30 October 2007

Hainan Airlines' B-5358

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5358, it's newest 737-800(W). It's seen here shortly after arriving from BFI.

More info to follow ...

28 October 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5306

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5306, a 737-800W, that is flying as CXA5306.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

27 October 2007

Miami Air BSK660

Miami Air international has leased a 757-236, N526NA (c/n 24794), from Ryan International Airlines, though there are no Miami Air titles. It arrived from ELP (El Paso, TX) as BSK660.

This 757 was chartered by New Mexico State University to bring their Aggies football team, to square off today against the University of Hawai‘i Warriors at Aloha Stadium; the Aggies marching band; and the Lady Aggies volleyball team, who faced off against the 11th-ranked UH Rainbow Wahine Friday evening. The Rainbow Wahine swept the Lady Aggies, 30-26, 30-28, and 30-22 at the Stan Sherriff Center.

It was delivered to Iberia as EC-HDG, Air Europa as EC-FEF and G-BRJH, National Airlines (2nd) as N526NA. It went to Ryan International after National ceased operations.

Update (10-28-07): The charter left HNL Sunday morning at 0132HST, returning to ELP as BSK662. Last night, the Warriors smashed the Aggies 50-13, on the Warriors' homecoming night.

Photo to be posted later ...

25 October 2007

Ex-Air Canada A340-500

One of two Air ex-Canada A340-541s made a stop late last night around 2230. It was supposed to go to the hard stands, but ended up at Gate 28 instead. AC operated this flight as ACA7060 with aircraft C-GKOL (msn 445). The flight originated from Singapore where heavy mx was done. I have no clue as to where its headed, except that I heard that this aircraft might be heading for a new life with Air Comet in Spain. This A345 was suppose to stop by a couple of days ago with a TAM crew. From what I heard, TAM decided not to go through with their purchase of AC's former bird. When I got to do a walk around, I could not help but to be amazed at how clean it was. Sorry no pic, didn't have my camera handy at that time, and if I did, it probably wouldn't have been up to the task of taking pictures at night anyway.

More information about the AC A340-500. It left HNL around 04:20, destined for Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU).

22 October 2007

Japan Airlines' JA306J

Japan Airlines' sixth 737-846(W), JA306J (c/n 35334), is being delivered through HNL as JAL7901. It will continue onto MAJ tomorrow.

Edit by ha763:
Sorry for the delay, but here is a picture of JA306J. Just forgot to upload the picture.

China Eastern's B-5243

China Eastern's next 737-79P(W), B-5243 (c/n 36270), has made its HNL stop from BFI on its delivery flight, and will leave tomorrow for MAJ as CES299.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

21 October 2007

Air China's B-5341

Air China is receiveing their first 737-89L already fitted with Aviation Partners Boeing Blended Winglets®. B-5341 (c/n 36483) is the first -800 (of 20+ on order) to receive the performance enhancing winglets. It arrived here as CCA056 instead of the normal CCA058 delivery flight number.

B-5341 is seen here as Air China crews do the pre-flight walk around, and taking photos in front of it. Their next leg is MAJ.

15 October 2007


VP-BAP (c/n 19260), a Boeing 727-21, made a tech stop at HNL after arriving from YVR via PAE (Paine Field, Snohomish County, WA) and VNY (Van Nuys, CA). It has since left HNL for NAN.

This aircraft has also been registered as N727GP, N727LA, and originally delivered to Pan Am as N385PA, "Jet Clipper David Crockett".

VP-BAP was a previous registration for an Aeroflot 737-4M0 (c/n 29208).

13 October 2007

US Navy's Blue Angels

The US Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, performed yesterday at Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i at Kane‘ohe Bay (NGF), as part of the two-day "Blues On The Bay" airshow. The six Boeing F/A-18C "Hornets" wowwed the thousands that attended the Saturday show, reaching speeds nearing 600mph!

The airshow also featured aerobatic performances by pilots in single-engined aircraft, an aerobatic helicopter, sky divers, a Hawai‘i Air National Guard C-17A demonstration, a US Marines "rescue mission", and a US Coast Guard "rescue".

Static displays included: Kamaka Air's Super DC-3 and Beech 18, an Aloha 737-200C, general aviation aircraft, a C-130, a C-5B, a C-17A, a KC-135R, and a P-3C.

In today's photo, the Blue Angel 1 leads the six-ship delta formation to roll-out before landing. The Blue Angels will perform later this afternoon on day two of "Blues On The Bay".


Parked on the North Ramp this Saturday morning was this U.K. RAF KC1, ZD948. Where it came from or going is currently unknown. This converted L-1011-385-3 Tristar originally was used by British Airways as G-BFCA and sold to the RAF in 1983.
The RAF has 9 Tristars (6 ex-BA, 3 ex-PA) in service. The ex-BA ones were converted to be tankers/transport aircraft with the designation of K1 or KC1. The difference being that the KC1s have been modified with the main deck cargo door. The RAF uses the hose-and-drouge method for air-to-air refuelling and you can see the housing for the system under the tail.

12 October 2007

Alaska Airlines 1st Flight To HNL

Alaska Airlines inaugurated service to HNL from SEA today as ASA851. N559AS, a 737-890 with winglets, landed around 11:30 and blocked into Gate 23 at 11:36. And yes, this aircraft does have Chester wearing his half-lei on the tail. The photos below were taken by ha763.

Here's N559AS turning into Gate 23. (Sorry for the poor photo. I was waiting between Gate 19 and 20 for a much better shot, but my battery decided to die just as they taxied by.)

Here's a close up of Chester and his half-lei on the tail of N559AS.

Air Nippon's JA15AN

Air Nippon's latest 737-781(W), JA15AN (c/n 33888) takes a break at HNL after arriving from BFI as ANK9984.

China Southern's B-5340

China Southern's B-5340 (c/n 35381), a 737-81B, arrived at HNL as CSN340 on its delivery flight from BFI.

Hong Kong Express' B-KXH

Hong Kong Express Airways' B-KXH (c/n 34971), a 737-808(W), was in town on its delivery flight.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ... camera malfunction.

08 October 2007

ANZ 747-400

On Sunday, October 7, Air New Zeland flew a charter to KOA for the Amway convention being held in Kona. The aircraft then flew to HNL to RON. Here's ZK-NBV parked on the North Ramp today, October 8.
Correction on the status of ZK-NBV. It was still parked on the North Ramp on October 9. Looks like it may be here until the convention is over to fly the charter back to New Zealand.