30 January 2023


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N185AN (c/n 32379, l/n 962) from ROW to Asia, via HNL and GUM, as OMD345. This 757-223, owned by AerSale, is headed for freighter conversion, and is making a gas & go stop here this evening.

32379's History:
May 2001: Delivered to American Airlines (f/n 5ET).
Sep 2014: Painted in the current livery.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ROW.
Sep 2021: Acquired by AerSale.

28 January 2023


The Bank of Utah is ferrying N127DP (c/n 30854, l/n 844) from GYR to CAN, via HNL for freighter conversion. This 767-33NER will be going to SF Airlines following the conversion.

30854's History:
Jly 2001: Delivered to Kenya Airways as 5Y-KQX, under lease from GECAS.
___ 2005: Painted in the current livery.
Aug 2014: Withdrawn from service and returned to GECAS.
Nov 2015: Leased to EuroAtlantic Airways as CS-TKR.
Aug 2016: Subleased to FlyNAS for two months.
Nov 2021: Sold to AerCap and lease transferred.
Apr 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at GYR.
Jun 2022: Sold to the Bank of Utah.


VP-CTT (c/n 38751, l/n 3796), a 737-7ZH BBJ owned by Phenix Jet Cayman SEZC, is making a stop at HNL.

38751's History:
Oct 2011: Delivered to Nanshan [China] as N930HB.
Jan 2022: Sold to Phenix Jet Cayman SEZC, and registered as VP-CTT.

26 January 2023


VP-CVP (c/n 39899, l/n 4035), a 737-8LX BBJ2, owned by Eagle Raise Limited, and operated by Southern Jet, is making a stop at HNL. It has retained the original livery since delivery.

39899's History:
May 2012: Delivered to Game Aviation [United Kingdom] as VP-BBZ.
Sep 2018: Acquired by ACM Air Charter [Germany] as D-XXXX.
May 2020: Acquired by Eagle Raise Limited as VP-CVP.

Titan Airways' G-ZAPX

Titan Airways' G-ZAPX (c/n 29309, l/n 936) is making a stop at KOA from BFI as AWC230P. This TCS World Travel-livered 757-256 is headed for NAN then MEL as AWC300. The flight originated at STN as AWC230Y, then to PSM as AWC321P.

29309's History:
Jly 2000: Delivered to Iberia [Spain] as EC-HIS, under lease from Babcock & Brown.
May 2006: Leased to Titan Airways [United Kingdom] as G-ZAPX.
Jun 2010: Subleased to EasyJet for three months.
Mar 2016: Repainted in the current livery.
Jun 2022: Repainted as the TCS World Travel logo jet.

25 January 2023

Singapore Airlines' 9V-SMV

Singapore Airlines' 9V-SMV (msn 329) made a medical diversion this afternoon. This A350-941, flying as SIA38 [SIN-LAX], diverted to HNL, then refueled and continued onto LAX after the 90-minute stopover.

17 January 2023

All Nippon Airways' JA621A

All Nippon Airways is ferrying JA621A (c/n 40566, l/n 998) from HND to ILN as ANA9432. This 767-381ER is being sold to Cargo Aircraft Management, and will be eventually converted to a freighter. It was delivered to ANA in January 2011.

16 January 2023

Kamaka Air's N236KA Crash on Moloka‘i

Kamaka Air's C208BF, N236KA (msn 208B-2034), crashed on approach to MKK early this morning. Thankfully, both pilots were able to walk away from the aircraft. The flight, KMK236, was about 1.5 miles from the MKK's Runway 5.

Further information in this Hawai‘i News Now report.

14 January 2023

Qatar Executive's A7-CGD

Qatar Executive's Gulfstream G650ER, A7-CGD (msn 6271), is making a stop at HNL from ICN as QQE263. This G650ER holds the world record for the fastest circumnavigation over both the North and South Poles set in July 2019.

15 Jan 2023 UPDATE
A7-CGD departed for NRT with the same flight number today.

13 January 2023


Carlyle Aviation Partners is having N374CL (msn 3748) ferried from TUS to PNH via HNL, MAJ, and GUM. This A320-232 will delivered to Sky Angkor Airlines, and be re-registered as XU-726.  It is still wearing the livery of ITA - Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos [8I/IPM] (Brazil), and is making an overnight stop at HNL this evening. It probably will receive a hybrid livery , like its two other A320s which also were ex-ITA birds.

3748's History:
Aug 2009: Delivered to Olympic Airways as SX-OAQ, under lease from ALAFCO.
Apr 2013: Leased to Aegean Airlines.
Jly 2013: Re-registered as SX-DGK.
Aug 2019: Sold to Carlyle Aviation Partners, and lease transferred.
Sep 2021: Leased to ITA as PS-MGF.
Dec 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at GRU.
Feb 2022: Ferried to BYH for storage.
Jly 2022: Ferried to SBD for storage.
Oct 2022: Ferried to TUS for storage.

USMC Activates VMGR-153 at KBay

The US Marine Corps re-commissioned the VMGR-153 "Hercules" at Marine Corps Air Field Kāneʻohe Bay today. The Marine Aerial Refueling Transport Squadron will house 17 KC-130J "Super Hercules", and will be part of Marine Air Group 24 (MAG-24), and the 1st Marine Air Wing (1st MAW). Currently, the first two KC-130Js, 170272 (msn 5925) and 170273 (msn 5926) arrived last month, with the remaining 15 to arrive as new-builds from Lockheed-Martin.

Further information on the re-commissioning in this Key Aero article, and history of the unit in this Wikipedia article.

07 January 2023

Aloha Air Cargo's N405YK

Aloha Air Cargo will be taking delivery their first full-liveried 737-400F, with N405YK (c/n 25267, l/n 2131, f/n 405). This 737-436F will be leased from NAS Aircraft Leasing Company, a division of parent company Saltchuk Resources. It's making its way from YHM, and presently at YVR as NAC9405. No date has been set as to when it will arrive at HNL.

25267's History:
Oct 1991: Delivered to British Airways as G-DOCA "River Balinderry" in the Landor livery.
Apr 1999: Painted in the World Tails livery called "Benyhone Scotland".
Jan 2006: Tail section repainted to the standard British Airways livery.
Nov 2014: Withdrawn from service, and stored at VCV.
Oct 2015: Acquired by Automatic LLC, registered as N267AT, and converted to a freighter at TPA.
Oct 2017: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM).
Nov 2017: Leased to West Atlantic UK as G-NPTY.
Feb 2020: Withdrawn from service, returned to CAM, and stored at TPA.
Mar 2020: Leased to Northern Air Cargo as N405YK.
Jly 2020: Acquired by NAS Aircraft Leasing, and put into service.
Jun 2022: Ferried to YHM for heavy maintenance, and repaint for Aloha Air Cargo.

20 Jan 2023 UPDATE
N405YK arrived at HNL today as NAC9405, after a short stint of hauling freight in Alaska for sister-company NAC.

05 January 2023

Hawaiian Airlines Orders Two More 787s

Airways Magazine reports that Hawaiian Airlines is ordering an additional two 787-9 Dreamliners to their existing order of ten. Delivery of their first 787, N780HA (c/n 66428, 1097), is still set for the fourth quarter of this year.

04 January 2023

Southwest Airlines' N871HK

Southwest Airlines' retro-liveried 737-8, N871HK "The Herbert D Kelleher" (c/n 67775, l/n 8405), made its first appearance at HNL today. The desert gold painted 737 arrived from OAK as SWA808, then departed for SAN as SWA393.

N871HK made its first appearance at LIH and OGG (20 Nov 2022), and KOA (22 Nov 2022).

01 January 2023

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a Happy New Year!

May you all have a blessed 2023!