28 April 2023

Southwest Airlines' N8710M "Imua One"

Southwest Airlines is unveiling a Hawai‘i-themed 737-8 today. N8710M (c/n 42567, l/n 6188, f/n 8710) is making its debut flight from LGB as SWA8726, and due at HNL this afternoon. It will make flights to all five Hawai‘i airports that Southwest serves, and is dedicated the communities the airline serves, and their employees here.

Further information in this Southwest Airlines press release, including an explanation of the Hawaiian symbols in the artwork.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying LATAM Cargo's 767-316ERF, CC-BDC (c/n 40591, l/n 1016), from QPG to MIA, via XSP and JRF, as OMD181.

CC-BDC's History:
Nov 2011: Delivered to LAN Airlines Chile.
May 2016: Converted to a package freighter / combi airliner.
Dec 2022: Ferried to QPG for full freighter conversion.

26 April 2023

Air Tuvalu's T2-TV8

Air Tuvalu is taking delivery of T2-TV8 (msn 527), a DeHavilland Canada DHC-6-320 Twin Otter. It's making its delivery flight from CEF4 [Calgary/Airdrie Airport, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada] to FUN [Funafuti International Airport, Funafuti, Tuvalu], via CEA3, SFO, CVH, HNL, and SUV. The chain of atolls are part of the UK Commonwealth.

527's History:
May 1979: Delivered to Atlantis Airlines as N379WW.
Apr 1983: Sold to South Pacific Island Airways
Oct 1983: Re-registered as N9SP.
Jun 1987: Sold back to Atlantis Airlines.
Apr 1989: Sold to TALair as P2-RDM.
Dec 1989: Leased to Aerolift Philippines as RP-C1312.
Mar 1992: Returned to TALair as P2-RDM.
Aug 1995: Acquired by Flight West Airlines as VH-FNY.
Jly 1998: Sold to the Australian Army Air Corps as VH-OHP.
Jun 2005: Sold to Nature Air as TI-AZV.
Jly 2008: Sold to Bald Mountain Air Service as N716JP.
Jun 2019: Acquired by Gravitas Aviation Ltd as C-GKVO.

24 April 2023


Elan Express is ferrying N564NC (c/n 30564, l/n 798) from VCV to QPG, via ONT and HNL, as ELX564. This 767-3BGER, owned by Northwest Aviation Leasing, is headed for freighter conversion, and will be leased to Northern Air Cargo.

30564's History:
Aug 2000: Delivered to Balair as HB-IHV.
Jly 2002: Purchased by Sobelair as OO-IHV.
Jly 2003: Sold to Pembroke Leasing, then leased to Ethiopian Airlines as ET-ALL.
Jun 2016: Leased to MIAT-Mongolian Airlines as EI-FGN.
Apr 2018: Acquired by Fortress Transportation, and the lease transferred.
Jan 2021: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to GYR for storage.
Apr 2021: Re-registered as N564WW.
Aug 2021: Sold to Northwest Aviation Leasing.
Apr 2023: Re-registered as N564NC (f/n 564).

19 April 2023

Titan Airways' G-XATW

Titan Airways’ Four Seasons logo jet, G-XATW (msn 10150), is making a weather stop at HNL from BFI, as KOA was under severe weather. This A321-253NX is flying as AWC344P, and will continue onto KOA and PPT tomorrow. G-XATW made a stop at KOA on 27 Mar 2023.

12 April 2023

Western Global Airlines' N546JN

Western Global Airlines' MD-11F, N546JN (c/n 48546, l/n 589, f/n 546), is flying cargo between HNL and GUM for United Airlines,  to cover for the suspended Asia Pacific Airlines. The twice-weekly HNL-GUM flights are flown as WGN546, and the return flight is flown as WGN9546.

On a related note, per CH-Aviation, United Airlines has also designated special 737-824 cargo flights among the Marshall Islands.

11 April 2023

SkyTrans' C-FTAK

SkyTrans is taking delivery of their next Dash8-311, C-FTAK (msn 246), from YYB to CNS, via YWG, GTF, MMV, OAK, HNL, and MAJ. It's being ferried by Southern Cross International as SXA718 from MMV on. It's due to be registered as VH-QQM.

246's History:
Dec 1990: Delivered to Time Air as C-FTAK (f/n 190).
Apr 1993: Acquired by Canadian Airlines Regional, and named "Spirit of Kamloops".
Oct 2000: Leased to Air Nova (f/n 323).
Nov 2001: Painted in the Air Canada Regional livery after the merger with Canadian Airlines.
Mar 2002: Transferred to Air Canada Jazz (f/n 323).
Apr 2011: Re-branded as Air Canada Express.
Jan 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at YYB.
Jly 2022: Acquired by Voaygeur Airways.

10 April 2023

All Nippon Airways' JA871A

All Nippon Airways' "Future Promise" 787-9, JA871A (c/n 34534, l/n 319), is taking its turn in ANA's service between HND and HNL as ANA186/185. The green liveried Dreamliner is making its first appearance at HNL, as it makes its way through ANA's international route network.

09 April 2023

Two Chinese Airlines To Resume 737-8 Deliveries

CH-Aviation.com reports that China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines will both resume deliveries of the 737-8s they have on order, and are in short-term storage. China Southern is set to take delivery of 37 airframes this year, and China Eastern is set to take delivery of two this year. No timetable has been set as to when the delivery flights will begin.

08 April 2023


Cargo Aircraft Management is ferrying N230CM (c/n 25583, l/n 508) from ILN to QPG, via HNL and GUM. This 767-333ER is headed for freighter conversion, and is making an overnight stop at HNL.

25583's History:
Aug 1993: Delivered to Air Canada as C-FMWP (f/n 631).
Aug 1993: Leased to Polynesian Airlines, and named "Manu Sāmoa".
May 1994: Returned to Air Canada.
Feb 2007: Tail re-painted in the Ice Blue livery.
Nov 2009: Painted in the full Ice Blue livery.
Jun 2014: Transferred to Air Canada Rouge.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MCI.
Jly 2020: Ferried to MZJ for storage.
May 2022: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management as N230CM.

03 April 2023

VMGR-153 Changes Tail Code

The VMGR-153 has changed their tail code from QB to KB, as seen in this photo of 170272 on short final for HNL's Runway 4R.

02 April 2023

Northern Air Cargo's N407YK

Northern Air Cargo is assigning N407YK (c/n 25844, l/n 2514) to Aloha Air Cargo for three months. This 737-436F is ferrying as NAC9407 from AKN. 

25844's History:
Sep 1993: Delivered to British Airways as G-BVBY, but did not enter service.
Apr 1994: Leased to EuroBelgian Airlines as OO-LTQ.
Jan 1996: Subleased to Air Provence International.
Oct 1996: Returned to British Airways as G-DOCY "River Weaver".
Dec 2014: Withdrawn from service, and stored at VCV.
Oct 2015: Acquired by Automatic LLC, re-registered as N844AU, and converted to a freighter.
Feb 2017: Leased to Titan Airways as G-POWP.
Jun 2022: Leased to Northern Air Cargo as N407YK.

Pacific Air Charters Orders Two P2012s

Pacific Air Charters ordered two Tecnam P2012 Travellers to add to their fleet, for their inter-island charter operations. Delivery is expected in July 2023. The airline also holds options for 23 additional P2012s, and it's not known if those on options will directly replace PAC's current fleet.

Pacific Air Charters will become the second airline in Hawai‘i (along with Mokulele) to have P2012s in the fleet.

Further information in this CH-Aviation.com article.