30 November 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5307

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5307 (c/n 35053), a 737-85C(W). It arrived this morning from BFI, and will continue onto MAJ and SPN tomorrow.

29 November 2007

Hawai‘i Air National Guard Eagles Grounded

As part of a nationwide stand-down of the USAF F-15A/D fleet, the 199th FS has its F-15s grounded for maintenance reasons. F-16s from the Minnesota Air National Guard's 179th FS "Bulldogs" / 148th FW are filling in for the 199th FS. Here's The Honolulu Advertiser article link.

In the photo above, a 199th FS F-15B, 74-0140, rolls out after landing from a sortie on Runway 4R.

Here's a photo link to the 179th FS "Bulldogs" / 148th FW F-16s filling in.

Okay Airways B-5366

Okay Airways' newest 737-8GQ(W), B-5366 (c/n 35793), made its stop at HNL on its delivery flight, OKA366. B-5366 is Okay's first new-build 737-800. In March 2006, Okay leased B-2865 from AWAS, among other used 737-800s.

Sorry, no HNL photo, but here's Rick Schlamp's BFI photo.

This also happens to be our 100th 737-800 related post ...

Hawaiian To Acquire Airbus Jets

Hawaiian Airlines announced yesterday that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to purchase six Airbus A330-200s and six A350XWB-800s, with options to purchase six more of both types. Here's the The Honolulu Advertiser article link.

22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

The HNL RareBirds team wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for all of the RareBirds events that happened in 2007.

20 November 2007

Air China's B-5342

Air China's newest 737-89L(W), B-5342 (c/n 36484) is scheduled to arrive later this morning from BFI on its delivery flight to China, as CCA058.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

By the way, this is the 400th post on the HNL RareBirds blog

14 November 2007

Ex-TW 757 in new DL colors

To round out a busy day, DL has started to use their ex-TW 757s to fly their early LAX flight, DL1579/1566. The schedule is showing that the 757s started on Nov 7 until Nov 15 on Wednesday and Thursday. It will then return on Dec 5, again on Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Pictured above is N706TW (c/n 28165), a 757-2Q8, that was originally delivered to TWA, and then onto American Airlines, after TW was merged into AA. Once acquired by Delta, it received the Aviation Partners Boeing Blended Winglets® and DL's new colors.

French Air Force C-160

Another French Air Force C-160 was in HNL today. This time it was 61-MC and was parked right next to the Hainan 737.

Hainan 737-800

Hainan's next 737-84P parked on the North Ramp today instead of the South Ramp. Here's B-5337 (c/n 35747) after its arrival in HNL.

More "Makali‘i" Photos

Aloha Airlines had their leased 737-8K2(W), PH-HZO (c/n 34169), blessed today, is named "Makali‘i". As Ha763 reported, traces of the Transavia livery can be between the leading edge of the tail, and the decal of the bird of paradise tail logo.

This photo shows the greens and blues ot the Transavia interior seem to match the tropical feel of Hawai‘i, and being this bird is only seven months old, it had the new aircraft smell.

The flight deck of PH-HZO after the blessing ... the maile lei was from the blessing earlier, where it was untied at the bottom of the stairs. The fragrant leaves will sit atop the instrument panel, or somewhere in the flight deck for its first flight.

Island Air's N806WP

Island Air's N806WP (msn 357), a Dash8-102A, has received its 2006 "Island Style" color scheme after a heavy maintenance check.

Shandong Airlines' B-5347

Shandong Airlines newest 737-85N(W), B-5347 (c/n 36190), is on its way to China via HNL (seen here) from BFI as CDG5347, and leaves tomorrow for MAJ.

12 November 2007

Photo of PH-HZO

Here's a photo of the 737-8K2 AQ is leasing from Transavia. No blue belly or engines and no bird of paradise on the winglets. Apparently, the tail logo is a decal . If you look closely at the leading edge of the vertical stablizer, they didn't put the AQ livery all the way to the edge and you can see the same blue and green hues as the ones in the front of the aircraft. Check the link below to see what this aircraft looked in full Transavia colors.

11 November 2007

Veteran's Day

Saluting the men and women who served (and continue to serve) our country, especially those in harm's way, as well as those (and their families) who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

If you know a veteran ... please tell them "thank you for serving our country". When you see someone in uniform, tell them the same as well, especially those who are about to be deployed, or returning from combat. Past or present veterans need to be recognized for their service to our country.

I took this photo at the "Blues On The Bay '07" airshow. The US Marines and US Navy SEALS were demonstrating extracting troops under fire with these Marines rappelling out of this CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter from the HMH-463 "Pegasus". To end the demonstration, several gasoline bombs were set-off to simulate an air strike.

Aloha's 737-800

Aloha seems to be leasing a 738 from Transavia. Registration number PH-HZO was delivered to Transavia only 7 months ago. According to wikipedia, Aloha will be using this aircraft on the Kahului to Sacramento routes for six months. The livery includes the Transavia stripes in front, Aloha titles and the Bird of Paradise tail. Sorry no pic, anyone else got one?

08 November 2007

2nd AC A340-500

The second Air Canada A340-500 arrived today from SIN as AC7060. It then headed to GRU as AC7061.

No picture, but I did get to see it take off. It had a plain white fuselage with a blue tail.

01 November 2007

Varig Logistics DC-10-30F

Varig Logistics has aquired a new DC-10-30 Freighter. Currently registered N811SL, it will eventually change to PR-LGO. This aircraft, msn 46921, originally was delivered to British Caledonian in 1977 as G-BEBM. After British Caledonian merged with British Airways, it then flew in BA colors. The aircraft was then converted into a freighter after being sold to Gemini Air Cargo (N608GC) and then last saw service with DAS Air (5X-BON) before being stored in December 2006. This aircraft flew CGK to GUM, then to HNL where it is today.