28 June 2006

Jetstar Airways to HNL?

In an article about Australian tourist coming to Hawai‘i in the Sunday Honolulu Advertiser, it was noted that Jetstar Airways (a Qantas subsidiary) will begin service SYD and HNL in December.

China Eastern's B-5210

China Eastern's newest 737-79P(W), B-5210 (c/n 33043), arrived here on its delivery flight from BFI. The south ramp was so crowded today, that the 73W would have to overnight on Hardstand 4 on the North Ramp. It arrived here as CES5210.

Sorry, no photo available ...

ex-Delta Airlines N805DE

Federal Express (FX) has acquired N805DE, an MD-11 (c/n 48476), from Delta Airlines (DL). It was in storage at GYR (Phoenix Goodyear Airport) since its retirement from DL. N805DE arrived from LAX as FDX9068, and will head to Asia to be converted into another FX freighter. This MD-11 is seen in the remains of the 1997 Ron Allen color scheme. This livery is the only one of the three DL had, that painted the winglets of the MD-11.

Xiamen Airlines' B-5151

Xiamen Airlines' newest 737-800(W), B-5151, has stopped off @ HNL. The 73Hs have a variation of the Xiamen livery, as the cheatlines bend under the nose cone. It's seen here taxiing down T/W C to Runway 8R for its next leg to MAJ.

25 June 2006

Air New Zealand Link's C-FGAI

Air New Zealand Link will be receiving this Bombardier Dash8-311 in a few days, as it makes its way across the Pacific. It currently wears the registration C-FGAI (msn 623). It seen here taxiing to its spot for it and its crew to rest for the night.

Aloha's N250TR

It looks like Aloha Airlines has leased this ex-Pace Air / Hooters Air 737-2K5A (N250TR, "The Tami B." c/n 22597) from Wells Fargo. It arrived today from INT (Smith Reynolds Int'l Airport, Winston-Salem, NC) via OAK. As you can tell it still retains the base colors for Hooters Air. This is one of two 732s Aloha is bringing in for temporary summer duty.

Aloha's N835AL

Aloha Airlines has re-registered its 737-2P6A as N835AL, "Malaio Kekuanaoa". 835 is seen here on Taxiway L as it heads out for another Neighbor Island flight. It arrived here as N1PC. See the May 2006 archive for more info on this plane.

23 June 2006

HNL RareBirds ... VolX

The HNL RareBirds thread series on the Airliners.net Civil Aviation Forum has just reached Volume X!
HNL RareBirds ... VolX

21 June 2006

AQ Funbird Photo

Here it is parked along Elliott Street.

Here's the retro Funbird livery, parked in front of AQ's maintenance hangar.

Aloha's "Funbird" Returns

Aloha Airlines has brought the "Funbird" livery of the late '60s to mid '70s back! 737-230A, N823AL "Liholiho" (c/n 23154) has been re-painted in these retro "Flower Power" colors. 823 will begin regular flights on Friday the 23rd. This is a modern-day HNL RareBirds "Blast From The Past"!

Aloha Airlines held a 60's/70s themed party for its employees, guests, and the media, which featured 2 flight attendants, Nina and Jodi (L - R, seen above), modeling stewardess uniforms from the "Funbird" era.

Seeing the "Funbird" again brought back a lot of memories, along with the music and the fashions. The Inter-Island Terminal was a far cry of what it is today. Standing in the hangar with the "Back To The Future" atmosphere, was definitely a chicken-skin moment.

Mahalo nui loa to the folks at Aloha Airlines for allowing me to attend this event.

18 June 2006

China Southern's VH-VOI

China Southern Airlines has leased a 737-81Q(W), VH-VOI (c/n 30786), from Virgin Blue Airlines (DJ) of Australia. It's seen here resting on the south ramp. On the nose gear door is painted "156", no telling if it will be re-registered as B-5156(?). No flight data was available.

This 73H was the Gillette logo jet for DJ.

N373US & N395US

Two ex-US 737-3B7s, N373US (c/n 22952) and N395US (c/n 23317) are seen here on the south ramp being readied for departure to Majuro (MAJ), on their next leg across the Pacifc to somewhere in Asia.

Looks like both birds received some fresh coats of white paint, and the bare metal sections buffed to a shine.

go!'s 5th CRJ200

N651BR (c/n 7426) is the 5th go! CRJ200 to arrive @ HNL. With the 5th aircraft in the fleet, go! will begin Hilo (ITO) service on June 30th.

14 June 2006

U-2 at Hickam

Yesterday, 3 U-2s stopped off at Hickam on their way to Osan Air Base in South Korea. I was able to see one of them leave around 13:25. The picture is from the Honolulu Advertiser.

12 June 2006

Hawaii Air Ambulance's N438CA

Hawaii Air Ambulance has obtained a Raytheon C90A "King Air", N438CA (msn LJ-1541) , to supplement their Cessna C414s.

go!'s 4th CRJ200

go! has received their 4th Bombardier CRJ200, N646BR (c/n 7392). go! will also begin service to Hilo (ITO) by the end of June.

09 June 2006

China Southern's B-5165

China Southern Airlines has taken delivery of another 737-800, B-5165. It arrived at HNL around 1530HST, and will overnight here before continuing onto MAJ.

Sorry, no photo available.

07 June 2006

go!'s Media Event

go!, the Mesa Airlines venture into the Hawaii inter-island market held a media event to unveil service which begins on June 9th. Mesa CEO Jonathan Ornstein led the event that featured music group Big Every Time. Members of the media and Mesa executives were treated to a preview flight which flew around Maui and back to HNL.

Two more CRJ200s are due to arrive by the end of June.

A big Mahalo to the folks at go! and Bright Light Marketing for allowing me to attend this special event, and be on the media preview flight.

05 June 2006

go! aircraft at the Commuter Terminal

Here's how go! will be parking their planes at the Commuter Terminal. You can see the lead-in lines for the middle and right spots. Looks like they will need a pushback tug for departure.

02 June 2006

Private(?) Dash8-300

This sharp-looking Dash8-315, registered N505LL (c/n 415), stopped off @ HNL after arriving from Guam (GUM) via Wake Island (WAK). It's registered to the Path Corporation (Delaware). The aircraft departed HNL the next day to Monterrey Peninsula, CA (MRY)

Reports around the Internet say this bird could be part of the C.I.A., or has ties to the Agency(???). That's what I discovered after Google-ing the registration.