30 September 2022

Batik Air Malaysia's 9M-LRL

Batik Air Malaysia is taking delivery of 9M-LRL (c/n 43012, l/n 7655) today. This 737-8, in the Lion Air livery, is making its delivery flight from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM, as MXD1. It was originally intended for Lion Air, but was transferred to its sister-airline Batik Air Malaysia.

02 Oct 22 UPDATE
9M-LRL's leg to GUM was delayed to today, and left this afternoon.

27 September 2022

Myanmar National Airlines' VP-CWQ

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying VP-CWQ (msn 19000154) from CRK to ROW, via GUM, MAJ, HNL, and ONT, as OMD263. This ERJ-190AR was with Myanmar National Airlines as XY-AGP. It was due to make a gas & go fuel stop here, but ended up overnighting.

19000154's History:
Mar 2008: Delivered to Sky Air World as VH-SXK, under lease from GECAS.
Aug 2009: Leased to Republic Airlines as N161HL, and assigned to Midwest Airlines.
   It was due to be assigned to Republic's Mokulele Airlines operation but reassigned to Midwest.
Oct 2010: Republic assigns to Frontier Airlines in the "Clover the Fawn" tail livery.
Jan 2013: Leased to Myanma Airlines as XY-AGP.
Dec 2014: Airline rebrands as Myanmar National Airlines, lease transferred.
Nov 2021: Sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
Jun 2022: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to CRK for storage.

29 Sep 2022 UPDATE
VP-CWQ will be staying at HNL due to a maintenance issue.

15 Oct 2022 UPDATE
VP-CWQ continued onto ONT this morning as OMD263.

25 September 2022

JASDF's 08-1212

08-1212 (msn 12), a Kawasaki C-2 of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, is making a stop at HNL for training flights. The medium-heavy transport is assigned to the 403rd Tactical Airlift Squadron / 3rd Tactical Airlift Group, based at YGJ [Miho Airbase / Yonago Airport]. It's flying as JF403, and arrived from YGJ, with a stop at OKO, this morning.

24 September 2022

Eastern Airlines' N700KW

Eastern Airlines' 767-336ER, N700KW (c/n 25443, l/n 419, f/n 700), is making a stop from SNN via LAX, as EAL9803. The SNN-LAX leg was flown as EAL9802.

26 Sep 22 UPDATE
N700KW left for GUM as EAL9804 this afternoon.

photo to follow ...

23 September 2022


Cargo Aircraft Management is ferrying N237CM (c/n 25584, l/n 596) from ILN to QPG, via HNL and GUM for freighter conversion. This 767-333ER still has remnants of its former Air Canada Rouge livery.

25584's History:
Oct 1995: Delivered to Air Canada as C-FMWQ (f/n 632) under lease from CIT.
May 2006: Repainted in the mint green livery.
Jun 2014: Transferred to Air Canada Rouge.
Apr 2017: Sold to Avolon, and lease transferred.
Apr 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MCI, then MZJ a month later.
Jan 2021: Re-registered as N225ER.
Feb 2022: Sold to Cargo Aircraft Management.
Jly 2022: Re-registered as N237CM.

22 September 2022


VP-COI (c/n 40945, l/n 4830), a 737-8MA owned by Avolon, is ferrying from TPE to BYH, via GUM, HNL, SBD, and TKX.

40945's History:
Mar 2014: Delivered to China Airlines as B-18655, under lease from Avolon.
Feb 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at TPE.

Rainbow Warriors Team Charter

The Unviersity of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors chartered a Hawaiian Airlines A321-271N, N216HA “Māmane” (msn 8471, f/n 216), for their road game against the New Mexico State Aggies. The A321neo is flying to ELP as HAL762, and the team will take a bus to Las Cruces, NM.

25 Sep 22 UPDATE
The Rainbow Warriors are returning home aboard N378HA "Kaukamālama" (msn 1615), flying as HAL763.

21 September 2022

Nauru Airlines’ VH-PNI

Nauru Airlines is ferrying VH-PNI “Itsirir” (c/n 28555, l/n 2846) from BNE to NWI, with stops at TRW, HNL, YVR, YWG, and YYT, for heavy maintenance. This 737-36N is making the flight as RON810 [BNE-TRW-HNL], RON811 [HNL-YVR-YWG], and RON812 [YWG-YYT-NWI].

photo to follow ...

20 September 2022

Air Archipels’ N402BY

Air Archipels is taking delivery of their second Beech Super King Air 200, N402BY (msn BY-402). It’s making its delivery flight from MCE to PPT, via HNL; and will be registered as F-OIPF after its delivery flight. The US registration belongs to the Gateway Air Center.

26 Sep 22 UPDATE
N402BY is making its leg to PPT this morning.

photo to follow ...

19 September 2022

Luna Jet's N750FR Makes Cameo in NCIS Hawai‘i

Luna Jet's Falcon 50, N750FR (msn 098), made an appearance in tonight's episode of the CBS TV serial, "NCIS Hawai‘i". The black Falcon 50, operated by Mid-Pacific Jets, was used as a transport for a federal fugitive escaping to Hawai‘i. The scene in "Prisoner's Dilemma", was filmed at the Kalaeloa Airport this past June. The episode, "NCIS Hawai‘i" second season premier, was part two of the crossover episode with "NCIS" season premier episode "A Family Matter".

14 September 2022

Mercado Livre’s N272GE

Mercado Livre is taking delivery of N272GE (c/n 34279, l/n 2061), as it makes its delivery flight from PVG TO CNF, via GUM, HNL, VCV, and SJO, after freighter conversion. This 737-8EHF, to be operated by GOL Linhas Aéreos, will be part of the Uruguay-based online marketing company. The next leg of the delivery flight is to VCV. It will be registered as PS-GFB, after it arrives in Brazil.

34279’s History:
Sep 2006: Delivered to GOL as PR-GTF, under lease from GECAS.
Jly 2011: Painted in the GOL 10 Años special livery.
Dec 2013: Repainted in the regular livery.
Jly 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CNF.
Nov 2021: Sold to AerCap, re-registered as N272GE, and ferried to PVG for freighter conversion.

Lion Air’s PK-LJH

Lion Air is ferrying PK-LJJ (c/n 37288, l/n 3849) from BTH to SBD, via GUM and HNL, as LNI7001. This 737-9GPER is being returned to its lessor, Novus Aviation Capital, then moved. to Delta Air Lines

PK-LJJ’s History:
Dec 2011: Delivered to Lion Air in the regular livery.
Jly 2016: Sold to Novus Aviation Capital, then leased back.
Mar 2018: Painted in the LionParcel.com livery.
Apr 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at BTH.

09 September 2022

Batik Air Malaysia 9M-LRK

Batik Air Malaysia is taking delivery of 9M- LRK (c/n 43005, l/n 7441) today. This 737-9 is making its delivery flight from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM, as MXD1. It will overnight at HNL tonight.

07 September 2022

Life Save Kūpono Shuts Down

Air Method, the parent company of Life Save Kūpono, one of two inter-island air ambulance services in Hawai‘i, has closed Life Save Kūpono's doors today. It was one of several of Air Method's subsidiaries to be shuttered due to inflation, and reduced Medicare compensation.

Life Save Kūpono has four Beechcraft King Air C90As: N911ZC (msn LJ-1557), N911ZD (msn LJ-1559), N911ZE (msn LJ-1358), and N911ZF (msn LJ-1515) based at the Castle & Cooke Aviation hangar; along with a couple of ambulances.

The closure leaves Hawai‘i Life Flight, operated by American Medical Response (AMR), as the sole inter-island air ambulance service 

Further information in this KHON2 article.

University of Hawai‘i Team Charter

The University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors has chartered a Hawaiian Airlines A330-243, N399HA "Kūmau" (msn 1496, f/n 399), for its road trip to play the University of Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor on Saturday. Flying as HAL760, this A330 is making a non-stop flight to DTW, and the team will bus it to Ann Arbor. The team should make its return flight to HNL following the game.

The Rainbow Warriors also have road trips to Las Cruces, NM (24 Sep, vs New Mexico St); San Diego, CA (08 Oct, vs San Diego St); Fort Collins, CO (22 Oct, vs Colorado St); Fresno, CA (05 Nov, vs Fresno St); and San José, CA (26 Nov, vs San José St). It's not known if these road trips will be flown on Hawaiian as team charters.

10 Sep 2022 UPDATE
The Rainbow Warriors returned from DTW on N386HA "Heiheionakeiki" (msn 1302) as HAL761, following their 56-10 loss.

02 September 2022

N191WS And N193WS Ferry Flights

Two former Wing Spirit Hawai‘i Honda HA-420 HondaJets are being ferried from HNL to Japan, as their lessor is reclaiming the bizjets as part of Wing Spiritʻs bankruptcy. N191WS (msn 42000155) and N193WS (msn 42000160) are making a series of island-hopping ferry flights from HNL across the South Pacific, due to its short range (1,100 nm).

14 Sep 2022 UPDATE
Both N191WS and N193WS were ferried to the Honda Jet USA plant at GSO, and not Japan. The routing was HNL, CXI, PPG, VLI, BNE, CNS, DRW, DPS, SZB, DMK, CCU, AMD, DWC, CAI, VIE, PIK, RKV, YFB, YUL, and GSO.

01 September 2022

Western Kentucky University's Team Charter

The Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers football team chartered an Omni Air International 767-200 for their road trip to play the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors. The team flew from BNA to HNL as OAE9234, and will return to BNA after the game under the same flight number.