30 June 2021

Exercise Wākea

The Pacific Air Forces' 199th FS / 19th FS F-22A Raptors is training with the Armée de l'air in Exercise Wākea. A contingent of three Dassault F3-R Rafales, two A400Ms, and an A330 MRTT, along with personnel made the trip from Tahiti, where they were training in Operation Heifara.

Further information from the 154th Wing's webpage article.

photos to follow ...

29 June 2021

Alliance Airlines' N989QQ

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of its next ERJ-190AR, N989QQ (msn 19000089). It's being delivered by Southern Cross Aviation from SJO to BNE (via SDM, HNL and MAJ) as SXI2134. It will be registered as VH-UYK after it arrives Down Under.

19000089's History:
Jun 2007: Delivered to Copa Airlines as HP-1561CMP.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service.
Mar 2021: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services.
Jun 2021: Delivered to Alliance Airlines.


N348NA (c/n 34538, l/n 1853), a 737-79L owned by DAE Capital, is being ferried from OPF to INU (via VNY and HNL), as its due to join the Nauru Airlines fleet, with an Australian registration. It's being delivered in a partial Surinam Airways livery.

34538's History:
Jan 2006: Delivered to Air China as B-5203, leased from AWAS.
Aug 2017: Sold to DAE Capital, and lease transferred.
Apr 2018: Leased to Surinam Airways as PZ-TCS "District of Saramacca".
Feb 2021: Returned and stored at OPF
Jun 2021: Acquired by Nauru Airlines as VH-INU.
This is the third time that this airframe has delivered through HNL.

04 Jly 2021 UPDATE
VH-INU will be put into service sometime in the 4th Quarter of this year, as flight crews will need to be trained, the aircraft certified, and painted into the Nauru Airlines livery.

28 June 2021


N806EX (msn 263), a white-tail Dash8-102, owned by the Avmax group, is ferrying from YYC to BNE. It's made stops at GTF, CCR, and HNL. It's scheduled to continue to go onto MAJ.

N806EX's History:
May 1991: Delivered to Pennsylvania Airlines, and operated for US Air Express.
May 1992: Acquired by Allegheny Commuter Express, continued to fly for US Air Express.
Jay 2004: Acquired by Piedmont Airlines, to fly for US Airways Express.
Dec 2013: Operating for American Eagle.
Nov 2017: Withdrawn from service, and stored at GTF a month later.
Jan 2018: Acquired by Avmax Group, remained in storage until Mar 2021.
Jun 2021: Delivered to ...

24 June 2021

N2208Z Ditches Off Ma‘ili Point

N2208Z (msn 811806), Hawai‘i's lone Yakovlev YAK-52 ditched off of Ma‘ili Point this morning. The pilot reported that the engine failed. The single-engine Soviet-era trainer, owned by Affordable Casket LLC, was forced to ditch about 200 yards off of Ma‘ili Point in less than 20 feet of water. The pilot was able to escape, then swim to shore. The above photo was taken in September 2020.

Further information, and video footage, in this Hawaii News Now report.

23 June 2021

Allegiant Air's RP-C3263

Allegiant Air is taking delivery of their latest A320-214, RP-C3263 (msn 4574), as it makes its way from CGK to ONT (via MNL, GUM, and HNL). The stop at HNL was a quick evening fuel stop only. It will be registered as N289NV (f/n 289).

4574's History:
Jan 2011: Delivered to Cebu Pacific as RP-C3263.
Nov 2017: Sold to Arena Aviation Capital and leased back, withdrawn from service in Oct 2020.
Oct 2019: Painted in the current livery.
Dec 2020: Stored at CGK.
Jun 2021: Delivered to Allegiant Air as N289NV.

Nauru Airlines' N256NA

Nauru Airlines is receiving N256NA (c/n 25607, l/n 3127) back from freighter conversion. It transited through HNL this past January. It was transferred to TVPX Trust Services as N256NA for the freighter conversion at MIA. The flight routing is MIA, VNY, HNL, INU, and BNE. Once it returns to BNE, it will receive its VH-YNU registration again.

20 June 2021

Air Niugini's P2-PXD

Air Niugini is returning P2-PXD (c/n 28007, l/n 136) to its lessor, DAE Capital. This 737-7L9 is making its ferry flight from POM to BYH [Arkansas International Airport, Blytheville, AR] (via HNL) as ANG6001. It's pictured above a few hours prior to its flight to BYH.

28007's History:
Nov 1998: Delivered to Maersk Air as OY-MRD.
Feb 2002: Sold to SAAM ad leased back.
Sep 2004: Painted in the new Maersk livery.
Sep 2005: Sold to Sterling Airlines as OY-MRD, withdrawn from service in Oct 2008.
Jan 2008: Painted to the Sterling livery.
Dec 2008: Sold to DAE Capital as D-AABH.
Apr 2009: Leased to Astreaus as G-STRN.
May 2009: Subleased to Iceland Express.
Oct 2011: Returned to Astreaus.
Nov 2011: Returned to DAE Capital as D-ALAD.
Jul 2012: Leased to Air Niugini as P2-PXD, with Kokoda Trail special livery.
Jun 2014: Painted in the XV Pacific Games special livery.
May 2016: Painted in the standard Air Niugini livery.

19 June 2021

Allegiant Air's N202NV

Allegiant Air is taking delivery of an A320-214, N202NV (msn 5440, f/n 202). It's flying from XSP to AMA, via GUM, MAJ, HNL, and TUS as white-tailed N202NV, and will overnight at HNL.

5440's History:
Jan 2013: Delivered to Peach as JA807P, leased from GECAS.
Sep 2013: Spotted wearing the Girls Award special decals.
Dec 2014: Purchased by JP Lease, and lease transferred.
Oct 2020: Returned to lessor and stored at XSP.
Jun 2021: acquired by Allegiant Air as N202NV.

18 June 2021

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau Southwest Airlines!

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines celebrates its 50th anniversary today.

The airline also unveiled a new flag-liveried 737-8H4, with the Amercan flag "Freedom One" livery painted on N500WR (c/n 36898, l/n 4967, f/n 500).

Further details in this Southwest Airlines press release.

14 June 2021

US Coast Guard's HC-130J 2008

The 14th District of the US Coast Guard, based at JRF, are taking delivery of their new HC-130J, 2008 (msn 382-5766). The HC-130J model will replace the HC-130Hs.

08 June 2021

US Marshals Service's N738A

N738A (c/n 30182, l/n 690), a 737-7AX, owned by the US Marshals Service (US Department of Justice), is making a stop at HNL to do a federal inmate transfer flight. It arrived yesterday from LAS (via RIV) as DOJ123. It's seen above taxiing out to departure for VCV as DOJ124, on Taxiway RT.

N738A's History:
Oct 2000: Delivered to Saudi Aramco as N738A "Yanbu", with a VIP cabin configuration.
Feb 2018: Stored at GYR.
May 2018: Acquired by ISR Platforms to reconfigure cabin.
Feb 2020: Delivered to the US Marshals Service.

07 June 2021

Antonov Airlines' UR-82007

Antonov Airlines' An-124-100M, UR-82007 (c/n 19530501005, l/n 01-05), is making an overnight stop from DFW as ADB3845. It will continue onto GUM tomorrow.