30 November 2009

Garuda's PK-GMD

Garuda Indonesian Airlines' PK-GMD is the latest addition to their 737-8U3 fleet, and is making its delivery flight as GIA8011.

Drewski2112 got a shot at BFI

go! Adds Mokulele Titles to CRJ200s

go! has added Mokulele titles to all six of their CRJ200 fleet. As seen above, the titles are smaller in size, and placed in the rear part of the passenger compartment. N77278 (msn 7278) is seen taxiing to the Commuter Terminal ramp on Taxiway G.

25 November 2009

China Eastern's B-5492

China Eastern Airlines took delivery of another 737-89P, B-5492 (c/n 29661), and is island hopping across the Pacific as CES789.

Sorry, no HNL photo though Drewski2112 got a shot at BFI.

23 November 2009

A True "Blast From the Past" 74 Years Ago - The China Clipper Arrives

It was 74 years ago today that the China Clipper arrived at Honolulu. The China Clipper under the command of Captain Edwin C. Musick landed at Pearl Harbor after an 17 hour flight from Alameda California.

RoK Navy's 090910

The Republic of Korea Navy's Lockheed P-3C "Orion" 090910 was in town this morning. It overnighted on HNL's south ramp, before departing in the morning.

This "Orion" may be part of a second batch that the Korean Navy had ordered, since the s/n begins with 09, and the existing P-3Cs in the fleet begin with 95.

Nomads N727M

The Nomads Travel Club's 727-221/Adv (RE) Super27, N727M (c/n 22541) is in town, as it brought its club members to Honolulu.

N727M was originally delivered to Pan Am as N369PA in May 1982, and named "Clipper Hotspur".

20 November 2009

Hainan's B-5462

B-5462 (c/n 36780) is the latest 737-84P to be added to the Hainan Airlines fleet, and is making its delivery flight.

B-5462 is seen above parked nose-in on the AirService Hawaii ramp.

China United's B-5471

China United Airlines' B-5471 (c/n 35775), is their newest 737-86D, and is making its delivery flight from BFI.

B-5471 sits on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp to overnight at HNL.

18 November 2009

Skymark's JA737X

Skymark Airlines JA737X (c/n 36692), a Boeing 737-8AL, left BFI for HNL yesterday evening (17NOV09) on it's delivery flight as SKY737X. The aircraft will continue on to the Marshall Islands today.

Due to the time of delivery (left 1800-ish PST), I was not able to capture a shot of it leaving, but I caught it prior to delivery on a customer flight seen below:

Skymark Airlines JA737X
(Click for larger picture)

17 November 2009

Xiamen's B-5476

Xiamen Airlines' B-5476 (c/n 35056) is the airlines' newest 737-85C, and is making its delivery flight as CXA5476.

11 November 2009

China Eastern's B-5263

China Eastern's newest 737-79P is B-5263 (c/n 36766), on delivery as CES299. It made it's first stop across the Pacific at HNL from BFI.

***Update 11.13.09***
CES299 left this morning for MAJ & SPN, with the final stop at WUH. It seems that B-5263 spent an extra day at HNL.

It's seen above taxiing to Runway 8R for departure to MAJ on Taxiway C, with an Asia Pacific Airlines 727-200F behind the left horizontal stabilizer departing for PPG on 8L.

10 November 2009

Hawaiian Airlines 80th Anniversary - Hau`oli Lā Hānau

Hawaii’s premier airline Hawaiian Airlines, celebrates its 80th anniversary of scheduled service between the Hawaiian Islands.

Founded as Inter-Island Airways, Hawaiian flew its Sikorsky S-38 on November 11th 1929 to Hilo with stops at Molokai and Maui.

Hawaiian’s achievement of 80 years of continuous flying in Hawaii is an impressive one. Even more impressive is Hawaiian’s safety record that is unmatched by any airline in the world.

No airline has flown longer without a single fatality thus enabling Hawaiian Airlines to proudly hold the World’s Safety Record.

Two records Hawaiian Airlines can justly be proud of.

Hau`oli Lā Hānau Hawaiian Airlines and Mahalo for serving the people of Hawaii for 80 years!

In the photograph above are Hawaiian's two Sikorsky S-38's, "Molokai" and "Maui" on the crushed coral ramp of John Rodgers Field, the predecessor to today's Honolulu International Airport.

07 November 2009


A Royal Australian Air Force 737-7ES AEW&C "Wedgetail", N378BC (c/n 33474), made its delivery flight from BFI as BOE201. It made a stop at HNL, before continuing onto PPG this morning. Once in Australia, it will be re-registered as A30-001

Sorry, no HNL photo ... though Drewski2112 got a shot of it departing BFI for HNL.

06 November 2009

ATA 757-300?!?!?

Yesterday around 1030am, a once regular visitor returned after spending some time in storage at Victorville. Still in its colors, ship n560TZ is probably on its way to somewhere in asia for maintenance. It flew in as a CO3171 from Victorville to Honolulu and now is currently in Guam.

Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-400F

Here is the Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-400F that diverted on the 4th. Seen here with foward cargo door open. Speculating that there was either a miss-load or some mechanical problem.

04 November 2009

Hawaiian Air's N587HA

Hawaiian Airlines officially unveiled their AviationPartners Boeing Blended Winglets-equipped 767-33AER, N587HA (c/n 33421), "Pakalakala" to the media today. N587HA was parked at Gate 34, and the Hawaiian Air staff led by Keoni Wagner took us out to the awaiting aircraft. CEO Mark Dunkerley was interviewed by the local TV news stations with N587HA in the background.

go!'s N591ML

go! received their sixth CRJ200, N591ML (msn 7388), and has been put into service. It's not wearing any go! titles nor markings, but does have a small "Operated by Mesa Air Group" sticker by the main entry door.

N591ML was previously with Kungpeng Airlines, United Express, US Airways Express, and Midway Airlines.

N591ML is seen above taxiing on Taxiway L, to depart on Runway 8L to ITO as ASH1036.


A Volga-Dnepr An124-100, RA-82074 (msn 9773051459142/707), made a tech stop at HNL from NGF (MCAF Kane‘ohe Bay) to KNYL (Yuma International / MCAS Yuma, AZ) as VDA4312.


A Singapore Airlines 747-412F/SCD, 9V-SFA (c/n 26563), was diverted to HNL on its flight, SQC7917, from LAX to HKG.

photo to follow ...

Garuda's PK-GMC

Garuda Indonesian Airlines is taking delivery of PK-GMC (c/n 30155), a 737-8U3, that has received its new livery. It arrived from BFI yesterday, and continues early this morning as GIA8011 to MAJ.

Sorry, no HNL photo ... though Drewski2112 got it at BFI.