30 November 2022

Asia Pacific Airlines' N86425 Sold

Asia Pacific Airlines sold N86425 (c/n 21459, l/n 1329) to JR Aviation Services [Miramar, FL] this past August. This 727-212F is scheduled to ferry to OPF, to prep for delivery to Astral Aviation [8V/ACP](Kenya), where it will join former Asia Pacific N705AA (now 5Y-NIV). Its Kenyan registration has not been issued.

The flight to OPF was diverted back to IGM 20 minutes after departure.

30 Dec 2022 UPDATE
N86425 ferried from IGM to OPF.

04 Jan 2023 UPDATE
N86425 ferried from OPF to BGI [Grantley Adams International Airport, Bridgetown, Barbados]

Hawaiian Airlines To Launch Service To Cook Islands

Hawaiian Airlines announced today that they will begin weekly A321-271N service to RAR [Rarotonga, Cook Islands] on 20 May 2023. The Cook Islands are looking to expand tourism from the US, as it is a quite popular tourist destination among New Zealanders and Australians.

This will be the second time Hawaiian has served the Cook Islands. They prior DC-8 service from 1987 to 1993.

Further details in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

29 November 2022

DHL / Kalitta Air Flights

Kalitta Air is flying their DHL-liveried 777Fs from CVG to SYD, with a fuel stop at HNL. This service operates several times per week with different flight numbers

Singapore Airlines' 9V-DHA

Singapore Airlines, in partnership with DHL, launched cargo service between LAX and SIN, with a stop at HNL. 9V-DHA (c/n 67140, l/n 1720) is making the inaugural flight as SIA7407. These flights will have rotating flight numbers of SIA7401-7411 (odd numbers only).

27 November 2022


C-FPHS (c/n 24970, l/n 1977), a 737-53A owned by Skyservice Business Aviation, is making a stop at HNL.

24970's History:
Jun 1992: Delivered to the TAG Group as N778YY, leased from Ansett Worldwide.
Sep 1993: Re-registered as VR-BOC, and repainted.
May 1997: Re-registered as VP-BOC.
Feb 2000: Sold to Amcur Investments Nao as P4-FZT.
Aug 2004: Acquired by Pacific Sky Aviation as P4-PHS.
Nov 2007: Re-registered as C-FPHS.
Feb 2016: Acquired by Skyservice Business Aviation.

photo to follow ...

All Nippon Airways' JA935A

All Nippon Airways is taking delivery of JA935A (c/n 66522, l/n 1091) today. This 787-9 is making its delivery flight from VCV as ANA9399. This Dreamliner made its first flight in Mar 2021, and made flights at PAE, CHS, and MWH as N880BA. It was registered as JA935A at VCV, where it was temporarily stored since late September.

25 November 2022


Avolon is ferrying VP-COQ (c/n 40946. l/n 4916) from  TPE to BYH, via GUM, HNL, and SBD. This 737-8MA, was delivered to China Airlines as B-18656 in May 2014, and flew until Jan 2022. It has been sitting in storage since, and now making its lease return flight.


Cargo Aircraft Management is ferrying N288CM (c/n 29386, l/n 831) from MZJ to QPG (via ILN, HNL, and GUM) for freighter conversion. It's not known which of their customers this 767-3Q8ER will be assigned to.

29386's History:
Apr 2001: Delivered to Air Seychelles as S7-ASY "Aldabra", under lease from ILFC, until Jan 2012.
May 2012: Leased to Kenya Airways as 5Y-KYV.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
Jun 2015: Leased to Air Canada Rouge as C-FJZK (f/n 675).
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SNN,
Mae 2022: Ferried to MZJ (via YYZ) for storage.
Nov 2022: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management.

21 November 2022

N907WS's NCIS: Hawai‘i Cameo

HNL's resident Global Express, N907WS (msn 9176), owned by N907WS Aviation LLC, made a cameo appearance in tonight's episode of NCIS Hawai‘i, "Curtain Call". The scene was filmed at JRF, which was supposed to be somewhere in México.

N907WS was also used in a past episode of "Magnum, P.I."  that was also filmed at JRF.

Antonov Airlines' UR-82008

Antonov Airlines' An-124-100M-150, UR-82008 (c/n 19530501006, l/n 01-06), has made a stop at HNL from PAE. This An-124 has "Be Brave Like Okhtyrka" titles on the nose section.

Maui Invitational Team Charters

Seven of the eight teams playing in this year's Maui Jim Maui Invitational college basketball tournament arrived on team charters at OGG from their respective cities. The teams arrived on Friday and Saturday for the three-day tournament, 21-23 Nov, in Lahaina that began today. The San Diego State Aztecs may have taken a commercial flight from SAN to OGG, and will return via commercial flight. It's possible, that the Aztecs may have shared the flight with Creighton.

18 Nov 2022
Louisville Cardinals: SCX8610 [SDF-OAK-OGG] aboard N805SY, 737-8Q8.
Texas Tech Red Raiders: OAE9675 [LBB-OGG] aboard N342AX, 767-328ER.
Arkansas Razorbacks: OAE9819 [AFW-OGG] aboard a 767-224ER.
Ohio State Buckeyes: SCX8637 [CMH-OAK-OGG] aboard N819SY, 737-86N.

19 Nov 2022
Creighton Blue Jays: SCX8625 [OMA-SAN-OGG] aboard N801SY, 737-8Q8.
Arizona Wildcats: OAE9929 [TUS-OGG] aboard a 767-224ER.
Cincinnati Bearcats: SCX8649 [CVG-OAK-OGG] aboard N821SY, 737-8FH.

23 Nov 2022 UPDATE
The teams will return following the end of the tournament:
23 Nov 2022
Arkansas Razorbacks: OAE9901 [OGG-XNA] aboard a 767-224ER.

24 Nov 2022
Texas Tech Red Raiders: OAE9978 [OGG-LBB] aboard a 767-224ER.
Louisville Cardinals: SCX8604 [OGG-OAK-SDF] aboard N805SY, 737-8Q8.
Ohio State Buckeyes: SCX8638 [OGG-OAK-CMH] aboard N820SY, 737-8FH.
Cincinnati Bearcats: SCX8648 [OGG-OAK-CVG] aboard N821SY, 737-8FH.
Creighton Blue Jays: SCX8626 [OGG-SAN-OMA] aboard N801SY, 737-8Q8.
Arizona Wildcats: OAE88 [OGG-TUS] aboard a 767-224ER.

20 November 2022

Hillwood Airways Operates Charters To OGG

CH-Aviation.com reports that Hillwood Airways has begun operating a "members-only" 737-700 charter flight between west coast cities and OGG. Most recently, N737AT (c/n 36756, l/n 2405), 737-7HJC BBJ, operated from BFI to OGG as HWA1322.

19 November 2022

Skytrans' C-FNCU

Skytrans [QN/SKP](Australia) is taking delivery of C-FNCU (msn 517). This Dash8-311Q, flown by Southern Cross International, is making its delivery flight from YYB to CNS as SXA719, with stops in  CIU, MMV, OAK, HNL, and MAJ.

517's History:
Jan 1999: Delivered to Brymon Airways as G-NVSB, operating for British Airways.
Mar 2002: Re-branded as British Airways CitiExpress.
Feb 2007: Withdrawn from service.
May 2007: Acquired by Voyageur Airways as C-FNCU, operating for the United Nations.
May 2022: Withdrawn from service.
Nov 2022: Acquired by Skytrans Airlines.

Singapore Airlines' 9V-MBP

Singapore Airlines is taking delivery of 9V-MBP (c/n 44263, l/n 8414) today. This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to SIN, via HNL and GUM, as SIA8890. It will overnight at HNL tonight.

18 November 2022

UNLV Team Charter

The University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels football team is chartering a Hawaiian Airlines A330-243 for their road trip to play the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday. N390HA "Nāmāhoe" (msn 1389, f/n 390) is making the trip as HAL771.

20 Nov 2022 UPDATE
The UNLV Rebels returned to LAS aboard N389HA "Keali‘iokonaikalewa" (msn 1316, f/n 389), as HAL772.

17 November 2022


There is an addition to the Magnum Helicopters fleet with N52ZX (msn 5515). This Eurocopter AS355F2 is being leased from AS355 LLC [Camden, DE], and is painted in a multi-grey camouflage livery. It arrived earlier this week via shipping container, and re-assembled at the Magnum Helicopters hangar.

16 November 2022

Air Force 1 Pays Visit To HIK

On his return trip from the G20 Conference in Bali, Indonesia, President Biden aboard Air Force 1, made a quick fuel stop at HIK today. 82-8000 (c/n 23824, l/n 679) was the VC-25A (747-2G4B) to make the flight that made stops in Cambodia and Indonesia.

15 November 2022

Southern Receives N334CJ

Southern Airways has taken delivery of its second Saab SF340B, N334CJ "The Phil Trenary" (msn 340B-334), this evening. Still flying under the previous owner's flight code, it made the trek from DUJ to HNL, via LNS, MEM,WCT, TOR, and RNT, as SBS9102.

Mokulele Joins Alaska's Mileage Plan

Beginning in 2023, Mokulele Airlines joins the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, which will allow passengers on both airlines access each others' route network.

Further information in this Alaska Airlines press release.

12 November 2022

204th Airlift Squadron’s 05-5151 Performs Flyover

05-5151 (c/n P-151) of the 204th Airlift Squadron performed a flyover prior to the University of Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors game against the Utah State Aggies to honor veterans on this Veteran’s Day weekend. The flight was crewed by both Hawai’i Air National Guard (154th Wing) and US Air Force (535th Airlift Squadron / 15th Wing) personnel. One of the pilots was Major Britton Komine, who also played wide receiver for the Rainbow Warriors (2001-04).

A video clip from the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's Instagram page.

10 November 2022

QantasLink's N948UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of their next QantasLink-liveried ERJ-190AR, N948UW (msn 19000081), today. It's flying from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and MAJ, as UTY9813. It will overnight at HNL tonight. This E190 is due to be registered as VH-XVX.

19000081's History:
Jun 2007: Delivered to US Airways.
Dec 2013: Integrated into the American Airlines fleet following the merger with US Airways.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PIT, and ferried to ROW a month later.
Mar 2021: Sold to Jetran, and remained in storage.
Oct 2021: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services for preparation to sell to Alliance Airlines.
Jun 2022: Ferried to SJO for repaint and configuration for Alliance Airlines.

Utah State's Team Charter

The Utah State Aggies chartered a Sun Country Airlines 737-800 for their road trip to play the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday. N821SY (c/n 39952, l/n 5217, f/n 821), a 737-8FH, is flying from SLC to HNL (via OAK) today, as SCY8441. The Aggies should be returning to SLC following the game.

02 November 2022

Maroomba Airlines' C-GEWQ

Maroomba Airlines [Australia] is taking delivery of their next Dash8-311, C-GEWQ (msn 202). It's making its delivery flight from YYB [Jack Garland Airport, North Bay, ON, Canada] to PER, via YQS, MKE, CCR, HNL, MAJ, ___). It will be re-registered as VH-QQN in Australia.

202's History:
Mar 1991: Delivered to Time Air as C-GEWQ (f/n 192)
Apr 1993: Acquired by Canadian Regional Airlines, and named "Spirit of Comeux Valley".
Nov 2001: Integrated to Air Canada Regional (f/n 325).
Mar 2002: Became part of the Air Canada Jazz fleet.
Feb 2006: Airline rebrands as Jazz.
Apr 2011: Airline rebrands as Air Canada Express.
Jan 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at YYB.
Aug 2022: Acquired by Voyageur Airways, remained in storage at YYB.
Oct 2022: Sold to Maroomba Airlines.

01 November 2022

N192WS And N992WS Ferry Flights

The two remaining former Wing Spirit Honda HA-420 HondaJets, N192WS (msn 42000156) and N992WS (msn 42000073) are making their ferry flights from HNL to GSO, via westward island-hopping flights across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

N192WS left HNL on 25 Oct, and N992WS left HNL on 01 Nov. Both HA-420s routings were: HNL, CXI, PPG, VLI, BNE, CNS, DRW, DPS, SZB, DMK, CCU, AMD, DWC, DBV, PIK, SFJ, YYR, BGR, PWM, and GSO.

Lion Air's PK-LKF

Lion Air is ferrying PK-LKF (c/n 38723, l/n 4140) from BTH to SBD, via GUM and HNL. This 737-9GPER is flying as LNI7001, and will be returned to its lessor, Wings Capital Partners, then leased to Delta Air Lines.

PK-LKF's History:
Aug 2012: Delivered to Lion Air, under lease from Jackson Square Aviation. 
___ 2016: Acquired by Wings Capital Partners, and lease transferred.
Jun 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at BTH.