27 October 2022

University of Wyoming Team Charter

The University of Wyoming Cowboys football team is chartering a Sun Country Airlines 737-800 for its road trip game to play the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors. N820SY (c/n 39951, l/n 5166, f/n 820) is flying the team from LAR to HNL (via OAK), as SCX8420. The Cowboys will return to LAR Sunday morning.

26 October 2022

Bonza Airline's VH-UIK

Bonza Airline is taking delivery of their second 737-8, VH-UIK (c/n 43975, l/n 7516) today. It's flying from YYC to MEL, via HNL and NAN, as BNZ2. VH-UIK had been ferried to YYC from BFI on September 29th for cabin modifications as BNZ2. This 737-8 still has the LOT Polish Airline logo and colors on the upper half of its winglets, as it would have been SP-LVH.

Batik Air Malaysia's 9M-LRP

Today, Batik Air Malaysia is taking delivery of their second 737-8 in five days. 9M-LRP (c/n 43014, l/n 7704) is making its delivery flight from BFI as MXD2, and will overnight here before continuing onto GUM, then KUL. This 737-8 was transferred from Lion Air, and has "Operated by Batik Air" titles under the Lion word mark.

24 October 2022

Frontier Airlines To Hawai‘i?

In an interview with Routes Online, Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle mentioned in passing that Hawai‘i could be on the airline's route network (along with Europe and South America) when they begin receiving their order of 18 A321NXLRs beginning in 2026. The airline has been exploring the possibility of long-haul over-ocean flights for the XLRs, with 4,500+ nm range.

Frontier is in the process of converting its A320 and A321 fleets from the CEO (Current Engine Option) to the NEO (New Engine Option) versions. Their newest A321-271NX, N603FR "Fredrick the Bald Eagle" (msn 11032), has their new tag line, "America's Greenest Airline".

23 October 2022


N208TD (msn 208B1180), a C208B Grand Caravan, is making its delivery flight from SYQ [Tobias Bolanos International Airport, San Jose, México] to ___, via TAP, PVR, OLS, MCE, FAT, MCE, HNL, PPG, ...

21 October 2022

Hawaiian To Operate A330Fs for Amazon Prime Air

Hawaiian Airlines announced that they will operate and maintain a fleet of A330-300F freighters for Amazon Prime Air. The flights, slated to begin in 2023, will be flown by Hawaiian's flight crews, and will even open crew bases on the mainland.

These A330-300Fs, initially a fleet of ten leased from Altavair, will be passenger-to-freighter converted aircraft. The routes flown by Hawaiian have yet to be disclosed, nor is it known if it will it affect the current Amazon Prime Air Hawai‘i operations by Atlas Air and Air Transport International.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release, this Amazon press release, and this Airbus press release (including the above illustration).

Batik Air Malaysia's 9M-LRM

Batik Air Malaysia is taking delivery of 9M-LRM (c/n 43010, l/n 7576) today. This Lion Air-liveried 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM, as MXD1, and will overnight at HNL. 

18 October 2022

Northern Pacific Airlines' N628NP

Northern Pacific Airways' 757-2B7, N628NP (c/n 27809, l/n 673), is making a stop at OGG from ONT, as it will transit onto SPN. According to a CH-Aviation.com article, Northern Marianas Airlines is looking at wet-leasing Northern Pacific's 757s to begin operations in 2023.

22 Oct 2022 UPDATE
N628NP transited from SPN to ANC.

27 Oct 2022 UPDATE
On a related note, CH-Aviation.com reports that Northern Pacific Airways is the subject of a trademark infringement lawsuit by BNSF Railway over the use of the Northern Pacific name.

17 October 2022

Hawaiian And Mokulele Interline Agreement

Hawaiian Airlines and Mokulele Airlines (and parent Southern Airways Express) announced an interline agreement that will have passengers connect to each others route network.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

QantasLink's N946UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of its next ERJ-190AR, N946UW (msn 19000072), and is making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and MAJ. This QantasLink-liveried E190 is flying as UTY9812. This E190 is due to be registered as VH-XVT.

19000072's History:
Mar 2007: Delivered to US Airways as N946UW (f/n 946).
Dec 2013: Integrated into the American Airlines (f/n 946) following the merger with US Airways.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PIT; then ferried to ROW a month later.
Mar 2021: Acquired by Jetran.
Oct 2021: Acquired by TVPX Aircraft Solutions for Alliance Airlines.
Jun 2022: Ferried to SJO for prep to Alliance Airlines.

16 October 2022

Flybondi's VP-BJK

Flybondi is taking delivery of its next 737-800, VP-BJK (c/n 30147, l/n 3327). This 737-8U3 is making its delivery flight from KUL to BYH (for maintenance), via GUM, HNL, and SDM. It's being leased from Pembroke, and will reregistered in Argentina as LV-KEF.

30147's History:
Jly 2010: Delivered to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GMO, under lease from Pembroke.
Jun 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.
Nov 2021: Ferried to KUL for storage.

14 October 2022

University of Nevada's Team Charter

The University of Nevada Wolf Pack football team is chartering an Omni Air International 767-200 for its road trip to face the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday. N234AX (c/n 30436, l/n 833), a 767-224ER, flying as OAE9268, is being used for the charter, and will remain at HNL to take the team back to RNO following the game.


ZK-OJM (msn 2533), a former Air New Zealand A320-232, is ferrying from AKL to ROW, via RAR, HNL, and LAX as ANZ6096.

It was delivered to Air New Zealand in Sep 2005, and withdrawn from service in Sep 2022 (with its titles and logo painted over). It was painted in the current livery in early 2015.

07 October 2022


N828DC (msn 208B2074), a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, registered to OLAM N828DC LLC (Honolulu, HI), has arrived at HNL after its ferry flight from SMX.

N828DC's History:
May 2009: Delivered to WOC Aviation LLC (Macon, GA).
May 2017: Sold to Lowe Aviation Company (Macon, GA).
Aug 2017: Sold to MPE Aviation Services LLC (Easton, MD).
Sep 2022: Acquired by OLAN N828DC LLC (Honolulu, HI).

05 October 2022

Asia Pacific Airlines' N757QM To Fly For USPS

Asia Pacific Airlines' N757QM (c/n 27203, l/n 588), will be flying for the US Postal Service from ONT to GSO. This 757-29JF will be flying as MGE710/711 for a few months.

03 October 2022

QantasLink's N953UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of their next QantasLink-liveried ERJ-190AR, with N953UW (msn 19000133). It's making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL and MAJ, as UTY9811; and will overnight at HNL tonight.

02 October 2022

Qatar Airways Cargo's A7-BFG

Qatar Airways Cargo's "Moved By People" 777-FDZ, A7-BFG (c/n 42299, l/n 1238), is making its HNL stop as part of the QTR8140 flight segment from ORD, then onto MEL.