30 January 2016


Toll Airwork is taking delivery of N934NZ (c/n 24434, l/n 1912), a 737-476F. It's traveling from DHN to BNE, via OAK, HNL, and PPG.

24434 was originally delivered to Australian Airlines in September 1990 as VH-TJI. It was leased to Malaysian Airlines as 9M-MLD in October 1990, for two years. It was also leased to Air Vanuatu from November 1992 to March 1998. A month later, it joined the Qantas fleet, and named "Cloncurry". It flew for Qantas until February 2014, and was ferried to VCV. After it was converted to a freighter at DHN late last year, it was sold to Toll Airwork.

29 January 2016

Air Vanuatu's YV-AV8

Air Vanuatu is taking delivery of YV-AV8 (c/n 42052, l/n 5750) today. The 737-8SH is making its delivery flight from BFI as AVN7116, and will overnight at KOA instead of HNL.

Hainan's B-7171

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-7171 (c/n 60688, l/n 5731) today. The 737-86N, leased from GECAS, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CHH7171, and will overnight at HNL.

Xiamen's B-7178

Xiamen Air is taking delivery of B-7178 (c/n 40958, l/n 5756) today. The 737-85C is making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA7178, and will overnight at HNL. This is the airline's third 737-85C delivery within the past seven days. It's also wearing a commemorative decal noting that this is the 8,888th 737 built. The number eight is symbolic for the Chinese, as it is the number for prosperity.

28 January 2016

TAG Aviation B757-2K2

Four Seasons TAG Aviation UK's G-TCSX B757-2K2 on the ground at KOA 01/28/16.

Lion Air's PK-LPQ

Lion Air is taking delivery of PK-LPQ (c/n 39877, l/n 5747) today. The 737-8GP is making its delivery flight from BFI as LNI1, and will make a brief fuel stop at HNL, before continuing onto PNI and KUL.

Air China's B-7182

Air China's second of two 737-89L delivery flights today is B-7182 (c/n 44911, l/n 5725). It's making its delivery flight from BFI as CCA78, and will overnight at HNL.

Air China's B-7180

Air China is delivering a pair of 737-89Ls from BFI today. B-7180 (c/n 43410, l/n 5746), the first of the two, is making its delivery flight as CCA74, and will overnight at HNL.

27 January 2016

Hawaiian And Turkish Codeshare

Hawaiian Airlines and Turkish Airlines have entered into a codeshare agreement, where the latter carrier will add their THY flight code to the former's KIX and ICN flights.

Further details in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

Malindo Air To Become Batik Air Malaysia

The Lion Group announced that the Malindo Air brand will be re-branded as Batik Air Malaysia, as it moves to become a full-service airline, like its Indonesian sister airline.

Further information in this CH-Aviation article.

Xiamen's B-7179

Xiamen Air is taking delivery of B-7179 (c/n 40960, l/n 5745) today. The 737-85C, their second delivery within the past five days, is making its delivery flight from BFI to XMN as CXA7179, and will make an overnight stop at HNL.

26 January 2016

Donghai's B-5047

Donghai Airlines is ferrying B-5047 (c/n 24278, l/n 1660) from SZX to the mainland. The 737-341SF is making a stop at HNL.

24278 was originally delivered to Varig in December 1988 as PP-VOG. It was painted in the last Varig livery in 2000. GECAS purchased 24276 in September 2003, and converted to a freighter. In December 2003, it was sold to China Postal Airlines as B-5046. In 2008, it was painted as logo jet for EMS - Express Mail Service. Donghai Airlines acquired B-5046 in June 2010.

Donghai's B-5046

Donghai Airlines is also ferrying B-5046 (c/n 24276, l/n 1645) from SZX to the mainland. The 737-341SF is making an overnight stop at HNL.

24276 was originally delivered to Varig in December 1988 as PP-VOE. It was painted in the last Varig livery in 2000. GECAS purchased 24276 in September 2003, and converted to a freighter. In March 2004, it was sold to China Postal Airlines as B-5046. In 2008, it was painted as logo jet for EMS - Express Mail Service. Donghai Airlines acquired B-5046 in May 2010.

25 January 2016

Alaska Airlines Re-Brands

Today, Alaska Airlines revealed its first major re-branding in the past 25 years. The airline unveiled one of their 737-890s, N563AS (c/n 35180, l/n 2090), before a large group of airline employees at their SEA headquarters. Alaska's airport locations will also see the re-brand over the next several months, as well.

Further details in this Alaska Airlines press release.

KOA To Be The Next International Hub

In Hawai‘i Governor David Ige's State of the State address, he noted that he intends to designate KOA as the next major international destination airport in the state, through Capital Improvement Program funding. KOA's current international flight is by Westjet Airlines from YVR.

Japan Airlines conducted non-stop in-bound flights from NRT to KOA between 1996 and October 2010 with 747s and DC-10s, with return flight stopping over at HNL. In recent years, Hawaiian Airlines has made several applications for non-stop flights between KOA and HND in response to disputes with gate slots by other American carriers; to date however all of these applications have been denied and awarded to competitor airlines.

Governor Ige said he will also seek funding to modernize the passport control system for HNL, as well as general modernization for Hawai‘i airports.

24 January 2016

China Southern's B-2838

In a sales agreement between Boeing and China Southern Airlines, three 737-300s, and the 13 remaining 757-200s owned by China Southern will be bought back by Boeing. The buy-back of older airframes comes along with the news that China Southern has purchased 30 more 737-700/800s and 50 737 MAXs.

B-2838 (c/n 27260, l/n 613) arrived this afternoon from Macau [MFM] to VCV, via GUM and HNL, as CSN2005. The 21-year-old 757-2Z0 was delivered to China Southern Airlines back in May 2nd, 1994.

23 January 2016


N599GL (c/n 27384, l/n 2673), a former Malaysia Airlines 737-4H6, is ferrying from BKI [Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia] to the mainland. It's owned by Onix Trade Corp (Miami, FL), and is making a stop from MAJ.

27384 was delivered to Malaysia Airlines in December 1994 as 9M-MQK. In April 1998, it was leased to Shaheen Air for seven months. It was acquired by Onix Trade Corp in October 2015.

01.28.16 Update
N599GL is scheduled to depart for PHX today.

22 January 2016

Xiamen's B-7177

Xiamen Air is taking delivery of B-7177 (c/n 41394, l/n 5736) today. The 737-85C is making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA7177, and will overnight at HNL.

21 January 2016

Japan TransOcean Air's JA01RK

Japan TransOcean Air is taking delivery of its first 737-8Q3 today. JA01RK (c/n 61475, l/n 5722) is making its delivery flight from BFI as JTA9851, and will overnight at HNL.

19 January 2016

Atlas Air To Acquire Southern Air

AirCargoNews.net is reporting that Atlas Air's parent company, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings will acquire rival Southern Air Holdings.

Hawaiian and jetBlue Expand Codeshare

Hawaiian Airlines announced that they, and jetBlue Airlines are expanding their codeshare agreement, that will result in further routes that Hawaiian will have the JBU flight code associated with Neighbor Island service, as HAL flight codes on jetBlue's mainland network, where the two airlines have the same destination.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

17 January 2016

Ex-Qantas N207CR

A 767-338ER formerly belonging to Qantas Airways flew its way out of the desert in Victorville, California today. It's making its way to QPG for freighter conversion.

N207CR (c/n 29118, l/n 713) was delivered to Qantas on August 4th, 1998 as VH-OGU, and named "Byron Bay". It flew with Qantas until the entire fleet of their 767s was retired in favor of A330s in December 2014. "Byron Bay" will join China-based cargo carrier SF Airlines, along with 4 other ex-Qantas sister-ships (VH-OGP, VH-OGQ, VH-OGR, VH-OGT) as converted freighters.

16 January 2016

China Eastern's B-7375

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of B-7375 (c/n 41482, l/n 5720) today. The 737-89P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES9001, and will overnight at HNL.

15 January 2016

12 Marines From MCAF Kāne‘ohe Bay Missing

12 Marines aboard two Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallions are missing after the two helicopters collided off of Hale‘iwa last night. The Marines and the helicopters are from the 463rd Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron (HMH-463) / 1st Marine Air Wing (MAW) at MCAF Kāne‘ohe Bay. Debris has been spotted a few miles offshore, and many agencies are participating in the search. The thoughts and prayers of the entire HNL RareBirds team goes out to all those involved in this incident.

Continuing coverage from Hawaii News Now.

WestJet Starts Own 767 Operations to Hawai‘i

WestJet Airlines started their seasonal 767-338ER operations to Hawaii‘ this past Sunday from Canada. C-FOGJ  (c/n 25274, l/n 396) is one of four ex-Qantas 767-388ERs that WestJet acquired to add capacity for it's Hawai‘i network. They also plan to expand to Europe and Jamaica later this year with their 767s.

Omni Air International 767-200s were wet-leased in the beginning of this winter season until Westjet's own 767-338ERs completed ETOPS certifications.

14 January 2016

Hawaiian Air Reveals Maui Expansion

USA Today reports the Hawaiian Airlines CEO Mark Dunkerley revealed to the Maui Chamber of Commerce that the airline intends to expand operations at OGG in the near future, as it will begin receiving A321neos in 2017. With 16 of the new engine version of the A321, Dunkerley said that Hawaiian will expand more mainland flights from OGG, and other Neighbor Island airports to the US west coast, along with routes from HNL to smaller markets.

On another note, Hawaiian will return to JHM with their ‘Ohana by Hawaiian subsidiary, once the Hawai‘i Department of Transportation installs Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights on JHM's Runway 2/20, and certified by the FAA. No launch date was given.

13 January 2016

Lion Air's PK-LPO

Lion Air's PK-LPO (c/n 39876, l/n 5726) is the first 737NG delivery flight to stop through HNL for 2016. The 737-8GP is making its delivery flight from BFI as LNI1, and will make a brief fuel stop before continuing onto PNI.

11 January 2016


Japan Airlines is ferrying JA8943 (c/n 28395, l/n 196) from HND to SBD, with a stop at HNL, for storage (and eventual parting out and scrapping). The 777-346 has been painted all-white.

JA8943 was originally delivered to JAL in February 1999 in the Landor livery. It was painted in the "Arc of the Sun" livery in 2005, and the current livery in 2012.

06 January 2016

PacifiCap To Acquire Island Air

The Honolulu Star*Advertiser is reporting that two PacifiCap affiliates will be purchasing a controlling share of Island Air from Larry Ellison, a week after the sale was announced. Included in the article, is a plan to add a sixth ATR72.

05 January 2016

Delta To Switch SEA Flights To 737-932ERs

World Airline News and Airline Route are reporting that Delta Air Lines will switch aircraft types for their SEA-HNL (DAL2210), and SEA-KOA (DAL1287 / 1350) flights in April. The airline will go from their 757-200s to their 737-932ERs. No word was given if the current 757-200 service between SEA and OGG (DAL1397 / 1768) will be affected.

03 January 2016


2-TBXH (msn 540), an A320-232, formerly with Sichuan Airlines [3U/CSC] (China), is making its ferry flight from CAN to GYR (via GUM and HNL), as it's being returned to its lessor. It's scheduled to make a brief fuel stop at HNL.

540 was originally purchased by ILFC, and leased to Sichuan Airlines in December 1995 as B-2340. From July 2008 to June 2010, it was sub-leased to United Eagle Airlines [EU/UEA] (China), wearing a hybrid livery. In May 2014, ILFC sold this A320 to AerCap, and the lease with Sichuan continued until this past month, where B-2340 was withdrawn from service to be returned to AerCap.

01 January 2016

Virgin Australia's VH-ZPA

Virgin Australia is ferrying VH-ZPA "Apollo Beach" (msn 19000148) from BNE to BNA (via APW, HNL, and VNY) for maintenance. The E190 is making the flight as VOZ9901, and will overnight at HNL.

Delta's N722DA

Our January 2016 edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to January 2005, with this former Delta Air Lines L-1011-385-1 TriStar 1, N722DA (msn 193C-1147), that made a stop at HNL on its way to BKK to join the Thai Sky Airlines fleet as HS-AXA.

N722DA was delivered to Delta in November 1977 from the Lockheed plant in Palmdale, CA, and served with the airline until October 1998, where it was placed into storage at VCV. It was sold to Jet Midwest in April 2004, then J&J Holdings (Hong Kong) seven months later. It made a ferry flight from VCV to CAN (via OAK and HNL) for an overhaul. It joined the Thai Sky Airlines in February 2005, but was withdrawn from use in April 2006, and was stripped for spare parts. It's assumed that this TriStar has been scrapped.

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a Happy New Year! May you all have a blessed and prosperous 2016!

This year is also our website's 10th Anniversary! We will be unveiling a commemorative logo in the immediate future.