30 August 2008

HANG's 76-0063

A McDonnell-Douglas F-15A "Eagle", 76-0063 (c/n 0249/A215), of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 199th FS was enshrined in the Pacific Aviation Museum, located on Ford Island (in Naval Station Pearl Harbor). The retired fighter was transported via barge, from a dock at neighboring Hickam AFB through Pearl Harbor to Ford Island where it will displayed alongside a retired US Navy Grumman F-14 "Tomcat".

76-0063 is seen above departing Rwy 8L in a photo taken in 2005.

27 August 2008

Shanghai's CSH369

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of it's next 737-86D(W) flying as CSH369.

23 August 2008

JALExpress JA314J

JA314J (c/n 35343) is the 14th 737-846(W) for JAL. It arrived in HNL on its delivery flight on Aug 22nd, and left for MAJ today, Aug 23rd.

Shenzen's B-5401

Shenzhen Airlines' B-5401 (c/n 35530), a 737-87L(W), is on its delivery flight from BFI as CSZ5401, and seen above a few hours after arriving at HNL.

22 August 2008

Air China's B-5397

Air China's second delivery in the past week is B-5397 (c/n 36489), a 737-89L(W), that will overnight at HNL as CCA058.

Photo provided by MKU ADX.

Shanghai's B-5395

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-5395 (c/n 35770), a 737-86D(W), which is flying as CSH5395, stopped over at HNL today. It was parked in the alleyway fronting the Castle & Cooke Aviation complex and the Cox Aviation hangar.

Photo provided by MKU ADX.

21 August 2008

China Eastern's B-5245

China Eastern Airlines' newest 737-79P(W), B-5245 (c/n 36271), is on its first leg of its delivery flight from BFI as CES789. It's final destination is PVG (Pudong, Shanghai, China), where China Eastern is based.

The flight was listed yesterday on a couple of flight tracking sites, but did not actually fly until today.

20 August 2008

Ryan Air's RYN3068

Saw Ryan flight #3068 at Kahului this morning. I think it's routing was KOAK-PHLI-PHOG-PHNL-KONT. It was a white 752 with green tail and engines - no titles. Similar to N526NA on Airliners. Sorry no picture from here.

19 August 2008

Lion Air's Newest is PK-LFR

Boeing Construction Number 35719, taxiing after landing on 4R about 10:45 AM. It should be leaving about 1:30 PM for Majuro, then on to Biak (WABB).

15 August 2008

Air China' B-5196

Air China took delivery of their next 737-86N, B-5196, which transited through HNL as CCA058. This one is being leased from ILFC.

Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

14 August 2008

Hainan's B-5403

Hainan Airlines next 737-84P(W), B-5403 (c/n 35756) is on its delivery flight to China. It flew to HNL as BOE5403, which is a Boeing flight ID, but used its registration as its flight designator when it left HNL for MAJ and GUM today.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

13 August 2008

One-Two-Go MD-83

Did anyone catch this bird? According to Flight Aware, it departed from MNL (Ninoy Aquino) and is on its way to Oakland via Guam, MAJ (Marshall Island International), and Honolulu. It had its original registration changed to N530AW (c/n 53050).

Photo from Airliners.net.

12 August 2008


A shiny new Q400 dropped in today on a delivery flight to Australia. According to the ferry captain, it took 6:51 to get here from Concord, California (KCCR). It'll leave tomorrow for Majuro, a 7:01 flight.

The 0ffice. Smells like a new car!

Ferry tanks for all that fuel for the long over-water legs.

09 August 2008

Kamaka's N145KA

Kamaka Air has upgraded their fleet to the Cessna C208B Super Cargomaster. Registered as N145KA (msn 208B2019), this Super Cargomaster is one of the newest Caravans to have the new upgraded avionics which includes flatpanel LCD displays. N145KA left Kingman Airport - Clyde Cessna Field on July 21st and made stops in ABQ (Albequerque, NM), LGB (Long Beach, CA), VGT (North Las Vegas, NV - for 11 days), back to LGB, then to SMX (Santa Maria, CA) while on its way to HNL. N145KA arrived last night after a 12+ hour flight.

Kamaka's N231H

Kamaka AIr's Beech E-18S, N231H (msn BA-281), has been repainted to match N9796N, their Douglas Super DC-3, and N145KA, their new Cessna Caravan. It was recently painted by the Kamaka Air maintenance staff.

08 August 2008

N755NA - Barack Obama's Charter

US Presidential candidate Barack Obama (D) is chartering a North American Airlines 757-28A, N755NA (c/n 30043), and the jet has been painted in special colors for his campaign, with both his slogan and logo. Senator Obama (D-IL) was born in Honolulu, and graduated from Punahou School, and is here with his family to vacation, visit with family living here, and appear at a political fundraiser. It's sort-of a homecoming, and first visit to Hawai‘i since announcing his presidential campaign.

His flight was delayed for over two hours, as thousands waited at nearby Ke‘ehi Park, where Obama was to make an appearance at a rally put on by local supporters, before heading to his hotel.

I wanted to get a photo of the plane, and thought it had already arrived. According to camera crews, they said the flight was late. I found a vantage point where local TV camera crew were waiting, and was allowed to take photos of the arrival alongside them. I did not really care if I got a shot of Obama, I just wanted the plane, and I got it. The press corps exited the aircraft first, and in fact the Obamas' had yet to exit the aircraft when I left, which was about 20 minutes after the plane parked.

A special mahalo to the airport security staff for allowing me to get these shots.

07 August 2008

Xiamen's B-5383

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5383 (c/n 35631), their second 737-86N(W) in the past four days. It arrived at HNL from BFI as CXA5383, and will continue onto MAJ tomorrow. B-5383 is seen above in the late afternoon sun.

03 August 2008

Xiamen's B-5382

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5382 (c/n 35631), a 737-86N(W), and its making its way toward XMN (Xiamen, China) as CXA5382. It arrived later than most delivery flights, after 1900HST, and should continue onto MAJ tomorrow.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

02 August 2008

An A319CJ Visits The Islands

Comlux Aviation's A319-115X CJ with Swiss registry HB-IPO (cn 2592), arrived Maui today nonstop from ATL (Atlanta). The Comlux website has an interior view.

01 August 2008

Polet Flight's An-124

A Polet Flight An-124 is in from TPA (Tampa, FL) as POT923, and is parked on the North Ramp Hardstands. The flight continues to BNE (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).

Sorry no HNL photo ...

Hainan's B-5406

Hainan's latest 737-84P(W), B-5406 (c/n 35760) is on its delivery flight from BFI to China as B5406, and it made its first stop at HNL today. It will continue onto MAJ and SPN tomorrow.

B-5406 is seen above in the late afternoon light.