31 January 2010

NW Flight Codes Gone

Effective today, all of the Northwest flight codes have gone away, taken over by Delta flight codes. Thus, really ending the end of an era. The only legacy left of NW are the registration numbers on the DL fleet, N___NW and N___US.

29 January 2010

Xiamen's B-5498

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of their third 737-85C this month. B-5498 (c/n 37574) has left BFI for XMN, via HNL, MAJ, and SPN as CXA5498.

28 January 2010

Air China's B-5496

I guess I missed this one on flightaware.com ...

Air China's B-5496 (c/n 36750), a 737-89L, came in yesterday, and will leave today for MAJ as CCA56.

Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

27 January 2010

Korean Airlines' HL7488

Korean Airlines' special livery 747-4B5, "Passionate WIngs To Culture", HL7488 (c/n 26394), made an appearance at HNL today on its KAL051/052 ICN-HNL run. The artwork is sponsored by the British Museum to promote Korean audio guide service at the museum.

HL7488 is seen above on its take off roll on Rwy 8R as KAL052 for ICN.

26 January 2010

China Southern's B-5445

China Southern Airlines' B-5445 (c/n 35388), a 737-81B, is their second model to be delivered to the SkyTeam Alliance member in the past seven days. It's traveling across the Pacific as CSN888.

B-5445 is seen above taxiing to Rwy 8R to depart for MAJ.

Xiamen's B-5487

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery B-5487 (c/n 35058) of their second 737-85C this month. It's making its trip from BFI to XMN as CXA5487.

B-5487 is seen departing from Rwy 8L for MAJ. Rwy 8R has been closed in the mornings this week for repairs and construction.

22 January 2010

All Nippon Airways' JA606A

All Nippon Airways' 767-381ER, JA606A (c/n 32975), "Fly! Panda" is their logojet for their celebration of ANA's 20 years of service to China, which began in 1987. JA606A was painted in early 2007.

It made a rare appearance today at HNL today on the ANA1052/1051 run, possibly as a fleet substitution, since the switch to 777-281ERs.

21 January 2010

SunState Airlines' C-FZGG

SunState Airlines (QantasLink) is receiving their first Dash8-Q402 of 2010. C-FZGG (msn 4288) is making its delivery flight from YYZ to BNE, via GRR and CCR, with a stop today at HNL. Upon arrival in Australia, it will be re-registered as VH-QOY.

C-FZGG is seen above on the Bradley Pacific Aviation ramp, which will overnight, and head for NAN tomorrow morning.

Lion Air's PK-LGR

PK-LGR (c/n 35734) is Lion Air International's newest 737-9GPER, and it's making its delivery flight from BFI to CGK as LNI1.

PK-LGR is seen above on the AirService Hawai‘i ramp, and will leave later this evening for MAJ.

20 January 2010

Viva AeroBus 737-301

Along with the three delivery 737s from the Boeing factory is this 737-301 for Viva AeroBus. XA-VIF (msn 23552) is seen here being prepped for its flight presumably to Mexico. This 737 started its life with Piedmont in 1987 before changing hands to US Airways, AirAsia, and Indonesia Air Asia.

Lion Air's 747-412

Lion Airlines' PK-LHF (747-412, msn 24063) is in town. First delivered to Singapore Airlines back in 1989, it also flew for China Airlines, Iberia, Air Atlanta Icelandic (leased from Iberia), Oasis Hong Kong, and eventually ended up with Lion Air.

Xiamen's B-5489

We have a 737-800 delivery trifecta at HNL today. Three China-bound "Baby Boeings" are making there overnight tech stops here.

Xiamen Airlines' B-5489 (c/n 37149), a 737-85C, leads off the trifecta as CXA5489.

Air China's B-5495

Air China's newest 737-89L, B-5495 (c/n 36749), is making its delivery flight today as CCA58. The flight to HNL was delayed, after the first attempt turned back to BFI.

Drewski2112 got this shot at BFI, on its second attempt to HNL.

China Southern's B-5446

Wrapping up today's 737-800 delivery trifecta ...

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-5446 (c/n 35389), their newest 737-81B, and is flying as CSN123.

Drewski2112 got a shot of it at a rainy BFI.

19 January 2010

JAL Files Bankruptcy

Japan Airlines filed for bankruptcy in Tokyo today, and named a new CEO in efforts to turn things around.

What could that mean for the six flights (three NRT-HNL, one KIX-HNL, one NGO-HNL, and one NRT-KOA) to Hawai‘i? That remains to be seen until the cutting of unprofitable routes are announced, but capacity on flights here remain good.

JAL is also expected to switch from the OneWorld Alliance (American Airlines) to SkyTeam (Delta Airlines). With the switch it would give SkyTeam a total of nine flights between Hawai‘i and Japan. The Star Alliance will continue to have four flights (three UA and one NH). OneWorld will now have none.

Honolulu Advertiser coverage.

Hawai‘i-based Aircraft Aid Haitian Relief

Three Boeing C-17A "Globemaster III"s from the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 204th AS, and a Lockheed HC-130H "Hercules" from the US Coast Guard Station at Barbers Point are assisting in relief flights in Haiti after last week's earthquake.

The HANG C-17s are leaving HIK today for Charleston, South Carolina to pick up relief supplies that will be air dropped over Haiti.

The USCG C-130 is performing evacuation flights for Haitian-Americans in Haiti to MIA.

Hawai‘i News Now shows 05-5152 (c/n P-152), seen above, as one of the three "Globemasters" departing HIK.

15 January 2010

Seen Around The Hawaiian Airlines Terminal

Yes, I will start calling it the Hawaiian Airlines Terminal (HAT) since HA has taken over the entire Inter-island Terminal. Here are some things seen recently at the HAT.

The taxi-in line to Gates 50 and 51 have been combined into one. I'm not sure why it was done, since there should not have been any issues getting the 717 in and out of those three gates with the original taxi-in lines. It looks like you could park a 767 on the line, but it would be hazardous to get the 767 into the gate with the fence line and light poles being so close.

This HA 767 recently had its rudder replaced. I first saw it a couple of weeks ago parked on the Elliott Street hardstand, but have not seen the registration number.

HA now uses Gate 54 to park 767s. This picture shows N589HA in Gate 54.

11 January 2010


The HNL RareBirds team expresses our condolences to the Palumbo family, who lost two members in the crash of their Piper PA-32 Cherokee, N8934N (msn 32-40734), along the Mau‘umea Ridge, above Maunalani Heights.

A link to The Honolulu Advertiser coverage.

On a personal note, I used to see the Dr. Palumbo's minivan, whose license plate was the Cherokee's registration number. Seeing the N-Number on the FAA registry site, jogged my memory of the car license plate and aircraft registration being the same. In fact, the last time I saw the car was a few days ago while spotting at the Gen Av parking lot, I saw Dr. Palumbo take some supplies through the security gate to an awaiting golf cart.

09 January 2010

ACA33 Diverted To HNL

Air Canada flight ACA33, YVR-SYD, was diverted to HNL this morning. The flight is operated with a 777-200LR. It could have been due to severe weather over the northern Pacific, and required the 77L to stop for fuel.

SunState Airlines' C-FZGC

SunState Airlines (QantasLink) is taking delivery of C-FZGC (msn 4287), and will make a stop at HNL, on its way to BNE. It will be re-registered as VH-QOX, after it arrives in Australia.

05 January 2010

E-4Bs At ITO

An E-4B was on Hilo's ramp over the holiday period, and they switched it out one day for another E-4B, here are a couple of pics of the switch and both of them clogging up the ITO ramp.

03 January 2010

Garuda Indonesia A330-243

A rare visitor arrived this morning from Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia's C-GITS (c/n 271) arrived as flight TSC1004 from Sultan Hasanuddin International (WAAA). This aircraft is being leased from Air Transat. If you look closely, the tail has been painted over, while the winglets retain the star from Air Transat's livery.

Some of you might recall this aircraft's registration. On August 21 2001, C-GITS departed Toronto bound for
Lisboa-Portela de Sacavém in Portugal While enroute, this aircraft ran out of fuel and had to make a dead stick landing at Terceira-Lajes AFB. Miraculously, none of the 306 people were lost in this incident. (Full Report)

01 January 2010

Northwest Airlines ... Aloha ‘Oe

Today officially marks the end of Northwest Airlines, as the merger with Delta Air Lines is complete with DL and NW operating under one certificate. That means the red tail and compass logo will soon fade away as all of the NW jets receive DL colors.

Atlanta Bizjournals coverage.

In the photos above, these three types were the most common at HNL
N676NW (top photo), 747-451 (c/n 33002), is seen arriving from NRT, as NWA22, on Runway 4R.

N589NW (center), 757-351 (c/n 32989), is seen departing Runway 8R to SEA as NWA2220

N805NW (above), A330-323X (msn 552) at Gate 13 in a photo taken in November 2008, being prepped to return to KIX as NWA15.

Both N676NW and N805NW have since been repainted in DL colors, and as of November 2009, N589NW has yet to be re-painted in DL colors.

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

... and Hau‘oli Kekeke Hou!

Happy New Year! & Happy New Decade!

The HNL RareBirds team wishes all of you a blessed and prosperous 2010!