29 September 2012

Kāne‘ohe Bay Air Show

Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i hosted the 2012 Kāne‘ohe Bay Air Show this weekend that featured the US Navy's Blue Angels. The air show also honored the centennial of US Marine Corps aviation. Military aircraft from local bases were part of the static displays, along with commercial and civilian aircraft.


N737WF (c/n 24529, l/n 1770), a former Heavy Lift 737-406F, made a stop at HNL as it is being ferried to VQQ from MEL (via AKL, APW, HNL, and ONT). It was acquired by Wells Fargo Bank, and will be leased (or sold) to Sideral Air Cargo [Brazil] as PR-ADX. Mahalo to team member Lono68 for the photo of N737WF, seen above on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

24529 was originally delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in September 1989. It was named "Joris van Spilbergen", and given the fleet number DS-026. BCI Aircraft Leasing acquired it in September 2009, and converted to a freighter a year later. In January 2011, it went to HeavyLift Cargo Airlines as VH-JWL.

28 September 2012


N930HB (c/n 38751, l/n 3796), a 737-7ZH BBJ owned by the Busujima Trust Company, is at HNL today. It arrived from PDX yesterday, and is seen above getting a full cleaning while is sits on the Bradley Pacific Aviation ramp.

The Busujima Trust is a company owned by Japanese billionaire Kunio Busujima. He is the third wealthiest man in Japan, who made his fortunes off manufacturing pachinko machines in Japan.

Lion Air's PK-LKH

This morning, Lion Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-8GP in eleven days. PK-LKH (c/n 37297, l/n 4193) is making its delivery flight as LNI1, and will make its brief fuel stop at HNL.  PK-LKH is seen above taxiing down the alleyway to the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp. This delivery flight flew to PNI, instead of MAJ, for its second leg.

Shanghai's B-5691

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-5691 (c/n 39402, l/n 4177) this morning. The GECAS-leased 737-86N is making its delivery flight as CSH691. B-5691 was originally ordered by China Eastern Airlines (Shanghai's parent company) through GECAS, but was sub-leased to Shanghai. It's seen above turning onto Taxiway C, after clearing Taxiway E, and Runway 4R, after arriving from BFI.

27 September 2012

China United's B-5705

China United Airlines is taking delivery of B-5705 (c/n 38828, l/n 4191) today. It's their second ILFC-leased 737-89P delivered in the past nine days, and is flying as CUA705. The airframe was originally leased to parent company China Eastern Airlines, then designated to China United.

On its initial final approach to Runway 4R, CUA705 had to make a go-around after the pilot radioed that the "flaps were not symmetrical". The second attempt was successful, though the 737-89P rolled to the end of Runway 4R, as the flaps on both sides were not in the full landing position. B-5705 is seen above still with flaps deployed, on Taxiway C, after arriving from BFI. It will overnight on the Castle & Cooke Aviation ramp.

*** 09.29.12 Update ***
B-5705 is still on the Castle & Cooke Aviation as the maintenance issue is being resolved.

24 September 2012

Alaska's "Paint The Plane"

Alaska Airlines announced today, that they are partnering with the Hawai‘i Department of Education to create a special livery for one of their 737-890s, that will be designed by one student. The contest is open to all public school, private school, and home school students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade from across Hawai‘i. Entries must be submitted by 30 November 2012.

Further information in this Alaska Airlines press release.

Resort Transportation's N227LA

N227LA (cn 193), Resort Transportation GS LLC's Gulfstream II-SP, makes an appearance in tonight's third season premiere of the CBS hit crime drama "Hawai‘i Five-0". The episode, titled "Lā o nā Mākuahine (Motherʻs Day)", has the bizjet in two scenes with series star Alex O'Laughlin (Cmdr. Steve McGarrett) and guest star Christine Lahti (playing Steve's mother Doris) filmed at Bradley Pacific Aviation.

As seen above, the production crew is seen behind the G-IISP preparing for the late afternoon shoot, as this photo was taken in the morning of the shoot.

Island Air's N941WP

Island Air is took delivery of their first ATR72-212. N941WP (msn 349) made its delivery flight as its previous registration, N348AE, and arrived late Saturday afternoon. The delivery flight originated in YRQ [Trois Airport, Trois-Rivieres, QB], and made stops at YHU, BUF, RME, GRB, and MMV. It's seen above, on the Island Air ramp, as it will be the training aircraft until it enters service in a few months.

This ATR72 was originally delivered to American Eagle in February 1993, and leased out to its regional carriers, while wearing the AE livery.

22 September 2012

Polar/DHL's N453PA

The second of three Polar Air Cargo 747-46NFs that wears the hybrid DHL livery made an appearance at HNL today, seen above on Hard Stand B. N453PA (c/n 30811, l/n 1283) flew in as PAC242 from CVG, and continued onto SYD.

Xiamen's B-5659

This morning, Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-85C in the past ten days. B-5659 (c/n 38396, l/n 4187) is making its delivery flight as CXA5659, and will overnight at HNL. It's seen above, taxiing to its parking spot, after arriving from BFI.

*** 09.24.12 Update ***
B-5659 was scheduled to depart for SPN, but the flight returned to HNL, after nearing Ni‘ihau, as it had experienced some maintenance issues, and re-parked on Hard Stand J.

*** 09.26.12 Update ***
B-5659 departed this morning for SPN, around 0730HST.

20 September 2012


Another former United Airlines 737-524 is being ferried to Indonesia to join the Sriwijaya Air fleet. N17614 (c/n 27327, l/n 2634) is being flown from IAH to SZB (via SAT, LAX, HNL, MAJ, and BIK). Its stop at HNL lasted only a few hours for fuel.

Sorry, we weren't able to get a photo of N17614 at HNL.

19 September 2012

Qantas' VH-TJH

Last evening, VH-TJH "Falcon" (c/n 24433, l/n 1881), a former Qantas Airways 737-476, overnighted at HNL, while being ferried from Australia to the mainland for freighter conversion. The flight is listed as QFA6027, and is routed from MEL to MIA (via SYD, APW, HNL, ONT, and DFW).

VH-TJH was originally delivered to Australian Airlines in July 1990. When Australian was acquired by Qantas, it was absorbed into the latter's fleet.

18 September 2012

China United's B-5703

China United Airlines is taking delivery of B-5703 (c/n 41784, l/n 4170) today. The 737-89P, leased from ILFC, is making its delivery flight as CUA703. This 737 was originally allocated to parent company, China Eastern Airlines, and is seen above departing for MAJ.

China Southern's B-5677

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-5677 (c/n 38928, l/n 4178). This 737-81B, is their second delivery this month, and is making its delivery flight as CSN567. It's seen above taxiing to Runway 8R, for its departure to MAJ.

17 September 2012

Lion Air's PK-LKG

Lion Airlines is taking delivery of PK-LKG (c/n 38681, l/n 4180) today. The 737-8GP is making its delivery flight as LNI1, made its brief fuel stop at HNL (above photo).

13 September 2012

Shenzhen's B-5690

Shenzhen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5690 (c/n 39130, l/n 4175) today. The 737-87L is making its delivery flight out of BFI as CSZ912, and is currently en route to HNL.

Sorry, we  were unable to get a photo of B-5690 at HNL.

12 September 2012

Xiamen's B-5658

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5658 (c/n 38395, l/n 4173) this morning. The 737-85C is on its delivery flight as CXA5658, and is seen above on Taxiway RT, as it prepares to depart for MAJ the next morning.

Hainan's B-5687

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5687 (c/n 38157, l/n 4171) this morning. The 737-84P is making its  delivery flight as B5687, seen above, departing Runway 8R for MAJ. It appears that the Hainan Air Group (HNA) has modified their livery, their subsidiary Hong Kong Airlines, recently introduced this modified livery on their Airbus fleet.

11 September 2012

ANA Wings' JA352K

Another former ANA Wings 737-5Y0, JA352K (c/n 26097, l/n 2534), is making its way to MZJ from HND (via GUM, MAJ, and HNL). It's flying as ANA9432, and it arrived at HNL last evening, and departed for the Arizona storage facility early this morning. Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of JA352K at HNL.

26097 was originally purchased by GECAS, and delivered to Rio Sul [SL/RSL] in October 1993 as PT-SLP. The ANA Group was the next lessee, in August 2000. It saw stints with Air Nippon, Air Next, and ANA Wings.

Never Forget

The HNL RareBirds Team takes a moment to remember those thousands of innocent lives lost eleven years ago today with the attacks on the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and UAL93. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families of the fallen, and the survivors.

10 September 2012

Island Air To Lease 5 ATR42s

Island Air announced today that they will be leasing five ATR42s from Aerway Leasing (Chicago, IL), with the first two to be delivered late this year.

More information in this PR Newswire Release.

08 September 2012

JASDF's 64-3502

This JASDF AWACS E-767 (767-2CER) is the last of four to receive radar system upgrades from Boeing. 64-3502 (c/n 27390, l/n 588) is seen above being prepped for its return flight to Hamamatsu Air Base, Japan.

06 September 2012

Second HA 767-300ER For The Raiders

Earlier, we posted that Hawaiian will be transporting the Oakland Raiders on their road games, and applied the Raiders decal to N588HA. Well, a second 767-300ER has had the Raiders decal applied as well. As seen in the picture, both aircraft were parked next to each other on the ‘Ewa hardstands. The 767 in the front is N588HA. It looks like the second aircraft is N587HA.

For another treat, the Volga-Dpenr An-124 (RA-82047), in the back wearing 20th anniversary titles. This aircraft has been parked there for about a week.

Hawaiian Purchases ATR42s

Hawaiian Airlines signed an agreement to purchase two ATR42s as part of their re-start of service to secondary Hawai‘i airports. It was earlier reported that the airline would lease the ATRs, but now confirm those aircraft will be purchased.

More information in this FlightGlobal article.

China Southern's B-5678

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-5678 (c/n 38929, l/n 4165) this morning. The 737-81B is making its delivery flight today as CSN5678.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of B-5678 at HNL.

01 September 2012

August Deliveries

These were the 737NG delivery flights that stopped through Hawai‘i airports in the month of August.
4131 | 9M-MXJ | 40137 | Malaysia Airlines | -8H6 [08.06.12 MAS5473 - KOA]
4132 | VH-YIO | 38714 | Virgin Australia | -8FE [08.06.12 VBH9882 - LIH]
4133 | B-5293 | 39721 | China Eastern Airlines | -79P* [08.08.12 CES789]
4128 | PK-LJZ | 37296 | Lion Airlines | -9GPER* [08.09.12 LNI1]
4135 | B-5656 | 38393 | Xiamen Airlines | -85Cº[08.09.12 CXA5656]
4140 | PK-LKF | 38723 | Lion Airlines | -9GPER [08.10.12 LNI1]
4146 | B-5672 | 39154 | Shenzhen Airlines | -87L [08.17.12 CSZ909]
4145 | B-5651 | 38642 | Shandong Airlines | -85N [08.21.12 CDG5651]
4147 | B-5686 | 38156 | Hainan Airlines | -84P [08.21.12 B5686]
4149 | B-5680 | 40035 | Air China | -89L [08.21.12 CCA51]
4150 | VH-XZA | 39367 | Qantas Airways | -838 [08.22.12 QFA6024]
4138 | B-5676 | 38927 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [08.24.12 CSN567]
4153 | B-5657 | 38394 | Xiamen Airlines | -85C [08.24.12 CXA5657]
4154 | B-5675 | 38926 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [08.24.12 CSN568]
4156 | VH-YIQ | 38715 | Virgin Australia | -8FE [08.27.12 VBH9882 - LIH]
4158 | B-5673 | 39155 | Shenzhen Airlines | -87L [08.29.12 CSZ910]

Saudia's HZ-115

The September edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" takes us back fourteen years, when this Saudia VC-130H, HZ-115 (c/n 382-4845), paid a visit to HNL, along with two 747-368s and a G-IV. This VC-130H, assigned to the  Saudi Arabian Royal Flight, brought in limousines for the Saudi Royal Family to be driven around O‘ahu (one, under port side wing), and was parked on the upper part of the South Ramp.

HZ-115 continues to fly with the Saudi Arabian Royal Flight in the current Saudi Arabian Airlines colors.