30 October 2012

Tropicair's N830CE

Tropicair [Papua New Guinea] is taking delivery of N830CE (msn 208B0945), a Cessna C208B Caravan. It arrived here from CMA on the 27th, and is awaiting its next leg on the Bradley Pacific Aviation ramp.

Hawaiian Inaugurates CTS Service

Hawaiian Airlines inaugurated thrice-weekly service between HNL and CTS (New Chitose International Airport, Hokkaido, Japan) this morning. Before passengers boarded HAL441, Hawaiian hosted pre-boarding festivities that included: food from Chef Chai, the Hawaiian Airlines Serenaders, singer and kumu hula Robert Cazimero performing a song; the Hanayagi Dance School; an ‘oli by Keone Martin; a prayer and blessing by Kahu Richard Kamanu; and lei given to each boarding passenger. N587HA "Pakalakala" was the 767-33AER that flew HAL441.

The traditional maile lei tied before the entrance to Gate 34, along with the commemorative "Aloha Sapporo" banner.

 The Hawaiian Airlines Serenaders hula dancers with "Pakalakala" in the background.

 The cabin crew of HAL441 poses for a group shot before attending to their pre-flight duties.

Hawaiian Airlines CFO Peter Ingram unties the maile lei shortly after Kahu Richard Kamanu performed the prayer and Hawaiian blessing.

Mahalo to Hawaiian Airlines for the invitation to this event!

Malaysia's 9M-MXK

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-800 this month with 9M-MXK (c/n 40138, l/n 4217). The 737-8H6 is making its delivery flight this morning as MAS5473, and will overnight at HNL. It's seen above taxiing to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

24 October 2012

Hawaiian Adds Extra BNE Service

Hawaiian Airlines announced today, that they will add 18 special flights in addition to their thrice-weekly 767-300ER service between HNL and BNE, when it commences on November 27th.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.


A former Air China 737-3J6, N980BW (c/n 25081, l/n 2263), is making its ferry flight to TUS from TSN (via GUM, MAJ, and KOA). It was acquired by AIr Lease Corporation (ALC) on October 17th. N980BW arrived at KOA around 2345HST last night.

25081 was delivered to Air China as B-2581 in April 1992.

Mahalo to MRC Aviation for the flight information!

23 October 2012

Lion Air's PK-LKJ

Lion Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-8GP this month. PK-LKJ (c/n 38682, l/n 4226) is making its delivery flight this morning as LNI1, and is seen above making its brief fuel stop at HNL.

22 October 2012

Qantas' VH-XZB

This morning, Qantas Airways is taking delivery of their second 737-838 this month. VH-XZB (c/n 39360, l/n 4192) is making its delivery flight as QFA6024.

20 October 2012

Hebei Airlines' B-5660

Hebei Airlines [NS/HBH], a subsidiary of Xiamen Airlines, is taking delivery of B-5660 (c/n 38397, l/n 4215) today. The 737-85C, originally ordered by Xiamen, was allocated to Hebei, and is making its delivery flight as HBH5660. It seen above on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

17 October 2012

Hawaiian Confirms ATR42 Purchase

Hawaiian Airlines announced this morning that they have completed purchase of an ATR42-500, and has a purchase agreement for a second aircraft. These turboprops will be used for flights to/from MKK and LNY.

Hawaiian's first ATR42-500 is registered as N801HC (msn 629). It was originally delivered to CSA Czech Airlines [OK/CSA] as OK-JFL "Susice", in July 2004. It was leased from ACL Leasing. Five years later, this ATR42-500 was painted in the SkyTeam livery until it was returned to the lessor.

More information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

Air China's B-5682

This morning, Air China is taking delivery of their second 737-89L in as many days. B-5682 (c/n 40036, l/n 4213) is making its delivery flight from BFI as CCA54, and is seen above taxiing out for departure to MAJ.

16 October 2012

China Eastern's B-5701

China Eastern Airlines' B-5701 (c/n 39360, l/n 4198) is the third of the the three China-bound 737-800s delivering from BFI today. The 737-89L is making its delivery flight as CES299. B-5701 is adorned in the purple variation of the Yunnan Peacock special livery, and is seen above, taxiing to its overnight spot on HNL's South Ramp.

Air China's B-5681

Air China's B-5681 (c/n 40031 l/n 4202) is the second of the three China-bound 737-800 delivery flights today. Their 737-89L is delivering as CCA51, and seen above departing the next morning from Runway 8L for MAJ.

China Southern's B-5697

China Southern Airlines' B-5697 (c/n 38931, l/n 4207) leads off the today's China-bound 737-800 delivery flight hat trick! The 737-81B is making its delivery flight as CSN123, and will overnight at HNL. It's seen above, departing from Runway 8L for MAJ.

Qantas' VH-TJE

A former Qantas Airways 737-476, VH-TJE "Kookaburra" (c/n 24430, l/n 1820), is being ferried from SYD to the mainland as QFA6027. It arrived last night from APW, and will depart Wednesday morning for VCV for storage.

VH-TJE was originally delivered to Australian Airlines in February 1990, and was absorbed into the Qantas fleet when Australian was acquired by Qantas in October 1993.

14 October 2012

Mokulele's New Tail Logo

A few months ago, Mokulele Airlines unveiled new corporate branding, and recently, the airline received a new C208B Caravan, N841MA (msn 208B1084). It's the first Caravan to wear the flower logo on the tail, and each of the existing fleet will receive a flower logo as well.

Mahalo to the folks at Mokulele Airlines for the opportunity to photograph N841MA.

12 October 2012

UNM Team Charter

The University of New Mexico Lobos football team chartered a Sun Country 737-800 to make their road trip to challenge the University of Hawai‘i Warriors on Saturday. N805SY (c/n 30032, l/n 985) was the 737-8Q8 making the flight from ABQ to HNL, via LAX, that arrived yesterday, and is seen above on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

*** 10.14.12 Update ***
The Lobos left for LAX, to return home to ABQ, a little after 12-midnight Sunday, as the same flight number. They beat the Warriors 35-23.

Malaysia's 9M-MLP

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MLP (c/n 39326, l/n 4208) this morning. The 737-8FZ, leased from Babcock & Brown, is making its delivery flight as MAS5403. It's seen above taxiing to the Castle & Cooke ramp to overnight, before continuing on.

11 October 2012

Alaska Orders 50 737s

This morning, Alaska Airlines placed an order for a total of 50 Boeing 737s, 20 737MAX8s, 17 737MAX9s, and 13 737-990ERs.

More information in this Alaska Airlines press release, along with Boeing's 737MAX page and press release.

Pictured above is Alaska's N512AS, in the Boeing Dreamliner livery.

10 October 2012

Polet Flight's RA-82068

A Polet Flight An-124-100, RA-82068 (c/n 9773051359127, l/n 07-03), stopped off at HNL from ROK [Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia], Monday evening as POT4787. It departed this morning (photo above) for IAD, as the same flight number.

09 October 2012

Virgin Australia's VH-ZPK

A Virgin Australia E-190AR, VH-ZPK "Aussie Rob" (msn 19000218), is making its way from BNE to SMX for maintenance, and a cabin retrofit to add a business class section. It arrived via APW this afternoon, and is seen above, in the old Virgin Blue livery, on Taxiway RT, for departure to SMX.

VH-ZPK was delivered to Virgin Australia's predecesor Virgin Blue in October 2008, and was transferred into the Virgin Australia's fleet when the airline re-branded.

Further details in this Virgin Australia press release.

Lion Air's PK-LKI

Lion Airlines is taking delivery of PK-LKI (c/n 38724, l/n 4206) this morning, and is flying as LNI1. It's the airline's second 737-8GP delivery in the past 12 days. PK-LKI is seen above on Taxiway RT, shortly after landing on Runway 26L, as the winds have been recently blowing from the south-southwest (known as "Kona Winds").

07 October 2012

Water Cannon Salute

To honor the surviving recipients of the Medal of Honor, Hawaiian Airlines flew the honored guests to KOA on two of their flights. Prior to parking, both of the 717-200s will be greeted with a water cannon salute by the KOA ARFF, and Medal of Honor recipients will be greeted with lei and Hawaiian music and hula.

Photos courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines to follow.

06 October 2012

Sriwijaya's PK-CLQ

A former JetLite [S2/JLL] (India) 737-800, has been registered as PK-CLQ (c/n 29050, l/n 444), and is on its ferry flight from the mainland to Indonesia to join the Sriwijaya fleet. It's on the Bradley Pacific ramp, wearing the JetLite livery and tail logo, but without titles (above photo). This would make Sriwijaya's second 737 delivery in four days.

29050 was originally delivered to Tombo Aviation in December 1999 as N8253V. Later the same month, it was acquired by Air Sahara [S2/RSH] (India) as VT-SIK. When Air Sahara was bought out by rival Jet Airways [9W/JAI] in 2007, the airline was renamed as JetLite, and VT-SIK was absorbed into the JetLite fleet. The aircraft was also acquired by the Aviation Capital Group (ACG), and leased back to JetLite. It was returned to AGC in February 2012 as N905AG. The Blended Winglets were added after its return to ACG

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the above photo!

04 October 2012

Pacific Wings' N305PW

Pacific Wings Airlines has one of their Cessna C208B Caravans parked on the General Aviation ramp. N305PW (msn 208B0828), received a new livery, and lacks the Pacific Wings titles. It was most recently assigned to its Georgia Skies subsidiary, the provided Essential Air Services in the southern state.

Back in 2007, I photographed N305PW when it wore the brown variation of the Pacific Wings livery.

Kuban's ZK-TLB

ZK-TLB (c/n 26310, l/n 2680), a 737-3Q8 owned by ILFC, is making its way to New Zealand, where it will join the Toll Airwork fleet. It's still wearing the livery of its last lessee, Kuban Airlines [GW/KIL] (Russia). The flight originated from GYR, but not sure if it made a stop in California, before flying to HNL. ZK-TLB is seen above, on Taxiway RT, as it prepares to depart for APW, then AKL.

26310 was originally leased to Continental Airlines as N14381, and delivered in January 1995. Its next lessee was KLM's UK off-shoot, Buzz [UK/UKA] (United Kingdom) as G-BZZE in December 2002. It was transferred to Ryanair [FR/RYR] (Ireland) in April 2003, after Ryanair acquired Buzz, and remained in the Buzz livery. As Ryanair replaced older 737s with 737NGs, G-BZZE was returned to ILFC. In December 2004, the UK's bmibaby [WW/BMI] leased it as G-TOYA until 2010. Russia's Kuban Airlines leased it in May 2010 as VQ-BHB, until the airline ceased operations in February 2012.

 The above photo shows that the Russian Federation seal and flag has yet to be removed.

Photo of the sunflowers on the aft portion of ZK-TLB, as it was parked on the Bradley Pacific Aviation ramp.

Mahalo to team member Lono68 for the close-up photos.

03 October 2012

HNL RareBirds Hosts Aero Pacific Flightlines

This morning, I had the opportunity to take Aero Pacific Flightlines' Michael Carter (from Southern California) around HNL's South Ramp, to photograph some of the aircraft that resides, or were visiting, on that side of the airport.

Qantas' VH-XZC

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of VH-XZC (c/n 39361, l/n 4199) today. The 737-838, named "Walwa", is making its delivery flight as QFA6024, and will overnight at HNL on a North Ramp Hard Stand (above).

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo!

02 October 2012


It always amazes me how the mainstream news media will claim the truth and accuracy in the news that they report. When it comes to the airline industry, it's a different story. Many local and national news outlets will show photos or videos of outdated airline liveries or aircraft types no longer in service. I suppose, to the general public, this may be a non-issue, but to aviation enthusiasts like us, it gets under our skin, because we know what's current, both in liveries and aircraft types.

Locally, we have offered our services in supplying up-to-date airline and airliner photos to both print and broadcast outlets. None has obliged our offer.

Example: a few days ago, a local TV news report showed video of a Mokulele Airlines E-170 on their launch/media day, on a report about the airline starting Cessna Caravan service between OGG and HNM. Mokulele's Embraer service ended in October 2009.

A while back, another local station showed outdated photos of Hainan Airlines 737s (blue tails) on a report about the airline's possibility of beginning service between PEK and HNL.

Nationally, network news will still show United's "Battleship Grey", US Airways' navy blue, and even Delta's original "Widget" liveries.

Hawaiian Upguages AKL Serivce

Citing a high-demand in ticket sales, even before it's March 13, 2013 launch, Hawaiian Airlines has upgauged its AKL service from their 767-300ERs to their A330-243s. It will add 30 more seats, and 25% more cargo capacity off the bat.

Further details in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.


Another former United Airlines 737-524, N16617 (c/n 27330, l/n 2648), is making its way to Indonesia to join the Sriwijaya Air fleet under lease from GECAS. The ferry flight originated from HOU, and made stops at SAT and MCC, before crossed the Pacific yesterday. It will continue onto to MAJ, and BIK, before arriving at CGK. N16617 is seen above on Taxiway C, earlier this morning, as it taxies out for departure to MAJ.

01 October 2012

Commercial Service Returns To HNM

Mokulele Airlines has commenced service between OGG and HNM. It's the first time in a few years that Hana has seen commercial passenger service. Partnered with Travaasa Resorts, Mokulele will fly twice-daily between the tiny resort town and Maui's main airport.

More information in this Mokulele Airlines press release.

September Deliveries

These were the 737NG deliveries that stopped through Hawai‘i in the month of September, and they were all 737-800s ...
4165 | B-5678 | 38929 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [09.06.12 CSN5678]
4171 | B-5687 | 38157 | Hainan Airlines | -84P [09.12.12 B5687]
4173 | B-5658 | 38395 | Xiamen Airlines | -85C [09.12.12 CXA5658]
4175 | B-5690 | 39130 | Shenzhen Airlines | -87L [09.13.12 CSZ912]
4180 | PK-LKG | 38681 | Lion Airlines | -8GP [09.17.12 LNI1]
4178 | B-5677 | 38928 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [09.18.12 CSN567]
4170 | B-5703 | 41784 | China United Airlines | -89P [09.18.12 CUA703]
4172 | VH-YIR | 39925 | Virgin Australia | -8FE "Cactus Beach" [09.20.12 VBH9882 - LIH]
4187 | B-5659 | 38396 | Xiamen Airlines | -85C [09.22.12 CXA5659]
4191 | B-5705 | 38828 | China United Airlines | -89P [09.27.12 CUA705]
4177 | B-5691 | 39402 | Shanghai Airlines | -86N [09.28.12 CSH691]
4193 | PK-LKH | 37297 | Lion Airlines | -8GP [09.28.12 LNI1]

Malaysia's 9M-MPF

Malaysia Airlines is ferrying one of their 747-4H6s, 9M-MPF "Kota Bharu" (c/n 27043, l/n 1017), for storage at ROW. The flight is listed as MAS5446, which originated from SZB [Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia], and arrived yesterday. It will depart for ROW tomorrow morning. 9M-MPF is seen above pushing out of Hard Stand 2 on the North Ramp, the next morning, as it prepares for its flight to ROW.

*** 10.11.12 Update ***
Airliners Gallery reports that Malaysia Airlines will be retiring their entire 747-4H6 fleet by February 2013.

Continental Connection's N11835

The October edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" takes us back to July 2004, and my first digital camera, a Canon A300 PowerShot. This month, we feature Continental Connection's ATR42-320, N11835 (msn 194), when it made a stop at HNL, on its way to join the Cape Air [9K/KAP] (Continental Connection) fleet.

N11835 was originally delivered to Bar Harbor Airlines in June 1990 wearing Continental Express colors. It was then transferred to ExpressJet Airlines in July 2001. Staying the COA network, the aircraft was sold to Turbo ease LLC, then leased to COA's Guam-based subsidiary, Cape Air, in July 2004. It was then leased to Trans Maldivian Airways as 8Q-ATM in April 2007. The ATR42 was then sold in July 2010 to Flight Line Services (Australia) as VH-FLE. This past April, it was acquired by Hevilift (Papua/New Guinea), and registered as P2-KSR.