31 December 2011

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

Happy New Year!

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a blessed and prosperous 2012!

28 December 2011

Qantas' VH-VZW

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of their second 737-838 this month with VH-VZW (c/n 39359, l/n 3881). It's flying out of BFI as QFA6024.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of VH-VZW at HNL.

26 December 2011


A former China Xinhua Airlines 737-36Q, B-2982 (c/n 28657, l/n 2859), made its way from TNA to VCV (via GUM, MAJ and HNL). The 737 Classic that was part of the Hainan Air Group, was acquired by the Aviation Capital Group (ACG), and registered as N657AG. It left for VCV this morning.

B-2982 was delivered to China Xinhua in March 1997. It was later re-painted to the Hainan Air Group colors.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of N657AG at HNL. I did see a white tail 737 parked on the South Ramp hardstands from the H1 East on the 25th.


I didn't expect to hear an ACA flight turning right base on the radio when I was on my way to Costco today. Here is C-GHPE (c/n 33423, l/n 897) arriving from CYYC. Seasonal daily flight. This 767-33AER was previously regestered as Hawaiian Airlines N591HA. That dent on the fuselage just below the leading edge of the right horizontal stabilizer seems like something that should be checked. And the location of the aft bulkhead appears to be visible on the skin.

24 December 2011

Mele Kalikimaka

The HNL RareBirds team wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

20 December 2011

Malaysia's 9M-MXG

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-8H6, 9M-MXG (c/n 40134, l/n 3873). It's flying out of BFI today as MAS5473, and will make an overnight stopover at HNL. It's seen above on Taxiway C, as it taxies to Runway 8R to depart for MAJ on the 21st, with a rainbow in the distance.

17 December 2011

Hawaiian's Newest 717 Arrives

The first of Hawaiian Airlines ex-Midwest 717-2BLs arrived from Oakland International (KOAK/OAK) earlier this evening as HAL9003. N922ME (c/n 55184, l/n 5142) will be re-registered as N493HA. Hawaiian's fleet of 717s are named after the native birds of Hawaii. Ship 93 has received the name ‘Ua‘u or the Hawaiian Petrel.

16 December 2011


N104HK (c/n 26465, l/n 2362) is a former Malaysia Airlines 737-4H6 that has been purchased be the Bank of Utah. It's being ferried from CGK to the mainland (via T11 [Yap], MAJ, and HNL).

26465 was originally delivered to Malaysia Airlines as 9M-MME in September 1992. From September 1999 to June 2002, it was leased to Angel Airways [8G/NGE] (Thailand), and retained the same registration. Upon its return to MAS, it served Malaysia until a few weeks ago.

Mahalo to team member MRC Aviation for the heads-up!

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of N104HK.

***12.18.11 Update***
N104HK is scheduled to depart for OAK late this evening.

Garuda's PK-GFT

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of their second 737-800 in the past ten days. PK-GFT (c/n 38032, l/n 3869), a GECAS-leased 737-86N, is making its delivery flight from BFI as GIA8011.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo.

Hainan's B-5623

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5623 (c/n 38148, l/n 3865) today. The 737-84P is making delivery flight from BFI as B5623, with its first stop along the route at HNL. It's seen above taxiing to its South Ramp parking spot.

Westjet's 757-200 Service

Westjet Airlines [WS/WJA] has leased a 757-200 from Thomas Cook Airlines to provide seasonal service between the Canadian province of Alberta and Hawai‘i. The flights will go between YYC (Calgary) and HNL, YYC and OGG, and YEG (Edmonton) and OGG. These flights will run through April 2012.

G-WJAN (c/n 28674, l/n 746), is the 757-21K that WestJet is sub-leasing from Thomas Cook Airlines (MT/TCX), who leased it from Alcudia Leasing. It's seen above being pushed out to Taxiway Z for engine start.

The YYC-OGG flight (WJA3004/3005) launched yesterday, and will run three times per week. The YYC-HNL (WJA3008/3009) weekly flight begins today, and the YEG-OGG weekly flight begins on the 18th.

A big mahalo to blog fan DB for the photo.

Air Australia Launches MEL-HNL Service

Air Australia inaugurates service between MEL and HNL this morning with the arrival of AGC11. Their A330 is scheduled to arrive around 0945HST.

Aviation writer Will Horton tweeted that he is on this flight.

Mokulele To RFD?

The Greater Rockford Airport Authority [RFD/KRFD] has offered Mokulele Flight Service (dba Mokulele Airlines) an opportunity to expand their service to the northern Illinois city airport from HNL beginning in March 2012. The offer also proposes Mokulele to continue onto Stansted, London, UK [STN/EGSS] in May 2012.

Mokulele has yet to release a statement to confirm these reports. The current Mokulele fleet consists of four Cessna C208B Caravans. This would mean acquiring ETOPS-certified aircraft to fly those flights.

It has been reported locally that Mesa Airlines, parent company of go!, has a stake in this offer. But Mesa sold off its share in Mokulele, and only remains as a code-share partner in the go!Mokulele operation.

Article links from Rockford, IL: WREX, eRockford blog (Rockford Register Star), and WIFR. From Honolulu: Hawai‘i News Now.

15 December 2011

Air New Zealand's ZK-OJS

Air New Zealand is taking delivery of ZK-OJS (msn 4926), an A320-232, that is flying as ANZ6395. It's currently at DEN, waiting to fly here via LAX. ZK-OJS left TLS yesterday for DEN with a stop at YQX. It's seen above departing Runway 8R for APW.

It's probably the only new build A320 series that does a west-bound delivery flight to the Pacific. All others leave TLS, and travel eastbound across the Middle East and southern Asia,

On a related note, we missed the delivery of ANZ's ZK-OJR (msn 4884) that stopped though HNL on 11-12 November.

14 December 2011

Lion Air's PK-LJI

Lion Air is taking delivery of their second 737-9GPER in the past 12 days. PK-LJI (c/n 38310, l/n 3867) made its brief, 90-minute fuel stop today at HNL as LNI1. It's seen above on Taxiway C, taxiing to Runway 8R to continue onto MAJ.

China Southern's B-5281

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of a brand new 737-71B today. B-5281 (c/n 38914, l/n 3864) is making its delivery flight as CSN5281, and will overnight at HNL. It's seen above, slowing to a stop on Hard Stand J, after arriving from BFI.

AIr Australia Launches BNE-HNL Service

Air Australia [VC/AGC] began service today between BNE (Brisbane, Australia) and HNL. The first flight landed (above) on Runway 4R just before 0730 as "Strategic1". Their A330-223, VH-SSA "Outback" (msn 324), still wears the original Strategic livery and branding, as it is their lone A330. Only their one of their three A320-212s have received the Air Australia livery.

Service between MEL and HNL will launch on Friday.

11 December 2011

Air Transat TSC60 And TSC80

The second and third of four Air Transat A330-243s sub-leased by Garuda Indonesia are on their way back to Canada. TSC60 is flying from WARQ / SOC (Adisumarmo Int'l [Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo]), and TSC80 is flying from WIDD / BTH (Hang Nadim). Both flights will stop at HNL for fuel later this afternoon.

TSC60 continued onto YUL after a brief fuel stop..

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the above photos! The top photo shows C-GGTS (msn 250), and the above photo shows C-GITS (msn 271). Both A330-243s are leased from ILFC.

***12.12.11 Update***
TSC80 left for YUL this morning.

10 December 2011

Garuda's PK-GFS

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of their second 737-800 in four days. PK-GFS (c/n 36830, l/n 3860), is a 737-86N leased from GECAS, that's flying as GIA8011, and is overnighting at HNL tonight.

Sorry, we were unable to a photo of PK-GFS at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 did at BFI.

Air Transat Ferry Flight

One of four A330-243s sub-leased to Garuda Indonesia for Hajj flights, stopped over for fuel at HNL this morning. Flying as TSC70, the flight originated from Adisumarmo Int'l (Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo) [WARQ / SOC], and continued onto YYZ.

Mokulele Grounds Caravans

go!Mokulele grounded their Cessna Caravan fleet due to a issue with the flaps systems, that resulted in the cancellation of service since Friday.

KHON news coverage.

09 December 2011

Air China's B-5622

Air China's B-5622 (c/n 40031, l/n 3859) has been accepted by the airline, and the 737-89L is making its delivery flight today as CCA51, with its first segment to HNL. It's seen above taxiing to its overnight parking spot on the South Ramp.

Philippine Airlines 70th Anniversary

In all of the hubbub of Air Force 1 departing HNL on 11.15.11, I forgot that a Philippine Airlines A330-301, RP-C3335 (msn 189), arrived as PAL100 from MNL, minutes before the President's plane departed. This A330 wears 70th anniversary markings over the wing section of the fuselage. PAL100/101 is normally served with an A340-300, but was substituted with this A330-301.

Philippine Airlines celebrated their 70th anniversary this past March, and is listed milestones on their website.

07 December 2011

Pearl Harbor Attack 70th Anniversary

The HNL RareBirds team honors those who lost their lives in the attack on the Pearl Harbor Naval Base, 70 years ago today. Along with the naval base, ‘Ewa Marine Corps Air Field, Kāne‘ohe Marine Corps Air Field, Hickam Army Air Field, Bellows Army Air Field, and Wheeler Army Air Field, all came under attack by carrier-based fighter-bombers of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

The USS Arizona Memorial sits above the sunken hull of the battleship, BB-39. Within the sunken hulls off of Ford Island, are hundreds of sailors and marines entombed, and the area considered sacred ground and a National Cemetery.

Qantas' VH-VZV

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of VH-VZV "Palm Cove" (c/n 34189, l/n 3856) today. The 737-838 is flying as QFA6024, and will stopover at HNL during its delivery flight from BFI to MEL.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the above photo of VH-VZV, sitting at one of the North Ramp Hardstands, in the late afternoon sunlight.

06 December 2011

Garuda's PK-GMS

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of their newest 737-8U3 today. PK-GMS (c/n 38071, l/n 3855) is making its delivery flight as GIA8011, and will overnight at HNL.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of PK-GMS at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 got a photo of it at BFI.

02 December 2011

American To Co-Sponsor Honolulu Marathon

American Airlines was announced as co-sponsor of the Honolulu Marathon. It will join OneWorld® partner Japan Airlines as principle sponsors of the December race.

American Airlinesʻ news release.

Lion Air's PK-LJH

Lion Airlines is taking delivery of PK-LJH (c/n 37288, l/n 3849), a 737-9GPER. Itʻs flying as LNI1, and made its brief fuel stop at HNL today, and left for MAJ two hours after its arrival. Itʻs seen above as its taxiing to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

Hainan's B-2501

The December edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to 1998 with Hainan Airlinesʻ B-2501 (c/n 29914, l/n 3067). This 737-44P was photographed on September 4, 1998 as it sat alongside the Circle Rainbow Air complex, while it was making its delivery flight from BFI to HAK. Itʻs also seen in their original livery. This 13-year-old "Baby Boeing"  continues to fly with Hainan, and has since been re-painted in their current livery. The area where I took this photo is where the Sky River Consulting hangar now stands.

01 December 2011

Virgin Australia's VH-YID

Virgin Australia is taking delivery of VH-YID "Rainbow Beach" (c/n 38709, l/n 3851), a 737-8FE. It arrived at HNL this afternoon from BFI as VBH9080 (above). This is the first Virgin Australia 737-800 we have seen, with a name under the nose logo.