb over the channel to Ke‘ehi Lagoon.

HNL RareBirds extends a warm mahalo to Pacific Air Forces, the Hawai‘i Air National Guard, the 154th Wing, and the 199th Fighter Sqaudron for your service to our country and state, plus allowing us to attend today's momentous and bittersweet event.