30 April 2022

QantasLink's N967UW

QantasLink's latest ERJ-190AR, N967UW (msn 19000211), is making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE (via SDM, HNL, and MAJ). Operated by Alliance Airlines, it's flying as UTY9815.

19000211's History:
Sep 2008: Delivered to US Airways as N967UW (f/n 967).
Apr 2010: Leased to Republic Airways as N174HQ to operate for Frontier Airlines.
Mar 2013: Returned to US Airways.
Dec 2013: Transferred to the American Airlines fleet after the merger.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PIT, ferried to ROW a month later.
Aug 2021: Acquired by Jetran for preparation to deliver to Alliance Airlines.
Feb 2022: Ferried to SJO.

29 April 2022

CargoJet Airways' N28836

CargoJet Airways is taking delivery of its next 757-200F, N28836 (c/n 28836, l/n 861), as it makes its delivery flight from XMN to YHM, via GUM, HNL, and OAK, after freighter conversion. This 757-204F, flying as ELX288, will be re-registered as C-GAJU (f/n 510), and is under lease from Black Rock.

N28836 stopped through HNL in October 2021, as it ferried to XMN.

HIANG Retires 60-0329 To Museum

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard retired one of its KC-135Rs, 60-0329 "Kape‘a" (c/n 18104, l/n 443) today, after 25+ years with the 203rd ARS. It made its final flight to the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, in Dayton, OH, where it will be inducted into the museum upon arrival.

During the Vietnam War in 1967, 0329 was involved in the first-ever tri-level air refueling, where it connected with a US Navy A-3, which then refueled a pair of US Navy F-8 Crusaders, then a pair of F-4 Phantoms, and another A-3. The crew was awarded the 1967 Mackey Trophy for meritorious service.

Delta Air Lines' N501DA

Delta Air Lines is sending their first A321-271NX, N501DA (msn 10437, f/n 5001), to HNL from SEA as DAL9959. This is the aircraft's first long-distance over-water flight since its delivery flight in March, and is being used for test and proving flights, as well as ground training (especially since Delta's A321s do not fly here). It's not known when Delta will implement their A321Ns into Hawai‘i service, but the airline currently has only two in their fleet, with another 150+ on firm order.

02 May 2022 UPDATE
N501DA returned to SEA under the same flight number.

04 May 2022 UPDATE
N501DA made another trip to HNL, and will return to SEA the next day.

26 April 2022


N28883 (c/n 28883, l/n 737), a 767-304, owned by AerCap, is being ferried from GYR to SIN (via PHX and HNL) by Nomadic Aviation as OMD132. It will be converted to a freighter, and leased to Icelandair.

28883's History:
Feb 1999: Delivered to Britannia Airways as G-OYBH, under lease from ILFC.
Mar 1999: Subleased to Britannia (Germany) as D-AGYH.
Apr 2001: Subleased to Britannia (Sweden) as SE-DZO.
Apr 2002: Returned to Britannia Airways.
Dec 2003: Subleased to Garuda Indonesia until Mar 2004.
Nov 2004: Airline rebrands as Thomsonfly.
Nov 2005: Subleased to Garuda Indonesia until Feb 2006.
May 2009: Airline rebrands as Thomson Airways.
May 2014: Aircraft sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
Oct 2017: Airline rebrands as TUI Airways.
Apr 2021: Withdrawn from service.
Nov 2021: Ferried to DGX for storage.
Jan 2022: Ferried to GYR for storage.
Mar 2022: Re-registered as N28883.

25 April 2022


N803AC (msn 210), a Dassualt Falcon 50 owned by Black Sand Aviation, is the newest business jet to be based at HNL.

15 April 2022

Batik Air's N282AV

The last of the trio of former Batik Air A320s that Nomadic Aviation is ferrying from ASP to MLB for the Aviation Capital Group, is N282AV (msn 8082), flying as OMD575.

8082's History:
Jan 2018: Delivered to Batik Air as PK-LZG, under lease from ACG.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.
Aug 2021: Ferried to ASP for storage, and registered as VP-CKC.
Mar 2022: Registered as N282AV.

14 April 2022

Batik Air's N417AV

The second of the three A320-214s ferried by Nomadic Aviation for the Aviation Capital Group, is N417AV (msn 7421), flying as OMD574.

7421's History:
Dec 2016: Delivered to Batik Air as PK-LUM, under lease from ACG.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.
Aug 2021: Ferried to ASP for storage, and registered as VP-CJZ.
Mar 2022: Registered as N417AV.

Batik Air's N623AV

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying three former Batik Air A320-214s from ASP to MLB (via CNS, MAJ, JRF, and PHX) today, for lessor Aviation Capital Group. These A320s will be prepped and leased to Avianca. The first of the trio is N623AV (msn 6823), and is flying as OMD523.

6823's History:
Nov 2015: Delivered to Batik Air as PK-LAS, under lease from GECAS.
Apr 2017: Acquired by ACG, and lease transferred.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.
Aug 2021: Ferried to ASP for storage, and registered as VP-CJP.
Mar 2022: Registered as N623AV.

11 April 2022


VP-COS (msn 4347), a white-tail A320-214, is making a stop at HNL, as it transits from CTU to SNN on a lease return to Avolon. It also made stops at ICN, GUM, PNI, TUS, BGR, and KEF.

4347’s History:
Jun 2010: Delivered to Nouvelair Tunisie as TS-ING, under lease from GECAS.
Nov 2011: Leased to Chengdu Airlines as B-6850.
Jly 2016: Sold to Avolon, and lease transferred.
Dec 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CTU.

09 April 2022

55 Years Of The 737

On this day, 55 years, ago, the first Boeing 737-100 made its first flight. Since then, nearly 11,000 models have been built over the years from the -100 to the -9MAX, and over 4,000 airframes are on order (including the new -7MAX and -10MAX variants).

Hawai‘i continues to play a pivotal part in the 737 program, as the islands have been home to operators Aloha Airlines, Aloha Air Cargo, TransAir Hawaii, and the US Air Force. Our state's airports have been used as a stopover point for new-build and used 737 delivery flights, as well as lease return ferry flights.

Currently, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines has 737 flights from the US mainland; Air Canada and WestJet Airlines have 737 service from Canada, and Fiji Airways has 737 service from Fiji.