30 October 2011

Royal Canadian Air Force's 15001

An RCAF Airbus CC-150 Polaris (A310-304), 15001 (msn 446), paid a visit to HNL today, and parked at Gate 34. It's one of five CC-150s in the RCAF fleet.

This A310 was originally delivered to Wardair Canada as C-GBWD in February 1988. When Canadian Airlines acquired Wardair Canada, C-GBWD was absorbed into the combined fleet. The Royal Canadian Air Force acquired the A310 in 1993, and had a main deck cargo door installed in 1996.

A big mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo!

This also our 1,500th blog post!

29 October 2011

Work Stoppage Cancels All Qantas Flights

In reaction to simultaneous labor disputes among three Qantas workers unions, the Australian carrier has grounded of all Qantas mainline and international flights today, including QFA3/4. QantasLink, JetStar, and JetConnect flights are not affected.

Qantas press release.

***10.30.11 Update***
According to the BBC, an independent tribunal has forced the airline to resume operations.

27 October 2011

MT ANG Extends HI Deployment

The Great Falls Tribune reports that the six F-15C Eagles of the Montana Air National Guard's 120th FW that are here on alert deployment will extend their stay until September 2012. The Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 199th FS (and US Air Force's 19th FS) is completing its transition to the F-22A Raptor.

26 October 2011

Hawaiian Upgrades SFO Service To A330

Beginning November 6th, Hawaiian Airlines announced that their lone SFO service, HAL11/12, will be upgraded to one of their A330-243s. This fleet upgrade will add 30 extra seats each way.

Hawaiian Airlines' press release.

Japan Airlines' 777 Flights

AirlinerRoutes.com reports that Japan Airlines will be substituting 777s on two flights. JAL's NGO service will have 777-246ERs on certain days, and JAL72/71 will have 777-346 service from 09-14 November.

Correction...JL72/71 will be 777-346ERs. JAL will also not be flying JL74/73 during APEC.

25 October 2011

Ex-RAAF 707-338Cs

Earlier this week, two ex-Royal Australian Air Force 707-338Cs arrived from Pago Pago Pago (PPG/NSTU), after coming out of storage at Richmond, New South Wales, Australia (RCM/YSRI). N624RH (c/n 19624, l/n 689) and N629RH (c/n 19629, l/n 737) were registered as A20-624 and A20-629, respectively. Note that N624RH [top photo] still has special tail markings commemorating the 707's 29 years of service with the RAAF. Omega Air Tankers recently brought three 707-300s from the RAAF. N623RH (c/n 19623, l/n 671) [A20-623] should be leaving Richmond any time now.

All of the three 707-338Cs were with Qantas before they were acquired by the RAAF. A20-623 was VH-EAC, A20-624 was VH-EAD, and A20-629 was VH-EAI.

Hainan's B-5625

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5625 (c/n 38146, l/n 3812), a 737-84P. It's flying as B5625, and made its stop at HNL.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

Aloha Air Cargo's Next Saab

The 2nd Saab SF340AF for Aloha Air Cargo, N844KH (msn 340A-108), has arrived in HNL. It is currently parked in front of the maintenance hangar. More information to follow.

24 October 2011


Cargolux Airlines International (CV/CLX) began weekly Friday cargo flights from ORD, last week. The flight is operated with a 747-400F, and continues onto SYD. The flight arrives around 1445, and departs around 1600.

The last European cargo company to operate a similar flight was Lufthansa. That MD-11F service lasted a few years, which ended a couple of years ago; it also originated from ORD but continued onto AKL.

22 October 2011


B-2266 (c/n 53532, l/n 2253), os the second-to-last China Southern MD-90-30 to join the Delta Air Lines fleet is en route from CAN to MZJ (via SPN, MAJ, HNL, and OAK). It's flying as CSN6999, and arrived at HNL last evening. It will be registered as N962DN when it joins the Delta fleet.

21 October 2011

Lion Air's PK-LJF

Lion Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-9GPER in four days. PK-LJF (c/n 37286, l/n 3813) is making its delivery flight from BFI today as LNI1, with its first leg to HNL. PK-LJF is seen above taxiing down the alleyway to Castle & Cooke Aviation.

20 October 2011


A Volga-Dnepr Airlines Il-76TD-90VD arrived yesterday morning as VDA6238 from Vancouver Canada (CYVR/YVR). The flight originated from Keflavik International (BIKF/KEF), Iceland. RA-76590 (c/n 2043420697) was spotted before it left for Guam (PGUM/GUM). It later departed Guam, and headed for Australia's Darwin International (YPDN/DRW).

19 October 2011

Skymark Airlines' JA73NH

Skymark Airlines is taking delivery of JA73NH (c/n 38101, l/n 3803) this evening, a 737-8HX leased from ACG. It's making its delivery flight as SKY73NH, and is due at HNL around midnight. JA73NH is seen above in the alleyway fronting the Castle & Cooke Aviation Building.

Fly Guam's N720VX, Vol II

According to a well-placed source, Fly Guam's N720VX is returning to Florida. Sky King, the wet-lease company, has also recalled half of the pilots assigned to Fly Guam. The other 737-400, N238AG, is still with the airline, but its flight to NGO has been cancelled. 

Malaysia's 9M-MXF

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MXF (c/n 40133, l/n 3806) today. The 737-8H6 is making its multi-stop flight from BFI to KUL as MAS5473, with its first overnight stop at HNL. 9M-MXF is seen above taxiing out to Runway 8R for its next leg to MAJ.

18 October 2011

Polet Airlines' RA-82077

Along with the National DC-8-63CF, is an An-124-100 of Polet Airlines was also parked at the Ewa Hardstands this week. RA-82077 (c/n 9773054459151) is seen above, which has been parked since last Thursday, after arriving from COS as POT4186.

17 October 2011

National Air Cargo's N865F

Seen above is one of National Air Cargo's N865F (c/n 46088, l/n 464). This DC-8-63CF departed this afternoon for YIP (Willow Run, MI) as NCR865, after spending a few days at the Ewa hard-stands. It arrived on the 15th from SEA, but the flight originated from YIP, and made a stop at MCI.

N865F had its beginnings with Overseas National Airways [ONA] (OV), when it received the "Super Sixty" in May 1969. During its time with ONA, it was leased out to a variety of cargo airlines around the globe. Wells Fargo Bank acquired N865F in February 1982, and leased it back to ONA. When ONA went out of business, it was leased to various cargo firms. Emery Worldwide held the longest lease from May 1984 to January 2001. It was then leased to Murray Air in January 2001. Murray Air changed its name to National Air Cargo Group (dba National Airlines), and it acquired N865F in December 2008. As seen above, N865F is wearing partial National colors.

Garuda's PK-GFR

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of PK-GFR (c/n 39417, l/n 3802), a 737-81D leased from Ansett Worldwide. It's flying out of BFI as GIA8011, and will be making an overnight stop at HNL.

PK-GFR has the distinction of being the 123rd 737 (all variants, purchased or leased) delivered to the Garuda fleet.

Lion Air's PK-LHZ

PK-LHZ (c/n 38305, l/n 3807) is Lion Air's newest 737-9GPER to join their fleet, and is making its delivery flight out of BFI as LNI1.

PK-LHZ had a hydraulic issue that delayed it's departure time by an hour, as it can be seen above with its flaps, slats and spoilers deployed, with one of the crew members walking toward the starboard trailing edge.

Omni Upgrades LAS Service To 767-200

Omni Air International has upgraded its airliners serving their LAS-HNL charter with Vacations Hawai‘i with two 767-224ERs acquired from Continental Airlines. N225AX "Kīkaha" (c/n 30434, l/n 825, prev. N68155) and N67157 (c/n 30436, l/n 833) are the pair of 762s that will be exclusively used on the charter package runs between HNL and "the 9th Island".

N225AX received a blessing at HNL on the 14th before launching Omni's 762 service.

KHON 2 News video link.

15 October 2011

Qantas' VH-VZT

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of their newest 737-838, VH-VZT "Kalgoorlie" (c/n 34186, l/n 3798). It's flying from BFI today bound for BNE (via HNL and NAN), as QFA6024.

12 October 2011

Lion Air To Create Full-Service Carrier

Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air announced that they are applying for a new AOC (Air Operator Certificate) for a full-service airline venture. The new airline is looking at a November 2012 launch with its own name and branding. The new venture is slated to use Lion's 737-9GPERs. Lion Air is a frequent visitor to HNL, with their 737-9GPERs delivering through HNL, as seen above with PK-LHP.

Mahalo to World Airline News for the article link.

09 October 2011

Hawaiian Air's N384HA

Hawaiian Air received its fifth A330-243, N384HA "Hōkūpa‘a" (msn 1259) this past Thursday. "Hōkūpa‘a" (Polaris, North Star) flew out of TLS to LAX as HAL9975, and was readied for service there. It arrived at HNL today from LAX as HAL8005, and seen above at Gate 19.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for getting the shot this morning!

06 October 2011

Swissair's HB-IWO

For the October edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic", we go back to January 1998, when this Swissair (SR/SWR) MD-11, HB-IWO (c/n 48540, l/n 611), paid a charter visit to HNL. It's seen above, parked on North Ramp Hardstand 1A, along with a Hawaiian Air DC-10-10 (Hardstand 1B), and a Continental Airlines DC-10-30 (Hardstand 1C). The empty lot in the foreground is now the United Airlines Cargo Facility, it was in the process of clearing and leveling the land prior to construction.

HB-IWO was originally delivered to Swissair in March 1997. It remained with Swiss International Air Lines (LX/SWR) as HB-IWO, after the assets of Swissair underwent restructuring in March 2002. Two years later, in May 2004, it was acquired by Varig (RG/VRN), and registered as PP-VTK. UPS then bought 48540 from Varig in February 2007, had it converted to freighter, and had it registered as N288UP. It's seen above, being pushed out of Hardstand A on HNL's South Ramp, last year. It's amazing to see this airliner's progression, and that I was able to get it's original livery, and its present livery. As with most of the UPS MD-11F fleet, N288UP makes its  occasional rotation through HNL.

04 October 2011


This Cessna C208B Caravan, N900SA (c/n 208B0816), made an appearance on last night's episode of Hawai‘i Five-0, "Kame‘e". It's owned by Avtran LLC (Clayton, MO), and is seen above taxiing out of the Anderson Aviation ramp for departure. 


N829AR (c/n 26460, l/n 2533), a former Malaysia Airlines 737-4H6, that was acquired by the AAR Corporation (a Bank of Utah trustee) is at HNL, as it is being ferried from KUL to the mainland (via ROR, MAJ, and HNL). N829AR arrived late Saturday night, and has been undergoing maintenance on the right main landing gear on the AirService Hawaii ramp. It's scheduled to continue onto OAK, then IND, later this evening.

It was registered as 9M-MQC when it was delivered to MAS in October 1993. The 737-4H6 was sold to the AAR Corporation last month, and stored.

Special thanks to blog fan Gerald C for noticing N829AR parked on the AirService Hawaii ramp, and notifying us.