30 June 2011

Hawaiian Leases Three More 717-200s

Hawaiian Airlines has leased three more Boeing 717-200s from Boeing Capital Corporation, with the first model to be delivered in September. With the addition of the three 717s, it will increase Hawaiian's inter-island service by 20 flights, beginning in October. This move brings the airlines' 717 fleet count to 18.

It has not been announced where these 717s are coming from, though VCV currently has several in storage. Boeing Capital has had 20 MexicanaClick (QA/CBE) models in storage since the shutdown of the Mexican carrier in August 2010.

On a related note, Hawaiian also completed the purchase of their existing fleet of 15 717-200s, which will help in the airline in the long-term.

Hawaiian Air's press release link.

N477HA "‘Apapane" (c/n 55122, l/n 5061), is seen above on the OGG ramp, as it taxies to Runway 2, to return to HNL.

Asiana Proposes Charters From ICN

Asiana Airlines (OZ/AAR) has proposed charter flights between ICN and HNL, that would begin in mid-September, and run through mid-December. The flights will run twice per week. The aircraft type was not announced, though the announced seating capacity was 269, which would put it in the 767-300ER and A330-200 range.

Article from this morning's Star*Advertiser.

Asiana once served HNL from SEL in the mid-90s with 767-300s

29 June 2011

JAL To Upgauge NGO-HNL

As can be seen in the screen shot from JAL's website, JL84/83 will be upgauged to a 777-200ER for one month this summer. This will be the second flight, after JL80/89, to have the 777-200ER. Checking the schedule online, the dates will be from July 20 to Aug 19, except for a few days when JL84/83 will be back to a 767-300ER.

28 June 2011

Firefly's 9M-FFF

Firefly (FY/FFM), a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, is taking delivery of 9M-FFF (c/n 39320, l/n 3690), a 737-8FZ. It arrived earlier today at HNL from BFI, and was handled by Castle & Cooke Aviation. 9M-FFF is seen above on the 29th, on Taxiway RA, taxiing to Runway 8R, bound for MAJ as FFM5203.

This is the first new build 737-800 for Firefly, and leased from Babcock & Brown Asset Management. The current other five 737-800s are used models (three from its parent Malaysia Airlines, and two leased from GATX). The airline announced last year, that they ordered 30 737-800s to be delivered between 2012 and 2015.

25 June 2011

China Southern's B-2261

The tenth of 16 China Southern Airlines' MD-90s bound for the Delta Air Lines fleet arrived at HNL last evening, and will depart late tonight for OAK then MZJ. B-2261 (c/n 53531, l/n 2228) is the MD-90-30 making the flight from CAN to MZJ, via SPN, MAJ, HNL and OAK, and is seen above on the Bradley Pacific Aviation ramp. When it's reeceived into the Delta fleet, it will be registered as N961DN.

23 June 2011


A DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, N974SW (msn 410), is making its way from the Caribbean (PLS) to NAN, that made a stop at HNL. It's following a similar flight path to its sister-ship N38585 that made the trip to Fiji in late May. N974SW's flight trek from PLS to NAN includes stops in FXE, BGE, DTN, F69, BWD, DMN, HII, CMA, HNL, CXI, and APW. Southern Cross Aviation is ferrying N974SW as SXA835.

China Southern's B-2817

One of China Southern Airlines' 757-21Bs, B-2817 (c/n 25258, l/n 389) was sold to Aviation Capital Group (ACG), and the aircraft is being ferried from CAN to VCV, via SPN and HNL. B-2817 was delivered to China Southern in August 1991. It will be registered as N852AG when it arrives at VCV.

22 June 2011

Qantas JetConnect's ZK-ZQG

Qantas Jetconnect is taking delivery of another 737-838, ZK-ZQG "Ernest Rutherford" (c/n 39140, l/n 3683) today. It's flying from BFI as QFA6024, and on its first leg to HNL.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though Sabian404 got a photo of it at BFI.

21 June 2011

Garuda's PK-GFP

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of their second 737-800 in a week. PK-GFP (c/n 38821, l/n 3684), a 737-8U3, is making its way across the Pacific as GIA8011, with an overnight stop at HNL today. It's seen above on the 22nd, taxiing to Runway 8R on Taxiway RT to depart for MAJ.

19 June 2011

Delta 747-400 Makes Emergency Landing At PMDY

On Thursday, 16 June 2011, a KIX-bound Delta Airlines 747-400 from HNL, DAL277, made an emergency landing at MDY/PMDY (Henderson Airfield, Midway Island, Papahānaumokuākea Wildlife Reserve, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands), after the pilot reported a crack in the windshield. The 747 made a safe landing, and the passengers were put on a substitute aircraft several hours later. The aircraft also suffered a few bird strikes when it landed. Delta said the 747 is repaired, and they hope to get it off of MDY early tomorrow morning.

The 747-451 involved was N663US (c/n 23818, l/n 715, f/n 6303), seen above on Taxiway C, earlier this year.

Initial report by the Honolulu Star*Advertiser. Slideshow on KITV.com, and a video of the 747 taxiing at MDY.

18 June 2011

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau Southwest!

Potential Hawai‘i entrant Southwest Airlines celebrates its 40th birthday today!

The airline is still studying the possibility of serving Hawai‘i when they take delivery of 737-800s next year. Reports are, that these -8H4s will be built ETOPS-capable.

Pictured above is Southwest's N747SA (c/n 29799, l/n 306) at LAS.

17 June 2011

United Computers Crash

Across the nation, the United Airlines reservations computer network went down, causing their whole flight schedule to be delayed, in some cases it resulted cancellation of flights. The computer crash made it impossible for passengers to check in, check their bags, and receive their boarding passes. The network was partially restored late Friday night (Hawai‘i time), but UAL expects to have complete restoration by this weekend.

National coverage by CNN and local coverage by the Honolulu Star*Advertiser.


This A330-203 MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker/Transport) for the Royal Australian Air Force was in town this morning on its way down to Australia. A39-002 (c/n 951) is the second of five KC-30B's that the RAAF will receive. This delivery flight originated from LEGT (Madrid/Getafe, Spain), and stopped at LAS, before arriving here yesterday. A39-002 is seen above taxiing to depart for Australia.

China United's B-5448

China United Airlines is taking delivery of a GECAS-leased 737-86N, fresh from the Boeing assembly line. B-5448 (c/n 38021, l/n 3679) is making the island-hopping delivery trek. The flight is not listed, so we are not able to provide a flight number, though it did arrive about 1245HST, and is being handled by Castle & Cooke Aviation.

15 June 2011

Garuda's PK-GFO

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of PK-GFO (c/n 39403, l/n 3674), a GECAS-leased 737-86N. It's making its delivery flight from BFI as GIA8011. PK-GFO is seen above taxiing to Runway 8R, on Taxiway RT, to depart for MAJ, the next morning.

14 June 2011

Happy Birthday US Army!

Today, the United States Army celebrates 236th birthday! Thank you for protecting our country!

Air China's B-5572

Air China is taking delivery of their newest 737-89L, B-5572 (c/n 40072, l/n3670) today. It's flying as CCA51 from BFI to PEK, via HNL, MAJ, and SPN. B-5572 is seen above on Taxiway RT, about to depart for leg #2: MAJ, the next morning.

13 June 2011


A 747-338 has escaped the scrap yard! This classic 747 previously flew for Qantas as VH-EBW (as someone wrote in permanent marker on the nose wheel door) for almost two decades before being retired. It sat in storage at Marana Regional Airport (AVQ/KAVQ) in Arizona for two years before returning to the skies. It is now registered as N176SG (c/n 23408, l/n 638), and is owned by the Bank of Utah.

***06.17.11 Update***
N176SG left this afternoon (above), at 1325HST, bound for CGK. It's been reported that this 747-338 will be used for Hajj pilgrimage charters out of Indonesia.

Shenzhen's B-5608

Shenzhen Airlines is taking delivery of their third 737-87L within the past four weeks, with B-5608 (c/n 39145, l/n 3656). It's flying out of BFI as CSZ908. It's seen above departing Runway 8L for MAJ, the next morning.

11 June 2011

Xiamen's B-5605

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5605 (c/n 38022, l/n 3672), a 737-86N leased from GECAS. It is making its delivery flight today as CXA5605.

Sorry, no HNL photo.

10 June 2011

Hickam And Barbers Point 05 June 11

A few pics taken while on finals for Runway 8L at HNL. The top three photos are of the HIK ramp which shows C-130s, KC-135Rs, F-15s, and USMC AV-8Bs. The above photo is of the USCG HC-130H ramp at JRF.

09 June 2011

Gate 26 Renovation

After being closed off for several months, Gate 26 has been reopened after undergoing a slight renovation to allow the full use of the new corridor to Customs and Immigrations on the third level. Gone are the railings that once surrounded the seating area. The seating area is now surrounded by glass walls. Below are pictures of the changes.

The area by the boarding bridge doors are now separated from the seating area. The chandelier, seats, carpeting, and podium (not pictured) remain the same. As part of the renovation, the stucco ceiling was replaced with typical ceiling tiles.

Another big change, is that the escalator and stairs to the third level are completely enclosed.

Here you can see how tall the glass walls are.

Gates 27-30 will all need similar renovations to make those gates comply with CBP (US Customs and Border Patrol) rules, and allow the full use of the third level corridor.

United Returns To ITO

United Airlines launches daily service between ITO and LAX today with a Continental Airlines 737-824! UAL1564 is due to arrive at ITO this evening at 1940HST. Celebratory events for tonight's arrival, include a water cannon salute by the Hilo ARFF, and a pule (prayer) by singer and kumu hula Robert Cazimero. COA280 returns to LAX at 2055HST and arrives at 0440PDT.

Continental/United will also have a weekly Saturday flight between SFO and ITO.

Pictured above, is United's N87513 (c/n 31621, l/n 2655) taxiing to the gate, following the water cannon salute. A big mahalo goes out to our ITO team member Sylvas808 for the above photo!

Coverage by Hawaii News Now, with a video clip of N87513's arrival festivities.

General Electric's N747GE

The General Electric Aircraft Engines 747-121 test bed, N747GE (c/n 19651, l/n 25), made an overnight stop at HNL yesterday after arriving from HKG, via GUM. The 41-year-old Jumbo Jet is seen above headed back to its VCV base. It's been reported that N747GE is bound for retirement, and will be replaced with a former Japan Airlines 747-446 (JA8910, now N356AS).

19651 was first flown in March 1970, originally delivered to Pan American World Airways in June 1972 as N744PA, and named "Clipper Ocean Spray". When Pan Am switched to the "billboard titles", N744PA was one of the first batch of PAA's 747s to receive the new livery. It would serve PAA until the airline's demise in December 1991. In March 1992, General Electric acquired this 747-121. It was registered it as N747GE, and it was configured as an engine testbed platform. All new jet engine types produced by GE were tested in the "number two" position. In one instance, N747GE was testing a GE90-115B in January 2003, which the new engine suffered a fuel leak and fire, and was stuck at HNL for a few weeks.

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau go!

Five years ago today, go! launched its inter-island service as the third player along with Aloha Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. The Mesa Air Group subsidiary continues to operate with a fleet of five CRJs (four 200ERs, and a 100ER). Since then, their livery has been modified to what is seen in the top photo, and the airline merged with former rival Mokulele Airlines, and renamed itself go!Mokulele. go! serves the major Hawai‘i airports, while Mokulele serves the smaller markets.

08 June 2011

Virgin Australia's VH-YFF

Virgin Australia's first factory-fresh, new branded and liveried 737-8FE, VH-YFF (c/n 40994, l/n 3664), is making its delivery flight out of BFI as VBH9080. HNL and NAN are the intermediate stops on its way to SYD.

In the top photo, VH-YFF is seen on Taxiway C, taxiing to the AirService Hawaii ramp, after landing on Runway 8L; and in the above photo, taxiing out to Runway 8R on Taxiway RT, bound for NAN, the next morning.

07 June 2011

Continental's USMC Charters

Continental Airlines has been performing charters for the US Marine Corps from NGF to KOA. They have been using their 737-824s out of HNL for the past couple of days.

Sun Country's N804SY

Sun Country Airlines' N804SY (c/n 30689, l/n 908), a 737-8Q8, arrived at HNL today as a US Department of Justice inmate transfer charter. The flight, SCX8700, originated from MSP, and stopped off at LAS. The inmates, escorted by US Marshalls (along with Hawai‘i State Sheriff's deputies), were moved to the Federal Detention Center.

Lion Air's PK-LHS

Lion Air is taking delivery of PK-LHS (c/n 37282, l/n 3663), their newest 737-9GPER. It's flew out of BFI this morning as LNI1, and made its usual brief fuel stop on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp. PK-LHS is seen above taxiing to its rest spot after landing on Runway 8L.

05 June 2011

Aloha Air Cargo's N843KH

Aloha Air Cargo's first Saab SF340AF is due to arrive today from ROW (via HII). It is the first of two SF340BFs that will fly cargo to smaller Hawai‘i airports, and supplement their three 737-200Cs. N843KH (msn 340A-046), is the first SF340AF to arrive from ROW. A second SF340AF is expected in late summer.

340A-046 was originally delivered to Express Airlines I as N323PX in March 1986. It then went to Mesaba Airlines in August 1997. It was converted to a freighter and re-registered as N46XJ while with Mesaba, then acquired by Saint-Ex Cargo (Mexico) in January 2007. It received a Mexican registry of XA-STX. In March 2010, it was stored at ROW.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the top photo. Note the addition of the bright blue variation in place of the lime green on the Saab's livery.

02 June 2011

Skippers Aviation's C-GKUX

Skippers Aviation (JW) [Perth, Western Australia] is taking delivery of a Dash8-315Q, C-GKUX (msn 587). It's making its delivery flight from YYZ to PER, via GRR, CCR, and HNL. After HNL, the next stop is MAJ. It will receive an Australian registration once it arrives at the airline's home base.

C-GKUX was originally delivered to Spain's Air Nostrum (YW/ANE) [Iberia Regional] as EC-IIA in September 2002. The Q300 was returned to Bombardier this past April with this Canadian registration. It's seen above on the Bradley Pacific ramp, shortly after arriving from CCR.

01 June 2011

Rich International's N304EA

Our June edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" features Rich International Airlines' L-1011-385-1 "TriStar1", N304EA (msn 193A-1005). It's seen above at HNL's Gate 14 in August 1994. This was our TriStar that took us to LAS for a company incentive trip, and taken before we boarded N304EA. It had a 2-5-2 seating arrangement in coach, and I sat a couple of rows in front of the third doors.

In the mid-90s, Rich International (JM/RIA) flew tour package charters between HNL and LAS for Creative Holidays, a local travel agency.

N304EA was originally delivered in July 1972 to Eastern Airlines (EA/EAL). It was acquired by IAL, then leased to  Air America, in July 1987, and during it's stint there, it was used in the film "Last Flight Out", painted in Pan Am colors. In May 1991, Air Atlanta Icelandic (CC/ABD) leased it from IAL, and registered it as TF-ABG. Kabo Air (QNK) [Nigeria] subleased for four months (June-October 1992). In May 1993, it regained the N304EA registration, and five months later, it joined the Rich International fleet. The airline folded in 1996 after it filed for bankruptcy protection, and N304EA went into storage in various locations. The last known sighting was two years ago at ROW, but is presumed that this TriStar has since been scrapped.