30 July 2011


The Casbah Aviation 737-2W8/Adv, VP-CBA (c/n 22628, l/n 820), is paying another visit to HNL. It arrived this morning from LIS, via YYR and BFI, and will overnight before jetting off to VNY.

VP-CBA is seen above on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp in March 2010, when it was last here.

29 July 2011


The Republic of Korea Air Force is taking delivery of its 737-7ES "Peace Eye". It's still wearing its US registration, N735JS (c/n 34700, l/n 2822), and is bound for HIK as BOE221. It's RoKAF registration is 64-700, and painted on the tail.

Rick Schlamp got this photo of 64-700 at BFI in September 2010.

Xiamen's B-5279

Xiamen Airlines' second of four 737-75Cs is making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA5279. B-5279 (c/n 38384, l/n 3721) is also the fourth 737 delivery this month the airline has received. B-5279 is also the 50th directly-ordered Boeing airliner delivered to Xiamen Airlines.

B-5279 is seen above taxiing to its parking spot on HNL's South Ramp.

B-5279 left the following morning for MAJ, seen above on Taxiway RT.
Mahalo to team member Je89_W for the photo.

Shandong's B-5591

Shandong Airlines has taken delivery of their second 737-800 in a week. B-5591 (c/n 38098, l/n 3711), a 737-8HX leased from the Aviation Capital Group, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CDG5591.

B-5591 is seen above on a rainy AirService ramp, receiving a Hawaiian blessing, shortly after arriving at HNL. The shower band rolled in right as I got to the neighboring hangar.

B-5591 left the following morning for MAJ, seen above on Taxiway RT. Mahalo to team member Je89_w for the photo.

28 July 2011

Virgin Australia's VH-YIA

Virgin Australia has taken delivery of VH-YIA (c/n 37824, l/n 3718), a 737-8FE. It's making delivery flight as VBH9082, and arrived at HNL this afternoon, where it will overnight.

VH-YIA is seen above, the next morning, on Taxiway RT as it taxies to Runway 8R, for its departure to NAN.

26 July 2011

Lion Air's PK-LHU

Lion Air has taken delivery of its second 737-9GPER this month with PK-LHU (c/n 37283, l/n 3717). It's flying as LNI1 out of BFI, and will make its brief fuel stop at HNL later this morning.

It's seen above taxiing onto the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp after arriving from BFI, with a Mokulele Express Caravan departing Runway 4R.

25 July 2011

Skippers Aviation's C-GLPG

Skippers Aviation is taking delivery of another Dash8-315, C-GLPG (msn 588). It arrived from YPQ (via YYZ, GRR, and CMR), and will overnight here. It's seen above, turning onto Taxiway C from Taxiway E, after landing on Runway 4R.

588 was originally delivered to Denim Air in September 2002, then leased to Air Nostrum as EC-IIB, until June 2011. Bombardier re-acquired this Dash8-315, and gave it its current registration. It will receive its Australian registration when it arrives Down Under.

24 July 2011

China Airlines "50 Years"

Due to a mechanical issue, this 747-409 as CI17/18 departed one day behind schedule. B-18208 (c/n 29031, l/n 1186) wears a special decal commemorating 50 years of service well past 2009.


Along with the scheduled ANZ11/12, another 777-219ER as ANZ84 diverted into Honolulu from Auckland (NZAA/AKL). ZK-OKF (c/n 34878/575) continued on to Vancouver (CYVR/YVR) after off-loading an ill passenger.


China Southern's monthly MD-90-30 ferry flight to MZJ continues today. It's their ninth MD-90 to join the Delta Air Lines fleet that is making the flight from MFM (via SPN, MAJ, HNL, and OAK) as CSN6999. B-2100 (c/n 60001, l/n 4001) is see above on HNL's North Ramp. This MD-90 was built under license by SAIC (Shanghai Aviation Industrial Corporation). It's scheduled to be registered as N964DN.

B-2100 was originally built in November 1999 for Shenzhen Airlines, but was not taken up. In September 2000, it was delivered to China Northern Airlines, and transferred to the China Southern in November 2004, when the two airlines merged.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the early morning photo.


From last week, Air New Zealand added a seasonal weekly 777-219ER flight between AKL and HNL. ANZ12 is the inbound flight to HNL, and ANZ11 is the outbound to AKL. The flights are scheduled to end on 31 July.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the early morning photo of ZK-OKE (c/n 32712, l/n 564) taxiing on Taxiway A, after its Runway 4R arrival.

23 July 2011

Qantas' VH-VZP

Qantas Airways has taken delivery of their second 737-838 this month with VH-VZP (c/n 39362, l/n 3714), named "Whyalla". It's flying from BFI as QFA6024, on its first leg to HNL today.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the early morning photo of VH-VZP.

22 July 2011

Shandong's B-5590

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-5590 (c/n 39128, l/n 3708), a 737-85N that is wearing a special livery to commemorate the 3rd Asian Beach Games, being held at Haiyang, China in 2012. It's flying as CDG5590 from BFI, and on its first leg to HNL.

B-5590 is seen above on the AirService Hawai‘i ramp, a few hours after its arrival.

21 July 2011

Hainan's B-5581

Today, Hainan Airlines took delivery of B-5581 (c/n 38143, l/n 3713), a 737-84P. It's delivery flight was routed through OGG from BFI, as B5581.

Sorry, no OGG photo available.

China Airlines To End First Class for CAL18/17

China Airlines has announced that they will discontinue first class service on their NRT-HNL flight, effective 14 August 2011. CAL18/17, operated with a 747-409, will be re-configured into a two-class configuration (C70Y319). The flight will also go daily from the same day.

News from Airliner Route.

China Airlines' B-18202 (c/n 28710, l/n 1132), 747-409, is seen above rolling out on HNL's Runway 4R. It was delivered to CAL in October 1997.

Xiamen's B-5601

B-5601 (c/n 36823, l/n 3712), is Xiamen Airlines' second 737 delivery in as many days. The GECAS-leased 737-86N is making its delivery flight from BFI to XMN (via HNL, MAJ, and SPN) as CXA5601. Also, this 737-800 is the 400th Boeing commercial airliner delivered to GECAS, which has another 85 on Boeing's order books.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though Boeing released this photo and info on their Flickr page.

20 July 2011

American Makes Largest Order Ever!

American Airlines made the largest aircraft order in all of commercial aviation history! The $13billion, 460-plane order consists of 200 Boeing 737s and 260 Airbus A320s. Both types will feature re-engined models, including the new CFM Leap-X engine. It was not reported if any of the 737s will be ETOPS certified, considering that some of the aircraft to be replaced will be their early-model 757-223s.

American Airlines' report from their newsroom.

American's 737-823, N857NN (c/n 30907, l/n 3434), is seen above at LAX, clearing Runway 25L on Taxiway H9. It was delivered to American in October of last year, and photographed a month later.

Xiamen's B-5277

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of the first of four 737-75Cs they have on order. B-5277 (c/n 38381, l/n 3697) is making its delivery flight out of BFI today, as CXA5277, with its first leg to HNL. These four -75Cs are the newest batch for Xiamen since 2005. All of the deliveries from 2007, have been for the -800 series.

B-5277 is seen above as it taxies out to Runway8R, on Taxiway RT. It's on its second leg, bound for MAJ.

19 July 2011

Royal Jet's A6-RJX

Yesterday afternoon, this 737-7AK BBJ (c/n 29865, l/n 241) arrived in Honolulu. A6-RJX was previously operated by PrivatAir as HB-IIO before being acquired by Royal Jet of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2007. This BBJ is parked on the North side of the airport, away from the Fixed Base Operators on the South ramp.

Boeing's N836BA

Boeing Company's N836BA (c/n 30756, l/n 569), a 737-7BC BBJ, arrived at HNL today. The BBJ parked at Castle & Cooke Aviation after its Runway 4R landing (above).

This BBJ originally went to NetJets in October 2001 as N156QS. Boeing purchased the VIP-configured BBJ in August 2006.

N836BA was also photographed here in November 2006.

Alaska To Start SAN-HNL

Alaska Airlines announced today that they will begin service between SAN and HNL on November 17, 2011. The ASA891 will depart SAN at 0915PST and arrive at HNL at 1315HST. ASA892 will leave HNL at 1540HST, and arrive at SAN at 2315PST.

Alaska Airlines' press release.

Alaska Airlines' 737-890, N532AS (c/n 36346, l/n 3317), is seen above being pushed out of Gate 23, bound for SEA as ASA852.


A 737-3Q8, registered as N296AG (c/n 26296, l/n 2581), owned by ACG Acquisitions (Aviation Capital Group, Newport Beach, CA), arrived from CGK (via MNL, GUM, and MAJ) early this morning. N296AG left for VCV (via OAK) later in the day.

26296 was originally purchased by ILFC, and leased to Hainan Airlines in February 1994. It was registered as B-2938, and was painted in the "Yellow Flowers" special livery. In 2007, it was transferred to Hainan's China West Air subsidiary (PN/CHB), and maintained the special livery. In September 2009, ACG acquired 26296 from ILFC, and leased it to Merpati Nusantara Airlines (MZ/MNA) two months later, registered as PK-MDG. With its lease expired, 26296 is headed back to the mainland.

Pictured above is N296AG parked on the AirService Hawaii ramp, still wearing its Merpati colors.

18 July 2011

Lion Air Adjusts 737-9GPER Order

Frequent delivery visitor Lion Air will be converting 12 of their 100+ 737-9GPERs to 737-8GPs, that are scheduled for delivery next year. The dozen -8GPs will be part of a sale-leaseback program that Lion Air will be participating in. Lion Air also has one of the largest fleets of 737-900ERs

Aviation Week's article.

17 July 2011

French Air Force C-160

Every now and then Transall C-160s of the French Air Force can be seen at HNL. Today, 61-ZM (c/n 95) is the latest to transit through to the French territories in the South Pacific. With all that miss-matched paint, could it be considered a new type of camouflage?

15 July 2011

Air China's B-5582

Air China has taken delivery of their newest 737-89L, B-5582 (c/n 40028, l/n 3707). It's making its delivery flight today from BFI as CCA51. B-5582 is seen above on HNL's South Ramp, after it arrived from BFI.

Xiamen's B-5602

Xiamen Airlines has taken delivery of B-5602 (c/n 36824, l/n 3703), a GECAS-leased 737-86N. It's making its delivery flight out of BFI today, as CXA5602. It's seen above on the AirService Hawai‘i ramp after arriving a couple of hours before.

14 July 2011

Kekipi Island Tours' N6077H

Kekipi Island Tours is the fictional helicopter company in the CBS-TV series"Hawai‘i Five-0". N6077H (msn 2693) is actually one of the two Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuils in the Makani Kai Helicopters fleet. The AS-350BA had the Kekipi decals applied to both sides of the fuselage, as the hit TV series began filming episodes for its second season this week. The Kekipi N6077H made a few appearance last season. The yellow and black rails on the skids are for camera mounts.

Mahalo to the folks at Makani Kai Helicopters for allowing me to photograph N6077H.

China Southern's B-5596

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-81B today. B-5596 (c/n 38964, l/n 3700) is making its delivery flight from BFI to CAN (via HNL, MAJ, and SPN) as CSN218. From the HNL-MAJ leg on, the Puget Sound blog reports that the flight number changed to CSN596.

As noted, this is the 3,700th 737NG to roll off of the Boeing assembly lines. It's pictured above, on HNL's South Ramp, after it arrived from BFI, with a US Coast Guard HH-65B doing touch-and-go landings on Runway 4R.

Shenzhen's B-5613

Shenzhen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5613 (c/n 39147, l/n 3705), their second 737-87L in the past four days. It's flying from BFI to SZX (via HNL, MAJ, and SPN) as CSZ913. It's seen above, on the AirService Hawaii ramp, after it arrived from BFI.

13 July 2011

ANA's N1006F At GUM

Team member funbird2006, who is on a work assignment out of GUM, reports that ANA's 787-881, N1006F, is at GUM. Like its visit to KOA last week, it's performing seven-hour plus test flights in the area around GUM.

Mahalo to funbird2006 for the photo.

Lion Air's PK-LHT

Lion Air made an overnight delivery flight early this morning for its new 737-9GPER, PK-LHT (c/n 38300, l/n 3699). LNI1 left BFI at 2306PDT, and arrived at HNL at 0148HST. After a brief tech-stop, it left for MAJ at 0345HST.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

12 July 2011

Hawaiian Launches KIX Service

Omedetoo Gozaimasu! (Congratulations!)

Hawaiian Airlines launched service to KIX, its second Japanese destination today as HAL449. N590HA "Koa‘e ‘ula" (c/n 33476, l/n 894) was the 767-3CBER selected for the inaugural flight, seen above being pushed out of Gate 34. To celebrate the new service, the airline held pre-boarding festivities at HNL's Gate 34, that included remarks by Hawaiian Air CFO Peter Ingram and Hawai‘i Tourism Authority CEO Mike McCartney; and each passenger received a lei prior to boarding.

Hawaiian music and hula performances by the Hawaiian Air Serenaders.

Two members from the Hanayagi Dancing School performed a Japanese dance called "Yappari Osaka".

Kahu Richard Kamanu offered a Hawaiian blessing before any passenger or crew boarded "Koa‘e ‘ula"

The flight and cabin crew of HAL449 pose with CFO Peter Ingram under the commemorative banner.

"Doko Ga TV" host and executive producer Pali Ka‘aihue receives a lei before boarding the flight.

Hawaiian Air's press release.

11 July 2011

Sunrider Corporation's N168CF

This MD-87 owned by the Sunrider Corporation, returns once again to Honolulu. N168CF (c/n 49670) was last seen here in December of 2010. The Sunrider Corporation is a direct-marketing company.

R3D&H LLC's L-100-30

This L-100-30 (382G-35C) belonging to R3D&H LLC was spotted this morning at the hardstands. N3867X (c/n 4864) is rumored to be operated by Tepper Aviation, a company that has been associated with the CIA since the late 80's. It departed this morning and headed westward.

Marcplan Charter's VH-VLT

Marcplan Charter Pty Ltd's Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy, VH-VLT (msn 14501107), has made a stop at HNL. The Legacy is the bizjet version of the EMB-145. This bird was delivered to Marcplan in January 2010.

***07.14.11 Update***
VH-VLT left today for Australia(?).

10 July 2011

ANA's N1006F At KOA

All Nippon's 787-881, N1006F (c/n 34486, l/n 9), is test flying at KOA as BOE102. The 787 arrived yesterday from PAE. It performed a seven-hour-plus test flight around the Hawaiian Island chain earlier today. It's parked on the south ramp during its stay.

This one of the first few ANA 787s that will wear a commemorative livery. It will be re-registered as JA803A, when it's delivered to ANA.

It's seen above on KOA's south ramp along with NetJets' N490QS (G-IV, msn 1488). A big mahalo goes out to M. Gateley for contributing the photo.

***07.11.11 Update***
N1006F returned to PAE today.

Delta Private Jets' N577DA

Delta Air Lines has a wholly-owned private jet charter subsidiary called Delta Private Jets. One of their Bombardier Challenger 604s, N577DA (msn 5398), stopped off at HNL today from SJC.

The CVG-based subsidiary has a fleet of 20 jets ranging from Learjet 35s to Gulfstream G550s, which can be chartered through various time increments.

N577DA is seen above, parked in front of the AirService Hawaii hangar.

***07.12.11 Update***
N577DA left for SAN today.

Shenzhen's B-5612

Shenzhen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5612 (c/n 39146, l/n 3698), a 737-87L, that is flying as CSZ910. Upon arrival from BFI at HNL, it will overnight. B-5612 was scheduled for its delivery flight on Friday, and yesterday, but were both scrubbed. It's seen above on the morning of the 11th, as it taxies out to the "Reef Runway" for departure to MAJ.

09 July 2011

Qantas' VH-VZO

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of VH-VZO "Bendigo" (c/n 34191, l/n 3692), a 737-838. It's flying out of BFI as QFA6024 today, with its first leg to HNL.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo.

***07.27.11 Update***
VH-VZO has become a logojet for the fight against prostate cancer. Photos are posted in album on the Qantas Facebook page.

06 July 2011

Hawaiian Upguages HND To A330

Beginning tomorrow, July 7th, Hawaiian Air will switch to their A330-243s from their 767-300ERs, for their daily flight to HND. The capacity increase will make available an extra 11,000 seats annually.

Hawaiian Air's press release.

01 July 2011

Las Vegas Sands Corp 747-SP-31

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation's 747-SP-31, VP-BLK, has stopped over here in HNL. It is parked on the North Ramp, and arrived last evening.

***07.03.11 Update***
VP-BLK returned to LAS around 1300HST.

Saudia's HZ-AFX

The July edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" takes us back to September 1998, when this Saudia Gulfstream G-IV, HZ-AFX (msn 1143), paid a visit to HNL. It was one of four Saudia airliners that was part of an aviation entourage, as members of the Saudi Royal Family came to Hawai‘i for a vacation. This G-IV, parked on the Circle Rainbow Aviation ramp, was accompanied by two 747-368s and an L-100 Hercules. Both 747-368s were parked on Taxiway F, and the L-100 was parked on the ramp adjacent to Anderson Aviation, which contained vehicles for the royal family. The four airliners are part of the Saudi Arabian Special Flight Services.

HZ-AFX continues to fly with the Saudi Arabian Special Flight Services, though it has been re-painted, and does not wear any titles. The Circle Rainbow Aviation hangar has become the Castle & Cooke Aviation hangar, since 2006.