31 October 2010

The Restart Of Flights To Haneda

October 31st saw the return of regularly scheduled flights between HND and HNL by JAL and ANA. For JAL, this is a return as they flew HND-HNL from 1954 until 1978. For ANA, this is a new route.

JAL will be using their 767-300ERs on the route and JA612J, which has the "Japan Endless Discovery" decals, had the honor of the first flight.

For the departure, JA601J flew back the first return flight.

ANA also is using 767-300ERs for their HND flights. Their flight arrives approximately 1 hour after JAL's flight and leaves approximately 20 minutes after. (Sorry, no pictures of their flight)

Hawaiian will also be flying to HND, but will not start until November 17 and will also initially use their 767-300ERs before changing to the A330-200.

The flight numbers for these flights are:
JAL - JO80/89 (JL80/89 from December 1st)
ANA - NH1062/1061
HA - HA458/457

30 October 2010

Skymark's JA73NC

Skymark Airlines' JA73NC (c/n 31743), a 737-8FZ, is making its delivery flight as SKY73NC from BFI today.

Rick Schlamp's BFI photo.

Malaysia's 9M-MXA

9M-MXA (c/n 40128) is the first Malaysia Airlines 737-800 to receive their new livery.  The 737-8H6 made its delivery flight from BFI as MAS5473 yesterday with its stop at HNL.

Fortunately, we were blessed to get a photo here from a friend, as well as Drewski2112 at BFI.

28 October 2010

Garuda's PK-GFJ

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of their third 737-800 this month.  PK-GFJ (c/n 37885), a 737-86N, is making its delivery flight to Jakarta as GIA8011.

Shandong's B-5543

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-5543 (c/n 39392), a 737-86N.  It's making its flight to China as CDG5543.

27 October 2010

Xiamen's B-5551

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5551 (c/n 36697), a 737-84P. It's making its delivery flight as CXA5551. This 73H was originally allocated to Hainan Airlines, but taken by Xiamen.

26 October 2010

China Eastern's B-5271

China Eastern Airlines' B-5271 (c/n 36772), is their newest 737-79P.  It's making its delivery flight from BFI to PVG (via HNL, MAJ & SPN) as CES299.

Seems like most 737NGs passing through HNL for China are -800s.  Except for Lion's -900s, the orders shown online with assigned construction numbers for Asian region are all -800s.  On the current order and assembly list, today's delivery is the only -700 destined for China.

JAL's OneWorld Logojet

Japan Airlines' logojet for their OneWorld alliance, JA604J (c/n 33493), has made an appearance at HNL. This 767-346ER is seen departing for NGO today as JAZ83.

Within a few days, all but one JAL flight will be 767-346ERs, as their 747-446s are being phased out.

25 October 2010

Lion Air's PK-LHL

Another of Lion Air's 737-9GPERs, PK-LHL (c/n 37274), made its brief tech stop at HNL today as LNI1.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though team member Drewski2112 got it at BFI.

23 October 2010

Alaska's "Starliner 75"

I arrived OGG today on N569AS (c/n 35184/2192); a 737-890 operating as flight #861 from PDX. The cold & drizzly ramp shot was at Portland this morning, and the warm and sunny picture was after we arrived. The doors of the overhead storage bins all have different pictures showing the history of Alaska Airlines. Pictures from the flight today. 

Aeros made a post back on 04-01-10 when this one was spotted at HNL. Not sure how often it's been back there. I've seen this plane at Maui only once before, and that was months ago.

22 October 2010

Garuda's PK-GMR

Receiving their second 737-800 in two days, Garuda Indonesia's PK-GMR (c/n 30150), a 737-8U3, is being delivered today. The delivery flight is listed as GIA8021 or GIA801A.

21 October 2010

Garuda's PK-GFI

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of PK-GFI (c/n 36805), a 737-86N leased from GECAS. It's making its delivery flight as GIA8011.

It's seen above taxiing to Rwy 8R for its second leg to MAJ.

20 October 2010

ATI And National To Get 757-200Cs

Air Transport International (ATI) and National Airlines (Murray Air) have ordered 757-200Cs.  The 752 Combis are seen as replacement for the aging DC-8 Combi fleets of both airlines.  ATI serves HIK with military charters from the mainland to the western Pacific.  National occasionally flies to HNL from the mainland on ad hoc charter cargo flights.  The first deliveries aren't expected until 2011.

Precision Conversions and Pemco are performing passenger to combi conversions, as well as passenger to freighter conversions.

FlightGlobal.com's report on the ATI's 757-200Cs, and AirlinersGallery's report on the National 757-200Cs.

19 October 2010

Air China's B-5525

Air China is taking delivery of their second 737-800 in the past four days. B-5525 (c/n 37886), 737-86N, leased from GECAS, is making its delivery flight from BFI to PEK (via HNL, MAJ, and SPN) as CCA52.

Sorry, no HNL photo, though Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

17 October 2010


On October 17th, there was this flight listed on FlightAware.com bound for PAE, and the aircraft listed as a 737-700. I could not find an airline attached to the code VBH. According to one of our readers walking along Lagoon Drive, he noticed it was a Virgin Blue 737-700. There have been reports that Southwest Airlines has purchased some of VIrgin Blue's 737-700s. The aircraft are flown to PAE for interior modifications and re-painting.

16 October 2010

Shanghai Airlines' B-5546

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-5546 (c/n 39391), a 737-86N, and making its delivery flight as CSH5546.

Sorry, no HNL photo. Team member Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

15 October 2010

Malaysia's 9M-MLH

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MLH (c/n 31723), a 737-8FZ, and is making its delivery flight as MAS5403 from BFI to KUL.

According our BFI connection, team member Drewski2112, 9M-MXA (which is ahead of -MLH) has a new livery and the new Sky Interior, and awaiting certification. MLH has the current livery and interior, and was delivered first.

Sorry, no HNL photo, but Drewski2112 got it at BFI.

Air China's B-5477

Air China's latest 737-89L to join their fleet is B-5477 (c/n 36755).  It's making its delivery flight as CCA51.

11 October 2010

Sriwijaya Air Orders 737-800s

Another Indonesian entrant will join Lion Air and Garuda Indonesian as their new "Baby Boeings" that will use HNL as a stopover point during their flights.

Indonesian carrier Sriwijaya Air has ordered ten 737-800s to upgrade their current 737-300s and -400s.  The first new -800 is expected in 2012.

Airliners Gallery news article.

09 October 2010

Xiamen's B-5535

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5535 (c/n 37579), a 737-85C. It's making its delivery flight as CXA5535, and will overnight at HNL from BFI.

06 October 2010


Not rare at HNL, but rare to see on the North Ramp. This UPS MD-11F, N293UP (c/n 48473), seems to need maintenance as there was a dam of absorbent material under the left horizontal stabilizer.

JAL's JA623J - Japan. Endless Discovery

Earlier this year the Japan Tourism Agency has renewed its tourism campaign with a new slogan and logo. "Japan. Endless Discovery" has replaced "Yokoso! Japan" as their slogan. The new logo is the rising sun with cherry blossoms. Above is the new logo and slogan on JAL's 767-346ER, JA623J (c/n 36131). For comparison, the old logo and slogan is shown in the picture below.

Hawaiian And ANA Announce Partnership

Hawaiian Air CEO Mark Dunkerley and All Nippon Airways CEO Shinichiro Ito announced today that they have signed a letter of agreement that establishes a partnership between the two carriers.

The link to the Hawaiian Air press release.

Lion Air's PK-LHK

Lion Air has taken delivery of PK-LHK (c/n 37273), their second 737-9GPER in the past eight days, and is flying as LNI1.  It's seen above taxiing to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp for its brief fuel stop.

04 October 2010

Singapore Airlines Cargo

Singapore Airlines brought in 9V-SFJ (c/n 26559, l/n 1258), a 747-412F/SCD as SQC7957, originating from Amsterdam via LAX. It made a brief tech-stop before it left for Sydney.

03 October 2010

AmeriJet's "ZeroG" N794AJ

One of the AmeriJet "ZeroG 727-200s is in town.  N794AJ (c/n 21243), a 727-227, is making special zero gravity flights off of O‘ahu.  It's parked at the AirService Hawai‘i ramp.

It's flying as AJT212.

Here is N794AJ as it taxi's on "Charlie" heading over to the Air Service hangar.

Parked at Air Service after disembarking her "astronaut trainees"

Mahalo to team member Lono68 for the photos.

Stephanie Lum from Hawai‘i News Now went on a flight with a group of science and math teachers selected by Northrop Grumman.

This is also our 1100th post ...

01 October 2010

The Beginning Of The End Of JAL 747s At HNL

Today, JAL's 767-300ERs have started flying flights JO72/71 and JO84/83. At the end of the month, JO74/73 and JO78/77 will also down-gauge to 767-300ERs. This change was announced in a press release on April 28, 2010.

Contrary to what was posted in the Sept. 5th post, 1 NRT-HNL flight (JO76/75) was always scheduled to remain a 747-400 until the end of the Winter schedule. This flight was never listed in the April 28 press release as being down-gauged at the end of October 2010.

United / Continental Merger Official

Today marks the beginning of the new United / Continental merger, as United Continental Holdings will oversee both UA and CO as separate subsidiaries. Until UCH receives a single operating certificate, then the two carriers will be combined.

So far, one of CO's 737-924ERs have been painted in the new combined livery. Now's the time to get shots of the older grey and current multi-blue UA liveries, as well as the current CO livery.

Once the single operating certificate is obtained, we shall see how it will affect the flights serving Hawai‘i.  The only common destination from HNL and OGG for both UA and CO is LAX.  WIll the "Air Mike" flights continue? And, what will happen to the CO hangar at HNL?