31 May 2022


N4291Z (msn 208B5670), a new build Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, is making its delivery flight to its new home from IDP to OOL [Gold Coast, Australia], via HNL and PPG. It arrived from MCE yesterday. After its arrival at OOL, it will be registered as VH-CUY, owned by Curley Equipment Pty Ltd..

02 Jun 2022 UPDATE
N4291Z departed for PPG early this morning.

Department of Justice's N119NA

The US Department of Justice's 757-223, N119NA (c/n 24487, l/n 236), is making a stop at HNL from MHR as JENA2 today, then continue onto OGG.

24487's History:
Jly 1989: Delivered to American Airlines as N611AM (f/n 611).
Apr 2012: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to ROW for storage.
Aug 2012: Ferried to GVT for storage.
Nov 2014: Acquired by L3 Communications as N119NA.
Mar 2015: Acquired by the US Department of Justice.

MYAirline's N220FR

Malaysia's newest airline, MYAirline, is taking delivery of its first A320-200, N220FR (msn 5661). This A320-214 is being delivered from GYR to KUL (via HNL, MAJ, and GUM), by Nomadic Aviation, as OMD191. It will be registered as 9M-DAC, and under lease from the Aviation Capital Group (ACG).

MYAirline will also lease two A320-216s from Aircastle, HS-ABK (msn 4088) and HS-ABL (msn 4126) both formerly with Thai AirAsia.

N220FR's History:
Jun 2013: Delivered to Frontier Airlines (f/n 220), with the "Finn The Tiger Shark" tail livery, and under lease from ACG.
Apr 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at GYR two months later.

30 May 2022

Japan Airlines' JA771J

Japan Airlines is ferrying JA771J (c/n 27656, l/n 437) from HND to MHV, via HNL, as JAL8132. This OneWorld-liveried 777-246, is being retired, and will be parted out, then scrapped.

JA771J's History:
May 2003: Delivered to Japan Airlines, in the "Arc of the Sun" livery.
Aug 2005: "JAL Family Jet" decal applied, lasted until December.
Apr 2007: "Book First" decals, lasted for one year.
May 2009: Painted as a "OneWorld" logo jet.
Dec 2012: Remains as a "OneWorld" logo jet, but with "Tsurumaru" logo.
Feb 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at HND.

25 May 2022

Mokulele To Receive Two Saab 340Bs

Mokulele Airlines' parent company, Southern Airways Express, is bringing in a pair of Saab 340Bs to compliment their Cessna C208B fleet. They will be assigned to MKK and LNY flights, and cabins configured to accommodate 30 passengers, and be wearing the Southern livery.

The first SF340B is currently registered as N679PA (msn 340B-345), and will be re-registered as N95SA "The Phil LeFevre" . The second SF340B is currently registered as N334CJ (msn 340B-334), and will be re-registered as N79SA "The Phil Trenary.".

News coverage by KHON2.

340B-345's History:
Sep 1993: Delivered to Simmons Airlines as N345SB (f/n SDG), leased from AMR Leasing Corporation, operating for American Eagle.
Mar 1994: Leased to Wings West Airlines, to operate for American Eagle.
May 1998: Leased to American Eagle Airlines.
Oct 2005: Sold to Saab Aircraft Leasing, and leased to Pen Air as N345CV.
Feb 2006: Re-registered as N679PA (f/n 679).
Oct 2010: Sold to Turbo Lease, and lease transferred.
___ 2012: Painted the last Pen Air livery.
Oct 2017: Withdrawn from service, and stored at BGR.
Jan 2018: Ferried to SGF for storage.
Mar 2022: Ferried to DUJ for preparation and testing for Southern Airways Express.

340B-334's History:
Apr 1993: Delivered to Metroflight as N334AE (f/n SCY), leased from AMR Leasing Corporation, operating for American Eagle.
May 1993: Leased to Simmons Airlines, to operate for American Eagle.
Jun 1994: Leased to Wings West Airlines, to operate for American Eagle.
May 1998: Leased to American Eagle Airlines (f/n 334).
Oct 2002: Sold to Chicago Express Airlines as N312CE (f/n 312), to operate for ATA Connection.
May 2005: Sold to Colgan Air as N334CJ (f/n 334), to operate for Continental Connection.
Oct 2012: Operated by Colgan Air for United Express.
Dec 2013: Sold to Seaborne Airlines (f/n 334).
Feb 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SGF.
Apr 2022: Ferried to CES5 [Centralia, ON] for preparation to Southern Airways Express.

Hickam-based C-17A Delivers Baby Formula

05-5149 (c/n 50157, l/n F-156), a C-17A Globemaster III based at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, transported the first emergency shipment of baby formula from Rammstein Air Base, Germany to Indianapolis, IN for Operation Fly Formula. The C-17A is part of the active duty 535th Airlift Squadron "Tigers" / 15th Wing, and the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 204th Airlift Squadron "Nā Pueo" / 154th Wing, as part of the US Air Force's Total Force Integration, which combines both active duty and air guard crews.

Further information in this 15th Wing news release.


N223DP (c/n 30108, l/n 771), a 767-375ER, is ferrying from MZJ to Asia, via HNL, for freighter conversion. Planespotters.net lists that it will go to SF Airlines after conversion.

30108's History:
Nov 1999: Delivered to Canadian Airlines International as C-GEOU (f/n 648), under lease from GECAS.
Mar 2001: Integrated into the Air Canada fleet after the merger with Canadian.
Dec 2009: Painted in the full 2008 livery.
Feb 2017: Transferred to Air Canada Rouge.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MLB.
Jun 2020: Ferried to MZJ for storage.
Jly 2021: Acquired by the Bank of Utah.

05 Jun 2022 UPDATE
N223DP continued onto QPG early this morning. This segment was delayed due to a cracked windshield.

Virgin Australia's VH-VOS

Southern Cross International is ferrying Virgin Australia's VH-VOS "Chiton Rocks" (c/n 33800, l/n 1483) from BNE to MIA, via MAJ, HNL, and TUS. This 737-8FE, on its lease return ferry flight, is flying as SXI2227. It's due to be registered as 2-VVOS, and undergo freighter conversion.

VH-VOS's History:
May 2004: Delivered to Virgin Blue, named "Kimberley Cutie".
May 2011: Airline rebrands as Virgin Australia, and aircraft renamed "Chiton Rocks".
Mar 2019: Sold to Bocomm Leasing, and leased back.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at BNE.

24 May 2022

FAA Proposes Rhoades Aviation AOC Revocation

The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed to revoke the Air Operators Certificate for Rhoades Aviation (dba TransAir Hawaii) for numerous safety violations. The proposal cites general violations, as well as violations with their 737-200 operations. Their four 737-200Fs have been grounded since the crash of N810TA in July 2021.  Rhoades Aviation has 15 days to respond to the FAA notice.

However, the lone passenger 737-2Q8/Adv, N413JG (c/n 23148, l/n 1059) has been operating as MUI1 quite frequently of late. It's not flying under Rhoades' RDS flight code, as it's registered to TransAir Hawaii.

TransAir Hawaii's Short SD360s have continued to operate cargo flights.

Further information in this FAA News Alert.

25 May 2022 UPDATE
According to the Star*Advertiser, Rhoades Aviation plans to dispute the FAA's proposal.

On another note, Transair Hawaii sold their 737-4Q8F, N251AU (c/n 25104, l/n 2476), to Frontera Flight Holdings this past April. It was re-registered as N388TM, and ferried from DHN to SLW. It's due to be sold to Aeronaves TSM [México].

20 May 2022

Asiana Airlines' A350 Flights

For the past few weeks, Asiana Airlines has been flying their A350-941s between ICN and HNL as AAR2323/2313. The additional flights, that began on May 8th, have been operating every three days. It's not known how long this supplemental flights will last.

Asiana has resumed its A330-300 service, AAR232/231, though on a reduced frequency of Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays; and will go daily in July.

23 May 2022 UPDATE
Asiana's A350 flights ends today.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying LATAM Cargo's CC-CXK (c/n 37802, l/n 987) from SIN to MIA, via HNL, as OMD211. This 767-316ERF will be joining LATAM Cargo's Colombian subsidiary.

CC-CXK's History:
Feb 2010: Delivered to LAN Airlines Chile.
May 2016: Airline rebrands as LATAM after the merger between LAN and TAM.
Dec 2021: Ferried to SIN for freighter conversion.

18 May 2022

Virgin Australia's VH-VPE

Virgin Australia is ferrying VH-VPE "Noosa Heads Beach" (c/n 37939, l/n 964) from TWB to the mainland for storage. This 777-3ZG is making stops at BNE, NAN, and HNL.

VH-VPE's History:
Feb 2009: Delivered to V Australia, but stored at VCV for two months before entering service.
Dec 2011: Airline rebrands as Virgin Australia.
Mar 2014: VH-VPE repainted to current livery.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SYD.
Oct 2020: Ferried to WTB for onward storage.

16 May 2022

QantasLink's N965UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of their next QantasLink ERJ-190AR, N965UW (msn 19000198). It's making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE (via SDM, HNL, and MAJ), as UTY9814. It will be registered as VH-UZK after its arrival.

19000198's History:
Aug 2008: Delivered to US Airways as N965UW (f/n 965).
Jan 2010: Leased to Republic Airways to operate for Midwest Airlines as N172HQ.
May 2010: Painted in Frontier Airlines livery, "Stu The Rabbit" tail.
Dec 2012: Returned to US Airways as N965UW (f/n 965).
Dec 2013: Transferred to the American Airlines fleet following the merger.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PIT, ferried to ROW a month later.
Aug 2021: Acquired by Jetran for preparation to deliver to Alliance Airlines.
Feb 2022: Ferried to SJO.

06 May 2022

Icelandair's TF-FIC

Icelandair's TF-FIC "Magni" (c/n 30735, l/n 931), their Abercrombie & Kent logo jet 757-23N, has made a stop at HNL from BFI as ICE1408. This flight, which originated from KEF, is part of the around-the-globe charter flight that Abercrombie & Kent are known for.

30735's History:
Jun 2000: Delivered to American Trans Air as N526AT (f/n 526).
Mar 2003: Airline re-brands as ATA Airlines.
Feb 2006: Acquired by GECAS, and leased to VIM Airlines as EI-LTY.
Jly 2008: Leased to Aurela as LY-SKJ.
Mar 2011: Acquired by Icelandair as TF-FIC.
May 2011: Operated for the United Nations.
Mar 2012: Leased to Air Niugini.
Apr 2014: Returned to Icelandair.

05 May 2022


N205UW (c/n 30887, l/n 946), a 757-23N, is making a ferry flight from ROW to Asia for freighter conversion.

30887's History:
Nov 2000: Delivered to American Trans Air as N528AT, under lease from First Security Bank of Utah.
Mar 2003: Airline re-brands as ATA Airlines.
Mar 2005: Purchased by SP Aircraft Owner III LLC, and lease transferred
Jun 2005: Leased to Air Horizons as F-GRNJ.
Feb 2006: Acquired by US Airways as N644UW.
Oct 2006: Re-registered as N205UW.
Dec 2013: Integrated into the American Airlines fleet after the merger.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ROW.
Jan 2021: Acquired by AerSale.

Qantas Makes Bid To Acquire Alliance Airlines

Simple Flying reports that Qantas Airways has made a AU$614M offer to acquire the remaining shares in Alliance Airlines, whom they already have nearly 20% ownership. Alliance already has a portion of their ERJ-190AR fleet painted in QantasLink colors (top photo). This deal would make Alliance a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Qantas Group. It will need approval by Australian commerce regulators before the acquisition can take place.

Alliance uses HNL as a stopover point as their ERJ-190ARs deliver from SJO to BNE.

Further information in this article by CH-Aviation.

Ross Aviation Acquires AirService Hawaii

Fixed Base Operator Ross Aviation [Denver, CO] has acquired Hawai‘i's FBO Air Service Hawaii. The purchase includes operations and facilities at six Hawai‘i airports (HNL, LIH, OGG, LNY, ITO, and KOA). Ross Aviation itself, is being acquired by Atlantic Aviation.

Further information in this Yahoo! News article, and this AIN Online article.

02 May 2022

United Marks 75 Years Of Hawai‘i Service

Today, United Airlines marked its 75th anniversary of service to Hawai‘i. UAL1175 [SFO-HNL] was chosen to be the celebratory flight, flown by N2250U (c/n 66590, l/n 1639, f/n 2150). Passengers at SFO were treated to Hawaiian music, and celebratory swag aboard the flight. Upon arrival at HNL, a blue lei was placed over the forward area of the 777-324ER.

Photos from @HNL_RSE's Instagram.