29 November 2010

Hawaiian Air Adds 6 A330s To Order List

Hawaiian Airlines has converted options to purchase six A330-243s, increasing their current total standing order to 13.  This will give the airline a total of 16 A330s in their fleet, including the current three in service.

HA's press release link.

28 November 2010

ANA Panda JA606A

ANA in panda colors stopped by HNL today and departed about 11 AM as ANA1051 to Narita.

LAS and LAX RareBirds

I was out-of-town during the past week. I managed to get a few hours of spotting time at LAS and LAX, and will be posting some airliners and airlines not seen at HNL.

Our flights were on Hawaiian Air's new A330-243s N381HA ("Hōkūle‘a) [HAL8] and N382HA ("‘Iwakeli‘i") [HAL17], and Southwest's 737-3H4W, N373SW [SWA1793].

Hawaiian's N381HA (msn 1114) at HNL's Gate 28 gets prepped for our flight to LAS as HAL8.

Southwest's N373SW (c/n 26581), a 737-3H4, our ride to ONT, taxies into Gate C21 from PHX. This 737-3H4 has been fitted with Blended Winglets and had its eyebrow cockpit windows plugged.

Hawaiian's newest A330-243, N382HA (msn 1171) was our ride back home to HNL from LAS as HAL17. It's seen above parked at Gate 24, shortly after we arrived.

I also videoed the approach and landing of our return flight to HNL, and is posted on YouTube.

24 November 2010

Shanghai Airlines' B-5548

Shanghai AIrlines took delivery of B-5548 (c/n 36807), a 737-86N, leased from GECAS, today.  The delivery flight was listed as CSH548.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though our BFI team member Drewski2112, got a photo of CSH548 departing a snowy BFI.

23 November 2010

An HNL RareBirds Blast From The Past: The China Clipper - 75 Years Later

75 years ago today on the morning of November 23rd 1935, Pan American Airways and their Martin M-130 named the "China Clipper" arrived at Pearl Harbor after a 20 hour and 33 minute flight completing the first leg of Pan American's Trans-Pacific flight from Alameda California. Piloted by Captain Edwin C. Musick and a crew of six, the flying boat officially started Air Mail service to the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific. This eventually led the way to what was to become passenger service later in 1936. The rest as they say, is "History".

Continental / United Colors in HNL

Just spotted taxing into the north side hard stands is the first Continental / United logo aircraft seen at HNL.

Sorry didn't get the tail number...too far for me to catch it.

Skymark Airlines 737-8FX

Here's a shot of Skymark Airlines' new 737-800 being towed from the Castle & Cooke parking to Taxiway C for startup. This aircraft tail number is JA73ND (c/n 33440), a 737-8FX.

22 November 2010

ex-China Southern B-2103

One of China Southern's MD-90-30s made its way through HNL today. Flying as CSN6999, B-2103 (c/n 60002), is the first MD-90 to make its way to the US mainland. Though, because this was a China-built MD-90 (licensed by McDonnell-Douglas), it will be held in storage at MZJ. Delta has expressed their intent on purchasing the CZ MD-90 fleet, but two were built in China, and may be kept for parts.

Sorry, no HNL photos ...

19 November 2010

Hawaiian's First Flight From HND Arrives

Yokosoo! (Welcome!)

Hawaiian Air celebrated its first flight that arrived from HND today. All of the passengers on HAL458 arrived to a gate-side lei greeting, and a hula performance outside the International Arrivals Tour Group Exit.  N589HA, "Moli", made the return trip with some that were on HAL457 on Wednesday, as well as Japanese tour groups.

Shanghai Airlines' B-5549

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-5549 (c/n 37888) today as CSH549. It's the first of three 737-86Ns, leased from GECAS (along with B-5548 and B-5550), that are currently at BFI.

B-5549 is seen above taxiing to the AirService Hawai‘i ramp on Taxiway C, after landing on Runway 26L.

17 November 2010

ANA's Haneda flight

After missing ANA's inaugural HND flight on Oct. 31st, here is a picture taken on Nov 16th of ANA's HND flight just prior to pushback. NH1061 departs HNL at 18:15.

Hawaiian Launches HND Service

Omedetoo gozaimasu (congratulations)!

Hawaiian Air inaugurates service to Haneda International Airport (Tokyo, Japan) today!  HAL457 is the outbound leg to HND, with HAL456 the return. 767-33AER, N589HA, "Moli", had the honors to make Hawaiian's first flight to Japan.  Among the passengers were Hawai‘i News Now videographer/reporter Oscar Valenzuela, and the cast and crew from OC16's "Doko Ga TV".

There were multiple hula performances by the Hawaiian Air Serenaders.

A traditional Japanese dance performed by members of the Soto Mission in Nu‘uanu.

KHON's Brianne Randle interviews Hawaiian Air CEO Mark Dunkerley, who was aboard the flight with his wife Marillia.

Each passenger received an orchid lei prior to boarding.


Ganbatte kudasai!

Hawaiian Air, arigato gozaimashita!

Garuda's PK-GFK

Garuda Indonesia's PK-GFK (c/n 37887) is the latest 737-86N to join their fleet. It's making its delivery flight from BFI as GIA8011.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though team member Drewski2112 got a photo of PK-GFK at BFI.

JAL Express' JA333J

JAL and JAL Express 737-846 deliveries have return through HNL as the winter months are upon us. JA333J (c/n 40348) is the first delivery of this winter season to stop at HNL. It arrived last evening. The delivery flight number has changed to JAL8101 as well.

Picture by ha763

16 November 2010


A Cessna C208B Cargomaster, N248PA (msn 208B0134), is en route to HNL. Its owner is listed as Pofolk Aviation Hawaii Inc, of Honolulu.  The Cargomaster is scheduled to arrive this evening.

N248PA was seen last November at GKY (Arlington Municipal Airport, Arlington, TX) where it was with Priority Air Charter. It's seen above on the Andersen Aviation ramp, and is seen with windows.  The photo in the link shows the C208 without windows.

Malaysia's 9M-MXB

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MXB (c/n 40129), their newest 737-8H6. Wearing the new livery, it's making its delivery flight to SZB (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) from BFI as MAS5473. 9M-MXB made its stop at HNL today from BFI. It's seen above taxiing out to the Reef Runway to depart for MAJ.

Lit up by the ramp lights in the Castle & Cooke alleyway, Malaysia Airlines 9M-MXB awaits her departure later in the morning. Above photo by team member Lono68

14 November 2010

Travolta's 707-138B

What a way to end the week! Three private "Heavies" where seen this weekend. John Travolta's N707JT (c/n 18740/388) joined the "Google Jet" and the 747SP this morning at the North hardstands.

13 November 2010

Las Vegas Sands Corporation 747SP

What a rare find this morning! Las Vegas Sands' VQ-BMS (c/n 21649), a 747SP-SP21 was parked at the North hardstands.

Originally delivered to Pan Am in 1979 as N540PA, this aircraft has since been in possession of five other outfits. Pan Am sold it to United Airlines back in 1986 and had its registration changed to N149UA. United then leased it to Tajik Air in 1993. It was then repossessed in 1994 and bought by the Brunei government. During that time the registration was changed three times (V8-JBB,V8-JP1,V8-AC1). In 1998, it was sold to Bahrain. The reg changed twice (A9C-HHH, A9C-HMH). In 2008, it was bought by the Las Vegas Sands.

12 November 2010

Google Jet, N673BF

Google's N673BF (c/n 23402) a 767-238 arrived yesterday afternoon and is seen here on Alpha. It parked at the North hardstand.

Air Canada's C-GHPH

Air Canada's C-GHPG (c/n 26207, l/n 503) a 767-3Y0ER is seen here on the North ramp undergoing repairs to one of its engines. It was suppose to go out on Wednesday night as AC48. It left Thursday night instead.

11 November 2010

Veteran's Day

HNL RareBirds extends a big mahalo to the Veterans of the USA, as we celebrate Veteran's Day today. We thank you for your service to our country, and protecting our freedom!

Hawaiian's N382HA

Today, Hawaiian Airlines is taking delivery of its third Airbus A330-243, N382HA (msn 1171). The aircraft is named "‘Iwakeli‘i", the Hawaiian name for the constellation Cassiopeia. It's making the delivery flight from TLS to HNL, non-stop, as N382HA.

By the way, today is Hawaiian's 81st birthday ... Hau‘oli Lā Hānau!

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo!

08 November 2010

Polet Airlines An-124

This An-124-100 of Polet Airlines arrived in the early hours of the 25th of October. RA-82075 (c/n 9773053459147) landed and taxied to Hickam. It was most likely here as a military charter to haul USMC CH-53s, or other cargo.

ANA, Endless Discovery

Along with Japan Airlines, ANA is also campaigning Japan National Tourism Organization's "Japan. Endless Discovery". Seen above, is JA610A (c/n 32979/895), a 767-381ER wearing the same logo, although not as incorporated as JAL's 767s. It is unusual to see two competing airlines promoting the same thing. More info about the JNTO can be found in this link.

03 November 2010

Koloa Aviation's N820MS

In this past Monday's episode of Hawai‘i Five-0, "Ho‘apono", Koloa Aviation's Gulfstream G-IV, N820MS (msn 1147), made an appearance as a getaway jet, and filmed at HNL.

The above photo, taken in 2005, shows N820MS taxiing out from the current Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp (formerly the Circle Rainbow Air ramp), where the G-IV is based.

Link to watch the Hawai‘i Five-0 CBS episode "Ho‘apono".

Hawaiian Adds Holiday Season Flights

Hawaiian Air announced today that they are adding three trans-Pacific flights during the holiday season: OGG-OAK, HNL-LAX and HNL-PPG.

HA press release link.

02 November 2010

China United's B-5547

China United Airlines is taking delivery of B-5547 (c/n 36806), their newest 737-86N (leased from GECAS). The flight, CUA547, is not listed on FlightAware. B-5547 is seen above, parked in the alleyway fronting Castle & Cooke Aviation.

Here's an additional shot of China United Airlines B-5547 taxing into the ramp after it arrives, courtesy of team member Lono68.