31 August 2023

Lānaʻi Air's N971LA

Lāna‘i Air is taking delivery their first Cessna C408 SkyCourier, N971LA (msn 408-0012), today. It's makings delivery flight from SMX to HNL as STT971. It has been at BOI since May, and made the trip down to VGT for the ferry tank system installation last week. N971LA is the first passenger version of the C408 SkyCourier series to be delivered to an airline.

This is the first of five C408s that Lānaʻi Air to be delivered, and the first of three passenger C408s.

30 August 2023

All Nippon Airways To Adjust NRT Flights

All Nippon Airways announced today that they will be adjusting their A380-841 NRT service with both flights to/from NRT going daily from 06 December, as there is increasing demand for travel to Hawai‘i.

On a related note, their third A380, JA383A "La" (msn 266), will enter service on 20 October. This will be the first time the orange honu will be flying revenue flights.

Hawaiian Airlines Deciding On B712 Replacement

Flight Global reports that Hawaiian Airlines will have a decision regarding the replacement of their 717-200 fleet. The decision should come between the 4th Quarter of this year, and the 1st Quarter of the next. However, the actual replacement won't happen until the latter part of the decade. What could be replacement airliners? According to Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram, he states in the article that the A319neo, both A220 variants, and the ERJ195-E2 are on the table. Interestingly, there was no mention of the 737MAX series.

B717-200: RR BR715 | 128 seats | 1,430nm range | 935 cu ft cargo
A319-171N: PW1100G | 140-160 seats | 3,750nm range | 950 cu ft cargo
A220-100  : PW1500G | 100-120 seats | 3,450nm range | 840 cu ft cargo
A220-300  : PW1500G | 120-150 seats | 3,600nm range | 1,120 cu ft cargo
ERJ-195-E2: PW1900G | 120-132 seats | 2,665nm range | --

The two big questions are, will any of these candidates be able to handle the rigorous schedule that the 717-200s currently maintain, and will Hawaiian have to make adjustments to work with the GTF cool down times? And with the multitude of inter-island flights, will they be able to accommodate available belly space that Hawaiian uses for a lot of their inter-island cargo operations? 

Engines: All three candidates use the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan (GTF), though the A319N has the same variant, PW1100G, that are on the current A321Ns The A319N does have the option for the CFM LEAP-1X series engines, but it's highly unlikely Hawaiian would choose this option for this type, as it would incur additional maintenance training.

Seats: All three candidates will need to have two-class seating. The A319N will offer more seats, while the A220-300 and E195-E2 will barely break even, and the A220-100 will offer less seats.

Range: The A319N offers a 2,300nm gain, the A220-100 has 2,000nm gain, the A220-300 has a 2,100nm gain, and the E195-E2 has a 1,200nm gain.

Cargo Volume: The A319N has slightly more volume, but the A220-300 has over 150 cu ft more belly space, while the A220-100 has considerably less. No data was available for the E195-E2.

Each will provide at least another 1,000 miles in additional range, that could make it an ideal aircraft for Hawaiian to expand into secondary markets on the west coast, or more service to the west coast from the Neighbor Island airports. The flight deck of an A319neo is similar to the A321neo that Hawaiian already has, and can reduce pilot training time. Based on the data, The A220-300 and the A319N appear to be the front-runners.  It will be interesting to see which aircraft Hawaiian will select to replace the 717 when they make their selection.

Stanford Cardinal Team Charter

The Stanford University Cardinal football team is using a United Airlines 757-324 for its team charter to Honolulu, to play the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Friday evening. N75854 (c/n 32813, l/n 999, f/n 0854) is making the charter flight from SJC as UAL2519. The Cardinal will return to SJC on Saturday, 02 September.

02 September 2023 UPDATE
The team returns to SJC this afternoon aboard N57855 (c/n 32814, l/n 1038, f/n 0855) as UAL2519 following their 37-22 win over Hawai‘i.

29 August 2023

Delta Air Lines To Launch HND-HNL Service

Delta Air Lines announced earlier today, that they will launch daily 767-300ER service between HND and HNL on 28 October 2023 as DAL180/181. In March 2020, Delta moved the Tokyo operations from NRT to HND.

This will be the second US carrier, next to Hawaiian Airlines to have service between HND and HNL, and will add about 220 seats. Delta will be the fourth overall airline to fly between HND and HNL, along with All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines.

Further details in this Delta Air Lines press release.

28 August 2023

VMM-363 MV-22B Crash In Australia

A US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey based out of Marine Corps Air Field Kāneʻohe Bay crashed in Australia, with 23 Marines aboard on Sunday. The accident took the lives of three Marines, with five seriously injured, and the other 15 Marines treated on scene.  The Osprey belonging to the VMM-363 “Red Lions”went down on Melville Island, during Exercise Predator’s Run 2023. The Osprey was carrying Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment from Camp Pendleton, CA. Both units are also part of this year's Marine Rotational Force - Darwin.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the lost, and the injured and their families. 

We thank them for their service and sacrifice.
Major Tobin Lewis, Pilot and Executive Officer
Captain Eleanor Lebeau, Pilot
Corporal Spencer Collart, Crew Chief

Further information in this Marine Corps press release, Marine Corps Times article, AviationSafety.net report, and this KHON2 News report.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N195AN (c/n 38389, l/n 984) from ROW to XMN, via JRF and GUM for freighter conversion. This 757-223 is flying as OMD278, and will make an overnight stop at JRF.

N195AN's History:
Nov 2001: Delivered to American Airlines (f/n 5FE).
Aug 2015: Painted in the current livery.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TUL, then ROW the month after.
Jun 2023: Acquired by AerSale.

24 August 2023


Nexus Aviation Ventures is ferrying N919NX (msn 2919) from TUS to XMN for freighter conversion. This white-tail A321-231 is making stops at HNL and GUM along the way.

2919's History:
Oct 2006: Delivered to Kingfisher Airlines as VT-KFP, under lease from PAFCO.
Jun 2007: Sold to AWAS, and the lease transferred.
Jly 2013: Returned to AWAS as OE-ICJ.
Apr 2014: Leased to Turkish Airlines as TC-JMN "Enseler".
Aug 2017: Sold to DAE Capital, and the lease transferred.
Aug 2020: Returned to DAE Capital as LZ-DAC, and stored at XCR.
May 2021: Leased to Aruba Airlines as P4-AAI.
Apr 2023: Returned to DAE Capital, and stored at TUS.
Jun 2023: Sold to Nexus Aviation Ventures as N919NX.


A former Mokulele Airlines C208B Grand Caravan EX, N879MA "City of Kapolei" (msn 208B5019), was used in the filming of Hulu's "Vacation Friend's 2". The aircraft was originally written off following an accident at JHM, where it overran the departure end of Rwy 2 while landing. According to a very reliable source, the the airframe was flown to HNL, and stored at the Makani Kai Helicopters (now Magnum Helicopters) ramp, next to the former Kamaka Air Super DC-3 fuselage.

For this movie, the stripped fuselage was used for cabin interiors. The exterior of the airframe, probably CGI, was shot with a Caravan using the N879MA registration (which was cancelled by the FAA in April 2021), but painted in a livery similar to Kamaka Air (without titles) and seen taking off from a beach in Hale‘iwa.

"Vacation Friends 2", starring Lil Rey Howery, Yvonne Orji, John Cena and Meredith Hagner, premieres tomorrow, 25 August, on Hulu. It was filmed here on O‘ahu. A Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 was used to film the cabin interior for a scene. The Hawai‘i Convention Center's ground floor area was transformed as an airport terminal. The Turtle Bay Hotel and Resort was used as the Mexican resort.

Eastern Airlines Acquires Hillwood Airways

Ch-Aviation reports that Eastern Airlines parent company, Eastern Air Holdings, has fully acquired charter operator  Hillwood Airways. Both Eastern and Hillwood are expected to continue as separate entities.

No mention was given as to the future of the exclusive Hillwood charter flights to OGG, especially in light of the wildfires that devastated both Kula (UpCountry) and Lāhaina (West Maui) three weeks ago.

23 August 2023

Qantas Orders A350s and 787s

SimpleFlying.com reports that Qantas Airways is ordering 12 A350-1000ULRs and 12 787s (four 787-9s and eight 787-10s), along with options for additional aircraft. These aircraft, with deliveries beginning in 2027, will replace Qantas’ A330-200, A330-300 and A380-800 fleets. The plan is for the 787s to replace the A330s, and the A350s to replace the A380s. Currently, Qantas serves HNL from SYD with an A330-300. A pair of Qantas' A330-200s have been undergoing freighter conversion, and will join the QantasFreight fleet.

22 August 2023

Air Premia To Launch ICN-HNL Service

Aviation Week reports that South Korean hybrid carrier, Air Premia [YP/AZP] plans to launch four-times-weekly 787-9 service between ICN and HNL. The inaugural flight is scheduled for 31 December 2023. This will be the airline's third US destination, along with LAX and EWR. It's also the fourth airline to have ICN-HNL service, along with Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, and Hawaiian Air. 

SimpleFlying.com reports that the flights are on their reservation system, but tickets yet to go on sale. AZP5151 is scheduled to arrive from ICN at 11:50HAST, and the return flight, AZP5152, scheduled to depart HNL at 14:30HAST.

Hawaiʻi Rainbow Warriors Team Charter

Hawaiian Airlines is flying the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors football team to BNA for their Week 0 game agains the Vanderbilt University Commodores on Saturday. N360HA "Tutukamohonua" (msn 1732) is flying the team charter as HAL750. This A330-243 left HNL this afternoon for its non-stop to BNA, and will arrive in the early morning hours (Central Daylight Time). 

FlyNashville.com's Instagram page posted photos of N360HA departing for AUS as HAL9751, which will then return to HNL as HAL81. Another A330 will be dispatched to bring back the Rainbow Warriors following Saturday's game.

26 August 2023 UPDATE
The Rainbow Warriors are returning home aboard N375HA "Humu" (msn 1606) as HAL751, following the team's 35-28 loss to the Commodores. This A330-243 positioned from LAS to BNA as HAL8790.

Hawaiian / Amazon's N4621K To SBD

Hawaiian Airlines' Amazon Prime Air-liveried A330-343F, N4621K, ferried from CVG to SBD as HAL1703 for flight testing. It will will fly as HAL96xx around the SBD area.

21 August 2023

President Biden's Maui Visit

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden arrived at OGG from RNO aboard Air Force One, using a VC-32A, 19-0018 (c/n 28172, l/n 772) today, to tour the devastation of the wildfires that swept through Maui. The First Couple returned to RNO this afternoon.

08-8192 (c/n 50215, l/n F214) as RCH4554 and 02-1106 (c/n 50114, l/n F113) as RCH4183 brought over the two USMC VH-60N WhiteHawks and the motorcade vehicles, for the flight over Olinda, Kula, and Lāhainā fire zones, then onto JHM, where the presidential motorcade took them to Front Street in Lāhainā to view the damage from the ground with the Hawaiʻi Congressional delegation, Governor Josh Green, and Maui Mayor Richard Bissen. Both C-17As are assigned to the 62nd AW / 446th AW at McChord AFB, WA.

Three MV-22A Ospreys from Marine Corps Base Hawaiʻi's VMM-363 “Red Lions” provided transportation from the White House press corps from OGG to JHM, and back.

The E-4B that travels with the President was 73-1677 (c/n 20863, l/n 204) flying as GRIM99, stopped off at HIK during the visit.

Two C-37As, the US Air Force's 01-0065 (msn 652) of the 65th AS / 15th Wing, and the US Navy's 166375 "Spirit of Midway Island" (msn 657), both based at HIK, were also at OGG on the East Ramp.


The second A320-214 that Nomadic Aviation is ferrying for Fortress Transportation, is N361FT (msn 1361). It's flying as OMD236, on the same route as OMD235. This A320 is also making a stop at JRF.

1361's History:
Dec 2000: Delivered to China Eastern Airlines as B-2338.
___ 2018: Painted in the current livery.
May 2018: Sold to Xiamen Airlease, and leased back.
Aug 2019: Sold to CIB, and the lease transferred.
Apr 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TAO.
Aug 2023: Sold to Fortress Transportation.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying two A320-214s from TAO [Qingdao, China] to BXM, via GUM, JRF, and PHX. Both A320s are being flown for Fortress Transportation, and are due to be parted to and scrapped. The first of the two is N357FA (msn 1357) flying as OMD235, and is making a stop at JRF today.

1357's History:
Dec 2000: Delivered to China Eastern Airlines as B-2337.
___ 2018: Painted in the current livery.
May 2018: Sold to Xiamen Airlease, and leased back.
Aug 2019: Sold to CIB, and the lease transferred.
Apr 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TAO.
Aug 2023: Sold to Fortress Transportation.

10 August 2023


Mojave Jet's A320-211, N231XC (msn 231) is ferrying from MCI to WNZ [Wehzhou, China], via SJC, HNL, MAJ and GUM. Itʻs making an overnight stop at HNL.

231's History:
Aug 1991: Delivered to Canadian Airlines International as C-FPWD, under lease from Guiness Peat Aviation.
___ 1993: Sold to GECAS, and the lease transferred.
Apr 2001: Transferred to the Air Canada (f/n 404) after the merger.
Feb 2002: Subleased to Air Canada Tango.
Sep 2003: Transferred to Air Canada Jetz.
Jun 2012: Returned to Air Canada.
Mar 2020: Sold to Bellinger Aviation Services, and the lease transferred.
Jan 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MCI.
Sep 2021: Acquired by UMB Bank as N917ME.
Jan 2023: Acquired by Mojave Jet as N231XC.

18 Aug 2023 UPDATE
N231XC departed for MAJ today. It was scheduled to depart for MAJ yesterday, but the flight was cancelled. The original departure date of 11 Aug was cancelled due to a maintenance issue. It was towed to Taxiway R6 for a couple of days.

08 August 2023


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N983CM (msn 1887) from SFB to SZB, via PHX, JRF, MAJ, and GUM. This A321-211F is flying as OMD273, and will overnight at JRF. This white-tail will be leased to Raya Airways as 9M-BZC.

1887's History:
Feb 2003: Delivered to MyTravel Airways as G-CTLA, under lease from Bouillon Air Services.
Apr 2005: Subleased to MyTravel Airways Norway as OY-VKE.
May 2005: Acquired by the Aviation Capital Group, and lease transferred.
May 2008: Airline rebrands as Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia.
Dec 2014: Returned to Thomas Cook Airlines, as G-TCDX.
Jan 2016: Painted in the grey livery.
Oct 2019: Returned to ACG after the airline ceased operations, and stored at NQY.
Feb 2020: Re-registered as VP-CCG, and ferried to GYR for storage.
Jan 2022: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management as N983CM.
May 2022: Ferried to SFB for freighter conversion.


Hanwha Chemical Corporation’s 737-7HF BBJ, HL7227 (c/n 35977, l/n 2047), is making a stop at HNL. We last photographed it in April 2014, but it’s been here a couple of times in between.

07 August 2023

Boeing To Re-market More China-Bound 737MAXs

Leeham News and Analysis reports that Boeing will re-market more 737MAXs that were ordered by Chinese airlines, and are sitting in storage due to FAA upgrades and directives, and US-China foreign trade relations.  55 of these 737-8s will be re-marketed to Air India as part of their massive 150 737MAX order. The airlines of whose those 55 737-8s belonged to, were not disclosed, and will be painted in the new Air India livery.

There are 140 completed 737-8s bound for Chinese airlines, sitting on ramps at BFI, MWH, SKF, and VCV in storage awaiting delivery. With the 55 going to Air India, that number will drop to 85, once those 737-8s are configured and upgraded for its new airline.

This past April, both China Southern (26) and China Eastern (5) announced that they will take delivery of  their 737-8s sitting in storage, neither airline has begun delivery flights. Probably due to the directives and trade issues.

The Hainan Air Group has already sold off most of their 737-8s they had stored on the mainland, a majority was acquired by United Airlines. A few Hainan Air Group 737-8s are sitting on ramps in storage: two for Fuzhou Airlines and one for Lucky Air.

04 August 2023

TNI Angkatan Udara's A-1343

Lockheed-Martin is delivering A-1343 (msn 5966) to TNI Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Air Force, IDAF). This C-130J-30 Super Hercules is flying from MGE to HLP (via MRY, HNL, MAJ, and GUM) as LAC5966, and is making an overnight stop at HNL. It's also wearing a temporary US registration, N5103D. This is the TNI-AU's third of five C-130Js to be delivered of the five that was ordered.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying their second A320-214 for Fortress Transportation from YIH to BXM, via TSN, GUM, MAJ, JRF, and PHX. N330FA (msn 1330) is being flown as OMD233. It's making a day-long stop at JRF before leaving this evening for PHX. It's due to be parted out and scrapped at BXM.

1330's History:
Nov 2000: Delivered to China Eastern Airlines as B-2336.
___ 2017: Painted in the current livery.
May 2018: Sold to Xiamen Airlease, and leased back to China Eastern.
Aug 2019: Sold to CIB Leasing, and lease transferred.
Sep 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at YIH.
Jly 2023: Acquired by Fortress Transportation.

02 August 2023


Randigo's N125RF returned to JRF from LIH, as it prepares to return to SMX. It was operated by Revolution Flight, that performed aerial survey flights over the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and the Northwest Hawaiian Islands.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N312FA (msn 1312), an A320-214 owned by Fortress Transportation. It's flying from YIH to BXM, via TSN, GUM, JRF, and PHX, as OMD234. It's due to make a gas & go stop at JRF this evening. This A320 is due to be parted out and scrapped at BXM.

1312's History:
Oct 2000: Delivered to China Eastern Airlines as B-2335.
___ 2017: Painted in the current livery.
May 2018: Sold to Xiamen Airlease, and leased back to China Eastern.
Aug 2019: Sold to CIB Leasing, and lease transferred.
Oct 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TSN.
Jly 2023: Acquired by Fortress Transportation.

01 August 2023

154th Wing Invited To William Tell 2023

The F-22 Raptors of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 154th Wing has been invited to "William Tell Air-to-Air Meet 2023", that will take place in Savannah, GA in September. The 154th, along with the 3rd Wing from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK, will represent the Pacific Air Forces. This will be the first William Tell competition since 2004.

Further information in this Air & Space Forces article.

Amazon Prime Air's N4621K To CVG

Hawaiian Airlines is ferrying N4621K from HNL to CVG for training and testing. This A330-343F, flying for Amazon Prime Air, departed HNL this morning as HAL1700, and will spend an undetermined time at CVG. Instagram user kass07300 got a photo of N4621K at CVG.