30 September 2021


N7700 (msn 5745), a Bombardier Challenger 605, owned by Orcus LLC (Tampa, FL), has made a stop at HNL. It has a bubble pod on its underside, but it's not known what the jet's purpose is.

5745's History:
Dec 2007: Built as C-FQQW, registered to Bombardier.
Jun 2008: Delivered to VistaJet (Austria) as OE-INP.
Sep 2014: Acquired by Channel IT as M-BASH.
Oct 2018: Acquired by Swartz Aviation Group LLC as N609SA.
Nov 2019: Acquired by Orcus LLC as N609SA.
Feb 2020: Re-registered as N7700.

Malindo Air's 9M-LNF

Malindo Air is ferrying 9M-LNF (c/n 38687, l/n 4368) from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL, to join the Delta Air Lines fleet. This 737-9GPER, adorned with the "7500th 737" sticker on both sides of the nose, is flying as MXD9001.

9M-LNF's History:
Mar 2013: Delivered to Malindo Air, originally ordered by Lion Air as PK-LKU, but transferred.
Sep 2021: Withdrawn from service.

29 September 2021

Lynden Air Cargo's P4-LAS

Lynden Air Cargo's L-100-30 (L-382G), P4-LAS (msn 382-4600), has made a stop at HNL from OAK as LYC569. Also listed as a C-130H, the all-white clad freighter made previous stops at YIP and YWG before OAK, using the same flight number.

382-4600's History
1975: Built at Marietta, GA.
UNK:  Delivered to Safair (EARL - East Africa Response) [South Africa] as ZS-RSI.
UNK: Acquired by EAS European Airlines as F-GIMV.
UNK: Acquired by SF Air as F-GDAQ.
May 1979: Sold to Northwest Territorial Airways as C-FNWY.
Sep 2006: Sold to First Air as C-GUSI.
May 2015: Sold to Lynden Air Cargo as N408LC.
Mar 2016: Re-registered in Aruba as P4-LAS.

27 September 2021

Batik Air's PK-LBI

The third Batik Air 737-9GPER to ferry from CGK to SBD (via GUM and HNL) is PK-LBI (c/n 38743, l/n 4711), and is flying as BTK3105.

PK-LBI's History:
Dec 2013: Delivered to Batik Air.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.

Batik Air's PK-LBH

Batik Air's second 737-9GPER to ferry out of CGK to SBD (via GUM and HNL), is PK-LBH (c/n 38730, l/n 4430), and is flying as BTK3103.

PK-LBH's History:
Apr 2013: Delivered to Batik Air, originally ordered by Lion Air as PK-LKV.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.

Batik Air's PK-LBG

Batik Air is ferrying three of their 737-9GPERs from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL. They are all headed to join the Delta Air Lines fleet. The first of the trio is PK-LBG (c/n 38688, l/n 4414), that is flying as BTK3101.

PK-LBG's History:
Apr 2013: Delivered to Batik Air, originally ordered by Lion Air as PK-LKW.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.

20 September 2021

Garuda Indonesia's PK-GEP

Garuda Indonesia is returning PK-GEP (c/n 29931, l/n 1020) to its lessor, Avolon. This 737-8AS is ferrying from CGK to BYH [Blytheville, AR], via GUM, HNL and SDM. It left CGK as GIA9901, but has continued on the remaining segments as its registration.

29931's History:
Dec 2001: Originally delivered to Ryanair as EI-CSR.
Jan 2009: Bought by CIT Aerospace, and withdrawn from service.
Feb 2009: Leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GEP.
Jan 2015: Painted in to the current livery.
Apr 2017: Sold to Avolon, and lease transferred.
Aug 2021: Withdrawn from service.

16 September 2021

San José State Team Charter

Sun Country Airlines' N821SY (c/n 39952, l/n 5217, f/n 821) is the team charter jet for the San José State Spartans football team's road trip to Honolulu, as they play the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday. This 737-8FH is flying from SJC as SCX8615, and will return as SCX8614 following the game.

Sun Country Airlines is continuing as the team charter airline for most of the football teams in the Mountain West Conference.

photo to follow ...

15 September 2021

Lion Air's VP-CEH

Lion Air is ferrying VP-CEH (c/n 37291, l/n 3966) from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL. This Castlelake-owned 737-9GPER is bound for the Delta Air Lines fleet.

37291'S History:
Mar 2012: Originally delivered to Lion Air as PK-LJP, under lease from Castlelake.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service.
Sep 2021: Ferried to SBD for lease to Delta Air Lines.

14 September 2021


Air New Zealand is ferrying ZK-OJB (msn 2090), an A320-232, from AKL to TUS (via RAR, HNL, and LAX), and is flying as ANZ6096. The titles and logos have been painted over, but the black and white colors remain.

ZK-OJB's History:
Sep 2003: Delivered to Air New Zealand under lease from RBS.
Jun 2004: Sold to Orix Aviation, and lease transferred.
Jun 2006: Subleased to Freedom Air International.
Mar 2008: Returned to Air New Zealand.
May 2013: Sold to Macquarie Air Finance, and lease transferred.
Jan 2014: Painted into the current livery.
Aug 2021: Withdrawn from service.

10 September 2021

Batik Air's PK-LZW

Batik Air's PK-LZW (c/n 38303, l/n 5225), a 737-8GP, owned by Jackson Square Aviation (JSA), is ferrying from CGK to TUS, via GUM and HNL. It's flying as BTK3101, and making an overnight stop at HNL.

38303's History:
Jan 2015: Delivered to Batik Air as PK-LBU, under lease from JSA.
Aug 2016: Leased to Malindo Air as 9M-LCG.
Mar 2020: Leased to Batik Air as PK-LZW.

09 September 2021


Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of its next ERJ-190AR, N954UW (msn 19000139). It's making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE (via BRO, OAK, HNL, and MAJ) as UTY9810. This E190 is a white tail, and will be painted in Australia in the QantasLink livery.

19000139's History:
Dec 2007: Delivered to US Airways as N954UW (f/n 954).
Dec 2013: Transferred to American Airlines after the merger.
Mar 2020: Stored at PIT
Apr 2020: Ferried to ROW for storage.
Aug 2020: Acquired by Jetran.
Mar 2021: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services, ferried to SJO for repaint and storage.
Sep 2021: Purchased by Alliance Airlines.

08 September 2021


N27063 (c/n 27063, l/n 947), a 747-45EF owned by Sky One FZE, is ferrying by Jet Test, from SBD to the UAE. It's flying as JTN228, and is making an overnight stop at HNL. As seen above, on HNL's North Ramp, it still wears the Eva Airways livery. Its next segment will be CGK.

N27063 was the subject of a Sam Chui YouTube video, that documented it revival from storage to be returned to service.

27063's History:
Nov 1992: Originally delivered to Eva Airways as B-16402, under lease from GECAS.
Nov 2007: Converted to a BDSF freighter.
Nov 2016: Sold to Boeing Capital, lease transferred.
Feb 2017: Sold to Atlas Air, stored at MHV (May 2017-Jly 2021)
Mar 2021: Sold to N27063 LLC, remained in storage.
Jun 2021: Sold to Sky One FZE, remained in storage, ferried to SBD (Jly 2021).

04 September 2021

Lion Air's VP-CEP

Castlelake is ferrying VP-CEP (c/n 38313, l/n 3936), a former Lion Air 737-9GPER, from CGK to SBD (via GUM and HNL). It will join the Delta Air Lines fleet as N937DM.

38313's History:
Feb 2012: Originally delivered to Lion Air as PK-LJM.
Sep 2021: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to SBD.

02 September 2021

Virgin Australia's N341CG

Jet Test is ferrying Virgin Australia's N341CG (c/n 34441, l/n 2015) from VCV to BNE (via SBD, HNL, and MAJ). It's making an overnight stop at HNL tonight. This 737-8FE, re-leased from the Aviation Capital Group, will be re-registered as VH-VUI "Kewarra Beach" before re-entering service.

VH-VUI's History:
Aug 2006: Originally delivered to Virgin Blue, named "Brandi Blue".
May 2011: Airline re-brands as Virgin Australia, renamed "Kewarra Beach".
Sep 2014: Sold to Goshawk Aviation, and leased back.
Feb 2016: Sold to the Aviation Capital Group, and lease transferred.
Mar 2020: Grounded, due to China Corona Virus pandemic.
Dec 2020: Returned to ACG, ferried to GYR as N341CG.
Jly 2021: Stored at MIA.
Aug 2021: Stored at VCV.