29 December 2022


TVPX Trust Services is having N919RA (c/n 30174, l/n 1175) ferried from TPE to MZJ. This 737-809 is making stops at GUM and HNL.

30173's History:
Oct 2000: Delivered to China Airlines as B-18615.
May 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TPE.
Aug 2021: Ferried to TSA for storage.
Oct 2021: Ferried back to TPE for storage.
Dec 2022: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services, and registered as N919RA.

28 December 2022


TVPX Trust Services is having N111RA (c/n 30173, l/n 695) ferried from TPE to MZJ. This 737-809 is making stops at GUM and HNL.

30173's History:
Oct 2000: Delivered to China Airlines as B-18612.
Apr 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TPE.
Dec 2022: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services, and registered as N111RA.

27 December 2022


Elan Express is ferrying N394BR (c/n 30394, l/n 922), a 757-2G5 owned by BlackRock, for delivery to CargoJet Airways (Canada). It's flying from XMN to YHM (via GUM and ITO) as ELX394, and it will be re-registered as C-GCJB (f/n 512).

N394BR stopped through HNL this past July, en route to freighter conversion.

Otanjoobi Omedetoo Gozaimasu All Nippon Airways!

All Nippon Airways celebrates their 70th anniversary today. The airline began service to HNL in the late 1980s with 747-200Bs, and have gone through Boeing 767-300ERs, 777-200ERs, 777-300ERs, 787-8s, and 787-9s throughout the years. ANA is the only airline to have regularly scheduled Airbus A380 service to HNL.

Further 70th anniversary features on ANA's Instagram page.

25 December 2022

Mele Kalikimaka!

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a Merry Christmas! 

22 December 2022


Elan Express is ferrying N565WW (c/n 30565, l/n 802) from QPG to OPF, via ITO. This 767-3BGERF, owned by Northwest Aviation Leasing (part of the Saltchuk Group), is flying as ELX565. It's not known which Saltchuk subsidiary this 767 will be leased to.

N565WW stopped here in July 2022, on her way for freighter conversion.

19 December 2022

Hawai‘i Bowl Team Charters

This year's EasyPost Hawai‘i Bowl features the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders against the San Diego State Aztecs. They will play on 3:00P Christmas Eve at Ching Field (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa). Omni Air International 767-300s are brought in the teams from their respective cities this afternoon.

The Aztecs arrived first from SAN aboard N378AX (c/n 28147, l/n 611), a 767-33AER, as OAE208.

The Blue Raiders arrived two hours later aboard N351AX (c/n 27908, l/n 578), a 767-33AER, as OAE182 from BNA.

24 Dec 2022 UPDATE
Middle Tennessee pulled off a fourth quarter comeback to beat San Diego State, 25-23. Both teams will return home following the game via Omni Air International. The Aztecs will return to SAN as OAE231 aboard N378AX. The Blue Raiders will return to BNA as OAE207 aboard N351AX.

18 December 2022

Raya Airways' N769AX

Cargo Aircraft Management is ferrying N769AX (c/n 22787, l/n 58) from ILN to SZB, via HNL and GUM. This 767-281F will join the Raya Airways fleet as 9M-RXD.

22787's History:
Jun 1983: Delivered to All Nippon Airways as JA8481.
Mar 1998: Acquired by Airborne Express as N769AX (f/n 769), and converted to a freighter.
Aug 2003: Airline re-brands as ABX Air.
Oct 2010: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management, and leased back.
May 2006: Painted in the DHL livery, and operated by ABX Air.
Apr 2017: Leased to DHL International Aviation [Qatar] as A9C-DHM.
Nov 2022: Returned to Cargo Aircraft Management, and repainted for lease to Raya Airways.

24 Dec 2022 UPDATE
N769AX was towed to Taxiway R6 the day before, and left for GUM this afternoon.

Hawaiian Airlines' N393HA Hit By Severe Turbulence

Hawaiian Airlines' N393HA "Lehuakona" (msn 1422, f/n 393) was hit by severe turbulence about 30 minutes out of HNL as it was en route from PHX as HAL35. A total of 36 passengers were injured, including eleven that were seriously injured, aboard this A330-243.

Further information in this Hawaii News Now report.

16 December 2022

N117AA Assisting In Inter-Island Medevac Flights

Corsair Two's Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604, N117AA (msn 5060), operated by Aero Air, is assisting in inter-island medevac flights during Hawai‘i Life Flight's safety stand-down following the loss of N13GZ and her crew. Aero Air's operation is part of Governor Josh Green's emergency proclamation.

N117AA has been a frequent visitor to HNL as a private charter jet in the past, as seen in this 2017 photo as it sat on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

Air Med To Fill-in For Hawaii Life Flight

Air Med's small jets will be filling in for Hawai‘i Life Flight while the latter undergoes a safety stand-down following the loss of N13GZ and her crew. Both Air Med and Hawaii Life Flight are part of the Global Medical Response group.

Further information in this GMR article.

On a related note, Hawai‘i Governor Josh Green signed an emergency proclamation to allow out-of-state assets to temporarily operate during the HLF stand-down.

Further information in this KHON report.

Asia Pacific Airlines' N888LT To Fly For The USPS

Asia Pacific Airlines has rotated N888LT (c/n 25441, l/n 446) for the USPS contract flights between ONT and GSO. N757QM returned late last night.

15 December 2022

N13GZ Crashes Off Maui

Hawaii Life Flight's King Air C90, N13GZ (msn LJ-1590), crashed in the Alenuihaha Channel that runs between Maui and Hawai‘i Island. The King Air departed OGG just after 20:50HAST with three aboard, en route to MUE to pickup a patient. FlightRadar24 playback shows that N13GZ climbed to over 13,000' as made its way around the coastline off Hāna, then descend to a last known altitude of 8,000' off the coastline near Kaupo. FlightRadar24's playback also did not identify the tail number, nor the route.

A George's Aviation Piper PA-44 Seminole, N128AR (msn 44-96218) was in the vicinity of the King Air, and witnessed it going in the water. A US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey from the VMM-363 Lucky Red Lions, flying as LUCKY41, flew down and orbited the area until US Coast Guard assets arrived on scene. HC-130J 2007 and MH-65D 5648 scrambled out of JRF to the accident area.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the three aboard, their families, co-workers, and the USCG.

The above photo was taken in January 2021, as N13GZ taxied back to their ramp after an engine run-up.

Further details in this Hawaii News Now report, and this KITV report.

QantasLink's N944UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of N944UW (msn 19000058) today. This QantasLink-liveried ERJ-190AR is making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and MAJ, as UTY9815. It will overnight at HNL this evening.

N944UW's History:
Dec 2006: Delivered to US Airways (f/n 944).
Dec 2013: Transferred to the American Airlines fleet (f/n 944) following the merger with US Airways.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PIT, then ferried to ROW a month later.
Dec 2020: Acquired by Jetran to ferry to SJO, to prep for Alliance Airlines.

Smart Cakrawala Aviation's PK-SNN and PK-SNT

Smart Cakrawala Aviation [Indonesia] is taking delivery of a pair of Cessna C208B Grand Caravans, PK-SNN (msn 208B____) [top photo] and PK-SNT (msn 208B____). It's making their delivery flights from ICT to CGK, via SMX, HNL, and MAJ (other stops unknown).

N991AB Crashes

N991AB (msn WA-79), a Beech 77, painted in a very similar livery to the US Air Force's Thunderbirds, crashed shortly after take-off at LIH. Both on aboard survived, and were taken to Wilcox Hospital for treatment. According to the FAA Registry, this BE-77 was pending registration to an owner in Koloa, Kaua‘i.

Further details in this KITV report.

14 December 2022


Elan Express is ferrying N181AN (c/n 29591, l/n 852) from ROW to XMN, via HNL and GUM. This 757-223 is on its way to be converted to a freighter, and is flying as ELX181. After conversion, it will go to Cargojet Airways [W8/CJT] (Canada).

N181AN's History:
Feb 1999: Delivered to American Airlines (f/n 5EN).
Sep 2017: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ROW.
Jun 2021: Acquired by AerSale.
Nov 2022: Acquired by the Bank of Utah.

22 Dec 2022 UPDATE:
N181AN departed for GUM today, after being stuck here with maintenance issues.


The Bank of Utah is ferrying N111DP (c/n 33422, l/n 892) from MZJ to CAN, via HNL. This 767-33AERF is headed for freighter conversion then sale to SF Airlines. It will overnight at HNL.

33422's History:
Nov 2002: Delivered to Hawaiian Airlines as N589HA "Moli" [top photo], under lease from AWAS.
Feb 2015: Withdrawn from service.
May 2015: Leased to Air Canada Rouge as C-FIYE (f/n 694) [above photo].
Aug 2017: Sold to DAE Capital, and lease transferred.
Apr 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SNN.
Feb 2022: Ferried to MZJ for storage.
Nov 2022: Acquired by the Bank of Utah, and registered as N111DP.

13 December 2022

Caribbean Airlines' 9Y-GEO

Carlyle Partners is having a former Caribbean Airlines 737-8Q8 ferried from POS to TNA (via MIA, SBD, HNL, and GUM). 9Y-GEO (c/n 28225, l/n 433) is making an overnight stop at HNL tonight.

28225's History:
Dec 1999: Delivered to British West Indies Airways (BWIA), under lease from ILFC, as 9Y-GEO.
Jan 2007: Leased to Caribbean Airlines.
Jul 2007: Subleased to Transavia Holland as PH-HSX for a month.
Aug 2007: Returned to Caribbean Airlines and named "Spirit of Guyana".
Jan 2008: Painted in the current livery.
Jan 2011: Flew with Air Jamaica titles for one year.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
May 2019: Sold to Carlyle Partners, and lease transferred.
May 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at POS.

12 December 2022

All Nippon Airways' JA620A

All Nippon Airways is ferrying JA620A (c/n 40565, l/n 996) from HND to ILN, via HNL. This 767-381ER, flying as ANA9434, is making an overnight stop tonight. It appears that it will join the Cargo Aircraft Management's fleet, since ILN is their home base.

JA620A was delivered to ANA in November 2010.

09 December 2022

Coulson Aviation's N619SW

Coulson Aviation is ferrying its 737-300 firebomber, N619SW (c/n 28035, l/n 2762, f/n 139), from TRM [Thermal, CA] to BQB [Busselton, Australia], via ITO, PPG, and XRH for the Australian summer fire season. This 737-3H4 is flying as CUL139, is making an overnight stop at ITO.

N619SW's History:
Nov 1995: Delivered to Southwest Airlines.
Aug 2017: Withdrawn from service, and sold to Coulson Aviation.
Dec 2017: Ferried to IGM for storage.
Jun 2019: Ferried to CBS8 [Alberni Valley Regional] for tanker conversion.
May 2022: Ferried to ROW for testing and short-term storage.

Bonza's VH-UJK

Bonza is taking delivery of their third 737-8, VH-UJK (c/n 43974, l/n 7551), today. It's flying from BFI to MEL (via HNL and NAN) as its registration. This is Bonza's third former 737-8 that was not taken up by LOT as SP-LVI.

08 December 2022

RNZAF's NZ4801

NZ4801 (c/n 67017, l/n 9449) is the Royal New Zealand Air Force's first Boeing P-8A Poseidon, and is making its delivery flight from BFI to OHA, via HNL and NAN, as POSIDN1. This P-8A, the first of four, will be assigned to No. 5 Squadron, and these Poseidons will replace the current P-3K Orions.

Further information in this Boeing MediaRoom press release, and this RNZAF article.

07 December 2022


The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Gulfstream G-IV, N49RF "Gonzo" (msn 1246), is spending a few weeks at HNL for training. This G-IV arrived from LAL (via LGB) as NOAA49, this afternoon.

06 December 2022


NASA is deploying N802NA (c/n 83-0502) from PMD to KOA. This C-20A (Gulfstream III) will be making atmospheric test flights over the Mauna Loa volcanic eruption.

Antonov Airlines' UR-82008

Antonov Airlines's UR-82008 (c/n 19530501006, l/n 01-06) is making another stop at HNL, this time from SFB. This An-124-100M-150 is flying as ADB3459.

06 Dec 2022 UPDATE
UR-82008 departed this morning as ADB327F for YAMB.

03 December 2022


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying LATAM's CC-BDC (c/n 40591, l/n 1016) from MIA to QPG, via HNL, for freighter conversion. This 767-316ER, still in the LAN livery, is flying as OMD311, and will be making an overnight stop at HNL.

CC-BDC's History:
Nov 2011: Delivered to LAN Airlines [Chile].
May 2016: Transferred to the LATAM fleet following the LAN/TAM merger.

02 December 2022

QantasLink's N952UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of N952UW (msn 19000119) today. This QantasLink-liveried ERJ-190AR is making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and MAJ, as UTY9816. This E190 is due to be registered as VH-XVO.

19000119's History:
Oct 2007: Delivered to US Airways (f/n 952).
Dec 2013: Transferred to the American Airlines following the merger (f/n 952).
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PIT; then ferried to ROW a month later.
Apr 2021: Sold to Jetran.
Nov 2021: Sold to TVPX Trust Services for sale to Alliance Airlines.
Aug 2022: Ferried to SJO for Alliance Airlines changeover.

Hawaiian Airlines Honor Flight

As part of the 81st Pearl Harbor attack remembrance, Hawaiian Airlines flew in Pearl Harbor survivor Ira "Ike" Schwab and "Rosie The Riveters" Marian Wynn and Marian Souza from Portland (HAL25) aboard N386HA "Heiheionakeiki" (msn 1320), complete with a water cannon salute as the airliner taxied in.

A brief video on Hawaiian Airlines' Instagram Reel.