29 May 2010

Garuda's PK-GMM

Garuda's PK-GMM (c/n 30145), is their newest 737-8U3, is making its delivery flight from BFI as GIA8011.

Hawaiian Air's N381HA

"Hōkūle‘a" is the name given to Hawaiian Air's N381HA (msn 1114), their second A330-243. It is making its delivery flight to HNL today directly from TLS, a 14-hour plus, 7,800 nm flight.

Here are both aircraft parked in the new maintenance ramp next to ARFF station 1.

28 May 2010

Shandong's B-5531

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-5531 (c/n 29659), a 737-8FZ, and is flying as CDG5531.

B-5531 is seen above on Taxiway C, after arriving from BFI to spend the night on the AirService Hawaii ramp.

27 May 2010

"Did You Know?"

Copying the closing remark of KHON's long-time news anchor Joe Moore, here's a bit of HNL trivia:
the current Taxiway D was once Runway 14 in the days when the Honolulu Airport was also called Naval Air Station Honolulu in the 1920s and 30s. A map of the original airport layout, in the Airport Manager's office shows the old Runway 14. According to the map, the departure end of Runway 14 was never designated Runway 32, and pointed out over Ke‘ehi Lagoon.

Rainier Heli International's Bell 412EP

N412AC (s/n 36320) is seen here parked on the South ramp awaiting its next sortie. This Huey+ is based out of Washington state. It is probably here for a joint exercise between various government agencys here in Hawaii.

25 May 2010

JAL Express' JA328J

JAL Express has a new 737-846 bound for the "Land of the Rising Sun". JA328J (c/n 35357) is the latest 73H to join the JL fleet, and is flying as JAL7901.

Mahalo to team member Ha763 for the photo!

21 May 2010

China Eastern's B-2262

Another Delta Air Lines-bound MD-90-30 from China Eastern is at HNL as CES599 from PVG via MAJ. B-2262 (c/n 53585) is on the Bradley Pacific ramp during its stay here.

Hainan's B-5522

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5522 (c/n 36781), a 737-84P, and is flying as B5522.

19 May 2010

Air China's B-5508

Air China's B-5508 (c/n 36545), is their newest 737-86N (leased from ILFC) that's on delivery as CCA51.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

Shandong's B-5453

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of a new 737-85N, B-5453 (c/n 36778) today as CDG5453.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

13 May 2010


Here's a bit of HNL RareBirds Trivia ...

Hawaiian Airlines named their first A330-243 "Makali‘i" (N380HA). While I was going through past posts, I found that Aloha Airlines also named PH-HZO (c/n 34169), the 737-8K2 they leased from TransAvia, "Makali‘i" as well.

The above photo shows the name on PH-HZO, taken on the day it arrived at HNL in November 2007.

China Eastern's B-5267

China Eastern Airlines is taking delivery of B-5267 (c/n 36768), a 737-79P, which is flying as CES299.

09 May 2010


A former American Eagle Saab 340B/Plus, N384AE (msn 340B-384), is en route from BNA (Nashville International Airport, TN) via HII (Lake Havasu City Airport, AZ) and LGB (Daughtery Field, Long Beach, CA).

N384AE is seen above taxiing to Runway 4R to depart for NAN. It's headed for Australia to join the Regional Express (ZL/HZL) fleet as VH-LKH (note the last three letters on the nose gear door).

07 May 2010

Hawaiian Air Awarded One HND Slot

The US Department of Transportation has awarded Hawaiian Air one of the four HND slots granted to US carriers. Hawaiian is one three airlines to receive the coveted slots, which would move traffic closer to downtown Tokyo. Hawaiian initially applied for two of the slots. Delta received two slots (one for DTW, and the other for LAX), and American received a slot for JFK.

DoT Press Release.

HA plans to begin service using their 767-300ERs in October, before transitioning to their new A330-200s.

N589HA (c/n 33422), 767-33AER, is seen above departing HNL's Rwy 22L. Soon "Pualani" will grace the "Land of The Rising Sun".

05 May 2010

Aboard The Pacemaker

As the finishing part of an article I'm writing, I received an invitation to take a ride in Hawaiian Air's Bellanca CH-300 "Pacemaker", NC251M, yesterday. We took a 25-minute flight over Honolulu. As seen in the photo above, we're departing Runway 4L, with HA's new A330-243, N380HA ("Makali‘i") in the upper left corner.

Korean Air Adds Flight to HNL

Korean Airlines announced that they are adding a second flight from ICN to serve HNL. The flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Beginning Saturday, June 12, KAL53 will arrive at HNL at 2345HST, then depart for ICN as KAL54 at 0140HST. Like the regular ICN-HNL flight (KAL51/52), the new KE flights will be operated with their Airbus A330-323Xs, which will add 888 more seats per week.

Honolulu Advertiser coverage.

KE's HL7586 (msn 351), an A330-323X, is seen above just about to touch down on Runway 4R.

03 May 2010

Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 Water Cannon Salute

E Komo Mai "Makali‘i"

"Makali‘i", Hawaiian Airlines first Airbus A330-243, N380HA (msn 1104), made its debut at HNL today on its delivery flight home as HAL9971. The brand new Airbus made a low pass fly-by over Runway 8L, before landing on the same runway several minutes later, and greeted with a water cannon salute.

The aircraft is now parked at the new maintenance area being built next to the ARFF station at the end of Elliott St.

United And Continental Become One

United Airlines and Continental Airlines formally announced this morning that they will merge, and that the United brand will remain, though with Continental corporate image. The deal must first be approved by the US Government.

No word as of yet on how this merger will affect Hawai‘i, though the only UA/CO route overlap is LAX. CO does have their regional maintenance hangar on the south ramp.

The UA/CO official merger website shows the United name with Continental's livery in an artist rendition on a Boeing 787-8.

Better get your photos of the recent & old UA liveries while you can.