31 May 2007

Rare 747 at HNL

A USAF 747 carrying Defense Secretary Robert Gates landed at HNL, and taxied to HIK. Gates met with the Pacific Command and the media.

28 May 2007

Return of the JAL 777-200ER

Today, JAL had a charter flight using a 777-246ER, JA703J (c/n 32891). It's been more than a year since the last JAL 777 flight. This flight came in from Hiroshima as JL8816 and departed to Haneda as JL8099. The 777 will be back at HNL next week to bring the pax back to Hiroshima.

Memorial Day

On this day, we honor those brave and valiant men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our country (in the past, and the current) from evil tyrants bent on destroying the freedoms given to us by God and our founding fathers.

This photo is from the 2004 Blues On The Bay Airshow, and shows three US Marine Corps F/A-18Ds from the VMFA-533 "Hawks" (MCAS Beaufort, SC) as they rest on the MCAF Kane‘ohe Bay ramp, late in the afternoon.

25 May 2007

China Southern's B-5192

B-5192 (c/n 35369), a 737-81B, is the next delivery for China Southern Airlines. It's seen here taxiing on Taxiway RT to depart on Runway 8R for MAJ.

Lion Air 737-900ER

Today saw the visit of yet another Lion Air (Indonesia) 737-900ER. PK-LFG is likely the 2nd to be delivered since -LFF was the first one off the production line. The aircraft was serviced at Air Service on the South Ramp and was seen with the airstairs and position lights on at approximately 1930 local. Dressed in the Dreamliner livery with Lion Air's white vertical stabilizer and red Lion logo, it wears a large Boeing logo on the forward fuselage as well as a prominent "737-900ER" title. Hopefully someone got a photo of it!

Lion Air 737-900ER

PK-LFG seen sitting in front of ASH in full Dreamliner livery.

23 May 2007

Three AQ Liveries

Here's a picture of both of AQ's special liveries parked next to each other at the maintenance hangar. In the picture from left to right is N748AL (-700), N843AL (-200QC), and N823AL (-200ADV). This is all three 737 types AQ has.

What is interesting in this picture is N823AL. AQ is doing some major maintenance on this bird. It has a tail stand and a stand under the left horizontal stablizer. If you look at the ground, below the aircraft, you can see a replacement horizontal stablizer.

Qantas VH-EBT

Qantas has retired and sold VH-EBT, a 747-300. It left SYD on May 24th a little before 0700 as QFA6001. Scheduled arrival time in HNL is around 1900 tonight, May 23rd. It will overnight and head on to RME.

Here's the picture of VH-EBT parked at the hard stand. All titles and logos were removed, even from the engines. The only thing left is the tail of the kangaroo on the rudder.

19 May 2007

Armed Forces Day

In 1950, President Harry S. Truman designated the third Saturday in May to be called Armed Forces Day, recognizing those who serve our country. In honor of our men and women fighting to protect our freedoms, today's photo is of a Hawai‘i Air National Guard F-15A "Eagle" (76-0107) from the 199th Fighter Squadron, taking off from HNL's Runway 22L. We thank you for your service and defending our freedoms.

18 May 2007

Ryan International 752

Ryan International, the U.S. based charter carrier, is a regular visitor to HNL, but usually does turns. They do however, have an aircraft RON once in a great while. Today just happened to be one of those days. So, here's N526NA parked at the North Ramp hard stands.

Hong Kong Express Airways' B-KXG

Hong Kong Express Airways is taking delivery of its newest 737-808(W), B-KXG (c/n 34968), which is under lease from Icelandic Air.

It's seen here getting ready for its departure to MAJ. In the above photo, it shows that the tail logo is also painted on the Blended Winglets. The previous delivery, B-KXF, still had the original teal HKE colors on its Blended Winglets.

15 May 2007

Not three, but FOUR 737-700s!

The fourth 737-700 is this 737-74U is a BBJ owned by Air Shamrock and Roy E. Disney. It was parked on the North Ramp and may have come from Van Nuys, CA (VNY), as that is where this aircraft is based. N4AS doesn't show up on FlightAware as they have requested not to be listed.

737-700 Hat Trick From BFI

Three 737-700s are en route from BFI today.

First is CSN240, which would be China Southern's next 737-71B, B-5240 (c/n 35368). The China Southern aircraft is parked by AirService. Sorry no photo available ...

Second, is BOE205, presumably a Boeing 737-700 ETOPS test flight ... airline unknown. (There is also a "green" 737 parked by the CO hangar, which I'm assuming is the BOE205 aircraft ... see below)

And third, is N364BJ (c/n 33987), which is another RAAF 737-7ES "Wedgetail" platform on its way Down Under.

* Update (21:48HST)... Upon further checking, it may be a safe conclusion that N364BJ is the BOE205 flight. I apologize for the error. BW707

11 May 2007

F-22's Return

Around 5pm 5/9, a flight of 6 Raptors based at Langley AFB arrived in HNL. 03-052 seen here taxing back to Hickam AFB. My guess would be that these Raptors are returning home after their time Japan.

10 May 2007

UA 747-400 in New Colors

It was a surpise to find this UA 747-400, N196UA (c/n 28715), parked right next to the JAL 737-800, and in new colors. Not sure where it came from or where it was going.

09 May 2007

Fourth JAL 737-800

The fourth 737-846(W) for JAL arrived today from BFI. JA304J (c/n 35333) arrived around 1245 and is scheduled to leave tomorrow, 10 May for MAJ at 1300.

Koholālele Unveiled

Aloha's 737-76N(W), N748AL "Koholālele" (c/n 30050), was unveiled to the media, employees, and the general public this morning in the AQ hangar. This 737 was painted by Wyland, the premier marine artist, in two days. "Koholālele" (Flying Whale) received a traditional Hawaiian prayer and blessing by Kahu Danny Akaka Jr, and is scheduled to enter service tomorrow.

In the starboard view (top), from tail to nose: mother & baby humpback whales, a pair of spinner dolphins, Hawaiian monk seal, a green sea turtle, two pairs of reef fish, another trio of spinner dolphins, and a flying fish. In the port side view (above): a humpback whale, a tiger shark, an Laysan albatross, a green sea turtle, Hawaiian monk seal (that greets boarding passengers), a humuhumunukunukuapua‘a (Hawai‘i's state fish), and a pair of bottlenosed dolphins.

It was definitely an honor and privilege to document this historic event, and work along side an artist of Wyland's caliber. Kudos go out to the AQ crew who helped Wyland accomplish this feat.

08 May 2007

Wyland Paints N748AL

World-renowned marine artist Wyland, was commissioned by Aloha Airlines to paint one of their 737-700Ws, N748AL (c/n 30050). The aircraft just returned from a re-painting in Washington, and became the "$100million canvas", as Wyland stated. Local marine life is depicted on both sides of this 737-76N(W). The aircraft was also given a new name, Koholālele (Flying Whale).

Here is a sneak preview ... The rest will be posted tomorrow!

04 May 2007

Aloha And United Enhance Partnership

Aloha Airlines and United Airlines (UA) have increased their partnership and code-share agreement. The Honolulu Advertiser's coverage of this announcement.

In the top photo, from 2005, N823AL on short final to Runway 26R, before being re-painted in the "Funbird" colors. In the above photo, N214UA departs for the mainland on Runway 22L.

01 May 2007

N811WP To United Airways (BD)

Island Air has sold one of their Dash8-103s, N811WP (msn 366) to United Airways (BD) Ltd, a new airline based in Bangladesh. It arrived today from the paint shop in the new colors. It's Bangladesh registration is unknown.