31 October 2008

Hawaiian 767's Passing On Taxiways G And L

With HA parking more 767s at the Interisland Terminal, it was only a matter of time when I would see 2 767s would be passing each other on taxiways Golf and Lima. Well, that's what happened this past Saturday when N596HA was towed out and N591HA was coming in. The grass area between Golf and Lima is quite wide, but doesn't look it from a distance.

However, there is a fence along Golf that is really close to the taxiway. The wingtips won't hit the fence, but there is a light pole at the end of the taxiway that would cause some major damage if the aircraft was more than a few feet off the center line. The wingtip is probably 10-15 feet from the fence line.

I don't know why they did it, but 591 was not taxiing into a gate in the Interisland Terminal. In the first picture, the aircraft was stopped at that point even though there was more than enough space for it to taxi past 596. Holding an aircraft and blocking the taxiway to the interisland ramp didn't seem to be the best thing to do since they sat there for around 10 minutes. Apparently, 591 was holding for a gate in the Overseas side since after I took the second picture and turned off my camera, it made a u-turn at the end of Golf onto Lima. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that as it was quite cool to see it happen and the fact that the jet blast was deflected up and hit me in the face 3 stories up.

BTW, for those who haven't seen it, check out the new Aloha Air Cargo livery in the background. (Sorry, but it was just there.)

30 October 2008

NW & DL Merger Finalized

The merger of Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines was completed when the federal government approved it this week. The merger will carry on the Delta name and branding, while the Northwest name and branding will fade away the same way Western Airlines did when Delta bought them in 1986.

What will this mean for Hawai‘i? Flights may be consolidated (LAX and SFO?), and we will begin to see NW aircraft in hybrid DL colors within a few months.

Guess we will get to see NW 744s and A333s in full DL colors within a year or so. Get you NW shots while you can!

Top photo: Delta's 767-432ER, N837MH (c/n 29710), is seen rotating from Runway 22L.

Above photo: Northwest's A330-323X, N805NW (msn 552) is seen at Gate 12 being readied for its return to NRT.

29 October 2008

Japan Coast Guard's GV - JA500A

This ultra-long-range maritime search and surveillance GV variant was delivered to the Japan Coast Guard on January 17, 2005. Known as the “Umi Washi” (Sea Eagle), the aircraft is one of two, equipped with a Thales high performance maritime surveillance radar and FLIR system.

It dropped in to HNL this morning and after a quick visit by Customs was whisked into Castle & Cooke's hangar.

28 October 2008

Garuda's MD-11

In the mid-90s, Garuda Indonesian Airlines (GA/GIA) used to fly to HNL from CGK as a re-fueling stop on its way to LAX, using MD-11s. The one seen above, is seen taxiing on Taxiway RT to Runway 26L. I don't remember which destination it was flying to, nor its flight number.

One of GA's MD-11s was involved in a tail-strike while landing on Runway 4R, back in 1997. Late one evening, I was at home listening to my scanner, while having a cigarette on my lanai, I watched flights make their over-water approach for 4R. A GA flight was cleared to land, and made a normal final. However, the pilot requested to go around, and immediately throttled up to gain altitude. The MD-11 made a wide right turn that overflew my building before heading back out over the ocean for another try at landing. The pilot reported to the controller after the second landing, that there was a tail-strike on the first attempt. That MD-11 was parked on the south ramp, next to the CO hangar, for almost three weeks while technicians and mechanincs from McDonnell-Douglas inspected the bird. Scaffolding was erected around the rear section of the fuselage, and tarp was placed over the damaged section. The wounded bird was eventually ferried to LGB for repairs.

JTA's JA8954

Today's HNL RareBirds Classic features JTA, Japan TransOcean Air (NU/JTA), it is a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, that is a regional carrier based in Naha, Okinawa, and serves the southwestern region of Japan. Before being acquired by JAL, JTA was known as Southwest Air Lines, and is not to be confused with USA's Southwest Airlines (WN/SWA), though both operate an all-737 fleet.

JTA's JA8954 (c/n 24130), a 737-4K5, seen above in front of the Circle Rainbow Aviation hangar, on its delivery flight. It remains with JTA and flies in the current JTA/JAL colors. JA8954 was orignally delivered to Hapag-Lloyd (Germany) as D-AHLQ in 1990, then sold to JTA in 1998.

27 October 2008

JAL MD-11 JA8582

This pre-RareBird blog post features an MD-11 from JAL. This photo from September 24, 2004 as one of the few times that JAL has flown the MD-11 to HNL. This also happened to be the last time JAL used the MD-11 to HNL.

The MD-11 has had performance issues and as a result, poor sales for the passenger version and a short service life as a passenger aircraft with most airlines. This has also meant that very few have visited HNL from the carriers that have operated the passenger versions, which is a big turn around from all the airlines that have used the DC-10 to HNL.

26 October 2008

China Yunnan's B-2640

Today's HNL RareBird Classic goes back to 1998, when China Yunnan Airlines (3Q/CYH) took delivery of B-2640 (c/n 29913), a 737-7W0. It's seen here being readied for departure on the 8L side of the south ramp.

China Yunnan Airlines was taken over by China Eastern Airlines in 2003, and B-2640 wears the MU colors.

25 October 2008

Saudi Arabian Royal Flight's HZ-HM5

Dating back to 1994, is today's HNL RareBird Classic, a Saudi Arabian Royal Flight L-1011-385-3 "TriStar 500", HZ-HM5 (msn 193G-1250). This TriStar was used by the Royal Saudi Family, and it spent several days on the HNL south ramp. It's seen above wearing the classic Saudia (SV/SVA) colors, and has been re-painted in the current colors.

A few years after this photo was taken, other Saudia airliners have been seen at HNL, once there were a pair of SV 747-300s, along with a Gulfstream G-IV, and a Lockheed L-100 "Hercules", occupying HNL's south ramp. The 743s were actually parked on Taxiway F parallel to Runway 4L (similar to the AQ parkings in March). In August 2006, an SV 777-200 was at HNL for a few days.

24 October 2008

F-16s in HNL

Took this slightly blurry shot while taxiing for the "Reef Runway", on the morning of 24 Oct.

JAL 50th Anniversary Livery

This pre-blog classic, features one of JAL's 747-400s, JA8906. Back in February 2, 2004, JAL celebrated its 50th anniversary of international flying. To commerate, JAL had a special livery which consisted of a full size decal of the aircraft that flew that flight, the DC-6B, as well as a special Hawaii decal. They also flew a special charter flight from HND to HNL on that day as well as a special tour flight around Oahu. Even with the Hawaii decals, JA8906 was never a regular visitor to HNL during the time it wore this special livery. JA8906 no longer carriers passengers as it has been converted to a 747-400BCF and flies with JAL Cargo titles.

(The pictures above were taken on August 25, 2004)

22 October 2008

China Southwest's B-2856

Today's edition of HNL RareBirds Classics is a China Southwest Airlines (SZ/CXN) 757-2Z0, B-2856 (c/n 29793), that's seen above when it made its stop over at HNL during its delivery flight from BFI.

In 2002, Air China acquired China Southwest, and in mid-2004, B-2856 received its CA colors.

B-2856 was also leased to Royal Nepal Airlines, but the China Southwest livery was kept, with only a change of titles.

21 October 2008

Ex-Singapore A310

In today's pre-HNL RareBird blog post (I'm leaving the classic title to Bluewave since my pictures only date from 2004)...Back at the end of March 2004, an ex-SQ A310 stopped over on its way to the mainland. It had all its titles painted over. Sorry, I couldn't see the registration as I was in the middle of working a flight and it wasn't clear enough to make out on my 2MP camera.

20 October 2008

Hainan Airlines 767-300ER

A Hainan Airlines 767-300ER made a stop at HNL from HAK/ZJHK (Haikou, China). Not sure where this 763 is headed.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

This the 600th post for the HNL RareBirds blog.

China Xinjiang's B-2851

Today's edition of HNL RareBirds Classics is a China Xinjiang Airlines (XO/CXJ) 757-28S, B-2851 (c/n 29215), which is made its HNL stopover on its delivery flight.

China Xinjiang was bought out by China Southern Airlines in 2003, and B-2851 currently wears CZ colors.

ANA's Pokemon Jet

This pre-HNL Rarebird blog post features ANA's International Pokemon Jet, JA8962, a 747-481. This aircraft visited HNL on January 22, 2004 and was an extra section flight. I was lucky enough to be working outside and at the next gate when it landed and taxied in. Starting from the nose is Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Psyduck, Squirtle, and Blubasaur. The other side features different Pokemon with Pikachu.

ANA had 4 aircraft wearing 4 different Pokemon liveries. 2 747-400Ds and 1 767-300 for domestic routes, and 1 747-400 for international routes. JA8962 no longer wears this livery.

18 October 2008

Hainan's B-2576

Today's HNL RareBird Classic is B-2576, a Hainan Airlines 737-44P (c/n 29915), that was delivered in April 1999. It's seen above on the Circle Rainbow Air ramp in the Plum Blossom special livery. As of May 2008, B-2576 is still in this livery.

Note the tail of a Mahalo Airlines F-27A that had been parked there for quite a while, before being ferried to the mainland, after Mahalo had shutdown.

17 October 2008

JAL's 15th 737-846

After a long delay due to the Boeing strike, JAL is finally taking delivery of it's 15th 737-846. JA315J arrived in HNL on October 17 and left for MAJ on October 18. This aircraft is wearing Japan Airlines titles.

China Airlines Special Livery A330-302

Today, CI's flight was operated by B-18311, which is in a special livery called "Fruit Sweet." This livery features various fruits and the word "Sweet" on the rear half fuselage.

Sorry, no picture of it in HNL, but here's a link to airliners.net with pictures of B-18311 in this livery.


16 October 2008

Korean Air 777-3B5 HL7533

Here's a RareBird Classic from my files. Korean used to fly their 777-3B5's on their ICN-HNL flight twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays). This is HL7533 back in January 2004. I don't exactly remember when Korean stopped using the 777-300 on this route, but want to say that it was in mid to late 2005 as I have a picture of HL7573 and HL7714 from April 2005.

China Airlines' B-18601

Today's edition of HNL RareBirds Classic features China Airlines' 737-809, B-18601 (c/n 28402). It's seen above resting at HNL's south side during its delivery flight from BFI.

From November 2000 to October 2001, B-18601 flew with China's subsidiary, Mandarin Airlines.

In 2006, B-18601 received a set of Aviation Partners Boeing Blended Winglets.

15 October 2008

Aloha Air Cargo Unveils New Look

Aloha Air Cargo has revealed their new corporate image with N840AL being the first to receive the new colors. The new look was unveiled before the employees, corporate partners, and the media in the Aloha hangar.

Because I was an invited guest, I am precluded from posting any of the event photos for 30 days ... and they are asking the same for my fellow Hawai‘i photographers.

Mokulele Formally Announces Expansion

Representatives from Mokulele Airlines and Republic Airways announced today, of their new inter-island venture using Embraer ERJ-170s.

The Honolulu Advertiser's coverage the Mokulele announcement.

Good to hear that quite a number of former AQ employees were hired!

14 October 2008

Hainan's N574GE

In this edition of HNL RareBirds Classic, we return to 1998, when Hainan Airlines took delivery of N574GE, which was re-registered as B-2636 (c/n 28574), a 737-86N, that was leased from GECAS. B-2636 still wears the colors above, and has yet to receive the current red and yellow Hainan colors.

Note the Hawaiian Air DC-9-50 departing Runway 8L behind N574GE's tail, and the Continental Airlines DC-10-30 parked on the north ramp hardstands in the background right of the nose. N574GE was parked in the area now occupied by Nui Air.

12 October 2008

Mandarin Airlines' B-1862

Todays' HNL RareBirds Classic is Manadarin Airlines' 747SP-09, B-1862 (c/n 21300), which is seen above at Gate 24. This photo was taken in 1996, when we could spot in the terminal. Mandarin Airlines (AE / MDA) is a subsidiary of China Airlines.

21300 has also served with China Airlines, Air Gulf Falcon (QL / GLN - Swaziland), and Kinshasa Airways (KNS - Democratic Republic of the Congo).

11 October 2008

Icelandair 757

An Icelandair 757 visited HNL today, October 11, for a fuel stop. This aircraft is being used on an around-the-world tour for Abercrombie & Kent. The tour started in LAX and arrived in HNL as ICE1440. The flight arrived around 12:45 and was scheduled to leave around 14:00 for PPT. However, it looks like it left around 16:20. Not sure of the registration, but apparently the fuselage is all-white with Abercrombie & Kent titles and the tail is a dark blue with a white "&".

Sorry, but no pictures of it in HNL.

Details of the tour can be found here:

10 October 2008

Shenzhen's B-2633

As promised, I will be posting some classic HNL RareBirds shots from my film camera days (my Canon point-n-shoot).

This one dates to ten years ago this month, when Shenzhen Airlines took delivery of B-2633 (c/n 29190), a 737-79K. It's seen above parked fronting the former Circle Rainbow Air (now Castle & Cooke Aviation) building.

Ten years later, B-2633 is still with Shenzhen, and now wears the current red and gold Shenzhen colors.

08 October 2008

Republic Airways / Mokulele Partnership?

Updating yesterday's post ....

The Honolulu Advertiser reports that Republic Airways and KOA-based Mokulele AIrlines will be forming a partnership where Republic will supply flight and cabin crews, and the ERJ-170s to compete against go! and Hawaiian Air.

07 October 2008

Shuttle America To Serve Hawai‘i?

Regional carrier Shuttle America (S5 / TCF - Windsor Locks, CT) is proposing inter-island service here in Hawai‘i. On the Airliners.net Civil Aviation Forum, there is a thread series entitled Shuttle America In Hawai‘i?". The formal annoucement is expected in a week, or so. A copy of their formal letter to employees is posted on Reply #30. They are choosing to use Embraer ERJ-170s on this proposed inter-island operation.

Will update this as it develops ... This is news to me, and will definitely check my sources around town.

Shuttle America's fleet info from PlaneSpotters.net

Shuttle America flies the Embraer ERJ-170 for United Express and Delta Connection, and is a subsidiary of Republic Airways, Inc.

06 October 2008

Picture of HA's "new" 717-22A

Here's the first of Hawaiian's "new" 717-200s, N483HA, `Anianiau. This aircraft isn't actually new to Hawaiian's fleet. A check of the FAA registry, shows this aircraft's serial number as 55128. If you look up this serial number in the airliners.net photo database, you will find this aircraft in Hawaiian's livery back in 2002-2003.

This aircraft was one of the two returned back to Boeing and had the same registration. It originally entered Hawaiian's fleet as N483HA, `Akiapola`au. In 2003, it was returned back to Boeing and then went to AirTran as N604AT. AirTran then returned the aircraft back to Boeing in August 2008 when the leased ended. Now, it is back with Hawaiian with the same registration, but a new name.

The next three 717s will be ex-QantasLink aircraft

02 October 2008

Air Pacific To End HNL Service

Fiji's Air Pacific has announced that they will be terminating the NAN - HNL - YVR route (FJI820 / FJI821) at the end of November, citing rising fuel costs.

The Fiji Times coverage of this announcement.

In the above photo from 2005, Air Pacific's DQ-FJF (c/n 28878), a 737-7X2, is seen during its push back from Gate 29, to leave for YVR.

Hawaiian's New 712s

Hawaiian AIr received the first of four "new" Boeing 717-200s that were formerly with QantasLink.

KHNL News8's article link to the new 712.

New Aloha Air Cargo Livery

Saltchuk is finally coming out with a new livery for Aloha Air Cargo. The first aircraft to have the new livery is N840AL. This aircraft arrived in HNL this morning after heavy maintenance in Costa Rica. And here it is:

Just kidding...They are being really careful to keep the new livery a secret. The whole aircraft is white to hide the livery.

So far, what is known is that the main color is lime green with the dark blue and orange from the AQ livery. "Aloha" in orange and "Air Cargo" in the lime green is written across the whole fuselage as well as the engines. The tail was covered in black plastic, but appears to be mostly lime green with the dark blue making some kind of design.

If you look closely, you can see a lime green mast/antenna on the tail cone that wasn't painted white. They even painted over the titles on the engines.

For a sneak peek, check out the picture from the airliners.net forums:


01 October 2008

It Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Over the years HNL has evolved to accommodate millions of passengers and an increase in traffic that far exceeded what the original airport was designed for. Here we see a view form 2000 with the Ewa, Main, and Diamond Head Terminals.

The classic view of HNL in the 1960's with the dominant carriers, Pan American and United. The roof of the Y shaped gates was the best location to view the new jets that were increasing in frequency to the islands.
In this view facing west, we see the main John Rodgers Terminal at Honolulu International Airport as well as the Inter Island terminal around 1963. Three Pan American 707's and one United DC-8 are at their gates. No, it doesn't look like this anymore.