31 March 2021

Happy 100th Birthday Royal Australian Air Force!

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) begins its 100th anniversary celebration today. We wish the RAAF well, and thank you for your service!

Here are a few of the RAAF types that have stopped through HNL.

A30-006 (c/n 33987, l/n 1991): Boeing E-7A (737-7ES) WedgeTail AWACS

A39-002 (msn 950): Airbus KC-30A (A330-203 MRTT)

A41-212 (c/n F-270): Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

A44-223 (BuNo 167979): Boeing FA-18F Super Hornet

Alaska Airlines Joins OneWorld

Alaska Airlines officially becomes the 14th member of the OneWorld Alliance today. The Seattle-based airlines joins American Airlines, Qantas Airways, and Japan Airlines that serves Hawai‘i.

The above photo from Alaska Airlines, shows their 737-990ER, N487AS (c/n 44108, l/n 5597, f/n 487), on the ramp at VCV after it was painted as Alaska's first OneWorld logo jet.

Further information in this Alaska Airlines / OneWorld press release.

29 March 2021

Mokulele Airlines Announces OGG-ITO Service

Mokulele Airlines announced that they will launch four-times-daily service between OGG and ITO on April 19th. Along with the announcement, they also unveiled their renovated Commuter Terminal at OGG.

Further information in this Maui Now article.

25 March 2021

Air New Zealand's ZK-OJD

Air New Zealand is returning ZK-OJD (msn 2130) to its lessor, GA Telesis. This A320-232 is ferrying from CHC to TUS (via AKL, RAR, HNL, and LAX). The CHC-AKL segment was flown as ANZ6234 while the RAR-HNL-HNL segments are being flown as ANZ6092. Southern Cross Aviation will ferry the LAX-TUS segment.

ZK-OJD's History:
Nov 2003: Delivered to Air New Zealand under lease from RBS.
Aug 2006: Sub-leased to Freedom Air International.
Mar 2008: Returned to Air New Zealand, sold to MCAP, and lease transferred.
Jun 2014: Acquired by GA Telesis, and lease transferred.
Oct 2014: Painted into the current livery, and last revenue flight on 10 Feb 21.

24 March 2021

Alliance Airlines' N912QQ

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery its fifth ERJ-190AR, N912QQ (msn 19000012), as it makes its way from SJO to BNE (via TUS, OAK, HNL, and MAJ). It's also been painted in a special livery to commemorate the centennial of the Royal Australian Air Force. Southern Cross Aviation is ferrying this ERJ-190AR as SXI2114, and is making an overnight stop at HNL. It will receive its Australian registration, VH-UYB, after its arrival at BNE. The above photo shows the details of the RAAF Centenary 2021 artwork.

19000012's History:
Dec 2005: Delivered to Copa Airlines as HP-1540CMP, and flew until Mar 2020.
Nov 2020: Acquired by TVPX Services.
Mar 2021: Delivering to Alliance Airlines.

23 March 2021

Hawaiian Airlines Announces OGG-PHX Service

Hawaiian Airlines will launch seasonal four-times-weekly OGG-PHX service from May to August. The service will be flown with their A321-271N fleet.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

14 March 2021

Antonov Airlines' UR-82027

Antonov Airlines' An-124-100M, UR-82027 (c/n 19530502288, l/n 02-08), is making stops at HNL as it makes multiple flights from NTL [Newcastle-Willamtown Airport, Newcastle, Australia] to YMX [Montreal-Mirable Airport, Montreal, QC, Canada] and back. On March 11th, it arrived from BNE as ADB3735, and continued to YMX with the same flight number. On the return flight from YMX on the 13th, it flew to HNL as ADB335F, then as ADB334F to BNE today.

03.17.21 UPDATE
UR-82027 is making a stop at HNL from NTL (via BNE) as ADB3744.