31 December 2008

OGG East Ramp today

We did some passes in a 172 this afternoon. Counted 40 of these privates; some not in the photo.

Shenzhen's B-5410

Closing out the 2008 delivery flights are ...

Shenzhen Airlines' B-5410 (c/n 35088), a 737-8AL(W), which is flying as CSZ5410. Due to the lack of space on the south side of HNL, B-5410 parked on the north ramp at Hard Stand 3.

Sorry, no HNL photo ... though "Drewski2112" got this one at BFI.

Xiamen's B-5388

Xiamen Airlines' B-5388 (c/n 35635), a 737-86N(W), is making its delivery flight during the New Year's holiday as well, and is flying as CXA5388. It also parked on the north ramp at Hardstand 1B.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

30 December 2008

Malaysian Air Force A319CJ

A Malaysian Air Force A319-115X CJ, 9M-NAA (cn2949), was parked on the North Ramp today at HNL. This aircraft is apparently used by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Why is it at HNL? I don't know. But the engines are covered, so it may spend a couple of days here.

29 December 2008

Ex-AQ 73Ws To Arik Air

The December 2008 issue of Airliner World reports that three former Aloha Airlines 737-76N(W)s that were leased by AQ from ILFC, have been taken up by Arik Air (Lagos, Nigeria)

N740AL "Kamohoali‘i" is now 5N-MJI
N741AL "Olopana" is now 5N-MJJ
N742AL "Hawai‘iloa" is now 5N-MJK


A privately-owned MD-87, N168CF (c/n 49670), is in town. It's owned by Sunrider Corp. of Torrance,CA, which is a direct sales company. This MD-87 was previously N143G as a private jet (JEM Investments), and D-ALLG for AeroLloyd of Germany.

27 December 2008

Xiamen's B-5386

After an extended stay on the BFI ramp, Xiamen Airlines' B-5386 (c/n 35634), a 737-86N(W), is making its delivery flight, and has made its first dtop at HNL. It's flying as CXA5386. B-5386 was one of the first 737s off the assembly line following the Boeing machinists strike, but its delivery was delayed for over two months.

Sorry, no HNL photo due to the heavy rains Sunday morning, but here's a shot at BFI.

23 December 2008

The Next New 717 For Hawaiian

Another of the 717's acquired by HA is now in HNL. This 717-26R is an ex-QantasLink aircraft VH-NXF. It is still wearing the Australian registration in this picture, but looking at the nose gear doors, it will be become N488HA. Just like with all the other 717's, HA has given this aircraft the name of an endemic and normally endangered Hawaiian bird. N488HA will carry the name Puai‘ohi, the Small Kauai Thrush.

JAL Express' JA361J

JAL Express' newest 737-846(W), JA316J (c/n 35345), is being delivered through HNL today. This is the 16th 737-800 delivered to JAL. It will leave for MAJ tomorrow, December 24.

As for the HA 717 in the background, check the next post.

Air China's B-5198

Air China is taking delivery of B-5198 (c/n 36491), their newest 737-89L(W). It's flying as CCA058 from BFI ...

20 December 2008

Mokulele's N870RW

N870RW (msn 1700138), is Mokulele Airlines's newest E170, and the third of the initial four E-Jets. It arrived via the same routing as the first two E170s

It was originally painted in the Delta Connection colors.

Obama Charters UA 763

President-elect Barack Obama chartered a United Airlines 767-322ER for his Hawai‘i vacation with his family. According to news reports, the 763 landed on Rwy8L, and parked on the south ramp near the CO hangar, where a limousine picked up the Obamas' to take them and their entourage to a a home in an exclusive Kailua neighborhood.

I guess the North American Airlines 757-200 that Obama used during his campaign was returned to service with NA.

NWA Brings Fighting Irish To HNL

Northwest Airlines brought the Notre Dame University Fighting Irish football team to Honolulu for the Sheraton Hawai‘i Bowl that will be played on Christmas Eve at Aloha Stadium, and aired on ESPN (20:00EST). The Fighting Irish will be facing the University of Hawai‘i Warriors, who will be the visiting team yet playing on their home field.

NWA9971, a 747-400, left SBN (South Bend, IN) last night at 19:19EST, and flew to LAX for a two-hour fuel stop, before arriving at HNL this morning at 00:51HST.

Go Warriors!!!

Lion Air PK-LFS

Lion Air International is taking delivery of their next 737-9GPER, PK-LFS. It made an evening tech-stop at HNL last night arriving at 2200HST, and actually staying longer to 0600HST to leave for MAJ then BIK.

Sorry, no HNL photo, but Drewski2112 got this snowy one at BFI.

18 December 2008

Delta 747-400

Does NWA operate any -400's through HNL? N665US Delta livery - Airliners and JetPhotos.

17 December 2008


An MD-87, N826TH (c/n 53039), made a tech stop at HNL last night, on its way to GYR. It was the former JAL JA8370. JAL is retiring their MD80 series fleet as more 737-846(W)s are delivered.

It was originally delivered to Japan Air System (JAS), and transferred over to JAL after the merger, and painted in the current livery.

14 December 2008

Ex-TACA A320, N206CT

A former TACA A320-233 (ex-EI-TAC), s/n 1676, now registered to Wells Fargo Bank as N206CT, arrived at HNL from OAK on 11 December and departed for Majuro on 12 December, apparently on a delivery flight. The aircraft is painted pure white with no markings other than the registration number.

12 December 2008

Britannia 767-304ER

In today's pre-RareBird blog post, we have a Britannia 767-304ER, G-OBYF. This RareBird stopped over in HNL back on March 16, 2005 and arrived from PPT. They then headed off to YVR after a couple of hours. This was probably one of the last pictures of this aircraft in Britannia colors. Just eight days later, a picture of G-OBYF shows the aircraft wearing Thomsonfly colors.

11 December 2008

Where's N748AL ?

We came across this 737-76N(W) shot while looking for something else on an alternate drive. Anyone know where the Wyland plane (c/n 30050)  is now ? 

06 December 2008

Another 732C In Aloha Air Cargo's New Livery

The next Aloha Air Cargo painted in the new livery is N841AL, a 737-2X6. This aircraft was aquired by the former Aloha Airlines from Alaska Airlines back in 2007, as reported on this blog in June 2007. The aircraft started service in 1984 with MarkAir and then went to Alaska in 1994.


Picture to follow

03 December 2008

Aloha Name Sale Halted ... For Now

A federal bankruptcy court judge postponed the sale of the Aloha Airlines name and intellectual property to the Mesa Air Group ...

Honolulu Advertiser coverage ...

01 December 2008

"Down The Rabbit Hole"

I am posting excerpts of a letter / commentary that was sent to me regarding the Mesa / Yucaipa / Aloha debacle. I was given permission by the author to print all (or part) of this letter.
(Again ... the comments expressed below belong to the person writing the commentary, and may not reflect the HNL RareBirds team)

"Why is it that a simple line pilot who barely graduated from high school could read Ornstein's game perfectly and (if not for Mark Dunkerly) became the only person who got to stand the line against the sociopath and prevail. I showed AQ management how easy it was to beat the little liar down. I had basically no resources except the other pilots who also saw down the rabbit hole with me and generously helped support my legal fees. (You also who gave, I did not forget, thank you). Whatever insight I had into the way this would play out came and went, in the end I was betrayed just like all my other fellow employees.

"In early March 2008, those of us who could see past the wizard's curtain were all celebrating because many of us believed that Ornstein had finally run his course. The arrival of the "Casper" (all white paint) CRJ's was a clear indication that JO had psychologically given up on the go! brand. The fancy go! paint jobs on the 4 bravo romeo "blue ridge" (Former FlyI planes) were headed back to the lessors because of high payments and low revenue.

"In late March when Banmiller announced we were shutting down, the casper planes quickly became additions instead of replacements. The timing was suspicious (maybe the rabbit hole goes down further than I thought) but I have to believe our demise was as much of a surprise to JO as it was to the rest of us.

"On March 31st 2008, Mesa was literally days away from shutting down go! themselves when we shut down Aloha instead. Hawaii was handed to Mesa on a silver platter.

"Now, fast forward six months... Mesa did not bring out CRJ 900's to Hawaii as promised, all of Mesa is about ready to shut down completely. Come this January 2009, Mesa's convertible notes come due, another round of notes are due in February. These two events were certain to wipe Mesa off the face of the earth FINALLY. Who wants to wager that JO now becomes successful in delaying those payments and now survives to terrorize another airline another day? Ron Burkle has in effect changed the future of the airline industry / empire (or did he ensure the future / same difference) by breathing life back into this lecherous cancer?

"The fall of Aloha and the survival of Mesa have changed the future of the airline industry. Billions more will be made (transferred, stolen) by the further raping and pillaging of the airline industry in the next round of takeovers. Aloha's employees' sacrifice to save our airline, preserve the industry and shut down Mesa was a valiant one, but ultimately ended in Vain. At least Hawaiian and Mark Dunkerly did not play the "Blame Mesa" game with the Hawaiian employees like Aloha did. Furthermore, Hawaiian has been very kind to the former Aloha employees. Hawaiian may once again come to the rescue if / when they out bid Yucaipa and gain the rights to Aloha's trademarks.

"At the end of March 2008, when we re-entered the bankruptcy court in Honolulu, we all saw the truckloads of paperwork presented to the court with our own eyes. It is clear that our demise was not only scripted but had been in preparation for much longer than the last two weeks of March. There was enough paperwork in that courtroom to keep a legion of lawyers nice and fat for several years. In the courtroom bleachers sat no other Aloha management except for Thom Nulty. He had the familiar look of pain and suffering that the rest of us all know very well. The demise of Aloha was all premeditated and scripted before the fact, but I am convinced Thom was NOT in that deep.

"The fact today is Yucaipa settling with Mesa for a measly $2million AND leasing them the rights to the Aloha name is not a conspiracy theory, this is bragging about their complicity publicly and arrogantly proclaiming there is nothing anybody on Earth can do about it.

"I urge the former Aloha employees to continue to focus on moving along and the creating a new future for ourselves. Airline politics in Hawaii will always be there. Hopefully without Ornstein after this January. Yucaipa betrayed us eight months ago, the only difference today is just that now it's finally clear to see. It's time to move on gang, today more than ever before. One day the truth will come out and be made public. For now, just let it go."