29 February 2024

Bonza's C-FLKC

Bonza Airline is returning C-FLKC (c/n 61807, l/n 7802, f/n 906) to sister-airline Flair Airlines. This 737-8 is returning to YYC from OOL, with a stop at HNL, as FLE906.

C-FLKC stopped through HNL this past November on its way to OOL.

9Air's B-224V

9Air is taking delivery of their 1st 737-8 since October 2018, today. B-224V (c/n 61384, l/n 7953) is making its delivery flight from BFI to CAN, via JRF, GUM, and PVG, as JYH224. This 737-8 has the orange tail, winglets and titles variation. This is also JRF's second 737 delivery flight in three days.

27 February 2024

Donghai Airlines' B-224A

Donghai Airlines is taking delivery of their first 737-8, B-224A (c/n 61291, l/n 8225), this afternoon, and is their first delivery since 2019. Donghai has also changed the livery on the 737-8s to feature billboard titles in Chinese, replacing the two-tone blue wave stripes. This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to SZX, via JRF and GUM, as EPA166, and will overnight at JRF.

Donghai Airlines had seven new-build 737-8s in storage during the grounding and pandemic. Last year, they sold three 737-8s to GOL Airlines, and two to Akasa Air.

Jack Harter Helicopters' N633JH Crashes On Kaua‘i

N633JH (msn 0230E), a McDonnell-Douglas MD500E, owned by Jack Harter Helicopters of Līhuʻe, went down on Honopu Beach, on the northwest coastline of Kauaʻi. Thankfully, all four on board survived the crash, though one passenger required hospitalization.

Hawaii News Now coverage.

Air Rescue Systems has a video clip that was shot by someone on-board N633JH that flight.

Delta Air Lines To Increase Winter Service

Delta Air Lines announced today that they will be launching seasonal daily service between BOS and HNL. This route is scheduled to begin on 21 November 2024, and run through 30 April 2025. The airline did not disclose the fleet type that will be operating this service.

Delta will also add a second daily seasonal flight between SLC and HNL from 06 November 2024 through 29 March 2025; and a third daily seasonal flight between SEA and HNL from 21 December 2024 through 29 March 2025. OGG will also get seasonal non-stop service from ATL from 21 November 2024 through 29 March 2025. Fleet types for these flights have yet to be specified.

Further details in this Delta Air Lines press release.

Shandong Airlines' B-224R

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of their first post-Covid and post-grounding 737-8 today. B-224R (c/n 61461, l/n 8260) is making its delivery flight from BFI to TNA, via HNL and GUM, as CDG9005, and will overnight at HNL tonight.

25 February 2024

Southern Airways N592SA

Southern Airways Express moved N592SA (msn 208B2066) from KOA to HNL for preparations to be put into service. It's unknown how much of a livery will be added. There is small Southern Airways decal at the passenger entry door.

24 February 2024

Alliance Airlines' N296JB

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of N296JB (msn 19000219) today. The ERJ-190AR is making its delivery flight from SJO to ADL, via SDM, OAK, HNL, MAJ, and BNE. It's being delivered by Southern Cross International as SXA2418.

19000219's History:
Nov 2008: Delivered to jetBlue Airways as N296JB "Blues Your Daddy" with the "Stripes" tail design.
Nov 2016: Repainted with the "Tartan" tail design.
Feb 2021" Renamed "Blue Thumbs Up".
Oct 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MZJ.

08 Mar 2024 UPDATE
Re-registered as VH-A2U.

23 February 2024

N781HA's Blessing

Hawaiian Airlines held a blessing and naming ceremony for their first Boeing 787-9 DreamLiner. The event featured an ‘oli (chant) by several students from the Mālama Honua Public Charter School of Waimānalo, remarks by Hawaiian Airlines' Director of Community and Cultural Relations Debbie Nakanelua-Richards, President and CEO Peter Ingram, and Boeing's VP of Commercial Marketing Darren Hulst.

N781HA (c/n 66429, l/n 1172, f/n 781) was given the name, Kapuahi, or Aldebaran, a giant red star. The entiere 787-9 fleet will be given names of constellations in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, as with their A330-243 fleet.

Further details of the blessing in this Hawaiian Airlines Manaʻo blog post.

Watch our blessing and 787 preview video on our YouTube channel.

Xiamen Air B-20EK

Xiamen Air is taking delivery of their first post-Covid 737-8 today. B-20EK (c/n 43839, l/n 8076) is making its delivery flight from BFI to XMN, via HNL and GUM, as CXA800. It will overnight at HNL tonight.

22 February 2024

AirAsia X To Restart KUL-HNL?

In an AirAsia news release, the airline intimated that they are planning to relaunch service between KUL and HNL as part of its international expansion, and fleet renewal plan. However, this time it will be with their A330-900N  fleet, which would allow them to fly non-stop between the two cities. Previously, the airline's AirAsia X subsidiary flew A330-300s (above) between KUL and HNL, but had a stopover at KIX, that ran from June 2018 until the early stages of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Further details in this AirAsia press release ... check out the map.

In this CH-Aviation.com article, Capital A, the holding company for the AirAsia brands, plans to consolidate of their airlines under the AirAsia X brand this year.

21 February 2024


Pago Wings is taking delivery of their third Tecnam P2012 Traveler, N1214P (msn 061/US), this evening. This P2012 began its delivery flight from QIU to HNL on 16 January, and arrived this evening. It made stops in VLC, CAT, SMA, YYT, BGR, AGC, BIL, QSA, UKI, and MRY.

20 February 2024

QantasLink's VH-NXG

National Jet Systems is having VH-NXG "Brindabella National Park" (c/n 55057, l/n 5020) from CBR to VCV. Southern Cross International is ferrying this 717-2K9 as SXI2414 from CBR to APW, and QFA6070 from APW to HNL.

55057's History:
Apr 2000: Delivered to Impulse Airlines as VH-LAX, under lease from BIAL.
May 2001: Operated for QantasLink.
May 2004: Leased to Jetstar Airways.
Nov 2005: Leased to National Jet Systems to operate for QantasLink.
Dec 2005: Re-registered as VH-NXG "Brindabella National Park".
Jun 2011: Acquired by ANZ Banking Group, and the lease transferred.
Jun 2016: Purchased by National Jet Systems.
Sep 2022: Painted in the current Qantas livery
Jan 2024: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CBR.

16 February 2024

Hawaiian Airlines Stockholders Approve Alaska Airlines Acquisition

Hawaiian Airlines announced today that their stockholders approved the buyout offer from Alaska Air Group. The acquisition still needs to be approved by federal regulators, and closing agreements between the two airlines.


N488AY (c/n 23488, l/n 1352), a 737-376F owned by Automatic LLC, is being ferried to MZJ from MEL, via BNE, MAJ, and HNL.

23488's History:
Apr 1987: Delivered to Australian Airlines as VH-TAW "Progress".
Oct 1993: Integrated into the Qantas Airways fleet, after the takeover of Australian Airlines.
Jly 2003: Transferred to Jetconnect to operate for Qantas as ZK-JNH.
Apr 2006: Returned to Qantas as VH-XMO.
Oct 2006: Converted to a freighter, then acquired by Australian airExpress (Qantas Group).
May 2013: Transferred to Express Freighters (Qantas Group).
Apr 2016: StarTrack decals applied.
Apr 2020: Australia Post decals applied.
Jan 2024: Withdrawn from service, and acquired by Automatic LLC.

15 February 2024

China Southern Airlines' B-20CS

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-20CS (c/n 63285, l/n 7754) today, This 737-8 is making its delivery from BFI to CAN, via HNL, GUM, and TSN, as CSN5034, and will overnight at HNL tonight.

14 February 2024

Hawaiian Airlines' N781HA

Hawaiian Airlines is taking delivery of their first 787-9 DreamLiner, N781HA (c/n 66429, l/n 1172, f/n 781) tonight. It's making its delivery flight from CHS to HNL as HAL9787.

09 February 2024

N799AL Relocated

N799AL (c/n 45922, l/n 335), the former Air Transport International DC-8-62CF that was owned by the Naval Air Museum at Barbers Point, was moved from the main RON ramp to the Kalaeloa Soundstages across Midway Street. It appears that the production company for "NCIS Hawai‘i" is now using some of the soundstages, since "Magnum P.I." ended production. It looks like N799AL will be used in episodes of "NCIS Hawai‘i".

N799AL was de-registered by Cargo Aircraft Management in 2018. It was registered to the museum, but that has ended with its closure.

Video clip of N799AL being towed to the soundstages.

06 February 2024

N240VA Emergency Landing in Lualualei

N240VA (msn 12015), a Vans RV-12, owned by Pacific Flight Academy, made an emergency landing at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam's Lualualei Naval Station, in Ma‘ili, this morning. Both occupants were uninjured in the grassy field landing. The RV-12 departed from JRF at 09:53HAST, and flew along the Wai‘anae Coast before toward land over Ma‘ili.

Coverage from Hawaii News Now ...

01 February 2024

Air China B-20DR

Air China is taking delivery of their first 737-8 that has been in storage. B-20DR (c/n 60925, l/n 7838) is making its delivery flight from BFI to PEK, via PAE, HNL, and GUM, as CCA80, and will overnight at HNL.