28 August 2021

Thai Lion Airʻs VP-CIK

Castlelake is having a former Thai Lion Air 737-9GPER, VP-CIK (c/n 39823, l/n 5070) from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL, as it will join the Delta Air Lines fleet. It will make an overnight stop at HNL tonight.

39823ʻs History:
Sep 2014: Originally delivered to Thai Lion Air as HS-LTJ.
Aug 2021: Withdrawn from service, stored at CGK, and sold to Castlelake to lease to Delta Air Lines as N956DD (f/n 3956).

27 August 2021

Thai Lion Air's VP-CEL

Castlelake is having another former Thai Lion Air 737-9GPER, VP-CEL (c/n 38304, l/n 5162), from CGK to SBD (via GUM and HNL) to join the Delta Air Lines fleet. It was previously registered as HS-LTK.

38304's History:
Dec 2014: Originally ordered by Lion Air as PK-LPJ, but transferred and delivered to Thai Lion Air as HS-LTK.
Aug 2021: Withdrawn from service, stored at CGK, sold to Castlelake and registered as VP-CEL. It will be leased to Delta Air Lines as N936DU (f/n 3936).

26 August 2021

HNL's Mauka Terminal Dedicated

The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation Airports Division (HDOT-A) had the new Mauka Terminal dedicated today with a Hawaiian blessing by Kahu Kordell Kekoa. The terminal officially opens tomorrow, Friday, August 27th, occupied by Hawaiian Airlines. The new terminal, called Terminal A, can accommodate six wide-body, or eleven narrow-body airliners, or a combination of both.

25 August 2021

‘Ohana by Hawaiian's N801HC Scrapped

‘Ohana by Hawaiian's ATR42-500, N801HC "Kaiāulu" (msn 629), was parted out and scrapped in their hangar over the past few weeks. Since the ‘Ohana ATR42s were grounded due to the Wuhan Corona Virus pandemic, N801HC was seen on their ramp with its engines removed, and the windows taped over with foil. It appeared that this aircraft would be readied to ferry to CDL with the rest of the ‘Ohana fleet for sale by Hawaiian Airlines. However, within the past few weeks, the ATR42 was parked in their hangar, and its titles had been painted over. The majority of the fuselage was trucked out of HNL today.

The top photo of N801HC was taken in 2014 as ‘Ohana by Hawaiian began its service to LNY and MKK. The middle photo was taken in early August 2020, as the engines were removed, and the windows were sealed with foil tape. The above photo was taken in July 2021, as the livery and titles were painted over, as crews prepared to scrap 801.

22 August 2021

Con-Air's C-FFQE

Con-Air Aerial Firefighting's Dash8-Q400MR, C-FFQE (msn 4325, f/n 141), is ferrying from YXX to BDB for Australia's summer fire season. It arrived from YXX yesterday as FGD141.

Thai Lion Air's VP-CIE

Castlelake is ferrying VP-CIE (c/n 38748, l/n 4822), a former Thai Lion Air 737-9GPER from CGK to SBD, via GUM and HNL. It's bound to join the Delta Air Lines fleet as N955DE (f/n 3955).

38748's History:
Mar 2014: Originally delivered to Thai Lion Air as HS-LTL.
Aug 2021: Acquired by Castlelake for lease to Delta Air Lines.

Two Hawaiian Airlines A330-200s To Assist CRAF

Fox Business reports that two Hawaiian Airlines A330-243s will be part of an 18-plane fleet to assist the Civil Reserve Aircraft Fleet (CRAF) in evacuating Americans and Afghani refugees during the current situation in Afghanistan.

Airliners from American Airlines (3), Atlas Air (3), Delta Air Lines (3), Hawaiian Airlines (2), Omni Air International (3), and United Airlines (4) will assist in moving people out from locations such as Qatar, the UAE, and Germany.

CRAF was begun in Germany, during the post-World War II occupation of Berlin, and requires airlines to have aircraft to be used in moving either civilians or military personnel in emergency situations.

02 Sep 21 UPDATE
Hawaiian designated N384HA "Hōkūpa‘a" and N399HA "Kūmau" to perform the CRAF flights. 384 left HNL on 01 Sep, and 399 leaves HNL today.

21 August 2021


Micronesian Air Cargo Services is taking delivery of N829JP (msn 208B2429). This Cessna C208BF Caravan is making its delivery flight from FAT to GUM (via MCE, HNL, and MAJ). It's pictured on final for Runway 4R [top], and on the Castle & Cooke ramp.

208B2429's History:
Apr 2013: Delivered to Tatarstan Aircompany as RA-67178.
Feb 2016: Sold to 208B Trading Company as N829JP.
Nov 2018: Sold to Nations Fund I LLC, and leased to Mokulele Airlines, for their Southern California operations.
Nov 2020: Returned to lessor, and converted to a freighter.
Jul 2021: Purchased by Micronesian Air Cargo Services.

17 August 2021

Meta Strategic Mobility's N571MA

Meta Strategic Mobility's KC-135R, N571MA (c/n 18232, l/n 547), is making a stop at HNL. This former Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Stratotanker is another entrant in the defense contract for aerial refueling.

18232's History:
Oct 1962: Delivered to the US Air Force as a KC-135A, registered as 61-0325.
Dec 1997: Re-engined with CFM56-2Bs, and re-designated as a KC-135R.
Jan 2001: Delivered to the Republic of Singapore Air Force as 751.
Sep 2019: Retired by the RSAF.
Sep 2020: Acquired by the Wilmington Trust Company for Meta Aerospace as N571MA.

Key.aero reports that Meta Aerospace acquired all four of the RSAF's KC-135Rs. Here is the information on the other three tankers.
N569MA was USAF 63-8009 (c/n 18626, l/n 665), and RSAF 750.
N572MA was USAF 59-1454 (c/n 17942, l/n 357), and RSAF 752.
N573MA was USAF 63-8016 (c/n 18633, l/n 672), and RSAF 753.

16 August 2021

Federal Express' N120FE

Federal Express sent one of their 767-3S2ERFs, N120FE "Brianna" (c/n 44380, l/n 1081, f/n 120), for training, in anticipation of their 767-3S2ERF fleet to replace the MD-11s that fly here. This 767 will be used as a trainer for the HNL station ground crews. It's arrived this afternoon from MEM as FDX9202, and will continue onto ANC tomorrow.

15 August 2021

Boeing's N7201S Returns

Boeing's 737-7, N7201S (c/n 42561, l/n 6744), is returning to BFI from PVG (via GUM and JRF) as BOE701. It's making a stop at JRF this evening.

17 Aug 21 UPDATE
N7201S departed JRF this morning to return to BFI.

Royal Canadian Air Force's 144620

The Royal Canadian Air Force's CC-144D, 144620 (msn 6152), is making a stop at HNL from YOW, via OAK, as CFC3090. This Challenger 650 is part of the 412 Squadron "Falcons". The 412 is celebrating its 80th anniversary, and 144620 has a commemorative decal affixed on the tail (above photo).

Omega Tanker's N707MQ

Omega Tanker's 707-368C, N707MQ (c/n 23168, l/n 925), is making a stop at HNL. It's being parked on Taxiway RH during its stay.

17 Aug 21 UPDATE
N707MQ departed today.

Marianas Pacific Airlines To Hawai‘i?

CH-Aviation.com reports that start-up airline, Marianas Pacific Airlines [Saipan, CNMI] is interested eventually launching service to HNL. The new airline would initially begin international passenger and cargo service between the US territory and Australia (Sydney and Brisbane) and South Korea (Seoul and Busan), using three second-hand 757-200s in the first quarter of 2022. Guam; Osaka and Tokyo, Japan; and Honolulu would be the next route expansion. The airline needs US government approval before it can begin operations. The source of the second-hand 757-200s was not given, as well as a timeline when it would launch operations.

13 August 2021

All Nippon Airways JA382A

Simple Flying reports that the All Nippon Airways A380-841 service was for this week only. JA382A "Kai" (msn 263) arrived this morning as ANA184, and will return tomorrow as ANA183. The pair of Super Jumbos will then go into temporary storage until late October, when it will return to limited service.

Lion Air's PK-LJT

Lion Air is ferrying PK-LJT (c/n 38720, l/n 4056), it's the first of two 737-9GPERs today to stop at HNL, on its way to SBD to join the Delta Air Lines fleet. It's flying from KUL as LNI1101, as it's being returned to Castlelake.

PK-LJT's History:
May 2012: Delivered to Lion Air under lease from Castlelake.
Nov 2018: "LionParcel.com" titles replaces Lion titles.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service and stored at CGK.
Aug 2021: To Delta Air Lines as N944DR (f/n 3944).

Lion Air's PK-LKO

Lion Air's second 737-9GPER ferrying out of KUL today, is PK-LKO (c/n 38664, l/n 4266). It's flying as LNI1103, and will make stops at GUM and HNL on its way to SBD. It's being returned to its lessor before it joins Delta Air Lines fleet.

PK-LKO'S History:
Dec 2012: Delivered to Lion Air, under lease from Jackson Square Aviation.
Aug 2015: Sold to Accipiter, and lease transferred.
Oct 2019: Sold to AMCK Aviation, and lease transferred.
Aug 2021: Sold to Castlelake, then to Delta Air Lines as N939DG (f/n 3939).

12 August 2021

US Navy's 169737 And 168917

Two Boeing FA-18E Super Hornets from the US Navy's VFA-192 "Golden Dragons" made a stop at HNL, and parked on the ‘Ohana by Hawaiian ramp for an overnight stop. BuNo 169737 (NE 301) and BuNo 168917 (NE 311) were the fighters to make tonight's stopover.

11 August 2021

Malindo Air's VP-CFU

The Lion Group is returning 9M-LNH (c/n 38732, l/n 4844) to Castlelake, and is ferrying from KUL to SBD (via GUM and HNL). This 737-9GPER, registered as VP-CFU, is making an overnight stop at HNL as it will join the Delta Air Lines fleet.

38732's History:
Jun 2013: Originally ordered by Lion Air as PK-LLF, but transferred to Malindo Air as PK-LNH, leased from Castlelake.
May 2021: Withdrawn from service, stored at KUL, and returned to Lessor.
Aug 2021: Registered as VP-CFU by Castlelake, then to Delta Air Lines as N948DJ (f/n 3948).


N702F (c/n 61329, l/n 6843), a 737-8 BBJ MAX operated by F&L Aviation LLC (part of the Fertitta Entertainment Holdings LLC, and leased from Wilmington Trust Services), is making a stop at HNL.

61329's History:
Nov 2018: Delivered to Boeing Business Jets as N329BJ.
Oct 2020: Sold to Wilmington Trust Services as N702F.

Thai Lion Air's VP-CFX

The Lion Group is returning HS-LTH (c/n 38739, l/n 4657) to its lessor, Castlelake, and is ferrying from CGK to SBD (via GUM and HNL). This 737-9GPER, registered as VP-CFX, is making an overnight stop at HNL, is bound to join the Delta Air Lines fleet.

38739's History
Oct 2013: Originally ordered as PK-LLO for Lion Air, but transferred and delivered to Thai Lion Air as HS-LTH, under lease from Castlelake. Withdrawn from service in July 2021.
Aug 2021: Registered as VP-CFX by Castlelake, then to Delta Air Lines as N951DA (f/n 3951).

10 August 2021


N217DP (c/n 30850, l/n 830), a 767-333ER owned by the Bank of Utah, is ferrying from GYR to QPG (via HNL) for freighter conversion for SF Airlines. It's seen above, landing at HNL, still wearing the former's Air Canada Rouge livery.

30850's History
Jun 2001: Originally delivered to Air Canada as C-GHLT (f/n 659), leased from GECAS.
Nov 2007: Painted to the mint green livery.
Mar 2015: Transferred to Air Canada Rouge, and flew until Apr 2020
May 2021: Sold to Bank of Utah as N217DP.

09 August 2021

All Nippon Airways Temporarily Resumes Honu Flights

All Nippon Airways resumed its A380-841 service between NRT and HNL as ANA184/183 today. JA381A "Lani" (msn 262) is making the first flight to HNL since the Wuhan Corona Virus pandemic caused a shutdown of international flights in March 2020. The frequency seems to be twice-weekly with the NRT-HNL leg on Mondays and Fridays, an the HNL-NRT leg on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It's not known whether this service is seasonal, as the ANA website has not mentioned anything regarding ANA184/183 in August.

06 August 2021

Canadian Carriers Resumes Hawai‘i Service

WestJet began once-weekly service between YVR and HNL, and YVR and OGG in late July with their 737-8s. Air Canada began thrice-weekly service on the two same routes this week, also with 737-8s. The resumption of US international flights from Canada per government approval. The frequencies will increase per demand, and as well as Corona Virus vaccine rates increase.

05 August 2021

Malindo Air's VP-CFD

VP-CFD (c/n 36890, l/n 4495), a former Malindo Air 737-9GPER, is ferrying from KUL to SBD, via GUM and HNL. It's on its way to join the Delta Air Lines fleet.

36890's History:
Jun 2013: Originally ordered by Lion Air as PK-LLG, but transferred to Malindo Air as 9M-LNJ, leased from Castlelake.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service, and returned to lessor.
Aug 2021: Registered as VP-CFD by Castlelake, then to Delta Air Lines as N943DB (f/n 3943).

Ukraine Air Alliance's UR-CGV

Ukraine Air Alliance's An-12BK, UR-CGV (msn 6344610) is making a stopover at HNL from WTB [Toowoomba, Australia], via MAJ. This 55-year-old freighter is flying as UKL5003, and will continue onto OAK.

04 August 2021

Boeing's N7201S

Boeing's testbed 737-7, N7201S (c/n 42561, l/n 6744), is making a stop at JRF from BFI as BOE701. It's flying from BFI to PVG, via JRF and GUM. Bloomberg reports that this MAX7 will be heading to China to assist with re-certifying the the MAX series after the global grounding. Boeing sent pilots and engineers ahead to assist. 

Oddly enough, a few airlines in China have 737-8s already delivered.  There are dozens of China-bound MAX series in pre-delivery storage on the mainland.

N7201S will eventually be delivered to Southwest Airlines, after its testbed days are done.


BCM Majestic Corporation's 737-205/Adv, N370BC (c/n 23468, l/n 1262), is making another visit to HNL. It arrived from LAX as Q381BCX.

Wings Over Pearl

Wings Over Pearl has been selling air tours over a few parts of O‘ahu since May. It features a 1944-built North American P-51D Mustang, N551D (msn 109-28459), that a second seat added behind the pilot's seat. After seeing the P-51D in the skies around HNL and JRF, we were able to get a photo of it today, after it completed an air tour.

According to Joe Baugher's USAF/USAAF serial number website, N551D was registered with the US Army Air Force as 44-14826. 
1944: It was supposed to have been delivered to the Royal New Zealand Air Force, but was not.
1951: Found in a container and registered as N1740B. Delivered to the Haitian Air Force as 14826, then as FAH826. Later sold to the Dominican Air Force for disposal.

It was acquired by the Erickson Group [Beaverton, OR] as N551D for aerial displays.

03 August 2021

Antonov Airlines' UR-82007

Antonov Airlines' An-124-100M, UR-82007 (c/n 19530501005, l/n 01-05), is making another stop at HNL as it transits from NTL [Newcastle-Williamtown RAAF Airport, New South Wales, Austrlia] to EDF [Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, AK]. It's flying as ADB3872, with stops at SYD and HNL.

UR-82007 also made a stop at HNL on 30 July from HSV as ADB372F, and continued onto SYD on 01 August, then NTL.