29 February 2012


Another former Qantas 737-400 is making its way to the US mainland. VH-TJW "Strahan" (c/n 26961, l/n 2517), a 737-4L7, is headed for storage at VCV. It flew from SYD to HNL, via APW, as QFA6027. For the HNL-VCV leg, it will fly as QFA6029.

26961 was originally delivered to Air Nauru in August 1993 as C2-RN11, until it was sold to Qantas in June 1995.

Mahalo to blog fan Hiroshi for the photo of VH-TJW on HNL's North Ramp.


N146PA (c/n 27166, l/n 2410) is another former Malaysia Airlines 737-4H6 that the Bank of Utah bought from the airline. It's being ferried to OKC from KUL (via ROR, MAJ, HNL, and OAK).

Malaysia Airlines received this 737-4H6 in January 1993 as 9M-MMM.

28 February 2012

Hoaloha Blessing

Today, Island Air held a blessing of the Pen Air Saab SF340B, N364PX, in their hangar. The plane was named "Hoaloha" (friend in Hawaiian) by Island Air employees Summer Harrell (center, back) and Larry Kuamo‘o (center, front). Kahu Kelekona Bishaw blesses "Hoaloha" as Pen Air Captain Kirk Watson looks on. N364PX will begin service on March 1.

Lion Air's PK-LJM

Lion Air is taking delivery of their second 737-9GPER in a week. PK-LJM (c/n 38313, l/n 3936) is making its delivery flight as LNI1, and will stop through HNL later today.

27 February 2012

Island Air To Upgrade Fleet

In a move to upgrade their fleet, Island Air is switching to the European-made ATR turbo-props. The inter-island carrier's Dash8-100s will be phased out as they receive both the ATR42 and ATR72. They are also wet-leasing a Pen Air SF340B as N809WP is reaching its service limits.

25 February 2012

Skymark Airlines' JA73NM

Skymark Airlines' JA73NM (c/n 39421, l/n 3940), is their second 737-800 delivery in as many days. The AWAS-leased 737-81D, is flying as SKY73NM, and will overnight here in HNL.

Mahalo to blog fan Hiroshi for the photo of JA73NM, as it taxies to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp, after arriving from BFI.

23 February 2012

TransAir's N306AL

TransAir bought a 737-2T4C from Wells Fargo Bank. N306AL (c/n 23066, l/n 992) will be the local cargo carrier's first 737-200C. It was last tracked at BAK (Columbus Municipal Airport, OH). It was scheduled to arrive in late February on a ferry flight from MCE, but was flown eastward.

23066 was originally delivered to CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) [CA/CCA] in December 1983 as B-2505. It was acquired by China Southern Airlines in July 1990. It was sold to Aero USA, and leased to Markair [MRK] in December 1991 as N676MA. Xiamen Airlines was the lessee in December 1995. It was returned to Aero USA in October 2000 as N306GE. Ardennes Holdings bought 23066 in February 2001, and leased it to Estafeta Carga Aerea as XA-ADV the month after. When it was returned to Ardennes in December 2007, it was registered as N306AL. In May 2008, it was leased to Regional Cargo as XA-RCB. Last November, Wells Fargo Bank Northwest bought N306AL from Ardennes Holdings.

Trans Air also has a second 737-200C, N808TA (c/n 20536, l/n 289), a 737-2B1C. According to the FAA, Trans Air has ownership of the airliner. It was originally delivered to DETA-Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique [TM] as CR-BAC and C9-BAC in October 1971. AerGo Cap Limited purchased the 737-2B1C, and leased it to to DETA's successor, LAM-Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique [TM/LAM] in 1980. TransGlobal Airways [T7/TCU] was the next lessee, as it took delivery in October 2006. According to FAA records, MUI purchased 20536 in December 2010.

Skymark Airlines' JA73NL

Skymark Airlines' JA73NL (c/n 38104, l/n 3933), is the newest 737-800 to join their fleet. The 737-8HX, leased from ACG, is making its delivery flight from BFI as SKY73NL. It will overnight at HNL, upon arrival this afternoon. JA73NL is seen above on Taxiway RT for departure to GUM.

21 February 2012

Lion Air's PK-LJL

Lion Air's PK-LJL (c/n 37290, l/n 3918), is their latest 737-9GPER to make its delivery flight from BFI to CGK (via HNL, MAJ, and BIK).

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of it while it was here, but team member Drewski2112 got a photo of it at BFI.

Garuda's PK-GMU

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery today of PK-GMU (c/n 38073, l/n 3930). This new 737-8U3 is flying as GIA8011, and overnighted here at HNL. It's seen above, on Taxiway RT, as it taxies for departure to MAJ the next morning, with a HIK-based C-17A departing Runway 8R in the background.

Shandong's B-5628

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-5628 (c/n 39125, l/n 3934) today. It's their newest 737-85C, and is flying out of BFI as CDG5628, and overnighted at HNL. It's seen above, on Taxiway RT, as it taxies for departure to MAJ the next morning.

18 February 2012

Xiamen's B-5631

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-85C, B-5631 (c/n 38387, l/n 3929). It's flying as CXA5631, and is overnighting at HNL tonight.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of B-5631 at HNL.

16 February 2012

Air Australia Suspends Operations

Air Australia suspended all operations today, and the airline has been put under administration under supervision of KordaMentha. Here in Honolulu, several hundred passengers have been stranded by the shutdown, and VH-SSA (above) is parked on the north ramp. Both Hawaiian Airlines and Qantas Airways are both offering rescue fares to help the Air Australia with their return accommodations.

More information is FlightGlobal.com's article.

Air Australia's press release.

Hawaiian Airlines information on their rescue fares.

Qantas Airways is in the process of assisting those affected passengers.

*** 02.27.12 Update ***
VH-SSA was ferried to ZRH (via YUL) from HNL on the 25th.

14 February 2012

ANA Wings' JA355K

JA355K (c/n 28129, l/n 2823), an ANA Wings [EH/AKX "Alpha Wing"] 737-5L9, is ferrying from HND to MZJ. It's flying as ANA9432, and made stops at GUM, MAJ, and HNL; which left the latter early this morning (photo above).

ANA Wings is a regional carrier in the All Nippon Airways system, whose fleet comprises of 737-54Ks, Dash8-Q315s, and Dash8-Q402s.

28129 was originally delivered to Maersk Air in October 1996 as OY-APC. ANA acquired the 737-5L9 in June 2001, registered it as JA355K, and assigned it to their Air Nippon [EL/ANK] subsidiary. It then went to their Air Next [7A/NXA "Blue Dolphin"] subsidiary in December 2007. It was recently transferred to the ANA Wings subsidiary, and is now being ferried to the Arizona desert.

Lion Air Firms Up Order

At the 2012 Singapore Air Show, Boeing and Indonesia's Lion Air has firmed up their 737NG and 737MAX order with the manufacturer, for a total of 230 airliners (201 737MAXs and 29 737-9GPERs). It has yet to be determined as to which MAX variants will be built, but Lion will be the launch customer of the MAX9.

This order will ensure the flow of Lion deliveries that will pass through HNL for a few more years.

More information on Boeing's press release.

13 February 2012

Hawaiian Awarded 1st Ever Carbon Credits

This morning, Hawaiian Airlines was awarded the first ever aviation-based carbon credits that have been verified by Verified Carbon Standards. Hawaiian is the first airline ever to achieve this award. The airline has reduced it's CO2 emissions by 22,000 metric tons over the past six years. The airline also uses the Pratt & Whitney EcoPower jet engine wash system, as the wide-body fleet overnights at OAK and LAX. The results have been better fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and longer engine life.

Hawaiian's 767-3G5ER, N585HA "Noio" (c/n 24257, l/n 251), was the test subject for the demonstration (above), which did a brief show of how the process works.

In attendance were Hawaiian Airlines' CEO Mark Dunkerley, Pratt & Whitney's Rich Duerloo, Governor Neil Abercrombie, State Senator Kalani English, and Verified Carbon Standards' Todd Donnelly. 

In the photo above, Pratt & Whitney vice president Rick Duerloo presented Hawaiian Airlines president and CEO Mark Dunkerley with a plaque noting the airline's accomplishment.

11 February 2012

Solaseed's JA803X

I was informed that Japan's Solaseed Airlines [6J/SNJ] had their newest 737-86N, JA803X (c/n 39395, l/n 3915), stop through HNL on February 8th. The flight did not appear on any flight tracking sites. The delivery flight of the GECAS-leased Boeing was listed as "New Sky 803X" (SNJ803X), which also stopped at MAJ and GUM before arriving at HND.

Air Transport International's N364CM

Air Transport International (ATI) [BC/ATN] has acquired a 767-338ER, N364CM (c/n 24531, l/n 278), from Qantas Airways. It was registered as VH-OGE "City of Orange", when the Australian flag carrier purchased the 767, and was delivered in September 1989. It arrived from SYD last night, as ATN364, and is now en route to ILN (Wilmington Air Park Airport, Wilmington, OH).

PenAir's N364PX

One of PenAir's (Peninsula Airways, Anchorage, AK [KS/PEN]) Saab SF340Bs, N364PX (msn 340B-262), has arrived at HNL, and is seen above on the Island Air ramp.

It's being wet-leased from Pen Air to replace N809WP, as it service time is reaching its limits. Island Air is supplying the cabin crew for the SF340B.

A big mahalo to team member Lono68 for the photo!


Another former Qantas 737-476 is headed to the mainland for storage. VH-TJO (c/n 24440, l/n 2324) named "Lorikeet", flew out of Faleolo International Airport (NSFA/APW), Apia, Samoa as QFA6027. It was delivered to Australian Airlines back in July 1992, and joined the Qantas fleet 15 months later.

10 February 2012

China Southern's B-5285

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-71B, B-5285 (c/n 38917, l/n 3921). It's flying out of BFI as CSN888, and will make its overnight stop at HNL later today.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of B-5285 at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 got a photo of it on a sunny day at BFI.

09 February 2012

Virgin Australia's VH-YIG

Virgin Australia is taking delivery today of VH-YIG "Kings Beach" (c/n 38711, l/n 3921), a 737-8FE, which will be overnighting at HNL as VBH9080.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of VH-YIG at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

07 February 2012

Korean Air's HL7495

Korean Airlines has added special artwork to one of it's 747-4B5s. HL7495 (c/n 28096, l/n 1073) wears the "Welcome To Korea" artwork which has the same artwork on both sides which depicts elements of Korean culture. It's seen above on Taxiway C, as it taxies to Runway 26L to return to ICN as KAL54.

06 February 2012

Cameo Appearance

Hawaiian Airlines President & CEO Mark Dunkerley and A330-243 N380HA "Makali‘i" made a cameo appearance in "Mai Ka Wa Kahiko", tonight's episode of "Hawai‘i Five-0". It was in the scene after the opening credits, which was shot on the south ramp hard stands. Mark Dunkerley (top) played himself, and the A330 had both interior and exterior shots. Also, former Miss Hawai‘i, current Hawaiian Air flight attendant, and TV talent Denby Dung played a Hawaiian Air flight attendant.

In one camera angle, the Kamaka Air planes and hangar can be seen in the background; and in another the Continental Airlines hangar, and a UPS MD-11F are seen in the background.

02 February 2012

JAL Express' JA341J

JAL Express is taking delivery of JA341J (c/n 40356, l/n 3906) today. It's their second 737-846 (for JAL as a whole) in nine days. The flight left BFI yesterday, but returned about an hour into the flight. JAL8101 did not overnight at HNL, but made a late afternoon 75-minute fuel stop to continue onto MAJ.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of JA341J at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

Qantas' VH-VZX

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of VH-VZX "Daylesford" (c/n 34188, l/n 3910) today. The 737-838 is flying from BFI as QFA6024. It's seen above departing for NAN.

01 February 2012

China Southern's N769BE

The February edition of "HNL RareBirds Classics" takes us back to August 3, 1998, and China Southern Airlines' N769BE (c/n 24118, l/n 163), a 757-236, that's pictured above on the Anderson Aviation ramp.

24118 was originally delivered to Air Europe [AE/AEL] as G-BNSD in March 1988. Apparently, this 757 was not taken up by British Airways, as their Boeing Customer Code is -_36. It was subleased to Air Europa [UX/AEA], and registered as EC-EMA, from December 1988 to November 1989. After the closure of AEL, it went to Transavia [HV/TRA] as PH-TKY in March 1992. Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management (BBAM) purchased 24118, and leased it to China Southern Airlines [CZ/CSN] in July 1993. In the above photo, it's seen returning to the mainland. Two months after the photo was taken, it was leased to Royal Airlines [QN/ROY] as C-GRYO. It was then absorbed into the Canada 3000 Airlines [2T/CMM] fleet when it merged with Royal in January 2001. Following the closure of CMM in January 2002, Pegasus Aviation acquired the 757, leased it to Transmeridian Airlines [T9/TRZ], and registered as N958PG. It was subleased to Avianca Colombia [AV/AVA] from October 2003 to May 2004. From May 2004 to November 2004, N958PG was chartered for Senator John Kerry, and specially painted presidential campaign run. Since 2008, 24118 has been leased by Venezuela's Santa Barbara Airlines as YV2243, and currently wears the new SBA branding.

Malaysia's 9M-MXH

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-8H6, 9M-MXH (c/n 40135, l/n 3911). It's flying out of BFI as MAS5473, and will overnight at HNL. It's seen above on Taxiway RT, taxiing out for departure to MAJ.