30 November 2013


A former Air Niugini Dash8-102, C-GYDH (msn 153), is making its way from POM to YYC (via MAJ and HNL). It made an overnight fuel stop at HNL, and left early this morning. This Dash8 was previously registered as P2-ANL.

153 was originally purchased by Guinness Peat Aviation (GPA), and leased to Hamburg Airlines in June 1989, as D-BOBO. It then went to Trans Travel Airlines in February 1998, then five months later to Cirrus Airlines (Team Lufthansa). Cirrus later changed D-BOBO's livery to its own identity in 2005. Air Niugini took delivery of 153, as P2-ANL, in April 2008. The Avmax Group purchased this Dash8 on November 19, 2013.

28 November 2013


A former Malaysia Airlines 737-4H6, N494SA (c/n 27674, l/n 2877), is making its way to the US mainland as it was purchased by Petrus Asset Management [Plano, TX]. The 737 will be making a stop at JRF, after originating from SZB (with stops at BIK and MAJ). The next stop for N494SA will be BFL [Meadows Field, Bakersfield, CA], with DHN [Dothan Regional Airport, Dothan, AL], where it will be converted into a freighter.

27674 was originally delivered to Malaysia Airlines as 9M-MQO in April 1997. It was leased to Lauda Air (May 1998 - February 1999) and Air Malta as 9H-ADL (March - November 1999). Petrus purchased 27674 this month.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The HNL RareBirds team wishes our fans and readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

27 November 2013

Hawaiian's 14th A330-243

Hawaiian Airlines took delivery of its newest A330-243 on 11/20/2013. N395HA (c/n 1469) flew direct from the Airbus factory in Toulouse-Blagnac, France (LFBO/TLS) to Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA/SEA) as HA9975 and departed on the 25th as HA8075.

The 14th A330-243 for Hawaiian is named ‘A‘a, the constellation Sirius. N395HA will be the last delivery of 2013. ‘A‘a is the first A330 to receive the new interior featuring the new premium economy seating that will be installed on all new deliveries. Hawaiian's current fleet of A330s will get the new interior starting early next year.

24 November 2013

China Southern's B-2936

China Southern Airlines is ferrying B-2936 (c/n 27335, l/n 2609) to TUS to be placed in storage. The 737-37K is making its ferry flight from LAO to TUS (via GUM, MAJ, HNL, and OAK) as CSN2002.

B-2936 was originally delivered to Zhongyuan Aviation [CYN] in November 1994. It was transferred to the China Southern fleet after CYN was taken over by CSN in August 2000.

Sorry, we were unable to get a photo of B-2936 at HNL.

22 November 2013

Landing on HNL's 26L

After a long and bumpy flight from SJC, I got a pleasant surprise when I realized that we were going to land on 26L. There are not many videos of landings on HNL's 26L/R runways, so I took one to share here:

21 November 2013

HawaiianTo Modify Use Of PEDs

Hawaiian Airlines announced today, November 21, that passengers may use approved portable electronic devices (PED) on all domestic flights. This announcement follows the FAA's approval of passenger use of PEDs during all phases of flight. PEDs still must be in airplane mode from departure until landing. Below is a link to the page on Hawaiian's website detailing the use of PEDs on their flights.

Hawaiian Airlines PED information

Volga-Dnepr's RA-82045 At JRF

Volga-Dnepr Airlines' An-124-100, RA-82045 (msn 9773052255113), made a stop at JRF yesterday as it dropped off a Sikorsky S-61, C-FQNG (msn 61032), and picked up N906CH to return to its owner in Michigan. The Ruslan is flying as VDA1344, and originated in OSC [Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport, Oscoda, MI], and stopped at MSP. VDA1344 is presently at HNL.

C-FQNG is registered to VIH Helicopters [North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada].

Mahalo to the Naval Air Museum at Barbers Point for the photo!

Shenzhen's B-5859

Shenzhen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5859 (c/n 39138, l/n 4695) today. The 737-87L is making its delivery from BFI as CSZ903, and will overnight at HNL.

We were unable to get a photo of B-5859 at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 got a photo of it at BFI.

20 November 2013

China Eastern's B-5857

Today, China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of their fourth 737NG in the past twelve days. B-5857 (c/n 39886, l/n 4694), a 737-89P, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES599, and will overnight at HNL.

We were unable to get a photo of B-5857 at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

11.22.13 Update
CES599 waited an extra day, departed this morning for MAJ.

19 November 2013

Mokulele Seeks To Operate From JRF

Mokulele Airlines is seeking to start Grand Caravan service to their Neighbor Island destinations in their route network from JRF. The airline would need governmental approval, and community support from those who reside in the Kalaeloa and Kapolei areas.

Further details in this Pacific Business news article.

18 November 2013


An Indian Navy P-8I Neptune, IN322 (c/n 40612, l/n 4181) is making delivery flight to India as BOE203, and will stopover at HNL. The 737-8FV is also registered as N535DS.

15 November 2013


A Boeing BBJ, 9H-GGG (c/n 40119, l/n 4620), a 737-7ZX, owned by Maleth-Aero OAC (Malta), is stopping through HNL on its way to CHC (via NAN) for outfitting there. The flight, N9HGGG, originated from GED, and stopped at SJC. It is still wearing its green protective coating over the bare aluminum skin.

We were unable to get a photo of 9H-GGG at HNL, but team member Drewski2112 got one at BFI.

Garuda's PK-GNA

Garuda Indonesia is taking delivery of PK-GNA (c/n 41310, l/n 4692) today. The 737-8U3 is making its delivery flight from BFI as GIA8011, and will overnight at HNL.

We were unable to get a photo of PK-GNA at HNL, but Rick Schlamp got a photo of it at BFI.

Dalian's B-5850

Dalian Airlines is taking delivery of B-5850 (c/n 41311, l/n 4689) today. The 737-89L, originally ordered by parent Air China then allocated to Dalian, is making its delivery flight from BFI as CCA78, and will overnight at HNL.

14 November 2013


N287KB (c/n 49768, l/n 1595), an MD-87 owned by KEB Aircraft, has made a stop at HNL from  PSP. KEB Aircraft is owned by real estate developer Ken Behring, who once owned the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.


One of NASAʻs P-3B Orions, N426NA (c/n 185-5175), arrived at HIK from NTD yesterday, and departed for PPG this morning.

13 November 2013

Qantasʻ VX-ZXG

Qantas Airways is retiring another 767-336ER, VH-ZXG (c/n 25443, l/n 419), to aircraft storage facility at MCI. It arrived from SYD earlier this evening.

25443 was originally delivered to British Airways as G-BNWP in March 1992. In the late 90s, it was one of two BAW aircraft to wear the "Rendezvous" World Tail livery. It was then sold to Qantas in November 2000.

China Easternʻs B-5858

China Eastern Airlinesʻ B-5858 (c/n 39887, l/n 4684) is the second of two China-bound delivery flights today. The 737-89P is making its delivery flight as CES599, and will overnight at HNL. This is also China Eastern's third 737NG delivery flight within the past five days.

Xiamenʻs B-5688

In the first of two 737-800 trans-Pacific delivery flights today, Xiamen Air is taking delivery of B-5688 (c/n 41792, l/n 4688) today. The 737-85C is making its delivery flight from BFI as CXA5688, and will overnight at HNL. B-5688 is also wearing special markings noting that itʻs the 100th Boeing airliner delivered to Xiamen Air.

Mahalo to blog fan Wei for notifying us of the special livery.

12 November 2013

Malaysiaʻs 9M-MSJ

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MSJ (c/n 40152, l/n 4685) today. The 737-8H6 is making its delivery flight from BFI as MAS5473, and will overnight at HNL.


A 737-800, listed as BOE201, arrived at HNL yesterday afternoon, and is departing for GUM this morning as BOE201. It's a P-8I Neptune (737-8FV), and is registered as N393DS (c/n 40610, l/n 3702), destined for the Indian Navy as IN320, and was built in September 2011.

Here's a photo of IN320 at BFI, from team member Drewski2112.

11 November 2013

Veterans Day

The HNL RareBirds team expresses a "Happy Veterans Day" to all of our fans and readers who served (or are serving) in the US Armed Forces! We thank you for service and sacrifice!

And ...  "Lest We Forget", itʻs also Remembrance Day is the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations. We thank you as well for your service and sacrifice!

Hauʻoli Lā Hānau Hawaiian Airlines!

Today, Hawaiian Airlines celebrates its 84th anniversary!

09 November 2013

Air China's B-1909

Air China is taking delivery of B-1909 (c/n 40022, l/n 4681) this morning. The 737-89L is making its delivery flight from BFI as CCA78, and will overnight at HNL.

Qantas' VH-XZJ

Qantas Airways is taking delivery of VH-XZJ "Mendoowoorji" (c/n 39365 l/n 4669) this morning. The 737-838, wearing an Aboriginal artwork inspired by a Paddy Bedford painting, is making its delivery flight from BFI as QFA6024, and will pull a brief fuel stop at HNL.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photo!

Further details in this Australian Aviation article.

08 November 2013

Lion Air's PK-LOF

Lion Air is taking delivery of their 100th 737NG, with PK-LOF (c/n 38741, l/n 4679) today. The 737-9GPER is making its delivery flight from BFI as LNI1, and will make its brief fuel stop at HNL. As seen above, it is wearing a commemorative special livery noting the accomplishment.

China Eastern's B-5809

China Eastern Airlines' second 737NG delivery flight today is B-5809 (c/n 39729, l/n 4677). The orange Yunnan Peacock-clad 737-79P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES299, and will overnight at HNL.

China Eastern's B-1910

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of B-1910 (c/n 39932, l/n 4680) today. It's the first of two 737NG delivery flights for China Eastern today. The 737-89P is making its delivery flight from BFI as CES599, and will overnight at HNL.

03 November 2013

E-3 Sentry AWACS at HNL/HIK?

Hey all you HNL spotters!  As I was driving by the airport westbound on the H-1 at about 17:50, I saw what appeared to be a KC-135 or otherwise 707/720 based aircraft on final, right out of the setting sun. Quite a beautiful sight, then I saw the big 'ol flying saucer atop the fuselage. An E-3? 

Any of you working at, or around the airport able to verify this or maybe even get a picture, especially if it happens to be a NATO bird? Don't see many E-3s here. Heck, we see more E-7s and E-767s than we do E-3s. I was driving the wrong way, and it was too close to landing for me to head over to the fences to try catch a glimpse or take a photo. 

01 November 2013

October 2013 Deliveries

Here were the 18 737NG delivery flights that stopped through HNL in October 2013:

4630 | VH-XZI | 39364 | Qantas Airways | -838 "Kalbarri" [10.03.13 QFA6024]
4635 | PK-GFZ | 38044 | Garuda Indonesia | -86N [10.04.13 GIA8011]
4633 | JA73NY | 41623 | Skymark Airlines | -86N [10.05.13 SKY73NY]
4640 | 9M-MSI | 40151 | Malaysia Airlines | -8H6 [10.09.13 MAS5473]
4824 | B-5842 | 41262 | Okay Airways | -86N [10.10.13 OKA5842]
4645 | B-5845 | 39931 | Xiamen Air | -85C [10.12.13 CXA5845]
4642 | B-5836 | 38955 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [10.15.13 CSN18]
4649 | B-5849 | 41309 | Air China | -89L [10.17.13 CCA78]
4643 | HS-LTI | 38738 | Thai Lion Air | -9GPER [10.18.13 LNI1]
4651 | B-5852 | 39204 | Hainan Airlines | -84P [10.19.13 B5852]
4647 | B-5778 | 39137 | Shenzhen Airlines | -87L [10.22.13 CSZ901]
4653 | B-1901 | 38060 | Shanghai Airlines | -86D [10.22.13 CSH201]
4656 | 9M-MLT | 39334 | Malaysia Airlines | -8H6 [10.24.13 MAS5403]
4658 | B-5803 | 41093 | Air China | -79L [10.24.13 CCA78]
4659 | B-1908 | 41308 | China Eastern Airlines | -89P* [10.25.13 CES299]
4660 | B-5787 | 39114 | Shandong Airlines | -85N* [10.29.13 CDG5787]
4662 | B-5837 | 38956 | China Southern Airlines | -81B [10.29.13 CSN8]
4657 | HS-LTH | 38739 | Thai Lion Air | -9GPER [10.29.13 LNI1]

-700: 1
-800: 15
-900ER: 2

Australia: 1
China: 11
Japan: 1
Malaysia: 2
Indonesia: 1
Thailand: 2


Our November edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" takes us to November 2005, when this former US Airways A320-214, N120US (msn 1286, f/n 120), was headed to its new lessee, Spring Airlines (China).  It's pictured above on the Anderson Aviation ramp (though handled by AirService Hawaii), while on a break, as it made its way to China for repainting, and interior reconfiguration. This was one of three former US Airways A320 series airliners that stopped through HNL en route to China.

1286 was originally purchased by GECAS, then leased and delivered to US Airways in August 2000, direct from the Airbus factory in TLS.  In January 2006, it was delivered Spring Airlines [9C/CQH] as B-6280. For a few months in late 2012, it wore the Austrian registry, OE-IBP, as it was sold to Celestial Aviation (Vienna, Austria). From there, it was leased to AirAsia [AK/AXM] (Malaysia) in February 2013 as 9M-AQT. A few months later, it was sub-leased to Zest Air [Z2/EZD] (Philippines) as RP-C8987. Most recently, Zest Air has rebranded as AirAsia Zest, as it formed a partnership with AirAsia and their Filipino subsidiary AirAsia Philippines.