31 March 2007

China Southern's B-5190

China Southern Airlines' B-5190 (c/n 35366), a 737-81B, is making its way across the Pacific on its delivery flight.

It's seen here beginning its taxi to Runway 8R as CSN519 to MAJ.

30 March 2007

Next JAL 737-800 Delivery Flight

The next 737 for JAL, JA303J, will be passing through HNL on April 12. ETA from BFI is 1930. The aircraft is scheduled to overnight and leave for MAJ on April 13 at 1400. So far I've missed the previous 2 deliveries and looks like I will miss this one as well.

29 March 2007

Moloka‘i Air Shuttle To Close Its Doors

On April 1st (no joke), Moloka‘i Air Shuttle is shutting down it's operations between HNL and Moloka‘i's two airports MKK (Moloka‘i / Ho‘olehua Airport) and LUP (Kalaupapa Airport), and intra-island service as well after an FAA investigation that would force the charter carrier to change to a scheduled operator.

One of Moloka‘i Air Shuttle's Piper PA-31-350s, N27877 (msn 317952019), is seen here taxiing to its HNL facilities.

Here's a link to the article appearing in The Star-Bulletin.

27 March 2007

Harmony Airways To Cease HNL

A bit of sad news to report ... ATWOnline reports that Harmony Airways (HQ/HMY) will be ceasing all scheduled flights from April 9th. That includes the daily flight from YVR (Vancouver, BC), as well as weekly flights from YYC (Calgary, AB), YYJ (Victoria, BC), and YLW (Kelowna, BC). HQ's stoppage will also affect OGG as well.

Will either Air Canada (AC/ACA) or WestJet Airlines (WS/WJA) use this as an opportunity to expand services in Hawai‘i?

HQ's C-GTSN (c/n 24543), a 757-28A, is seen here putting on the brakes on HNL's Runway 4R.

26 March 2007

Aloha ‘Oe N807WP

Island Air's N807WP (msn 023), a Dash8-103, is in the process of being parted out, as it has been retired from the WP fleet.

It's seen here in a photo from August 2005, as it sat on the Island Air ramp.

22 March 2007

All-white 727-200F

This 727-225F, N8887Z (c/n 21856), was being ferried through HNL by Southern Cross. It left HNL and headed for MAJ. This aircraft started out flying for Eastern Airlines, and has been flying for Custom Air Transport for many years.

21 March 2007

Hau‘oli La Hanau HNL!

Happy 80th Birthday to Honolulu International Airport! Originally named as John Rodgers Airport, HNL remains a gateway to the Pacific. Our airport will soon be undergoing some short-range and long-range renovations.

This photo was taken from an HA 712 while taxiing to the Inter-Island Terminal in 2005.

17 March 2007

Air China's B-5313

Air China's newest 737-8Q8, B-5313 (c/n 30716) will get to spend the night at HNL before going onto MAJ tomorrow morning. It arrived earlier today as CCA058.

Google's N2767

Google.com's own corporate jet is an ex-Qantas 767-238ER, N2767 (c/n 23896), and is in town today. While it served with Qantas, it was registered as VH-EAQ. Look at the shiny leading edge surfaces ...

16 March 2007

Eastland Air Twin Otter

A Twin Otter being flown down to Australia by Southern Cross Aviation. Reg must be temporary for it once belong to a AA DC-10. This flight originated from California and my guess would be that its on its way down under. (Real reg and c/n unknown)

Nomad's Super 27

Nomad Super 27 (727M/22541) was in town today. Not sure why its here, if anybody knows anything do tell.

11 March 2007

Shandong Airlines' B-5321

Shandong Airlines' (SC/CDG) newest 737-8AL, B-5321 (c/n 35073), completed its first leg of its island hopping delivery flight to China. B-5321 is operating for Shandong under lease from SALE (Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise). It's seen here a few hours after making its flight from BFI.

10 March 2007

Air China's B-5312

Air China's B-5312 (c/n 29374), a 737-8Q8, gets to overnight at HNL after arriving from BFI as CCA058. It's seen here in the late afternoon light.

08 March 2007

HeliUSA's N354NT Down

HeliUSA's N354NT (msn 1168), an Aerospatiale A-Star AS350BA Ecreuil, crashed when it tried to do an emergency landing at the Princeville Airport, on the island of Kaua‘i.

This helicopter used to fly air tours around O‘ahu, as the HeliUSA fleet are rotated between Kaua‘i and O‘ahu. N354NT is seen here in a photo from Chika's Aviation World, who took this during her visit in May of last year at HNL. Chika-san, doomo arigato gozaimasu!

Here is the The Honolulu Advertiser article link.

Our prayers go out to those involved in the crash, and their families as well.

07 March 2007

PK-GZC's Hawai‘i Ties

The Garuda Indonesia Airlines 737-497, PK-GZC (c/n 25664) that crashed today at Yogyakarta, Indonesia, was initially delivered to Aloha Airlines as N402AL in November 1992. It was returned to the leasing company, GECAS in 1996. -_97 was the Boeing Customer Code for Aloha Airlines.

Our prayers go out to those (and their families) were on-board PK-GZC.

04 March 2007

MyTravel Round the World Tour

This aircraft, G-OMYT, is flying a 23-day round the world tour for Airtours. It started out from Manchester, UK for New York and then to Las Vegas. MYT6403 arrived here from Las Vegas yesterday, March 3rd, on day 5 of the tour. The group will be heading off to Australia tomorrow, March 5.

This is the second year a MyTravel A330 has passed through HNL on a round the world tour. Last year, they passed through HNL on another round the world tour in April using a Danish registered A330, OY-VKH.

03 March 2007

ATI DC-8-71F

This ATI DC-8F, N830BX, arrived early on March 2nd, before the DHL DC-8F. It taxied over from Hickam to the North Ramp soon after the DHL DC-8F taxied over to Hickam. ATI DC-8Fs are quite regular visitors to Hickam, but we don't always see them.

Royal Australian Air Force 707

Here's one of the RAAF's 707s, A20-623, parked on the North Ramp. This aircraft started out as a Qantas 707-338C, VH-EAC, delivered in 1968. It also flew for BCAL (UK), Ontario Worldair (Canada), and Worldways (Canada). The RAAF got this aircraft from Worldways after its last flight in 1983.

Star Alliance, Air Canada 763ER

Air Canada's Star Alliance ship C-FMWY / 22587, arrived on 3/1/07 as AC34 continuing on to YVR.

P.S. This is my first post with the HNL Rarebirds blog, Hagimemashite!!

02 March 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5301

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of another 737-85C(W), B-5301 (c/n 35073). It's seen here taking a break, before embarking on its next leg to MAJ.

China Southern's B-5189

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of another 737-81B, B-5189 (c/n 35365). It arrived yesterday as CSN189, and continues on to MAJ later today.

Here it is parked on the North Ramp. This is the 2nd Chinese 737 that parked on the North Ramp instead of the South Ramp. It could be that they changed the ground handlers as this aircraft was hooked up with a Swissport towbar and JAL pushback tug used by Swissport for JAL flights.

Mahalo to Ha763 for the photo and info!

01 March 2007

DHL DC-8-73F

This old bird from DHL came into HNL this morning and was headed for Hickam. I'm not sure of where it came from, but, we don't see too many of them here anymore. This DC-8-73F was manufactured way back in 1969. It was originally delivered to Air Canada as C-FTIK, a DC-8-63, and later converted to a DC-8-73. This aircraft joined DHL's fleet back in 1994 as N801DH.