30 April 2011

Pacific Sky Aviation's N382BJ

N382BJ (c/n 36808, l/n 3208), a 737-7KK BBJ, destined for Pacific Sky Aviation (North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada) is on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp after a flight from DAL. This BBJ was built in March 2010, and has been in DAL since June 2010 undergoing the installation of a VIP interior.

***Update 05.02.11***
N382BJ left for GUM on 05.01.11, and scheduled to continue onto MNL today.

Hainan's B-5579

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5579 (c/n 39223, l/n 3610), a 737-84P. It's flying out of BFI, making its way across the Pacific as B5579, and seen above on HNL's South Ramp.

29 April 2011

Hawaiian's Golden Week KIX Charter

In anticipation for its start-up of their KIX flights this summer, Hawaiian Airlines is flying a charter today from KIX, HAL852. They are using one of their 767-300ERs. Hawaiian Air CEO Mark Dunkerley said that this charter flight is being flown to bring over Japanese tourists to HNL for Japan's Golden Week holiday season. This past Wednesday, Hawaiian Air ferried their 767-300ER to KIX as HAL8851.

***Update 05.05.11***
The return flight to KIX was HAL853 on Tuesday, May 2nd. Hawaiian is ferrying the 763 today from KIX as HAL9850.

28 April 2011

Continental's N67158

One of Continental Airlines' 767-224ERs, N67158 (c/n 30437, l/n 839), is en route to HKG for maintenance, and to receive the new United titles. It's flying to HKG (above) as COA3171. N67158 arrived earlier from EWR as COA9971.

The only time we get to see COA 767-224ERs at HNL, are when they are in transit to (or from) maintenance.

Comlux Malta's 9H-AFL

One of Comlux Malta's three A318-112(CJ)Elites, 9H-AFL (msn 3363), has stopped off at HNL from SFO. The flight, listed as MLM31, originated at BFI.

Shandong's B-5490

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-5490 (c/n 35493, l/n 3594), a 737-85N, that is flying from BFI as CDG5490. It made it's first stop along its island-hopping delivery flight at HNL.

***Update 04.30.11***
B-5490 was scheduled to depart for MAJ this morning, but the flight was postponed for reasons unknown. It continues to sit on the AirService Hawai‘i ramp. As seen above, in this photo taken this afternoon, the wingtip lights are on.

***Update 05.01.11***
CDG5490 left this morning for MAJ.

27 April 2011

American To End SFO-HNL

American Airlines has announced that they will end their daily service between SFO and HNL. AAL29 (SFO-HNL) and AAL28 (HNL-SFO), flown using their 757-223s, will stop effective September 7th.

American's N192AN is seen above departing Runway 8L for SFO.

Dallas Morning News link.

26 April 2011


N5017Q (c/n 36136, l/n 1421), one of Boeing's test 747-8KZF paid a stop to KOA yesterday, and ITO today. It's currently flight testing out of NYL/KNYL (MCAS Yuma / Yuma International Airport, AZ), and flying as BOE521.

25 April 2011

China Airlines "Sweet"

Today's CAL18/17 (NRT) was operated by ship B-18311 (c/n 752), in the special "Sweet" livery. Today is the last day for China Airlines equipment swap of A330-302s, and will be returning to 747-409s tomorrow.

Sun Country MSP-HNL Service?

In an executive briefing with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Sun Country Airlines' CEO Stan Gedek, expressed the possibility of starting service between MSP and HNL, with a west coast stop this winter. They would use their 737-800 fleet.

Sun Country currently does government charter flights between HNL and mainland locations. Sun Country also used to fly an HNL-LAX route in the mid to late-90s using a DC-10-15. N809SY is seen above at HNL, on one of those government charters.

24 April 2011

China Southern's B-2254

Another of China Southern Airlines' MD-90-30s is making its way from CAN to MZJ via MFM, SPN, MAJ, HNL and OAK. B-2254 (c/n 53527, l/n 2175) is the MD-90 in transit, and it arrived last evening from MAJ as CSN6999.

B-2254 was originally delivered to China Northern Airlines (CJ/CBF) in March 1997, and was merged in the China Southern fleet when the latter acquired the former. It will now the join the Delta Air Lines fleet, and will be registered as N957DN.

23 April 2011

Qantas' VH-VZL

Qantas Airways' VH-VZL (c/n 34194, l/n 3621) "Newcastle", is their latest 737-838 that is being delivered. It's flying as QFA6024, and was scheduled to arrive at HNL yesterday, but returned to BFI due to a maintenance issue.

21 April 2011

Lion Air's PK-LHQ

Lion Air's first 737-9GPER with the new Sky Interior is making its delivery flight from BFI today as LNI1. PK-LHQ (c/n 37280, l/n 3537) had its delivery delayed as it is actually the first -900ER with the new interior based on the 787's.

PK-LHQ is seen taxiing down Taxiway C to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp after landing on Runway 4R.

20 April 2011

F-22A Problem?

Today, around 4:30 pm, an F-22A was being towed on Taxiway B back to Hickam. In the photo, there is a lead truck, followed by the tow tractor pulling the F-22A, then another truck, and finally a fire truck. Any news on what happened?

Continental Connection's N42836

One of Cape Air's [9K/KAP] (Continental Connection) ATR42-320s is making its way back to the airline's home base in HYA. N42836 (msn 200) made a stop at HNL from GUM via MAJ. It's being ferried by Southern Cross Aviation and flying as SXA830. This ATR42 temporarily replaced its sister ship N14834, which ferried through HNL on March 30th.

Mahalo to blog fan JN for the photo!

KKMM's N96757

A few weeks ago, in Episode #20 ("Ma Ke Kahakai") of Hawai‘i Five-0, this Gulfstream G-III made an appearance. N96757 (msn 379), owned by KKMM LLC (Houston, TX), was featured along with the Bradley Pacific Aviation facilities. The N-Number, however, was whited out. It's seen above being re-positioned on the South Ramp.

This G-III has been a frequent visitor to HNL, I first saw it when I was photographing Fly Guam's N238AG.

19 April 2011

JAL Express JA338J

One week after JA337J, another JAL Express 737-846, JA338J (c/n 40355, l/n 3609) has been delivered as JAL8102. This aircraft is all-white, except the winglets are actually painted gray.

Xiamen's B-5595

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of a GECAS-leased 737-86N. B-5595 (c/n 38017, l/n 3614) is making its delivery flight from BFI to XMN as CXA5595.

B-5595 is seen above taxiing to Runway 8R for its next leg to MAJ.

China Airlines Downgrades To A330-300s

China Airlines has downgraded CAL18/17 (NRT) from their 747-409s to A330-302s. The change began on April 12th, and will continue until the 24th, though that may be subject to change.

Seen above, is China Airlines' B-18315 (msn 823) that was delivered in March 2007.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo.

18 April 2011

JAL Flight Reductions To Continue

Japan Airlines has announced that the some of the international and domestic flight suspensions and fleet downgrades announced following the March 11th Tōhoku region earthquake and tsunami, will continue past the three week period announced earlier.

HNL is one of those international destinations affected by the extension:
JAL76/75 (NRT) will be suspended on May 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 17th and 22nd;
JAL72/71 (NRT) will be suspended on May 12th and 18th; and
JAL80/89 (HND) will be downgraded from a 777-246ER to a 767-346ER from May 9th to May 31st.

16 April 2011

Kalitta Air 747-122(SF)

N712CK (c/n 19754, l/n 60), the third oldest 747 in commercial service, taxies by on a recent Kona wind day. This Kalitta Air 747-122SF has over four decades in operation. It began service with United Airlines (delivered in August 1970 as N4704U); then Pan American World Airways (acquired in December 1985, named "Clipper Belle Of The Skies"); Polar Air Cargo (converted to freighter and leased from Jet Midwest, August 1994 as N845FT); and now as a "Connie" for CKS (November 2002). Not bad looking for a 40-year-old girl huh?

15 April 2011

Airwork's N919GF

Airwork / Toll Priority (HT/PST) is receiving another 737-300SF. This one, N919GF (c/n 24834, l/n 1896), a 737-3S1SF, is being leased from Aurora Leasing (San Antonio, TX). It's New Zealand registry will be ZK-TLE. The flight originated in MIA and made a stop at LGB before crossing the Pacific.

24834 was originally delivered TACA International Airlines (TA/TAI) as N371TA, under lease from FSBU, in July 1990. It was then sub-leased to Freedom Air International [New Zealand] (SJ/FOM) in April 1996, for one year. After its return to TAI, it was sub-leased to VARIG (RG/VRN) as PP-VPF in August 1997. The leasing company ACAP acquired 24834, and was leased to Hemus Air as LZ-HVB in June 2006. Under the same tail number, it was transferred to Bulgaria Air in May 2007. Aurora Leasing bought 24834 in December 2010, re-registered it as N919GF, and converted it to a freighter at MIA.

N919GF is seen above about to land on a rain-drenched Runway 4R arriving from LGB.

737-300s Update

Speaking of 737-300s ... a few years ago, several of these birds made their way to Asia through HNL. Their posts were listed with, then-unknown destinations. Here's an update of where these -300s ended up:
22953 | N374US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YTX
22957 | N384US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YTM [stored]
23318 | N396US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YTW [stored]
22952 | N373US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVY
23317 | N395US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVZ
23632 | N173AW | -33A: Merpati as PK-MBP
23316 | N394US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVV
23319 | N397US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVW
24097 | N497AN | -33A: Metro Batavia as PK-YVU
24093 | N493AN | -33A: Metro Batavia as PK-YVX
23931 | N586US | -301: Merpati as PK-MDJ
24253 | N349UA | -322: Metro Batavia as PK-YVM
24638 | N373UA | -322: Metro Batavia as PK-YVL

A few Qantas/JetConnect 737-338s were ferried to the US mainland for storage:
23491 | ZK-JNB | -376: ?
24295 | ZK-JNN | -376: now N295AG (Aviation Capital Group)
24296 | ZK-JNC | -376: now N294AG (Aviation Capital Group)
24297 | ZK-JND | -376: now N297AG (Aviation Capital Group)

Also, a China Southern 737-5Y0, B-2543 (c/n 24898), stopped through HNL on its way to the US mainland, and went on to Ukraine International Airlines as UR-GAW.

Garudaʻs PK-GFN

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of their newest GECAS-leased 737-86N, PK-GFN (c/n 38033, l/n 3607). It's flying out of BFI as GIA8011.

PK-GFN is seen above entering Taxiway C under rainy skies, taxiing to the AirService Hawai‘i ramp. Note that the 737-86N lacks Garuda titles and tail colors.

***Update 04.30.11***
Sky-Liners.de reports that PK-GFN was painted in the 1969-1985 color scheme.

13 April 2011

Hawaiian Air's N383HA

Hawaiian Air's fourth A330-243, N383HA (msn 1217), is making its delivery flight from TLS to LAX as N383HA. This Airbus is named "Hānaiakamālama" (Hawaiian for the constellation Southern Cross).

***Update 04.15.11***
N383HA has been put in service out LAX, flying as HAL9 that will arrive this evening at 2045HST, and is seen above shortly after its arrival.

Mahalo to blog fan DB for the above photo.

Air China's B-5570

Air China's latest 737-89L delivery from BFI is B-5570 (c/n 40032, l/n 3608), and is flying as CCA51.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo.

Sendai Airport Re-opens

SDJ (Sendai International Airport) was re-opened for limited daytime commercial operations after being ravaged by the M9.0 Tōhoku region earthquake and tsunami.

Both JAL Express and ANA conduct round-trip flights between HND and SDJ using 737-800s. JAL4721 was the first flight into SDJ that arrived shortly after 0800JST (on 4/13). In fact, in the NHK news video, the JAL Express 737-846, JA302J, was recently re-painted in their new livery, and had extra titles bearing the phrase "Ganbare Nihon (Japan Persevere)". ANA has also applied decals supporting encouragement for the people of Japan on their 737-881s and their 777-381s.

JAL Express also is gearing up service between ITM and SDJ later this month.

The airport was re-opened in late March for relief flight operations, thanks in part to a combined effort with the US Pacific Command and Japanese Self Defense Forces. News report have said that SDJ hopes to service international flights in the second half of this year.

12 April 2011

JAL Express JA337J

The newest 737-846 for JAL Express is JA337J (c/n 40352, l/n 3604). It's bound for HND via HNL, MAJ and GUM as JAL8102. The 737-846 is all-white, as the new livery will be applied in Japan.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo.

Hawaiian Returns N591HA

Hawaiian Airlines recently returned N591HA "‘Akekeke" (c/n 33423, l/n 897) to its lessor, AWAS. This 767-33AER was ferried to VCV in late March, where it was leased to Air Canada, and re-painted in their colors. It has been reported that the leases for N591HA and N593HA "Nēnē" (c/n 33424, l/n 901) with AWAS are expiring, and Hawaiian has not renewed the leases with a couple of A330-243s due for delivery by this summer.

"‘Akekeke" was also one of the few -300ER models that Hawaiian did not have the Blended Winglets installed, and neither has for "Nēnē".

591 is seen above departing Runway 22L in 2005.

591 was back at HNL from VCV wearing the Air Canada colors, and was ferried to XMN as HAL9983 early yesterday morning.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the above photo.

06 April 2011

Conair Firebombers

The two Conair Aviation CV-580 firebombers that stopped over at HNL this past December, are making its way back to their base in Abbotsford, BC, Canada (YXX/CYXX). They spent the Southern Hemisphere summer doing duty in Australia, and arrived Monday at HNL. C-FKFA and C-GYXC made a stop here during their ferry flight Down Under.

***Update 4/12/11***
Both CV-580s are seen above departing from Runway 8L this morning, from photos courtesy team member Aeros.

05 April 2011

Japan Airlines' Tsurumaru

Above is Japan Airlines' JA613J (c/n 33849, l/n 935) rotating off Runway 8L as JAL75 to Narita (RJAA/NRT). This 767-346ER recently received the "New Tsurumaru" livery.

04 April 2011

KEB Aircraft's N287KB

A privately-owned MD-87, N287KB (c/n 49768, l/n 1595), stopped at HNL for a fuel stop. It's owned by KEB Aircraft Sales, Inc. (Danville, CA), and is en route from SCK (Stockton Metropolitan Airport, CA). The flight continued onto MAJ.

49768 was originally delivered to AeroLloyd as D-ALLJ in June 1989. KEB acquired the MD-87 in January 1997, and had the interior re-configured to a VIP layout. The owner of KEB is entrepreneur and philanthropist Ken Behring.

Mahalo to team member Lono68 for the photo of N287KB, seen above on Taxiway C.

03 April 2011

Virgin Blue's VH-YFC

Virgin Blue's VH-YFC (c/n 39413, l/n 3592), a 737-81D, is making its delivery flight from ONT as VBH9080. VH-YFC actually delivered out BFI on 01 April to TUL, then left for ONT early this morning. It's also all-white, as the Virgin Blue, V Australia, Pacific Blue branding situation is still being straightened out.

01 April 2011

Royal Airlines' C-GRYI

The April edition of "HNL RareBirds Classics" takes us to December 1998, and this Royal Airlines A310-304, C-GRYI (msn 432, l/n 379), seen above being pushed out of Gate 25.

This A310 was originally delivered to Emirates Airlines (EK/UAE) as A6-EKA in July 1987. It was sold back to Airbus as F-WGYW in May 1997. Two months later, it was leased to Royal (QN/ROY) as C-GYRI, and kept the same registration when Royal was acquired by Canada 3000 (2T/CMM) in January 2001. After the closure of Canada 3000 in November 2001, it was returned to Airbus, then leased to Euralair International Airlines (RN/ERL) as F-GRNS in May 2002. From July to December of the same year, it was sub-leased to Nas Air (P9/NCM) of Mali. In April to June 2003, it was sub-leased to Nigerian Global (NGI). After it was returned to Euralair, it was put in storage, and has since been scrapped.

If you look left of the A310's tail, is a Canada 3000 757-200 parked at Gate 26. In the 90s, there were a host of Canadian carriers serving HNL from the "Great White North" that includes: Skyservice, Air Transat, Royal Airlines, Canada 3000, Canadian Airlines, and Air Canada. Of those airlines, only Air Canada is the remaining survivor that regularly serves the Hawai‘i market.