29 December 2010

Delta's Skyteam 767-300

Delta's 767-332ER in Skyteam alliance colors. N175DZ (c/n 29696) is seen here after push-back as DAL607 to RJAA, Narita. Yesterday this aircraft was spotted here along with Japan Air's One World and ANA's Star Alliance 767s.

Omni Flies Japan-HNL Charters

To accommodate the large amounts of tourists from Japan for the New Years holiday season, Omni Air International has been flying charters between KIX, NRT, FUK, and HNL using 767-300ERs. Omni has been doing these New Years charters for the past few years.

Both ANA and JAL have added extra flights as well.

In the photo above (courtesy team member Aeros), Omni Air International's N342AX (c/n 27136, 767-328ER) and N351AX (c/n 27908, 767-33AER, far left) as well as ANA's JA606A and JA615A can be seen.

26 December 2010

United / Continental N223UA

Seen here parked at Gate 7 in HNL, after a long flight from NRT, is United Flight 880 (N223UA / cn 30224/357) in Continental colors. This Boeing 777-222ER will head back to NRT, before continuing back over the Pacific to SEA later tomorrow.

A clearer shot (photo courtesy team member Aeros) of N223UA taxing out to Runway 8R, with a USN C-2 Grayhound departing off Runway 8L.

25 December 2010

Mele Kalikimaka!

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

23 December 2010

Skymark's JA73NE

Skymark Airlines' JA73NE (c/n 40713) is making its delivery flight from BFI as SKY73NE. The 737-82Y, leased from MCAP, is the latest addition to the Skymark fleet. It's seen above taxiing to its parking spot at Castle & Cooke Aviation, after arriving from BFI.

On a related note, according to the Reuters News Service, Skymark announced that they intend to triple the size of their fleet within the next four years by adding more 737-800s and the Airbus A380.

22 December 2010

Delta Launches NGO Service

Delta Air Lines launched service today between NGO and HNL with a 767-300ER, and now compete against Japan Airlines out Chubu International.

Garudaʻs PK-GFL

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of PK-GFL (c/n 36808), a GECAS-leased 737-86N, that's flying as GIA8011.

It's seen above departing Runway 8L for MAJ.

Photo courtesy team member Lono68.

Malaysia's 9M-MLI

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-800 this month, and in the past five days. 9M-MLI (c/n 31793), a 737-8FZ, is making its delivery flight as MAS5403.

9M-MLI is seen above taxiing to the "Reef Runway" to depart for MAJ.

Photo courtesy team member Lono68.

21 December 2010

WestJet Leases A 752 To Serve OGG & HNL

WestJet Airlines will be leasing a 757-200 from North American Airlines to provide flights between Hawai‘i (HNL and OGG) and the Canadian Province of Alberta (YYC [Calgary] and YEG [Edmonton]). The service will operate between Feb 12, 2011 and April 30, 2011. North American will be supplying the flight, cabin and maintenance crews.

WestJet's press release link.

20 December 2010

North American at OGG

North American's 757-28A N755NA (c/n 30043) was at Kahului today before departing for SLC as NAO77.

Sorry, no picture.

19 December 2010

Tulsa Charters Ryan Int'l For Hawai‘i Bowl

The Tulsa University Golden Hurricane football team has chartered a Ryan International 767-300ER to make the trip to HNL to play in the Sheraton Hawai‘i Bowl on Christmas Eve, December 24th, at Aloha Stadium.  The flight, RYN6945, is scheduled to arrive later today from TUL.

18 December 2010

Southwest Confirms 737-800s

Southwest Airlines officially confirmed on Wednesday, December 15th, that they are converting 20 of their 737-7H4 orders to 737-8H4s. The upgrade to the -800 variant will allow Southwest to expand the range of their route network. All of the 737-8H4s will be ETOPS-capable. According to the Dallas-based airline, they are looking to purchase at least 70 737-8H4s by 2014. The first Southwest 737-8H4 is expected to be delivered in March 2012.

In local circles, this announcement has led to speculation that Southwest could expand to HNL, though they have not formally stated that HNL is new route, only a possibility.

Southwest's press release link.

Continental United Star Alliance

Fresh paint! Seen here first! United (Continental) Airlines N76055 (c/n 29450) Star Alliance 767-424ER is seen here after it arrived from HKG (Hong Kong International Airport) for its C-Check. It will continue on to IAH (Houston Intercontinental Airport) as COA3172.

Prior to the C-Check, N76055 wore the standard Continental livery.

Obama Family Arrives Today

First Lady Michelle Obama, their two daughters, and First Dog "Bo", will arrive at HIK today aboard a US Air Force Boeing C-40B "Clipper" (similar to above) ahead of President Barack Obama.

Pictured above is a C-40B (737-7CP BBJ), 01-0105 (c/n 32916) of the 65th Airlift Squadron of HIK's 15th Wing.

17 December 2010

Malaysia's 9M-MXC

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MXC (c/n 40130), their newest 737-8H6, which is flying from BFI as MAS5473. It's seen above taxiing to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

OK Air's B-5573

B-5573 (c/n 37932) is the second Okay Airways 737-8HO (leased from ALAFCO) is being delivered today in three days, as OKA573. It's seen above taxiing on Taxiway C to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

16 December 2010

Virgin Blue's VH-VUY

In a rare move, Virgin Blue is having their newest 737-8KG, VH-VUY (c/n 39450), delivered through HNL today.  The all-white 738 leased from Dubai Aerospace will reportedly have decals applied when it arrives in Australia, guessing it will be a logojet or special livery. Virgin Blue deliveries usually transit through LIH and NAN before arriving at BNE.

Here's VH-VUY taxing over to the Air Service hanger after arrival in HNL.

***Update 01.24.11***
VH-VUY has become the logojet for the Australian Football league.

15 December 2010

United Returns To Hilo

Beginning June 9, 2011, United (Continental) Airlines will launch daily service between LAX and ITO, and weekly Saturday service between SFO and ITO using 737-824s. United will use Continental aircraft and flight codes for the ITO flights.

This will be the first west coast flights to/from ITO since American Trans Air (ATA) collapsed in April 2008.

Continental's press release link.

Obama Visit Creates TFRs

As it happened last year, the FAA, along with the Secret Service, will again be creating Temporary Flight Restrictions that includes a 10-mile radius no-fly-zone around the Kailua residence where U.S. President Barack Obama and his family visits O‘ahu in a few days to celebrate Christmas and New Year's. It is also creating a security concern and procedures for air tour operators at HNL.

Hawai‘i News Now report.

14 December 2010

OK Air's B-5562

Okay Airways' first 737-8HO wearing its revised orange livery (replacing the original purple), B-5562 (c/n 37934), is making its delivery flight to TSN (Tianjin, China) as OKA562. It made its first overnight tech stop at HNL today from BFI. It will continue onto SPN tomorrow, then TSN.

13 December 2010

JAL Express' JA334J

JAL Express is taking delivery of JA334J (c/n 40349), a 737-846, that arrived earlier this evening from BFI as JAL8102. It's seen above climbing out from a Runway 8L departure bound for MAJ.

10 December 2010

American 154

Yesterday morning, a 777-223ER of American Airlines was in town for a tech-stop from NRT. N777AN (c/n 29585) is seen above being pushed back from Gate 13 as AAL154 for its remaining leg to ORD (Chicago O'Hare).

08 December 2010

Sun Country's N806SY

Sun Country's 737-8Q8 (cn 28215/75) providing inmate transfer for the U.S. Dept of Justice and Hawaii State Dept. of Corrections. Sun Country flight SCX8701 is seen departing the Castle & Cooke ramp area at Honolulu International (PHNL). Destination is Mc Carran Internation Airport in Las Vegas (KLAS).

Here's another shot of Sun Country's 737-8Q8 (cn 28215/75) in the early morning with Diamond Head in the background.

07 December 2010

United Airlines Eco-skies

United (Continental) airlines N76516 (c/n 37096) eco-skies 737-824 is seen here after a short taxi from the Continental hangar. Continental used this aircraft back in 2009 to test biofuel. At the time Continental was the first airline in the U.S. to fly with biofuel. Note that the Blended Winglets are painted green too!

06 December 2010

LAX RareBirds

On Nov. 22nd, we had an opportunity to get a few hours of spotting time at LAX from Imperial Park (Runways 25), the In-N-Out Burger on Sepulveda (Runway 24R arrivals), and the Proud Bird Restaurant (Runway 25L arrivals).

While the aircraft in this post may be a common sight at LAX, we certainly do not see them at HNL. The following are several airlines and/or airliners not commonly seen in Hawai‘i.

China Airlines Cargo 747-409F, B-18711 (c/n 30768), taxies on Taxiway A to the LAX International Cargo Ramp after landing on Runway 24R. It arrived from TPE. As you can see in the background, there are three Qantas A380s parked in north hangar area, due to the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine grounding.

Still wearing the old livery, US Airways' A321-211, N171US (msn 1465) taxies westward to Terminal 1. With the renovations to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) going on, Taxiways S and Q have been closed, forcing taxiing traffic to go to Taxiway AA (at the west end of LAX) to get from the north side to the south side (and vice-verse). Two of the three Qantas A380s are seen in the background.

All Nippon Airways' 777-381ER, JA733A (c/n 32648), taxies to the Tom Bradley International Terminal on Taxiway C after landing on Runway 24R. It arrived from NRT as ANA6. The immediate background shows some of the construction to the TBIT extension.

An Emirates 777-31HER, A6-ECX (c/n 38982) rockets off of Runway 25R bound for DXB as UAE218. In the background is the LAX Tower, and the world-famous theme building. Also, at the Delta Air Lines Terminal (T5), is one of their 737-832s in the 2001 colors.

B-2431 (c/n 30761), a 747-409F from Yangtze River Express (Y8/YZR) departs for PVG from Runway 25R. This aircraft was originally delivered to China Airlines in 2000, and acquired by YZR in 2007. Yangtze River Express is part of the Hainan Air Group.

LAN Chile's CC-CDP (c/n 27597), a 767-316ER, taxies on Taxiway H after arriving from LIM as LAN600. In the background is a Cathay Pacific 777-367ER from HKG as CPA882. There's also the ANA 777-381ER, an American Airlines 777-223 and MD-83 at their terminal (T4).

N18112 (c/n 27302) is one of several Continental Airlines 757-224s to receive the new United Airlines titles. It's seen above climbing out from a Runway 25R departure. There was a 737-824 with the new United titles that landed on Runway 25L.

While we had lunch at the In-N-Out Burger on Sepulveda Blvd, this Virgin America A320-214, N634VA "mach daddy" (msn 3359), made its approach to Runway 24R. I had one hand on the camera, and the other on the burger.

airTran's N287AT (c/n 32671), a 737-76N, makes a its short final to Rwy 24R. Soon these 737-700s (along with their 717-200s) will become part of the Southwest fleet with the upcoming merger.

Horizon Air's Dash8-Q400, N419QX (msn 4145), passes by In-N-Out Burger.

Air Canada's C-GBIK (msn 831), an A319-114, on short final for Runway 24R.

The last plane I photographed from In-N-Out Burger, was this American Eagle Embraer ERJ-140LR, N853AE (msn 145742).

After lunch, we checked out the Proud Bird Restaurant parking lot to get Runway 25L arrivals, and only managed to get these two, before a lull in the action. 

The first was a United Express (SkyWest) Embraer EMB-120ER, N226SW (msn 120296), still wearing the UA grey livery. The EMB-120 is the smallest airliner serving LAX.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' PH-BFE (c/n 24201) "Melbourne", a 747-406M, arrives from AMS as KLM601, on finals for Runway 25L.

LAS RareBirds

During our layover at McCarrann International's Terminal C, we came across four of Southwest's state flag liveried 737s that made stops at LAS from around the country:

"Nevada One", N727SW (c/n 27859), a 737-7H4, was the first of WN flag birds to taxi to Terminal B.

"Lone Star One", N352SW (c/n 24888), a 737-3H4 is seen above taxiing to Terminal B.

Prior to our flight to ONT, "Maryland One", N214WN (c/n 32486), a 737-7H4, taxied to our gate (C21) that departed for RNO.

While taxiing to Runway 19L for departure, we passed "Arizona One", N383SW (c/n 26589), a 737-3H4, parked in Holding Pad 2.

Besides the Southwest flag 737s, we came across these aircraft types that don't come out to HNL, but the airlines do ...

Delta Air Lines' 737-832, N380DA (c/n 30266), taxies to Terminal D on Taxiway C, after arriving on Runway 19R.

This US Airways A321-231, N521UW (msn 3944), taxies to Runway 25R from Terminal A on Taxiway B5.

jetBlue's "Do-Be-Do-Be-Blue", N621JB (msn 2491), an A320-232 taxies along Taxiway B to Terminal D after landing on Runway 19R.

In the northwest corner of LAS is the ramp where the six EG&G ("Janet") 737-66Ns are parked, with the Luxor Hotel in the background.  Seen above are three of the six, as our flight (SWA1793) taxies to Runway 19L.

Hawaiian's N485HA at Kahului

Palila (c/n 55130) is parked at the cargo ramp at OGG sans one of it's BR-700's after a RTO while operating as flight #185 to HNL on 02 Dec.

04 December 2010


A Republic of Korea Air Force 737-7ES "Peace Eye", N963SS (c/n 35329), is making its delivery flight to South Korea today. It's flying as BOE224, had made its first stop at HNL, with GUM as the next stop before arriving at HIN (Saechon AFB, Chinju, ROK).

HNL photo provided by team member lono68.
Here's the shot of it at BFI.


I was informed by the admin crew at Airliners.net that I am today's Featured Photographer! It's definitely an honor for us here in Honolulu. Thank you all for your support!

03 December 2010

China Eastern To Fly Charters From China

Hawaii News Now is reporting that China Eastern Airlines will be using their Airbus A340-300s to make two flights from Shanghai to HNL for the Chinese New Year.

West Wing Aviation's N330DH

A Beech 1900D of West Wing Aviation (Australia), N330DH (msn UE-403), is returning from Down Under, and headed to the mainland. N330DH has made a stop at HNL from Australia via PPG and CXI. It was registered as VH-XDU in Australia.

N330DH is owned by 1900 Delta Holding Company (Dover, DE), and was originally with CommutAir (Continental Connection) as N857CA.

Conair Aviation Firebombers

Two firebombers from Conair Aviation (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada) are in town on HNL's south ramp. They are reportedly headed for Australia for their summer season, to stand by to help fight brush and forest fires. Note that the two Convair-liners are parked in tandem on one hardstand stall.

C-FKFA (msn 100), a Convair CV-580 (upgraded from a CV-340).

C-GYXC (msn 507), a CV-580 (upgraded from a CV-440). This CV-580 was here in August 2009, as it was making its way to Canada from Australia for conversion from a passenger carrier to a firebomber.

Anyone remember when Hawaiian Airlines had Convair-liners in their fleet?

Aloha Air Cargo To Add SF340s

Aloha Air Cargo is adding two Saab SF340BF freighters to their fleet next year. The two converted freighters are expected before the summer of 2011, and will bring the fleet total to six (with their four 737-200Cs).

The Aloha Air Cargo press release.

Shanghai Airlines' B-5550

Shanghai Airlines' third of three GECAS-leased 737-86Ns, B-5550 (c/n 39393), is making its delivery flight from BFI as CSH550.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though team member Drewski2112 got a shot of B-5550 at BFI after a test flight.