27 May 2023

Typhoon Mawar Relief Flights

Following Typhoon Mawar's pass over Guam, several relief flights were flown from Hawai‘i airports. Two HC-130Js from the US Coast Guard's 14th District based at JRF were dispatched to GUM. Kalitta Air's N767CK flew their weekly GUM flight, CKS370, with emergency generators from FEMA. Antonov Airlines' UR-82008 used KOA as a stop from SBD to GUM. The An-124 flew as ADB3558. United Airlines also brought supplies in their 777s that normally service GUM. Asia Pacific's N888LT flew as MGE400 to GUM. The airport sustained damage to some of their jet bridges , and is open for limited operations.

HNL's Runway 8L To Reopen This Morning

The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation Airports Division (HDOTA) announced that HNL's Runway 8L reopens this morning at 07:00. It has been closed since last October for widening and repaving.

Further information in this HDOTA press release.

The first flight to depart from 8L was HAL166 at 08:05, flown by N491HA. The first flight to land on 8L this morning was HAL144, at 08:13, flown by N486HA. 

26 May 2023

HiFly Malta's 9H-TQP

HiFly Malta's A330-202, 9H-TQP (msn 211), is making a flight from YYZ to HNL as HFM352P today. It's due to arrive this evening.

211's History:
Apr 1998: Delivered to Canada 3000 as C-GGWB, under lease from ILFC.
Jly 2002: Leased to Volare Airlines as I-VLED.
May 2004: Leased to Air Madrid as EC-IYN "Atocha".
May 2007: Leased to Air Comet as EC-IYN for two years, then re-registered as EC-KIM two months later.
Sep 2011: Leased to HiFly as CS-TQP.
Dec 2013: Subleased to Livingston for one month.
May 2014: Subleased to Saudia for six months.
Jun 2017: Subleased to XL Airways France for three months, then in 2018 and 2019 for the same period.
Dec 2021: Transferred to HiFly Malta as 9H-TQP.

24 May 2023

Lānaʻi Air To Receive A SkyCourier

Western Aircraft, the parent company of Lānaʻi Air, has taken delivery of a Cessna C408A SkyCourier. N971LA (msn 408-0012) is currently at BOI for pilot training. This SkyCourier is the first passenger version to be delivered to Western Aircraft. The cabin will be fitted for the full 19 seats for shuttle service. The delivery flight to HNL will occur after training is complete, and the ferry tanks installed. This SkyCourier will join the six Pilatus PC-12s in the Lānaʻi Air fleet.

Further information in this Cessna / Textron Aviation news release.

Lānaʻi Air will receive five C408s, three passenger and two freighters, for their charter and shuttle operations.

22 May 2023

Alaska Airlines' N559AS

Alaska Airlines had their "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon" 737-890, N559AS (c/n 35178, l/n 2026), repainted at AMA to the new "Xáat Kwaáni (Salmon People) special livery. It's making its first appearance at HNL from SFO today as ASA877, and will depart for SAN as ASA892. N559AS made an appearance at OGG on the 20th from PDX as ASA809, and departed for SFO as ASA878.

Further information in this Alaska Airlines news release.

21 May 2023


N208FF (msn 208B1125), a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan owned by Merlin Labs, is transiting through HNL as it goes from MCE to AKL. It's next stop is APW, following some repairs at HNL.

Merlin Labs is a company working on fully autonomous flying, and N208FF is one of their testbed aircraft.

20 May 2023

N153QS Bound For HNL Crashes Off Bay Area

N153QS (msn 869), a Viking DHC-6-400 Twin Otter, owned by a Bank of Utah Trustee, crashed off the coast of Half Moon Bay, CA today. Two souls aboard perished. It was scheduled to deliver from STS to NAN, with a stop at HNL. This Twin Otter was reported to be a floatplane version that used to be based in Australia.

Further details in this Aviation Safety Network report.

18 May 2023

USDOT Revokes Rhoades Certificate

CH-Aviation reports that the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has revoked Rhoades Aviation's certificate of public convenience and necessity, effectively shutting the airline down. Rhoades can reapply after a period of one year. The FAA already had revoked its operating certificate on 30 January 2023.

17 May 2023


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N340CG (msn 2340) from SGN to GYR, via GUM, MAJ, and JRF, as OMD197. This A320-232 is being returned to the Aviation Capital Group, and will make a gas & go fuel stop at JRF.

2340's History:
Jan 2005: Delivered to Tiger Airways as 9V-TAD, under lease from ACG.
Aug 2012: Leased to Jetstar Pacific as VN-A556.
May 2017: Leased to Pan Pacific Airlines as RP-C7933.
Jly 2020: Leased again to Jetstar Pacific as VN-A556, but did not re-enter service. Airline rebranded as Pacific Airlines, A320 remained in storage at HAN.

16 May 2023


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N175AN (c/n 32394, l/n 992) from ROW to XMN, via JRF and GUM, as OMD199. This 757-223, owned by AerSale Inc, is headed for freighter conversion. It will make a gas & go fuel stop at JRF this evening.

N175AN's History:
Dec 2001: Delivered to American Airlines (f/n 5FK).
Jun 2015: Painted in the current livery.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ROW.
Apr 2023: Sold to the AAR Corporation, then sold to AerSale a month later.

Royal New Zealand Air Force's NZ4803

The Royal New Zealand Air Force's No. 5 Squadron is taking delivery of their third P-8A Poseidon, NZ4803 (c/n 67019, l/n 9565). It's making its delivery flight from BFI to OHA, via HNL and NAN, as POSIDN1.

14 May 2023


N492BA (msn 492), a Dash8-202Q owned by Berry Aviation, is ferrying from ADL to HYI, via POM, MAJ, HNL, and MMV.

492's History:
Oct 1997: Delivered to Field Aviation as C-GEOA.
Jan 1998: Acquired by Surveillance Australia as VH-LCL, and operated for the Royal Australian Navy.
Oct 2019: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CNS.
Dec 2019: Ferried to ADL for storage.

11 May 2023

Delta Downguages West Coast To A321neos

Delta Air Lines has downguaged all but one of their west coast (SEA and LAX) flights to the islands to their A321-271NXs. The one remaining west coast flight, DAL480 (LAX), which applies to both segments, is served by their 767-300ERs.

Delta's flights from SLC, ATL, DTW, MSP, and JFK to HNL are continued to be served by their wide-body fleet.

Delta joins Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines with A321neo service between the west coast and the Hawaiian Islands.

08 May 2023


N125RF (msn 208B2330), a C208B Grand Caravan owned by Randigo LLC, arrived at JRF from SMX.

13 May 2023 UPDATE
N125RF departed for LIH.

07 May 2023


C-GUVT (msn 991), a Viking DHC-6-400, is making its delivery flight to Island Aviation, Inc (Manila, Philippines). It's flying from YYC to MNL, via GEG, OAK, HNL, MAJ, ___.


N636WT (msn 1636), a former Air Busan A321-231, is ferrying from GYR to XMN, via HNL, MAJ, and GUM, for freighter conversion. It's still wearing the Air Busan livery, and is making a gas & go stop here at HNL.

1636's History:
Jan 2002: Delivered to Asiana Airlines as HL7711, under lease from debis Air Finance.
Oct 2005: Sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
Nov 2013: Leased to Air Busan.
Mar 2019: Sold to FTAI, and lease transferred.
Dec 2020: Withdrawn from service, returned to FTAI, and registered as N636WT.
Jan 2023: Sold to Bank of Utah.

06 May 2023


C-FNSA (msn 354), a Dash8-315, is making its delivery flight from YYC to PER, via BOI, CCR, HNL, MAJ, ___. It's due to be delivered to Maroomba Airlines as VH-QQE, by World Wide Ferry, and is still wearing the Sunset livery.

354's History:
Aug 1994: Delivered to SA Express as ZS-NLZ.
Apr 2004: Leased to Air Tanzania for five months.
Jan 2012: Sold to Northstar Leasing as C-FNSA.
Feb 2012: Sold to North Cariboo Air (f/n 806).
Oct 2014: Sold to Sunwest Aviation.
Dec 2019: Sold to PAL Airlines.
Apr 2023: Sold to World Wide Ferry.

05 May 2023

Allegiant Air's' RP-C3273

Allegiant Air has acquired RP-C3273 (msn 5496) from Cebu Pacific, and the former owner is delivering this A320-214 from MNL to MLB, via GUM, HNL, and ONT, as CEB3273. It's making an overnight stop at HNL.

RP-C3273's History:
Mar 2013: Delivered to Cebu Pacific Airlines.
___ 2017: Repainted to the current livery.
Mar 2023: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to CGK to repaint into the Allegiant livery.

04 May 2023


L3 Harris Technologies' 757-26D, N473AP (c/n 24473, l/n 301), is making an overnight stop at HNL from GVT, and will continue onto GUM as VADER20.

24473's History:
Aug 1990: Delivered to Shanghai Airlines as B-2810.
Nov 2007: Sold to Pegasus Aviation, and leased to L'Avion as F-HAVI two months later.
Apr 2009: Leased to Open Skies as F-HAVI "Violette".
May 2018: Sold to Aerolease as N473AP.
Aug 2018: Sold to L3 Technologies.

Asia Pacific Clears Suspension

Asia Pacific Airlines has been cleared to resume service with a proving flight today by N688SL as MGE900. Itʻs scheduled to make its first revenue flight in three months, tomorrow, to PPG.

N888LT and N757QM remain at GUM on their south ramp. N922TS remains in storage at SFB, along with their fifth (as yet to enter service) 757, N931AB.

12 May 2023 UPDATE
N888LT re-entered service today with a flight to MAJ as MGE401.