30 December 2009

SunState Airlines' C-FZFT

SunState Airlines (QantsaLink) is taking delivery of their third Dash8-Q402 this month. C-FZFT (msn 4285) is en route to HNL from YYZ via GRR and CCR. Once in Australia, it will be re-registered as VH-QOW.

28 December 2009

Sunrider Corporation MD-87

Originally delivered to Aero Loyd in March 15 88' it now wears a private livery. It's now owned by Sunrider Corportation. This MD-87 (N168CF c/n49670) is seen here basking in the sun on the south ramp.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

To all of our readers & fans ... Merry Christmas from the HNL RareBirds team!

24 December 2009

Double Dose Of JAL 737-846s

Tonight also had two delivery flights of JAL 737-846s stop at HNL. The two flights came in from BFI as JL7901 and JL7903. These are the 24th and 25th 737-846s delivered to JAL and are registered JA324J (c/n 35353) and JA325J (c/n 35354). Both also carry JAL Express titles. They are scheduled to depart for MAJ on Dec. 25 and continue to GUM and HND.

Arrival Of President Obama & Family

President Obama and his family arrived in Hawaii for a 10 day Christmas vacation. This is President Obama's first visit as President of the United States and on Air Force One. When they visited last December, the First Family arrived on a chartered United 767-300.

Above are pictures of Air Force One landing and taxiing back to HIK.

23 December 2009

Garuda's PK-GMF

Garuda Indonesian Airlines is taking delivery their second 737-8U3 this month, PK-GMF (c/n 30140), it's flying as GIA8011, and is HNL-bound from BFI.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though Drewski2112 got one at BFI.

21 December 2009

Lion Air's PK-LGQ

Lion Air International is taking delivery of PK-LGQ (c/n 35733), their fourth 737-9GPER this month. It's making its way from BFI to CGK as LNI1, which will include stops at HNL, MAJ, and BIK along the way.

Air China's B-5486

Air China is taking delivery of their second 737-89L within the past few days. B-5486 (c/n 36748) is making its trek as CCA56.

20 December 2009

Air China's B-5485

Air China took delivery of another 737-89L, B-5485 (c/n 36747), yesterday, and is making its island-hopping trek toward PEK.

17 December 2009


US Airways (US/AWE) begins service between CLT (Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC) and HNL today using 767-200s. The CLT-HNL flight is listed as AWE807, and the HNL-CLT flight is AWE808.

This is the first direct flight from the eastern US by US Airways, and the first by the original US Airways. The US Airways flights between PHX and Hawai‘i are legacy flights from America West Airlines (AWE), before the USA/AWE merger. With their participation in the Star Alliance, this flight is code-shared as UAL1497.

Due to severe weather and strong headwinds over the southern half of the continental US, AWE807 has been diverted to LAX for a fuel stop, and is now scheduled to arrive at HNL around 1610HST. N251AY (c/n 24784), a 767-2B7ER, is seen above landing on Runway 26L at 1709HST, as the winds shifted today to "Kona Winds". AWE808 departed HNL for CLT at 1915HST.

Garuda's PK-GME

Garuda Indonesian Airlines' PK-GME (c/n 30157), 737-8U3, is delivering through HNL from BFI as GIA8011. It will make stops at MAJ and BIK, before reaching CGK.

PK-GME is seen above crossing Runways 22R and 22L to park on the AirService Hawaii ramp after landing on Runway 26L.

16 December 2009

ANA's 747-481

This morning a chartered ANA 747-481 (JA8958, c/n 25641/928) arrived from Narita as NH1962. It is scheduled to leave sometime this weekend. From what I heard, the owner of a baseball team up in Japan chartered this plane to bring down his team for some R&R. Lucky :D.

Trigana Air 737-300

Trigana Air's 737-3Q8 (N470AG, c/n 24700) converted freighter is seen here prepairing for its departure to Majuro during a very voggy morning. It arrived last night from Tuscon via Oakland and is bound for Indonesia. Trigana Air operates several different types of aircraft ranging from a C206, ATR's, Twin Otters, Caribou's, C130's, a 732, and a 733.

It was recently with PLUNA as CX-PUA, and with IslandsFlug as TF-FDA.

Xiamen's B-5488

B-5488 (c/n 37148) is the newest 737-85C for Xiamen Airlines, and it making its island-hopping delivery flight from BFI to XMN today with its first stop at HNL later today.

China Eastern's B-5493

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of a new 737-89P, B-5493 (c/n 29652), and its making is delivery flight from BFI as CES789. It will complete the first leg of its trans-Pacific journey around midday today with a stop at HNL.

15 December 2009

Boeing's N787BA

Today marked the first flight of Boeing's first 787-8, N787BA (c/n 40690)! Team member Drewski2112 got photos at PAE of N787BA taking off.

The only customer that could serve HNL with the 787 in the near future, would be ANA.

13 December 2009

Lion Air Trifecta

Lion Air International has three of their 737-9GPERs make delivery flights yesterday. PK-LGM (c/n 35730) flew as LNI1, PK-LGO (c/n 35731) flew as PKLGO, and PK-LGP (c/n 35732) flew as LNI3.

A big mahalo to Drewski2112, our BFI team member, who got shots of all three 739s (PK-LGM,PK-LGO, and PK-LGP) at BFI.

12 December 2009

SunState Airlines' C-FYIC

SunState Airlines (QantasLink) is receiving C-FYIC (msn 4277), a Dash8-Q402, and is making its multi-stop delivery flight from YYZ to BNE. As with other Q400 flights to Australia, C-FYIC will make a stop at HNL today. Once Down Under, it will be re-registered as VH-QOV.

10 December 2009


Another ex-ATA 757-33N is on its way to HKG for maintenance, winglet installation, and re-painting for Continental Airlines. The 753 will make a stop at GUM before reaching HKG.

ANA Subs 777-281ER This Weekend

All Nippon Airways (ANA) substituted a 777-281ER today for its ANA1052/1051 NRT-HNL flights, and looks to be for the rest of the weekend. It's possibly for the Honolulu Marathon, which several thousand Japanese runners will participate in on Sunday.

JA707A (c/n 27037) made today's flight, and is seen above returning to NRT as ANA1051 on Runway 8R.

Skymark's JA737Y

Skymark Airlines is taking delivery of JA737Y (c/n 29663), a 737-8FZ , and it's making its delivery flight from BFI to HND as SKY737Y. It completed it's first stop at HNL last night, and will make its second leg to SPN today, before reaching HND.

JA737Y is seen above being readied for departure on HNL's south ramp.

08 December 2009

Continental To Add Service To SNA

Continental Airlines will begin service between SNA (John Wayne Airport, Orange County, CA) and HNL plus service to OGG beginning March 2010. CO will use 737-724s for both HNL and OGG.

Pictured above is CO's N16709 (c/n 28779) departing north-bound on SNA's 5700-feet long Runway 1L, back in 2004.

CO's Press release link.

03 December 2009

Korean Airlines' Gulfstream IV

Sorry for posting this so late, but anyway, here's the Gulfstream IV of Korean Airlines, HL7222 (msn 1188), sitting at on the North Ramp. It probably brought in some high executives of the company. If I recall correctly, it came in around midnight on the 18th of November and overnighted for a few days.

02 December 2009

SunState Airlines' C-FYGQ

SunState Airlines (QantasLink) is taking delivery of C-FYGQ (msn 4275), their newest Dash8-402Q. Once Down Under, it will be re-registered as VH-QOU. The delivery flight began from YYZ, and will end at BNE. The Q400 made stops at GRR and CCR before reaching HNL.

C-FYGQ is seen above on Taxiway C to depart on Runway 4R to MAJ.

30 November 2009

Garuda's PK-GMD

Garuda Indonesian Airlines' PK-GMD is the latest addition to their 737-8U3 fleet, and is making its delivery flight as GIA8011.

Drewski2112 got a shot at BFI

go! Adds Mokulele Titles to CRJ200s

go! has added Mokulele titles to all six of their CRJ200 fleet. As seen above, the titles are smaller in size, and placed in the rear part of the passenger compartment. N77278 (msn 7278) is seen taxiing to the Commuter Terminal ramp on Taxiway G.

25 November 2009

China Eastern's B-5492

China Eastern Airlines took delivery of another 737-89P, B-5492 (c/n 29661), and is island hopping across the Pacific as CES789.

Sorry, no HNL photo though Drewski2112 got a shot at BFI.

23 November 2009

A True "Blast From the Past" 74 Years Ago - The China Clipper Arrives

It was 74 years ago today that the China Clipper arrived at Honolulu. The China Clipper under the command of Captain Edwin C. Musick landed at Pearl Harbor after an 17 hour flight from Alameda California.

RoK Navy's 090910

The Republic of Korea Navy's Lockheed P-3C "Orion" 090910 was in town this morning. It overnighted on HNL's south ramp, before departing in the morning.

This "Orion" may be part of a second batch that the Korean Navy had ordered, since the s/n begins with 09, and the existing P-3Cs in the fleet begin with 95.

Nomads N727M

The Nomads Travel Club's 727-221/Adv (RE) Super27, N727M (c/n 22541) is in town, as it brought its club members to Honolulu.

N727M was originally delivered to Pan Am as N369PA in May 1982, and named "Clipper Hotspur".

20 November 2009

Hainan's B-5462

B-5462 (c/n 36780) is the latest 737-84P to be added to the Hainan Airlines fleet, and is making its delivery flight.

B-5462 is seen above parked nose-in on the AirService Hawaii ramp.

China United's B-5471

China United Airlines' B-5471 (c/n 35775), is their newest 737-86D, and is making its delivery flight from BFI.

B-5471 sits on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp to overnight at HNL.

18 November 2009

Skymark's JA737X

Skymark Airlines JA737X (c/n 36692), a Boeing 737-8AL, left BFI for HNL yesterday evening (17NOV09) on it's delivery flight as SKY737X. The aircraft will continue on to the Marshall Islands today.

Due to the time of delivery (left 1800-ish PST), I was not able to capture a shot of it leaving, but I caught it prior to delivery on a customer flight seen below:

Skymark Airlines JA737X
(Click for larger picture)

17 November 2009

Xiamen's B-5476

Xiamen Airlines' B-5476 (c/n 35056) is the airlines' newest 737-85C, and is making its delivery flight as CXA5476.

11 November 2009

China Eastern's B-5263

China Eastern's newest 737-79P is B-5263 (c/n 36766), on delivery as CES299. It made it's first stop across the Pacific at HNL from BFI.

***Update 11.13.09***
CES299 left this morning for MAJ & SPN, with the final stop at WUH. It seems that B-5263 spent an extra day at HNL.

It's seen above taxiing to Runway 8R for departure to MAJ on Taxiway C, with an Asia Pacific Airlines 727-200F behind the left horizontal stabilizer departing for PPG on 8L.

10 November 2009

Hawaiian Airlines 80th Anniversary - Hau`oli Lā Hānau

Hawaii’s premier airline Hawaiian Airlines, celebrates its 80th anniversary of scheduled service between the Hawaiian Islands.

Founded as Inter-Island Airways, Hawaiian flew its Sikorsky S-38 on November 11th 1929 to Hilo with stops at Molokai and Maui.

Hawaiian’s achievement of 80 years of continuous flying in Hawaii is an impressive one. Even more impressive is Hawaiian’s safety record that is unmatched by any airline in the world.

No airline has flown longer without a single fatality thus enabling Hawaiian Airlines to proudly hold the World’s Safety Record.

Two records Hawaiian Airlines can justly be proud of.

Hau`oli Lā Hānau Hawaiian Airlines and Mahalo for serving the people of Hawaii for 80 years!

In the photograph above are Hawaiian's two Sikorsky S-38's, "Molokai" and "Maui" on the crushed coral ramp of John Rodgers Field, the predecessor to today's Honolulu International Airport.

07 November 2009


A Royal Australian Air Force 737-7ES AEW&C "Wedgetail", N378BC (c/n 33474), made its delivery flight from BFI as BOE201. It made a stop at HNL, before continuing onto PPG this morning. Once in Australia, it will be re-registered as A30-001

Sorry, no HNL photo ... though Drewski2112 got a shot of it departing BFI for HNL.

06 November 2009

ATA 757-300?!?!?

Yesterday around 1030am, a once regular visitor returned after spending some time in storage at Victorville. Still in its colors, ship n560TZ is probably on its way to somewhere in asia for maintenance. It flew in as a CO3171 from Victorville to Honolulu and now is currently in Guam.

Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-400F

Here is the Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-400F that diverted on the 4th. Seen here with foward cargo door open. Speculating that there was either a miss-load or some mechanical problem.

04 November 2009

Hawaiian Air's N587HA

Hawaiian Airlines officially unveiled their AviationPartners Boeing Blended Winglets-equipped 767-33AER, N587HA (c/n 33421), "Pakalakala" to the media today. N587HA was parked at Gate 34, and the Hawaiian Air staff led by Keoni Wagner took us out to the awaiting aircraft. CEO Mark Dunkerley was interviewed by the local TV news stations with N587HA in the background.

go!'s N591ML

go! received their sixth CRJ200, N591ML (msn 7388), and has been put into service. It's not wearing any go! titles nor markings, but does have a small "Operated by Mesa Air Group" sticker by the main entry door.

N591ML was previously with Kungpeng Airlines, United Express, US Airways Express, and Midway Airlines.

N591ML is seen above taxiing on Taxiway L, to depart on Runway 8L to ITO as ASH1036.


A Volga-Dnepr An124-100, RA-82074 (msn 9773051459142/707), made a tech stop at HNL from NGF (MCAF Kane‘ohe Bay) to KNYL (Yuma International / MCAS Yuma, AZ) as VDA4312.


A Singapore Airlines 747-412F/SCD, 9V-SFA (c/n 26563), was diverted to HNL on its flight, SQC7917, from LAX to HKG.

photo to follow ...

Garuda's PK-GMC

Garuda Indonesian Airlines is taking delivery of PK-GMC (c/n 30155), a 737-8U3, that has received its new livery. It arrived from BFI yesterday, and continues early this morning as GIA8011 to MAJ.

Sorry, no HNL photo ... though Drewski2112 got it at BFI.

29 October 2009

Aloha ‘Oe N869RW

The last of the three Embraer E170s that Shuttle America leased to Mokulele Airlines left today for IND via OAK as TCF9400. N869RW is seen on day one of operations, last November 19th, as it arrived from LIH.

26 October 2009


An ex-Piedmont Airlines (US Airways Express) Dash8-103, N982HA (msn 380), made a stop at HNL on its way toward Asia. It leaves this morning for MAJ.

N982HA is seen above departing HNL's Runway 4R.

25 October 2009

ANA Cargo 767-381F

Starting today ANA Cargo will be sending in their 767-300F and -300BCF every Sunday for the next six months. The flight arrived as NH8526 from Narita and will go out as NH8525. If you plan catching this bird in Hawaii, here is the schedule, arrival 9:45am Sunday morning and departure is set for 2:45am Monday morning. Pictured here is ship JA604F.

24 October 2009

China Southern's B-5468

China Southern Airlines' B-5468 (35386) is their newest 737-81B. It's making its delivery flight as CSN680.

China Eastern's B-5262

China Eastern Airlines' third 737NG delivery this week is B-5262 (c/n 36764), a 737-79P, its flying from BFI to PVG as CES123. It will make it's first stop at HNL today.

22 October 2009

Aloha ‘Oe N870RW

Former Mokulele Airlines E170, N870RW (msn 17000138) "The Spirit of Aloha", is making its return flight to IND via OAK as TCF9400.

N870RW is seen above on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp after completing its last flight on October 14th.

21 October 2009


Team member Lono68 sent me these photos of the An225 departing Runway 8L on its way to IAH on 10-15-09.

Sorry for the delay in posting the photos ...

By the way, the An225 left HNL this morning as ADB389F to YEG.

China Eastern's B-5475

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of its second 737NG this week. B-5475 (c/n 36765), a 737-89P, completed its first leg today as CES299, and is parked on the AirService Hawaii ramp.

B-5475 is seen above on Taxiway RT on its way to Runway 8R for departure to MAJ.

20 October 2009

Shanghai's B-5261

Shanghai Airlines' newest 737-76D is B-5261 (c/n 35778), and its making its island-hopping trans-Pacific delivery flight as CSH261.

***Update 10-21-09***
B-5261 originally parked on the AirService Hawaii ramp, but was moved to the south ramp hardstands this morning. As of this afternoon, the 73W was still there. Speculation is that because of the typhoons in the western Pacific, the delivery flight is being held back.

19 October 2009

China Eastern's B-5259

B-5259 (c/n 36762) is China Eastern Airlines' newest 737-79P, and is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES200. B-5259 made its first stop across the Pacific at HNL today, and will continue westward tomorrow.

Drewski2112 got a photo of B-5259 at BFI

First Hawaiian 767-300ER with winglets

N587HA is the first of 8 Hawaiian 767-300ER to receive the blended winglets from Aviation Partners Boeing. It was returned back to Hawaiian on October 17 and flew as HA27 SEA-HNL on October 18. These pictures were taken today, October 19, as it was being towed to the Elliott Street hardstands.

***Update 10-22-09***
It seems that 587 has not flown since October 19. It has not moved from the hardstands since it was towed there this past Monday.

17 October 2009

Air China's B-5442

Air China's newest 737-89L, B-5442 (c/n 36745) made its first stop across the Pacific on its delivery flight as CCA58, and will leave later this morning for MAJ.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

16 October 2009

23rd 737-846 for JAL

The 23rd 738 for JAL, JA323J (c/n 35352), arrived from BFI tonight, October 16, as JL7901. It carries JAL Express titles. This aircraft will depart HNL tomorrow, October 17, for MAJ, as JL7901.

A few months ago, JAL decided to route the 738 deliveries through ANC instead of HNL. Only a couple of 738 have been delivered through ANC since the decision was made, so it was unexpected to find out that this one was coming to HNL. As for future deliveries, we'll have to see which way they are routed.

Air New Zealand 767-319ER with winglets

Air New Zealand's ZK-NCG has been wearing winglets for a few months now and has been to HNL several times since then, but no one has gotten a picture of it in HNL. This is probably due to the night time arrival. Well, here is a picture ZK-NCG with winglets in HNL.

Other things seen around HNL tonight

While driving around the ramp tonight, there were a couple of interesting aircraft here.

Top picture: Parked on the hardstands was an Omega Tanker 707-368C, N707MQ.

Middle picture: A Northwest 757-351 (N590NW) at Gate 16 painted in Delta colors just before departing as NW622 to LAX. Sorry for the horrible shot with the jet bridge in the way, but Northwest was setup and waiting for another Northwest flight that was taxiing in at the time.

Bottom picture: A Continental 737-824 (N73278) at Gate 12 getting ready to depart as CO12 to LAX. This flight is supposed to be a 737-900ER, but issues with using pre-recorded video on the LiveTV system has made Continental down gauge the flight to a -800 until the issues are sorted out. There is no LiveTV satellite coverage in the Pacific between Hawaii and the West Coast, so pre-recorded videos need to be used to provide the IFE on these flights.